This was posted 3 years 10 months 17 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Get a $40-$60 eBay Gift Card with $49 Annual eBay Plus Membership Sign-up @ eBay


Looks to be targeted - offers include $20 which is the same as this deal, $40, $50 or $60 gift cards.

Steps are
Accept Offer via the email, sign up to Plus for $49, Receive your $60 Gift Card.

So for those that are not currently members or might have cancelled recently, keep an eye out for the offer
They are actually paying you to become a member now ;)

Copy of the image in the email below:

*Offer ends 30/9. No Free Trial. Not valid with any other eBay Plus signup offer. T&Cs apply.

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    Thanks OP I wouldn't look for the email if it isn't for this post. Found a $60 offer.

  • When following the offer link for this email, it states the benefits of Ebay Plus.

    One of the benefits listed is "Join eBay Plus and enjoy: Free 30-day trial".

    If that is the case, then those signing up should reasonably expect to get 13 months of Ebay plus, and not 12 months.

  • Why does eBay use this stupid system of offering different discount to different accounts? It pisses off those who don't get the deal but also makes them unlikely to sign up to Plus knowing others have a better deal. Why not have one decent deal for everyone. This only encourages user to open up multiple accounts and alienates some users.

    • Very good point.

  • So, did people get this offer actually emailed to them, or did they have to login to Ebay, and check their messages to find this?

  • Is the ebay plus really worth getting it? I really don’t see many free delivery items though. What else can I get out from it. Thanks

    • It's not. That's why they are handing it out like nothing.

    • I'm wondering the same thing on how much of it being a worthy purchase. I'm kinda tired of seeing all these subscription things popping up on stores that really don't need it.

    • It's completely worth it. I've been a member since early days and I have easily saved my $49 in postage fees (or lack there of)

      • So many sellers offer free shipping - I doubt Ive spent $20 on shipping in the past year - so I'm not as confident I will get my $49 value back

        • I have memory recall issues on peripheral information, so I can't actually recall "the time before eBay Plus", but I did notice 2 items I purchased recently showed 9.99 shipping in a certain view in eBay, then became free shipping when clicked on, so that's at least $20 of my $29 I had to recoup. I also purchased during the Plus only 15% off with around $10 saving, so in 3 recent purchases I can recall I've paid for my annual subscription.

          • @parad0x: Can I ask what kind of items you buy (e.g. clothing/shoes)? Are they the type that normally attract a shipping fee, and might need to be returned often (e.g. wrong size/bad stitching etc)? I can see in that case it might be advantageous, as well as earning extra Flybuys points if you do that. However, I can also see the other side of the coin where the type of item you buy is always offered with free shipping and would not benefit from ebay plus. I regularly buy electronics and components and would not benefit at all as none of them are ever offered with ebay plus. If there is a failure/defect, I can return them using the PayPal free return system, which I have never had to do. Since it's been introduced, I have only bought one plus item (a camera light) and it was priced no differently and offered free shipping anyway.

  • Link to payment page without trial offer.

  • I got the $50.
    I don't see the value in it. can anyone enlighten me or link me to why I would want to go ebay plus?

    • +2

      Well, for one there's at least $1 value in it for you as you're getting a $50 gift card for $49.
      There are some promotions that are only available to eBay plus members. e.g. This one.
      Also some items are cheaper with eBay plus if the shipping is separate to the item cost (as you aren't charged shipping).
      Not worth $49, or even $29, but they're basically paying you $1 to join it, so why not?

      • +1

        $1 value only if you are already going to spend $50 on ebay. So many times I've had an ebay voucher I've ended up spending it on junk to get it spent.

        • whats the old saying?

          "if you only bought it because it was on sale then you haven't saved anything"

        • +1

          Well yes, obviously if you don't but from eBay much and you're not planning on spending at least $50 on eBay in the next 3 years then it's not worth it.

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    $20 = no deal

    • You forgot wtf

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    I was emailed the $60 offer, but like everyone else here, the link in the email led me to a landing page for a $20 offer.
    Ebay's customer service rep ended up saying this:
    I have an update from our Marketing Team and they have advised that there was an error in sending the notification about the promotion. There will be new email will be sent between 5-7pm tonight with the correct gift card details etc. For now, they have advised not to subscribed or accept the offer once you haven't receive the new email notification.

    Piss poor of an excuse. Not happy at all.

    • +2

      I went on the chat and emailed. They said to go ahead with it and I’ll still get $60 voucher. They can manually generate it if you don’t get it in a week. As long as you have the email.

      • +1

        Yep the new email actually came through which directed me to the correct original offer for a $60 eBay fit card :D woo judged harshly on eBay too early, oops

        • Woow can’t believe it! Haha

  • I haven't got an email but if I go to the ebay plus home page (while logged in) it shows me that I am eligible for a $20 gift card:

    I assume that will work to see what you are offered.

    Oh, and $20 gift card. Pass.

  • Got $50 offer but im already a plus member?!?

    Here I was thinking that selling the Google home mini for $40 to get the cost down to $9 was a good deal…. Doh!

  • "Thank you for contacting eBay about the email for $60 voucher.
    I checked the attached file you sent, I can see that you received an email for the $60 voucher for signing up to eBay plus. Please know that we received an update from our Marketing team that there was an error on sending the email notification. For now, just wait for the next notification for the voucher before signing up for eBay plus.
    Thank you for choosing eBay. Have a great day!"

    Don't know what to make of this :S

    • +1

      That the eBay Web-tech crew are crap, as always. I've never seen such a major website with so many tech issues and terrible UI

      Customer service has always been fast and quite accurate though.

      If they fixed their tech team It'd probably reduce the money they need to spend on customer service teams and increase their profitability. Yeesh.

    • +1
  • Got the $60 first email that took me to the $20 landing page,

    Got the $60 oops we stuffed up email there after that worked fine, Got Free $10. Ebay Plus still not worth it.

    • I haven't got the new email yet. Still bringing me to the $20 landing page.

  • +2

    how long does it take after signing up to receive gift card?

  • Not worth paying for eBay Plus. Been a disappointment so far, regret signing up for it.

  • I found the offer in My Messages in eBay. Clearly says $60 gift card in title and body/images of message. But says $20 after I click accept..

    First eBay Chat person was not very helpful. Kept trying to tell me how to sign up, and never addressed my actual question of why the $60 message goes to a $20 gift card page.

    Second eBay Chat person was better:

    I havce confirmed with our promotions team that there has been an error with the gift cards since yesterday.
    Members are receiving the wrong gif card code which causes for the system to route you to a wrong amount. So our member has been receiving a $60 offer email but when they click the link, they will be routed to a wrong amount which has happened to you as well.
    Our Promotions team are already working on this and they will be sending a new link to the members affected by this within 24 to 48 hours.

    Not clear if the new message will have a $20 or $60 offer attached..

  • I had a get $60 gift card but only shows $20 did anyone complain and get what they where provided?

    • I complained multiple times about it for the last 3 days. I was told by one person to wait 7 days then they can generate a voucher for me. The rest of the eBay chat team had no idea.

  • Mine Is even more bizzare.
    Click on my $50 email and takes me to my page and notes You've already accepted the offer "$49 eBay Plus Gift Card Promotion " and states no $ Value at all and i have never accepted the offer , so not sure if i keep going on with it and pay what i will receive or if anything at all!

    • I have exactly the same issue. Tried to ask via the chat but they couldn't give me an answer. Not going ahead for now as unsure what will happen. I got the $60 offer.

  • +1

    has anyone got their gift card yet though

    • +1

      Nope… But had not been 7 days yet, so I'll keep waiting

      • did the T&Cs say after 7 days?

        • Yes

          1. The $50 eBay Digital Gift Card will be sent to your registered email address on your eBay account within 7 days of eBay receiving your membership fee in accordance with section 2 above.
  • +1

    Just got this! Yay!

    "Thank you for contacting eBay about the $60 voucher.
    We have received an update from our Marketing Promotions Team. You can now sign up for eBay plus, in case that you will not received the $60. Don't worry as we will honour it to you and we will provide a voucher.
    We greatly appreciate your patience and understanding."

  • i got the $60 email but when i chat with the online agent, they told me they send in error and can't honour it! Anyone have any issues getting the $60 offer?

    • Chatting with the eBay agent now.

      They said I should get the $60 even though it says $20.

      "Ian16:49 PM
      Yes, you will the $60 7 days after the first annual pyment is made"

      • i chatted with another agent, this one said they will honour it as long as i keep the email.
        let's see what i receive after 7 days.

  • I still haven' got my gift card email. Do i need to contact them?

  • I purchased ebay plus on 24th and on 27th just got email saying gift card should arrive within 7 days.

    • Did it say how much - and did it match your offer message?

      • Nope, just "You will receive the Digital Gift Card you’ve been given with your eBay Plus membership within the next 7 business days."

        • I just inquired about my gift card over chat. Got this:

          I checked your account and you are eligible for the $40 eBay Gift card promotion.
          However, due to the demand of the promotion we are experiencing a delay in sending out the Gift cards. Please be assured that you are eligible and that you will receive your $40 Gift card by 5th of October.

          • @NigelTufnel: due to demand? are they actually sending physical gift cards? have they not figured out digital ones?

            • @FeZZa21: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
              Not too worried personally. I have $300 of other eBay gift cards to work my way through from the 10% off deal anyway…

          • @NigelTufnel: I got on chat and the person confirmed that I'm eligible and said it will be escalated to management…

  • +1

    It's been 7 days and I still haven't got the gift card.

    • I got an email to say they are working on it… did you?

      • No email. Just the online chat transcript.

        • Hello,
          Thanks for joining eBay Plus.

          You will receive the Digital Gift Card you’ve been given with your eBay Plus membership within the next 7 business days.

          Thanks for your patience and for shopping on

          The eBay Team

          • @kickling: Nope. My welcome email mentions nothing about the gift card.

  • like others .. was on the free trail..

    killed that deal today.

    and got…

    Unfortunately, this promotional offer isn't available to you.

    so… a big f U TO eBay

    • Well, I mean, the terms and conditions specifically state:

      For the avoidance of doubt, this offer does not apply if you sign up for a 30-day free trial of eBay Plus during the Offer Period.

      • I did actually sign up before this offer email / period - signed up for the free offer back on 3 Sept - and was sent an offer email directly - asking to accept offer.

        In any case - the way in which eBay is throwing discounts around - it will come around again soon !!

  • Here's what I was just told in live chat. "I would like to inform you that eligible members will receive the gift card on 3 October."

  • Last day for this gift card offer (but who knows what is next) so I pulled the trigger anyway.
    I dont want to miss out on any more eBay Plus only sitewide discounts.
    If I receive a $20 gift card, I will argue for the $60 in my eBay message offer.

  • +1

    Most ebay plus items are free shipping ……. couldn't find any lower cost item with shipping that benefit from ebay plus :(

  • Has anyone who signed up received their gift card?

    • Has not been 7 business days since i got an email from them… so will wait

    • Extract from my online chat yesterday:
      03:44:43 UTC Waldo
      Thank you very much for signing up with eBay Plus, we should be able to distribute the gift cards for members who accepted the offer today onwards.
      03:44:58 UTC Waldo
      That means you should be receiving the gift cards within 3 days.

    • +1

      seems like the ebay plus $50 offer disappeared from my email..

      • +1

        Ummmmm yes so has mine

        Luckily I screenshot it when I was dealing with Live Chat

      • Oh that's sneaky!

        I checked my eBay account and the message has been deleted from my messages too! I had the $60 offer and took screenshots and have the chat history transcript to confirm my eligibility.

  • Signed up on 24th September and still no gift card in sight

    • This is what I got told yesterday:

      05:33:24 UTC Jecelle
      [insty], if you accepted that $50 gift card offer you are eligible for that promotion but due to the demand of the promotion we are experiencing a delay in sending out the Gift cards. Please be assured that we will send out the gift cards starting tomorrow, 5th of October.

      • Check your eBay messages. Did they delete the offer message?

        • I don't ever remember seeing one. I went straight from my email.

      • +1

        just got the $60 voucher, finally!

      • +2

        Still no sign of my $50 gift card.

        • +1

          Same here

          • +1

            @puffinfresh: I contacted them via chat and was told there was a problem with the offer that they needed to sort out, and that cards are being issued between Oct 3rd and 30th.

            Funny how originally it was meant to be in 7 days, but now they need a 27 day period on top of the 12 days since I signed up.

            • @puffinfresh: I contacted them again and pushed the point that their marketing team stuffed up on this promo and it's a poor introduction to eBay Plus. They offered a $50 voucher with a 2 month expiry in place of the gift card. I accepted, knowing that it's not as good a deal, but I'm hoping the gift card still shows up anyway. No doubt I'll spend the voucher within the 2 months anyway.

              Edit: I took the advice of other comments and bought a $50 gift card with the voucher.

    • Check your eBay messages. Did they delete the offer message?

      • Yes they deleted the offer email in my Ebay inbox but still have a copy in my gmail.

  • Just received my $60 gift card a few minutes ago.

  • got my $60 gift card
    anyone know if you have to use it all in one shop or can split it with purchases over time?


  • I accepted the $60 gift card but only received $20 gift card!

    • yep same.

      chatting to ebay about it now

      • How did you go? Did they honour to give anoth $40?

        • +1

          No luck. They've had to escalate it to their gift card team.

          • @edrift: Annoying eBay. I have to chat to them too.

    • I got $60 offer, but acceptance said $20, however $60 was the gift card received

    • Same here, just chatted with online support and stated will provide response end of tuesday…..

    • +1

      Got a new $60 gift card today.

      • +1

        Did you get to keep the original $20 card?

        They just gave me a $40 on top of the $20 initial card.

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