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Samsung Galaxy S10e $99, Note10 $799 with Telstra 60GB $65pm Plan (12 Months) Port-in Customers @ JB Hi-Fi (In-Store Only)


Credits to Jamiea

Same catalogue as the Google Pixel 4 Promotion

Minimum Cost over 12 Months:

  • Samsung Galaxy S10e - $879
  • Samsung Galaxy Note10 - $1579

Also eligible for the Samsung Galaxy Buds Promotion

Update: Confirmed by a few users, that deal has been extended to 6th of November (Page/Deal has been removed from website though).

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  • Is it possible to pay for the $65 monthly plan with JB vouchers?

    • No, you’ll be billed from Telstra, JB don’t care about you once you’ve bought the plan.

  • currently have an S8 about to come off contract in a couple of weeks. Do you think worthwhile upgrading? Plan price is same as what i am on.

    • Refer to above comment

    • +1

      You must have jumped on the same S8 deal as me ;)

      • +1

        Same here, s8 about to run out of contract. I think it was a $200 gc back then when i signed up

    • I have the s10 from the S8. It surprised me with how much better it was. I believe the S10e is the same specs. Doubt you'll regret the upgrade.

  • +3

    Darn I needed this deal 5 months ago.

    • Haha me tooo. Replacement for the pixel 2 xl

    • Have you read reviews of this phone. Doesn't sound good especially battery part

  • Argh. So over all this being for new customers. I don't have time to port both our services out for a month.

    • You technically need to port out for 30 days… but most JB hifi stores don't check or care. The most that's ever been checked on me was asking me "how long have you ported out for?"

  • does anyone know when will this deal expire? My plan is not finished until 1 month later. Thanks in advance :)

  • If I have a # associated with Boost but want to get a new line, does that still count as an existing customer?

    • Nah, it’s a new service, you would qualify for the deal.

    • New customer refers to new service, not new Telstra/Boost account. You can have 10 plans with Telstra already and still qualify under the 'new customer' clause.

    • +1

      Sorry I think I was wrong, on the Pixel deal people were saying you had to port in a number, so you would need to get a $2 sim and port that over to get this deal.

      • Went today, had to get an Optus SIM to port across but it worked!

  • +2

    Hmmm time to get off the prepaid port churn

    • Hahaha… Thinking the same!

  • is the s10e deal good value right now or do you think there will be more deals like this in the future?

    • +16

      Let me ask my crystal ball

    • +1

      I think this is the best we've seen for the S10e so far.

  • Can someone confirm the ETC will only be $390?

    • https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0024/9803/5810/files/jb-mo...
      It also says that you have to pay remaining device fee in case of early termination.

      • So confusing. No ozb member who work at jbhifi can confirm?
        Well more reason to keep the plan and sell the phone.

      • +1

        That seems to apply for the 24 month plan, not the BYO plan.

        We will have to see when people start purchasing these on Thursday though

      • Yes but there is no device fee on this plan, just $65 monthly plan fee. Device is paid upfront when you sign up to the 12 month plan.

      • These are byo plans. Your purchasing the phone seperate.

  • Are you sure this applies to new customers? The catalogue pic says "when you port in your number"

    • Usually applies to both Port-In and New Customers.

      Worse case, activate a $2 sim and port over.

    • These are Port in only. Not for new customers. just came back from JB

  • +1

    Credit check required?

  • Super keen to jump on this deal as my S7e is needing to be charged halfway through the day now. I've read that the battery life on this is not the best, given the size not surprised. Was holding out for a local mate 20 deal, but now I am not so sure.

  • basically free s10e if you sell ur free bud

    • and you pay for the plan

      • and for most people $65/m plan is way too much

  • Sorry can anyone confirm, looking at it - it comes with free galaxy buds too?

  • Damn, just signed up to the $500 gift card deal today. Any way of cancelling it and going with this instead without being behind?

    • cooling off period? anyway this was posted 8 hours ago you could come back to the store same day may get you better result :)

      • I'll try tomorrow. Given the port hasn't gone through yet maybe I'll be lucky.

        • See if you can upgrade your service. you may be in luck. Tell them I want to upgrade my plan to this. … *** double win ***

          I say this because that is what I did last time with the s8 deal, originally signed up to a 12 month plan i think for $39 with jb vouchers, then telstra had a deal with the s8 and I chatted to them and asked if I could upgrade and they said, yeah no worries. double win

    • that's also amazing deal~ nothing to complain

  • +1

    thanks buddy,
    that's awesome… .i will leave optus on thursday

  • +1

    Anyone else think we are able to drop the plan to $45 a month after getting this deal? Few other users were talking about it for the pixel and they were able to do it.

    45x12 = 540 + 99 = $639 total unless we pay $65 for the first month and then downgrade the plan the next ($659). (Galaxy 10e)

    • +1

      I don't need to think, I will definitely try.

  • Which is a better plan? This or the $65/month +$500 gc?

    • If you want an s10e, then this plan. $500gc reduces s10e to $499 only still.

    • Value for money I think this deal is better, even if you are looking to sell it. You could probably could sell GC for $450. As for S10e, you could sell it for at least $600 plus you still could sell galaxy buds for at least another $100.

  • Is the S10E 5G?

    • No.

  • but i want an S10 :(

    • +1

      Can always ask nicely and see what they say.

    • Speaking as someone with the s10: The 10e is the better deal. The S10 is just a touch too big, and i legit never use the camera thats missing from the 10e.

      • I want at least 6.9"….

        • I've got fairly average sized hands, sometimes find reaching the top left hand corner a stretch. But thats just me.

        • That's what she said!

      • -1

        But the S10 has a better camera
        I compared them in the store, and could see the difference

        • -2

          its the same camera bro, what are you talking about..

          • +1

            @striker5950: the S10 does not have the same camera as the S10e mate

            • +1

              @Krondorf: its the same mate. do your research. the s10e only missing a telephoto lens that gives x2 zoom, the other 2 sensors are absolutely the same.

              • @striker5950: semantics…
                I'm talking overall quality of photos the phone takes..
                the S10e had obvious differences in both close up and distant photos.
                We could see a fair amount of artifacts etc in there when we expanded the photos which were not present on the S10

                • @Krondorf: Your brain is making things up because it sees the s10e as a cheaper lesser version, I have watched numerous reviews, the hardware of each camera down to the part number and the software it runs is identical and interchangeable..

                  • @striker5950: except for a 2x optical zoom….
                    but i doubt i used that in the tests
                    but all i can speak for is the fact that we took the same photo in the same shop with both phones, and compared them

  • Can you get this deal for a business?

  • Is it the 64gb or 128gb S10e?

    • 128gb afaik

  • Probably a subjective call, but which is a better, the S10e or the Pixel 4 deal?

    • +1

      I was going to get the Pixel 4, IMO it looks nicer and is the vanilla google experience (fast updates etc.), 90Hz screen.

      That said, the main downsides for me for the P4 was the poor battery size and lack of a headphone jack. No fingerprint reader (I'd prefer it over the face unlock) That, and it's $100 more upfront, and the samsung coming with the galaxy buds sealed the deal for me to the S10e.

      • Completely agree. I'm a nexus fan of old but the p4 looks ….. quite bad. Going s10e, can't lose at that price.

  • What will be the $ value showing up on the tax invoice for s10e? RRP $999 or what we pay $99?

    • $999

      • If the value shows $999, will we be able to claim TRS?

        • Why not?

  • +1

    Crossposted from the P4 deal but can someone check my logic based on reselling the S10e and Buds?

    Item Value
    S10e $750
    Galaxy Buds $150
    Upfront -$99
    P4XL -$1,279
    Preorder Voucher $150
    Net -$328

    • Dont forget you will be stuck on the $65pm plan for 12 months, otherwise you could be prepaid hopping.

      • yeah unless you sell the s10e and dont buy new phone, that plan will end up like $6/m
        but then after 12m you will need to port out. 65/m is crazy expensive

    • to be on the safe side i will say $725 for s10e and $125 for the bud.
      dont forget ebay fees AND paypal fees.

    • The $150 gift card promotion ends today afaik

      • Yeah that's true.

        Gonna have to front the full cost for the 4XL first.

    • A bit too optimistic on S10e and Galaxy buds value. Whenever this deal come up, you will see bunch of people selling their device on Gumtree/Ebay. Upon quick checking now, someone is selling brand new S10e for $700 on Gumtree so you might expect the price go down further when lots of people are selling it.

      • How good are the buds?

        I got Xiaomi Redmi Airdots for about $20 and they have been just awesome.

      • eBay fetch better price. Just wait for zero seller listing promotion.

      • +2

        All you need to do is wait a few weeks, only the idiots rush to sell straight away. Have seen this numerous times before

        • Hear hear… Amen…

        • You could wait, but then there's a risk the price of S10e might go down even further making it harder to sell. I'm telling this because I have experience with selling P30 from similar deal like this.

          Maybe @ChiMot is right that Ebay gives better price, because I was just advertising it through Gumtree.

          • @Kupret: The issue with p30 was an isolated case, people were scared to buy Huawei phones for a few weeks.

  • Hmm, tried out the S10E in store today and its actually quite small.

    The screen size is technically larger than my last two phones but in hand its actually quite a bit smaller, may wait for an s10 deal

    • That's why some like it, big screen but still able to use one hand.

      • Have had absolutely no problem using phones with similar screens (but bigger form factor) in one hand over the past 2/3 years.

        I don't even have big hands.

        Was very surprised at how small it felt, I assume I would get used to it but it unfortunately feels a downgrade.

        I definitely recommend everyone trying it out before purchasing.

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