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90K Qantas Points, $49 First Year (Normally $395) @ Citibank VISA Signature Qantas Credit Card


Apply for the Citi Signature Qantas Credit Card and receive 90,000 Qantas Points when you spend $4,000 within 90 days from approval. Plus, enjoy no annual card fee in the first year (normally $395), with an annual $49 fee for the Citibank Qantas Rewards Program.

Reward yourself with a complimentary Priority Pass membership with two airport lounge visits per year.
$75,000 min Income

  • 1.00 Qantas Point per $ Domestic Spend (Major Airlines, Hotels and Restaurants)
  • 0.75 Qantas Point per $ Domestic Spend (Major Supermarkets, Petrol Stations, retailers)
  • 0.50 Qantas Point per $ Domestic Spend (All Other)
  • 1.00 Qantas Point per $ International Spend

Listed on the Qantas Cards site: https://www.qantas.com/au/en/frequent-flyer/earning-points/c...

From 'Things you should know':

Actual credit limit will be assigned based on our credit criteria, subject to confirmation that you earn a minimum of $35,000 per year and your credit rating

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      • -1

        So bpay payments are clearly excluded?

        • No BPAY.

          Just buy woolies Coles GC to make it 4000

  • pretty quick process, received it on the 20th May, Monday
    Requested on Thursday, 16th May

  • Just received the card. Says in one of the emails "Please allow up to 3 days for your introductory offer to be seen online". Anyone know where I need to go to actually view this?

    • +2

      dunno, I actually called Citi bank and they said I was enrolled in an offer with only 15,000 QFF point…wtf

      • Called up too and their were completely clueless. Not a good impression so far

        • I called up after I got my card and they said I wasn't approved for the Qantas program. So they decided to give me the Citi Signature card I didn't apply for?? I could enrol in the Qantas program for $49 but wouldn't be eligible for the 90,000 bonus points, so I cancelled my account. The whole application process was weird from the start. Citibank is hopeless

  • Seems to be a smooth process so far - applied monday, approved today (thursday).. assuming cards are on their way.

  • Has anyone else noticed that the web address per OP starts with www1.citi instead of the usual www.citi? iI am unable to find this deal on the usual www.citibank.com.au website credit card section..
    Is this by any chance targeted?

    • Nah it’s on the qantas website too

  • Applied Thursday 16th.. still waiting

    • Have you heard from Citi since?
      I applied Wednesday 15th. Still stuck on Submitted. Have called Citi several times already to move the app along. I suggest you do the same

      • Nah haven’t heard. Did calling them work for you?

        • Did help move it forward. It's in final review now even though the online status is still Submitted. Had to verify a few details from my app. They even called up my employer to verify employment while I was on the call.

          • @snerrad: was about to call, then they called me to verify a few details. still pending approval/rejection. i'll wait for an emailed response as per advice on the phone to the indian call centre

            • @budgetgaming: They probably have forgotten me.

              • @lovepub: Just got approved today (Saturday)

                • @budgetgaming: What….sat….
                  I didn't call up ..should I?

                  • @lovepub: Why not just call? I found out mine has been declined even though the automated message said that it’s in progress. Never received any emails about it.

  • +2
  • How long does the approve/decline take after the call?

    • I got the approval within minutes of the phone call

      • 24 hours now…

  • I applied but without much hope, then got a call yesterday saying I met all the criteria, today however I got rejected by email for no specific reason.
    I applied quite a number of credit cards before, this is the 1st rejection. Despite I satisfy call the criteria and got a perfect credit score.

    • That's bad, what an awful bank…

    • Same here - first rejection on a credit card despite meeting all required criteria, including a top credit score.

      Been with them in the past without any issue - such a waste of time this application process was.

  • Just got approved for the Qantas Premier Platinum card (issued by Citi) earlier this month. I see on my credit report that there is the enquiry listed, but not yet a "financial relationship", i.e credit limit or approval date not listed yet.

    After chatting with Citi online they say you need to wait 9 months between applying for Citi issued cards… Is it worth me burning an enquiry on this one?

  • Finally!!!!!

    Dear XXX,Congratulations! Your Citibank Rewards Credit Card - Signature application has been approved. Please refer to the email we have sent for details. Thanks for choosing Citibank.

    • When did you apply ? Did they call you before approving it ?

      • I applied last Friday. They did call me 2 days ago to confirm some stuff.

  • Rejected, on the website I was offered platinum card, I Declined. I have met all the condition. I also have St. George card. Waste of time and credit record.

    • +1

      Approval is never guaranteed. You ran the gauntlet and lost. Onwards and upwards.

  • Just got approved after initial application on the 16th. No phone call or any form of contact.

  • Has anyone been approved for this card who only has a credit card (no other debt or mortgage) that they pay off each month? I meet the salary requirement, have over 800 credit score but a bit wary of applying after reading some of the rejections people are getting for no apparent reason

    • Approved for signature card in about 3/4 working days with 3 other credit cards. Closed my free for life platinum citi cc before applying. Checked with citi agent on chat and confirmed will get bonus QF points if I get approval for this card and meet minimum spend as they treat this as a new application. >800 credit score. 1 mortgage and 1 car loan. Meet minimum salary requirements. Pay off all credit cards monthly.

  • +2

    So instead of sending me out the Citibank Signature Qantas Rewards they've sent me out the Citibank Visa Platinum. They said it is up to the discretion of the approvals team to give me which card. Very annoyed.

    • What did your approval email say?

      • You recently started a Citi Rewards Signature Credit Card application with us, which we will save for you until 14-Jun-19.

        And then my approval email is , your Citibank Rewards Credit Card - Platinum application has been approved!

        Seriously WTF!

        • Did u call up to cancel?

          What benefit u getting instead?

          • @lovepub: Called up to see what the go was. They have their "team" investigating it. Pretty annoyed…
            Their staff was like it is dependent on their applciations team and they may approve you with another card instead of the one you want. I was fuming saying that's not what I applied for. Just deny my application in the future then.

            • +3

              @R3XNebular: I thought the random rejections were bad enough but that tops it. This bank is a joke.

    • Same thing happened to me. Absolutely hopeless. Called up and the guy said I could enrol in the Qantas program but wouldn't be eligible for the 90,000 points. Only other option was to close my account, which I did, because I don't want a product I didn't apply for.

      • +2

        Wow mate glad I'm not the only one. I'm pissed because this would negatively effect my credit rating and I get 0 points.

  • Just a general query - never had a CC before but considering one because of an upcoming overseas trip. If I'm currently servicing 2 mortgages, would it be harder for me to get approved?

    • Just try…cant hurt

  • +1

    First time I've ever been declined for a card. Offered me another card, but no point accepting.

  • +1

    Make sure you get approved for the Qantas card! I called up after I received my card and turns out I wasn't approved for the Qantas program, which they never informed me of. Instead they gave me the Citi Signature Rewards card which I didn't apply for. The guy told me I could enrol for the Qantas FF but wouldn't be eligible for the 90,000 points. Sounds like they got too many applications for the bonus points so they're shafting everyone off to their non-Qantas card. Ridiculous. I cancelled my account.

    • Disappointing to see them do that

    • Not worth applying then.

    • Not sure how to actually check that and when I called their staff were clueless and I had to give them the site I saw this offer. Seems like everyone has been getting emails that refer to it as the Citibank Rewards Credit Card - Signature

    • +4

      How is that legal?

  • +1

    I got the Signature Reward card as well even through I applied via the Qantas website link.

    Looks like AFCA will be busy over the next few weeks dealing with this.

    Will start with internal dispute and take to AFCA afterward as I am pretty confident internal dispute will not get what you wanted.

    • Looks like all their emails refer to it as the Citibank Rewards Credit Card - Signature. Not sure how you can actually check which one it is. I called to make sure my QFF number was already linked and it already was

      • How can i tell if my card is the qantas version or not?

  • Hi All,

    Can anyone advise if The Signature Qantas card has an option of adding an additional card? If yes, is there a fee involved?

    I do know the normal Signature Credit card has option to add an additional card without any costs but cannot get the info for the Qantas one.


    • There is no fee for requesting an additional cardholder with the Signature Qantas Card.
      There is a list of associated fees on the website which appears when you apply for an additional card holder, and it states the Signature Qantas fee is $0.

      • Awesome! Thank you! In that case I will apply for the Qantas Card instead of the normal Signature card as the promotion on the Qantas card is good.

  • Finally got a call from a lady probably from India call centre.

    Asking heaps of questions regarding my income, expense, mortgage, and asked for my stock share income statement.

    Emailed it in….hopefully hear from them soon. Applied Thursday 16th . Cant say they are very efficient at all.

    • I got a call from them as well on Saturday morning. Asked for all information regarding my finances.

      Got a rejection email from them today. Biggest waste of time.

      Good luck on your end though!

      • Did they sound like you ain't got no chance?
        Or you met all criteria and still reject you?

        Citibank is dodgy for credit card applications

        • They were pretty monotone to be honest. Pretty normal and friendly conversation. Finances and all criteria were confirmed - I've cycled through credit cards over the years without any issue. I even held a Citibank QFF CC a few years ago with no issue (back then I was on a lower salary too!).

          Rejection like most of the others here, came through via email this afternoon.

          I shouldn't have been tempted to begin with!

    • Got a second call to my work confirming my salary and job description.

      Then 3rd call to myself again to ask for my sotck/share tax statement.
      Cant be fxxked….told them to just process whatever document they have and let me know yes or no…😪😪😪

  • +3

    Wow after 2 calls from them asking stuff i got rejected!l by email now!!

    No debt.
    Good credit history.
    Good salary.
    Good savings.
    Permanent employment 10+ years same employer.

    Currently hold ANZ black and ANZ Adventures. Also CitiDebit card.

    Absolute turds Citibank! Are they profiling for customers who are likely to not repay?? Changed my upvote to a neg!

    • I have the same issue. I can see why citibank is thought of so negatively.

  • +12

    Hi guys, just wanted to provide an update on this card. I applied on 16 May and got approved 24 May with no contact from Citi. Following comments on here stating that despite being approved for the Signature card they were advised that they weren't approved for the bonus 90k points, I decided to call Citi and was advised that I wasn't eligible either. The reason being that the Qantas version was a 'higher tier'. I asked for a review of this and I was promised a call back today which never eventuated.

    I decided to investigate a bit further and upon logging in my citi account and clicking on the 'Rewards' tab, I was pleasantly surprised to see my QFF account number already linked to my card. I used the online chat to confirm that I will be earning QFF points and the rep came back straight away to advise me that I was eligible for the 90k bonus points upon spending $4k within 90 days of approval.

    Might be worthwhile for others to confirm via online chat after logging in to your account rather than over the phone. I've saved the chat log for myself as insurance if issues arise down the track.

    Also, from all the documentation I can see, there is only one variation of the Signature card which has 2 possible reward programs (Citi rewards and QFF). The reason Citi is giving that it is a different card and therefore not eligible for the bonus 90k points is absolute BS and I would highly suggest anyone being told this to take it further through the AFCA.

    • Thanks for the advice. Received my card yesterday, no indication in the paperwork or online that it is QFF rewards. Got confirmation on live chat that it is and eligible for 90k bonus. Saved that for later!

  • I am wondering if I should go ahead and apply for the ANZ black card if this one gets rejected.
    Credit score wasn't pretty to begin with….only 665…now if I get rejected, probably drop even lower …🥶

  • Applied 18/5; approved tonight 27/5 within minutes of clarifying some details over the phone (previous addresses, mortgage/credit cards etc)

  • No issues here.

    Applied 21/5.

    Got a call on 24/5 to confirm details and provide proof of income.

    Approved on 27/5.

    • +1

      Similar timeline to me. Applied 22/5. Got a call on 25/5 and approved 27/5

      • Judging by recent comments in this thread, Citi have had a busy day approving/rejecting cc applications

      • Was the call from a private ID caller? I've missed a couple of these calls and unsure if just telemarketers or citi. I did get numerous approval emails though.

        • +1

          The call came from an (02) number. My phone identified it as Citibank

  • declined first time ever in life

    • It's ok….move on to the next one.
      ANZ OR St George.

    • would there be any issue if we ever got rejection in applying credit cards?
      apart from probably the inquiry gets recorded in the credit file, but doesn't actually get anything out of it?

  • For those being approved and rejected…

    Care to check your email from Citi back when you submitted the application .

    They sent out an email with a link to check your application status.

    In that email and also the website that goes in…..does it say "thank for your Citi Rewards Signature Credit Card application"

    Or yours says the Citi Visa signature Qantas "????

    Anyone care to check…..
    Would help with those being given the rewards card instead….maybe they used wrong link? Or?

    • I just submitted an application by following the link on qantaspoints.com. Email says "Thanks for your Citi Rewards Signature Credit Card application".

    • Mine says "Citi Rewards Signature Credit Card application". From various comments it appears it may be a branding issue. Everything on my account mentions Citi Rewards. Going into the Rewards tab my Qantas FF number is there already from the application. On the App under Rewards tab it says "Qantas Signature Rewards".

  • Applied 17/05, got call 23/05, no news yet…

    • Looks like you might have to wait a long time. I submitted all the relevant documents on 16 May with my application (which they did ask for more immediately, and I submitted them). The website still says "Submitted" when I checked the progress today, which was the same as 12 days ago. I rang them after that, and the approval team staff tells me they also want the NOA in 2017, not just 2018. Why did they not contact me and ask for it?

      I submitted it to them again today. I don't know what would happen if I didn't ring, probably just not hear from them and have my application sitting there going nowhere.

      I also got that email that says "Thank for your Citi Rewards Signature Credit Card application". I chatted with them, and they say that COULD be alright because the Signature Qantas card falls under the Citi Rewards Signature Card catergory, but they can't tell me if my card would be the Signature Qantas card. I then rang, and the staff says they can't check for me until my card is approved!

      The backwardness (if there is such a word) of this bank is astounding.

  • Applied 27th got a call and approved over the phone on the 28th. Confirmed I’m getting the visa signature qantas card for the 90,000 points.

  • anyone know when this deal expires? my st george points wont come in till 21st june so wanted to close that then apply for this

    • +1

      Expiry date (30 June) is in the post.

      • ahh whoops just saw that

  • For those interested, just an FYI on how credit scores are calculated: https://www.creditsavvy.com.au/learn/credit-faqs/how-are-cre...

  • To those who got approved how long did it take for the card to arrive? I still haven't receive mine :(

    May 15 - Applied
    May 16 - Got a phone call from them to verify assets and liabilities
    May 22 - Approved (sms & email received)
    May 23 - First estatement received
    May 28 - still waiting for physical card

    Citibank Rewards Credit Card - Signature

    • Applied May 15 also. They called to verify a few things May 20 and approved later in the day. Received card May 27.

      • Thanks for letting me know.. hopefully it will arrive this week as I got to pay something big


    Got rejected for signature but offered the platinum reward

    forget it!

  • I applied on 16th May. Now, 12 days later, I've just spent 30 minutes on hold to their "24 Hour" call center to cancel the application. Finally got through to an Indian girl. Turns out the CC approvals team are not 24 hour. The girl is going to send a cancellation email on my behalf to the applications team, but I won't get any confirmation email. This bank is an utter joke.

    • So, you've "sht the bed" because you haven't had an answer back after only 8 business days? You're 1. not very patient and 2. not a good churner.

      But go ahead, cancel. That'll teach them!

  • +1

    Just confirmed with live chat that my card is eligible for the 90k qantas point after 4k spent. Guess i got lucky.

    • there is a $49 to join Qantas rewards program right?

      • Yes you just have to call to confirm.

    • Have they added the $49 to your statement?

  • +1

    Got rejected here too, I already have a Signature reward card with them and have had several cards with them over the years. I have fairly good credit score and financially stable. I believe Citi has changed the way they approve these cards, if you don't have balance on your card they won't approve you.
    Funny enough, I got an email from them saying that I haven't been using my Signature reward card much and if I wanted to change that to a lower level card with reduced limit.

    • Good tip - saves us existing cardholders from applying. The Signature card is pretty ordinary for spending, and really only worth keeping for the free Priority Pass.

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