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100% Cashback (Capped at $10, 1 Per Customer) at Chemist Warehouse via ShopBack



We've been working closely with our partners at Chemist Warehouse to bring you this great offer. Due to the high demand they are unable to fulfill any more orders, and as a result we have had to end the offer. We're sorry for anyone who missed out. For anyone wishing to purchase from Chemist Warehouse, we're running an still running upsized cashback at a rate of 5%. Orders up until 3:20PM AEDT today will be honoured.

Hey guys,

Here's a mid-week offer with 100% cashback (up to $10) on your Chemist Warehouse purchase through ShopBack today! Click and collect is also available at selected stores.

Important Notes:

  • 100% cashback offer is capped at $10, and limited to one transaction per customer and is applicable to purchases up to the value of $200 (excluding delivery fees).
  • Cashback will track at 5%, however we will add in a top up amount to add up to the 100% (max $10) by 31 October.
  • Cashback is not applicable to GST amounts, however on this occasion the 100% cashback offer will be applicable on the GST component.
    • Sample scenario:
      Normally if you'd purchase an item for $10, cashback would only be applicable on the pre GST price of $9.09. However in this occasion the 100% cashback component will apply to the purchase amount of $10 ($0.45 will track first, then an additional $9.55 will be credited later).
  • Subsequent transactions for the day will only be eligible for 5% cashback.

Happy shopping!

Offer T&Cs:

  • To qualify for 100% cashback at Chemist Warehouse, place an order between 12:00 AM-11:59 PM AEDT 3:20PM AEDT on 16 October 2019 through ShopBack.
  • The 100% cashback offer is capped at $10 and is limited to one transaction per customer during this promotion. Subsequent purchases will only be eligible for 5% cashback.
  • Cashback will initially track at 5%, and the remaining amount due will be added to eligible accounts by 31 October 2019.
  • Orders totalling $200.01 (excluding delivery fees) and over will not qualify for this offer.
  • In general, cashback is not applicable to delivery fees, GST and prescriptions.
    • On this special occasion, the 100% cashback offer will be applicable to the purchase amount including GST.
  • Returned, exchanged and cancelled orders will void your eligibility for cashback.
  • ShopBack reserves the right to dishonour bonuses for members who have participated in this offer in a fraudulent manner (ie. using multiple accounts). Such members may be banned and any cashback on their accounts forfeited.

Handy Links:

Referral Links

Referral: random (3860)

$40 for referrer, $10 for referee after first confirmed cashback (minimum purchase $20, exclusions apply) and adding banking details.

Exclusions: Any other Shopback new customer bonus offers; Purchases from Uber, Kayo Sports, DoorDash, Hayu, Accor Hotels, Intercontinental Hotels Group, ShopBack Vouchers (Gift Cards), Woolworths Gift Cards, Circles.Life (list subject to change)

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    • You could do both.

  • Nice, I have already received the pickup notification, but the cashback havent been confirmed.

  • +1

    They let you use afterpay for your $10 purchase too.

    I got suncream. Saved me $10 👍

  • -3

    I just got my comfirmation email , it showed i just got $0.55 cashback. I bought "Listerine Zero Alcohol Mouthwash 1 Litre + 500ml Value Pack" for CC.

  • I've already picked mine up but no word on the cashback. I signed up today just for this deal. Will be annoyed if the cashback doesn't come through.

  • +3

    Anyone checked ShopBack, I think this 100% cash back offer has gone, can't find it anywhere now.

    • +2

      Looks like it's gone.

  • Looks like the deal has ended..Spoke to Shopback representative and they said that deal has been cancelled…so make sure before you spend money on this.

    • +3

      Can confirm. Spoke to them on live chat.

      Hi Stoodamire. Unfortunately we've ended the Chemist Warehouse deal. Stay tuned for some great offers that are coming up. We will have another big deal this Friday!

  • How do you track/get informed your click and collect is ready for pickup?

    • +1

      You will receive both SMS and email notification.

  • +2

    The anxious wait for the tracking email/notification begins

  • Damn thought this was till midnight?

  • +5

    When I click on the link it is still coming up with the 100% cashback. Not happy if it has been cancelled.

  • Is this still valid? Cause cannot find other information in ShopBack home page and chemist warehouse Cashback info list. Was there but they got removed.

  • Huh, so it's finished?

  • The app just show "you're on your way 5% cashback" instead of 100% like before

  • +1

    Shopback Offer Expired?

    [edit] I note the banner declaring "100% Cashback on your next Order*" is still up and clickable

  • Chemist Warehouse website has also crashed for me…

  • +2

    Poor form shopback. This from live chat:

    Due to mind-blowing responses from our customer’s today, I’m afraid to say that the offer has reached its peak and sadly, the deal has come to an end. Good news is that you are still able to enjoy 5% cashback for your chemist warehouse purchases with no cap amount! We are looking into a better way to execute this efficiently for upcoming deals and I sincerely apologies for the inconvenience we have caused.
    Do stay tuned to our newsletter and website for more upcoming exciting deals/promo! (Heard that we are having one real soon!)

  • +2

    Can we still receive the $10 capped cashback if we ordered when the 100% cashback banner was still there?

    • I'd be interested to know what time the deal was actually removed. The banner is still on their site when you click on the link (tested a minute ago).

  • No tracking as of yet. Usually takes like 10-30 mins but it's been a few hours and nothing. I assume it may be from the high volume of traffic.

    Although.. I did activate the cashback while my adblocker was on, then I disabled it, then checked out.. does this affect anything?

  • https://www.shopback.com.au/chemist-warehouse-offer the offer is still shown here so I assume if I order now it should still work?

    • Says offer ended when you go to that link.

      • nope, it doesn't for me??

        still showing as normal offer

        • That’s odd. It goes straight to my Shopback App and says “Offer Ended” then this beneath it:

          We've been working closely with our partners at Chemist Warehouse to bring you this great offer. Due to the high demand they are unable to fulfill any more orders, and as a result we have had to end the offer early. We're sorry for anyone who missed out. For anyone wishing to purchase from Chemist Warehouse, we're still running an upsized cashback of 5% for the rest of the day.

          Weird :/

  • -40

    Hey all,

    Apologies to bring the news here, but due to the high demand of this offer Chemist Warehouse are unable to fulfill any more orders, and as a result we have had to end the offer. We're sorry for anyone who missed out. For anyone wishing to purchase from Chemist Warehouse, we're running an still running upsized cashback at a rate of 5%. Orders up until 3:20PM AEDT will be honoured for this 100% promo.

  • +3

    Very poor from shopback, no indication that it was cancelled since the page https://www.shopback.com.au/chemist-warehouse-offer is still up, I placed my order after it was cancelled and luckily I checked here and canelled the CW order. Will not be using them for cashback in the future. Edit: its been taken down now.

  • Luckily was able to cancel the order

  • I ordered 3 hours ago and already picked up my order, no email yet to say my Shopback has been tracked so hopefully it did go through now that the deal is over!! Takes up to 3 days anyway and some got their trackback hours later so could be the case. Glad I did it before it expired. Just anxious because they haven’t tracked a purchase I made 2 weeks ago ugh.

    • The rep said (above) they will honour orders up to 3.20 so you should be OK.

      • Ah thank you, that’s a relief :) Now just the waiting game.

  • I did the deal through the shop back app and the 100% cashback was shown as being an active deal at the time but haven't got a tracked sale notification yet.

    I also want to know if I will get 100% since I made the purchase when it was still showing as active.

    Ordered ~10:50am QLD time

    • I’m in the same boat and ordered 30 mins after you.
      Better bloody went through because I wouldn’t normally get the product that I bought, especially at that price! -_-

      See above :)

    • ahh I ordered the same time as you and the product is ready to pick up within 30 mins.
      The problem is no tracking so far.

      • Did you get sale tracked yet? I'm still waiting

        • No cashback activity so far…
          Looks like I have to report a missing cashback

        • Tracking email came in at 4:24 AM

  • +1

    Ordered at 3:21, ouch.

  • ordered and ready to collect but how do you know if it actually went through from the cashback link etc? Something i needed anyway i guess..

  • order confirmed email received at 11:43am Melbourne on 16 OCt. Still no email from Shopback….

  • +1

    Wow… I’m peeved that I spent the last 20 minutes shopping on their website and put an order through at 330pm, then saw this. So I assume the $10 won’t be honoured .

  • +5

    I missed out, they shouldnt say its til midnight when it not

  • +8

    Was thinking of buying something when I got home tonight.

    Not happy at all about the deal being pulled early.

    More c##ppy behaviour by Shopback/CW.

  • +16

    For anyone wishing to purchase from Chemist Warehouse, we're running an still running upsized cashback at a rate of 5%.

    Lol at the idea that a 5% cashback is somehow an adequate replacement for 100% cashback.

  • +2

    Kinda weird how they don't update via email, but the rep on here has. Luckily checked this page before clicking again on my email which still states deal is valid through to midnight tonight.

  • +2

    Bullsh!t deal… went into the store to see what I can get for about $10.
    Came back was about to place an order but luckily I checked the deal again! And guess what it expired early!
    Lucky I haven't placed the order yet!

  • +3

    I clicked "Go to Deal" before the announcement that the offer will close early, clicked through to Shopback and carefully read all the T&Cs, clicked through SB reach Chemist Warehouse and searched for and purchased the products I wanted. Transaction was completed 3:23:55PM. Came back to vote +, saw the revised expiry time, and now had to cancel my order.

    Checking the revisions, the deal was revised and marked expire at 3:15PM, giving us a window of 5 minutes to complete the transaction. This is very poor form and I not happy.

  • Oh man

  • +1

    You snooze you lose

    • Say my name loudly

    • +11

      Not completely correct as original expire time was at midnight.

  • +2

    Say my name

  • Ordered since 10:50 AM but still no tracking email so far

    • It can take up to 3 days to receive a tracking email from Shopback, in this instance.

    • Bought at 1439 and able to pick up in 30 mins.

  • +1

    Sigh was waiting to get home to order

  • For anyone wishing to purchase from Chemist Warehouse, we're running an still running upsized cashback at a rate of 5%.

    Does is original T&Cs mention the offer can be retracted before the end of the promotional period?

  • -1

    Chemist warehouse is greedy, was waiting to get home to order

    • -2

      Shopback were the ones copping the loss not Chemist Warehouse 😉

  • +2

    Got caught with my pants down too !

    Was still thinking of what to buy and thought I had till 11.59 PM !

  • +2

    Lucky I checked here before ordering! Email says we have til midnight.

  • Oh no, I took too long to order and missed out :( Oh well.

  • +9

    The lack of integrity from ShopBack makes me want to neg every deal they post. FUSB. Will only use Cash Rewards from now on.

  • Missed out :(

  • 9 hours later no confirmation email. Does shopback have a guarantee like cashrewards does?

  • +1

    Man, this one really sucks for people who were at work and had no access to a decent computer. Like me.

  • +5

    I was planning until I come home tonight to use this offer :(

  • Not good SB :(

  • +10

    can't see anything in the T&Cs re ending the deal early/after a certain number of orders

    • Surely they would have realised they would have a huge amount of orders considering they posted the deal on ozbargain. Maybe offer the deal for half a day next time if they have a limit to how many cash backs to pay out.

      • +5

        If they wanted to end the deal early, could have simply added in the T&C's that line that Maccas use all the time "Offer may be revoked at any time at Mcdonald's ultimate discretion"… but they didn't !

  • +2

    thought it ends tonight…. wtf

  • +8


  • +2

    Due to the high demand they are unable to fulfill any more orders

    You mean they don't WANT to.

    Revoking my upvote

  • So is this a case of CW not anticipating so many orders and deciding to pull the plug?

    • -2

      Has nothing to do with CW. SB are the ones who were copping this loss.

      • +1

        Thanks for clarifying. I wasn’t sure if it there was some sort of split between the two or what.

        • He hasn't clarified anything and I doubt he knows what he's talking about. Why on earth would SB be eating the entire cost of this for the benefit of CW?

          • +1

            @uvbunny: Man i don't even know anymore. I got negged for asking a simple question and all i wanted to know was what the catalyst was for the deal ending early.

            • @Chickenleg: LOL suggest you ask gotyourback who pulled the plug ?

              I'd assume at all times SB could have continued even subsidising if need be !

          • @uvbunny: Because that's been their business model since day 1? Does loss leading attract repeat customers for Shopback? Yes it does. Quite easy for Shopback considering they're headquartered overseas and get big bucks from investment firms.

            How do I know this? I've heard it from here and in person.

            Not to mention I've worked in building affiliate networks in the past and know the real rates a lot of stores pay out on. For many promotions the stores have not been bearing the cost.

  • Missed out cause I was too slow :'(

  • +1

    I was waiting for my kiddos to sleep to put in an order. This is pretty poor form!!

  • Would like to revoke my + vote. Ordered this morning, around 9am I got a call to say they want me to cancel my order and resubmit it. Go to resubmit and the offer is finished. Nonsense.