This was posted 2 years 8 months 28 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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1 Year eBay Plus Membership $1 (Normally $49) @ eBay


If you're fortunate enough to be targeted for this, it's a ripper deal. Enjoy :)

To be eligible to join eBay Plus for a membership fee of only $1 for your first year, you must:
a) Have received an e-mail invitation to redeem this offer; and
b) Register for eBay Plus as a paid member during the offer period.

Check your sign up page for eligibility. Comments suggest email notification may not be necessary.

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      I regretted paying $5 after this deal but good to know I might not been offered it anyway so my regret is evaporating. Thanks :)

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    Cheers TA got this. Membership just ended on the 4th, great timing.

  • Nothing for me.. never is on these targeted deals

    • If you've checked their marketing is turned on, then close your account and open another one.

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    can confirm that did not get email but checked the ebay plus signup page and it was on there for $1 for the first year and signed up! Invoice confirms $1

    was previously on ebay plus but subscription had already ended

  • +1

    Checking the sign up page gave me the $1 offer. Thanks.

  • Got mine. In the sign up page it says:

    "To join eBay Plus, you need to provide a payment method. eBay Plus normally costs AU $49.00 per year, but by joining now, you'll pay just AU $1.00 for your first year. Your membership will be automatically renewed each year, unless you've cancelled it."


    Too soon to say :(. I got

    You have already tested eBay Plus for free. If you sign up now, the annual membership fee is due immediately.

    • i got the same message but the fee still went through as $1.

      Does your ebay front page have the $1 offer on the scrolling banner?

  • two accounts nothing :( I wanted this one so bad lol.

    • i didn't get an email but the offer did come up on the ebay front page.

  • +1

    Just got it. Thanks. Can I cancel subscription immediately and keep the whole year membership?

    Edit: saw this was answered above already. Just FYI the wording and buttons try to trick you into "keeping benefits" ie. Not cancelling anymore, so be careful. They will also offer you a $20 eBay gift card if you stay and renew a second year

    • +1

      I'll save you the click.

      The answer is yes.

    • Yes, I just wait a day or two to cancel. And membership will work for the full 12 months.

  • +2

    Why does this always pop up while my subscription is still active…
    Cant check in the sign up page since its already active. oh well :(

    • Same

  • Nothing for me. Membership is due April 2020

  • Finally I received this promotion.Thanks a lot, eBay!

  • A newbie here, I am a paid ebay plus member currently that expires in Jan 2020, when I click on the -Go to deal- it goes to the ebay plus home that shows the payment method. How can I renew the membership for 1 more year with this deal?

    • +3

      No, feeBay want new customers. No love for you (existing / loyal customer) or me.

  • +1

    I went to this page - - Just the normal $49 offer! I also used the incognito mode on Chrome to prevent cookies messing with the site but still the same.

  • thanks, i got it and paid nothing

  • Hi guys I joined now as ebay plus member and cancelled my membership..

    But I haven't received any offer for $1 memberships

    Is there something I'm missing pls let me know


    • You sure have missed something.

      Some folk have been targeted with the offer, while others have not.

      It sounds like you have not.

  • Still mentions $49 for me, didn't get the last one either :(

    • Be sure to buy less from eBay… Come on… we can do it… stop buying toys…

      • I bought 2 things last month, 4 in August, and 7 in June and got the offer. I'm clearly a low level user so got the $1 offer. So glad I knocked back the $20 gift card a few months ago.
        Now I can go spend the $10 late delivery credit on something with free ebay plus delivery.

    • +1

      Same but I clicked into the payment screen and it said $1.

  • Didn't get it on either of our accounts.

  • Come on eBay :(

  • no love for me…

  • Thanks this is awesome

  • I still get $49. I have used a trial before maybe thats why. No email either and I have communications turned on.

    • I used trial and was able to get $1

    • Do you get the $1 offer on the ebay front page?

      I did, i got the message saying i have used the free trial and membership fees would be charged immediately. Put it through and the fee charged was $1

  • +1

    it works on me, just hit the link and go thorugh sign up, end up with 0.99.
    No need for emails.
    thanks TA

  • +1

    Mine is offering $39 :(

    • Same here :(

  • Oh i love you man

  • Now waiting for SD card discounts lol

  • My wife's dormant account got it ;)

    • Winter is over.

      • YESSSS!

  • Not targeted again. Sigh. Not paying their ridiculous $49.

  • C'mon eBay, dare you to target me, just for once, I'm over here!

  • +3

    eBay plus isn't even worth a strand of hair from my left nut. Completely done with them.

  • Damn that's a good deal

  • I didn't get it, not last time, not this time.

  • Thank you! One of my account received the offer

  • No love on both of my accounts :(

  • I don't even know what to buy but I got it anyways :P

  • Got this on my main eBay account, when I tried to sign up, it says I've tried eBay Plus before (I didn't), but never mind… went thru the whole process, and ended in a page that says I've updated my email address. Go back to the main page and it says I'm now an eBay Plus member. Didn't see any $0.99 or $1 charge on my card though.

    • Same here

    • +1

      Check your seller account page. I have a pending $0.99 charge on there

      • Thanks! And I just got a push informing me of the $0.99 charge. Cheers.

  • Didn't get it. Ah damn would have been nice.

    I would have probably used the Coles deals if their prices are the same or better mainly for chocolate milk, popcorn and bread and cheese maybe and Mexican nachos ingredients.

    What are some other great ebay plus stuff you guys have gotten? I'm interested to hear your stories.

  • Also does ebay plus have any benefits or bonuses for ebay sellers?

    Like can I get free shipping as a seller sender not buyer receiver?

  • Assuming there's no chance of it working on a newly opened account? Might open an account and keep it dormant seeing my standard account never gets targeted for anything.

  • Successfully got Plus for a year, but it didn't charge my credit card $1.

    • Same,I thought it was only me.. but I took advantage of the Coles promo again. I got another lot of groceries for half price .. win win

      • I am not going to cancel mine just yet, I've put a reminder in.
        Since I haven't been charged, I feel they could back out of it ;)

        • Yeah I left mine as is for the time being also. I also kept both emails one with offer and the other with accepting the offer just incase of any dramas.

          Edit- I just got charged $0.99 lol

          • +1

            @BilboBargains: I canceled the auto renew and just received an emailed saying that my paypal payment has failed and my ebay plus has been removed. Very Dodgy! There is no reason it should’ve failed.

            • @sendcoupons: I would contact support via phone or chat asap. mine seems to be working as normal I even removed my subscription to Ebay plus now as well.

            • @sendcoupons: Bro, why were you so quick to cancel, at least wait a week, there was no rush. At least wait till they take out the $1. Lol. Now you crying foul.

          • @BilboBargains: wow.. so you lost it. you are entitled to the year, you should chat them.

            • @bohn: No I never lost it, I think you meant the ozbargainer 'dealersealer'

            • @bohn: Yeah pretty sure I’ve lost it now. Can’t redo the process because it now says I’ve already tested ebay plus and I will be charged the full amount. Spoke to someone from eBay on the phone and they are investigating but not holding my breath lol.

              • @sendcoupons: Same thing happened to me. Got a decline email 2 hours later, paid with Paypal so no reason for the decline. No record of the transaction in my Paypal account. Just spoke with ebay as I resigned up as it still says $1 on my sign up page even though I have used the trial etc. They told me it had gone through but still nothing in my paypal statement or taken from my CC. Will wait to see if it goes through this time before cancelling to see if that makes a difference.

                I also called my bank just in case, no transaction even attempted by ebay or paypal.

    • For those who think they haven't been charged, check your eBay account under seller account payments. Mine shows up there and nothing was taken from my card, meaning I will have to pay it next billing cycle.

  • Any good eBay Plus deals at the moment once you get the membership?

    • Coles $49 discount with $99 spend

  • I received the targetted offer, but somehow kept getting the 30 days free trial instead of the $1 a year membership.

    Realised that I needed to change my address back from NZ to AUST ($5 off from one of the previous deals).

  • nice, got it

  • None of my the eBay accounts have got this.

  • And what music and video entertainment to do get with that?

  • Thanks OP, got the offer this time so signed up.

  • +1

    joined, see how it goes. Thanks TA

  • Make sure you logout and login to ebay, then click the deal link.

  • +1

    Got it as well, sweet deal thanks OP!
    Idk if this helps anyone, but I've used the trial before and my last 12 month membership expired in August.
    Maybe they were keen on winning back people who didn't renew? Regardless, cheers!

    • Same situation here too, what a perfect timing. Also, last time I only paid like $29 not $49 I guess and got Google home mini which I sold for $40 ish. Cheers

  • +1

    I'd buy that for a dollar!

  • +1

    Got it!!

    I was one of those complaining saying what a joke it was and cancelled, but have to say, I am pretty happy to have it back for a year.

    I didn't get an email, but when I went to re-sign, got the message that I could join for just $0.99.

    Thanks, TA!

  • +1

    Thanks TA!

    I didn't receive an email and tried out the link and got the offer for 0.99.

  • Nice I got it. About 6 months ago I signed up for the trial but canceled it before I had to pay anything.

  • The $1 offer is only potentially available to those that have never signed up for a 1-year membership before.

    Jimmy the Naked Mole Rat

  • -1

    waste of a dollar

    • If you never buy on ebay then sure.

      $33 240GB SSD with free shipping alone made it worthwhile for me.

  • Amazing! Mine expired about 10 days ago! I wasn't expecting to get the offer and there it was! Thanks OP! I probably would have missed that email.

  • Anyway for me to get it anytime soon? Didnt get anything in my email😭

  • Nope didnt get it. Still 49. And never joined before.

    • Did you click on the join now button?

      • Yes, says "eBay Plus costs AU $49.00 per year after the free trial period." :(

  • Was targeted, have signed up. Now just need another $229 Switch Lite deal…

    • Yeah I wish I had got some more. I've had 2 family members say they wanted one after the deal ended.

  • It looks like this deal was targeted only to people that have paid some money for ebay plus previously and don't have it anymore.

    If you've used free trials but never actually paid any amount for ebay plus (like myself), this probably won't work for you.

    • Nope that is not true.

      I have never paid for Ebay Plus. I have only used the free month trial about 6 months ago, but cancelled straight away.
      Was offered the $1 membership, took it up and cancelled the membership straight away (benefits still in place until 10th October 2020)

      • Ohhh okay, thanks for letting me know. Guess I just wasnt targeted then.

    • the account I got it on had had a plus trial but never paid.

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