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Buy a $100 eBay Gift Card, Get 2000 Bonus Rewards Points (Worth $10) @ Woolworths


Buy a $100 eBay gift Card, Get 2000 Bonus Rewards Points @ Woolworths. Enjoy :)

Edit: Some users have reported that the gift cards may not work on Car / Vehicle Parts. If you intend to purchase parts with the gift card, contact eBay before purchasing the gift card.

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  • nice

  • Thanks op

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    ultimate for her is also a good price which can be applied in David Jones.

  • Can you use promo codes when using these cards?

    Do you have to use the full amount in one go?

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  • Call me naive, these ebay cards are just prepaid gift cards to use on anything on ebay?

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      Naive, correct

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      Some excisions, can’t be used to buy any gift cards

  • Does the eBay GC have to be activated before use?

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      Pretty sure the teller activates it.

      • Is it effective immediately or does it take 24 hours?

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          The last time I bought some EBay gift cards I was able to use them the same day.

    • Cashier activates the cards
      Effective immediately

  • I've never used an eBay gift card before. How does it work?

    • You buy the card and redeem a code and the money is added like credit?
    • You don't have to spend it all in one transaction? I mean, if you buy something that's only $50, you can use the balance $50 on another product?
    • Do you have to specify which source of funds (PayPal or gift card) to use when paying for an item or does it choose the gift card first?
    • can a gift card be used with another offer (like 20% off tech)?
    • can you redeem multiple gift cards at once?
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      • YES! thanks!

  • Hi, can I buy $1000 worth of eBay GC in woolies in one go, and get 20000 rewards points ? Or is it limited to 1x$100 eBay GC per rewards card ?

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      yes you can buy 10 GCs per transaction. no limit on transactions.

      • Will I get only 2000 points per transaction (even if I buy multiple gift cards) or 2000 points per gift card?

        • 1000 points per $50 so 10 x$100 GCs will give you 20000 points ($100)

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    Help me out here

    I get 5% woolies employee discount
    So if I buy one card I get it for $95 and then $10 via rewards point so if I buy 3 cards I can technically save $45 bucks right?

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      Then share the wealth, sell them on the classified.

    • Yes

  • Can anyone confirm this earlier comment by andrew1879 (hidden as it's replying to a negatively voted post):

    "I tried to use the PMUM20 code on the weekend as well as a gift card that I'd previously purchased from ebay UK. Although both codes were accepted ebay prioritised the gift card (would have applied it first) so that the 20% discount was ineffective. This seems to be a change, as I'd been able to use discount codes plus gift card previously."

    If true, then this deal is not so good, at least for me, as the sellers I'm thinking of buying from frequently have 20% off.

    • last time i used it worked fine (1 month ago). use the ebay code first and then type your gift cards numbers.

      • May have been a recent change then (just in time for this woolworths deal :) ), as andrew1879 stated he/she used it a few days ago on the weekend.

        • “Yes, an eBay promotional code can also be used when redeeming an eBay gift card, subject to the terms and conditions of the promotion.”

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          I've just tried the same transaction again (PMUM20 + gift card). No problem this time, got the 20% discount. So looks like it was just a glitch for me and not an ebay policy change.

    • Isn't the ebay gift card like cash, it will be used on the balance of the remaining 80% price tag.

      If one paid for the item with ebay gift card first, then applies the PMUM20 code, the PMUM20 would have no effect as the balance is 0 after fully paid by the ebay gift card.

      • That's how it should work, codes should be applied in the order entered, unless eBay changed the algorithm so that each code has a rank and is applied based on the rank.

  • Hoping it will be 20,000 points for 10 cards.
    Not just 1.

    Will find out tomorrow and post here

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      Just don't scratch the card refund them if they don't give points.

      • Can you refund gift cards?

        • No

      • My mistake, during checkout, I was waiting for the two cards to be activated. Once activated, they cannot be refunded.

  • Can one gift card be used with different eBay account?

    • No

    • No it cannot

  • No Bullion peeps!

    There are limits on redeeming eBay Gift Cards, including time and spending threshold limits. Additionally, eBay Gift Cards may not be used to buy other eBay Gift Cards, third party gift cards, gift certificates, coupons, coins, paper money, virtual currency, or items generally considered to be "bullion" (for example, gold, silver, and other precious metals in the form of coins, bars, or ingots).

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    So looks like if you want to stack this with the 10%, 15% and 20% coupons you're limited to actually buying $700 worth of gift cards because theres a limit of 8 codes per transaction on eBay? (7 x $100 card codes plus 1 x discount code)

    (assuming you want to maximise value from this promo)

    Should therefore buy 6 cards, get the points, then buy a seventh card and get instant $60 off. Makes it $640 for $700 in eBay gift cards (not quite 10% off!)

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      its 10%off because you still have 2000 woolworths points (=$10) left to redeem

      • Oh yes, because you get another 2000 points for the seventh card purchase!

        Is my math otherwise right re being limited to max spend of $700?

        Im hoping to buy 7 of these cards and then buy an S10 Snapdragon version from mymobile_store (with 10% off) - should make it $880 after all the rigmarole

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      Can confirm, I purchased 15 $100 cards in 5 transactions on same rewards card and got all 30000 ($150) points on the way plus 150 earn an dlear stickers then redemmed all 15 gift card with ebay with a PMUM20 20% off voucher on a single $1800 purchase with $1 left on a singlew card.

      • single $1800 purchase

        So, You mean eBay let you use more than 7 GCs in one transaction with 20% off code !!

        • Yes 15 GC's and a 20% off code.

  • Can anyone confirm if Woolworths pricing change are effective from 00:01am each Wednesday or is it 6am/7am when most stores open. I usually can't get to WW early in mornings, so there is always no stock when I got later in the day, but I do have a 24-hour branch nearby.

    • The price doesn't update yet at Woollie online at the moment (1am). But it's not about the pricing, it about will the Woolworths reward counts from 8 May 19 12am sharp. 😊

      • so I have to buy after tomorrow 12am?

        • No, I mean if the deal is started 8 May 19, the Woolworths reward should counts your purchase if you purchase from that moment on. If not, you should be able to claim the reward point back through customer service.

      • Where are you seeing the product on the website? I've been to their gift cards page and also typed in ebay or webjet and get no results.

    • Did you get your cards this morning? Did you get your points?

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    Purchased 10 cards this morning and received 20000 points

    • Good on ya. In a single transaction?

      • Yes, single transaction

  • All worked as expected, you can use points to buy ebay gift cards.

    I had to buy $50s, someone hide the $100 at my local :(

    • Which store?

      • Kellyville village

    • It really shows personality for a matter of $100.

    • $50s are also 2000 points each?

      • 1000

        • yeah just read your reply below actually! cheers

  • $50's a bit of a pain in a$$ with 8 / $400 permitted a purchase .

  • can you buy gift cards at self serve or is that only at coles?

    • Yes

    • you can buy at self service, but you can only redeem $10 (2000 points).

  • Worked as advertised… Got 6 cards, and $60 credit popped up on checkout screen

  • Can anyone confirm if
    You will get 20,000 points for below purchase is done in 1 transaction :
    10x $50 GC, total $500, or
    10x$100 GB, total $1,000

    (And nothing stops to repeat the purchase to get additional points)

    • GB???????????????

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      10 x $50 = 10000 points
      10 x $100 = 20000 points

      Maximum 10 GC per transaction. You can do unlimited times

  • Thanks for posting this deal OP (:

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    Went though normal checkout, not self service. Purchased 9 x $100 cards, paid, got points. Then purchased 1 x $100 card using the points + $10 cash. Have a balance of 2000 points remaining.

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      Exactly what I did :)

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    Hi ozbargain veterans,

    Question: how many ebay gift cards can i use in 1 go eg can i use 10 cards to buy a $1000 item?

    Also can i stack a coupon with it eg the current 10% off psyche coupon with say 10 gift cards to buy an item worth $1100 before discount?


    • This has already been answered, check the comments

      • One person said no but another said yes when they tried a month ago. It would be nice if someone who bought one this morning can test it out.

        • Can multiple in 1 transaction and receive multiple points

          Someone said above

  • Plenty of $100 cards still left at Collins Square Woolworths a.k.a Woolworths Metro Docklands.

    • Does it work at Metro stores?

      • Yes, I got two myself and got the points =)

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    I can confirm combining the gift cards deal with PMUM20 works :)
    Used 3x $100 gift card combined with the promo code and it all stacked up nicely ;)

    • Thanks i wished someone answered my question with your comment. Exactly what i wanted to know

  • The resale value of wish gift cards is generally higher than ebay GC… just fyi

  • Clearly I'm an idiot but no link I can see opens any option to buy these vouchers just images. Also the only one I did find was for NEW shoppers only?

    • Needs to be purchased in store, not sure if they can be bought from woolies online.

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    got 10 x $50, first time they were in stock when on sale.
    All 100s gone at Town Hall

    • Wow, you can still get 2000 points for 2x $50?

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        Yes 1000 points per $50

        • Cool, didn't realise you could buy $50 cards. I assumed it was only $100.

          • @eswes: yeah i didnt know either, it doesnt say at woolies but many people have done it and confirmed they got the points.

  • Just bought $1000 in 1 transactions got 20000 points and 100 earn and learn ticket

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    why is everyone going mad over this? You can get ebay gift cards typically at 15% off during promos

    • I guess it's because there are some ebay 20% off promo codes available at the moment which allow you to use the gift cards straight away without "freezing" the money on them? :)

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      I guess the typical 15% off promotion via eBay UK doesn't come as often as Ozbargainers wish for.

    • Why wouldn't you ?

  • Sydney property here we go!!

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    Just did this at two different woolies stores:
    Bought 10 X $100 eBay gift cards
    Redeemed 2 X $50 eBay gift cards for free

    Don't redeem for $100 cards… leave them for other bargainers!!

    • wow, you still got points for the extra 2 you bought?
      I thought it was a 10 card limit?