This was posted 2 years 12 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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DJI Mavic Pro $624, DJI Spark Drone Alpine White $313 @ Officeworks


I believe this is the lowest price it has ever been so far. Go for it. And yes, i know, it can't beat the bunnings drone deal.

DJI Mavic Pro $624 seems to be great value too.

DJI Spark - Alpine White $313

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      Refunded too.

  • Automatic refund confirmation
    Dear, unfortunately we are unable to source additional stock to fulfil your order at this time. We've provided a list of the item(s) below and refunded the amount of:


    We sincerely apologise for inconvenience this has caused you.

    • And the carnage begins!

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    Officeworks just issued me a full refund

    I ordered about 2 minutes after the deal was posted.

  • Oh well there you go. Show's over folks.

  • if these come through what do people thing about the DJI Refresh? YOu have to do it within 2 days of receiving it. Gives you a free replacement if you crash it

    • Look to add it to your home and contents insurance as a recreational item instead. My excess is $100, and the premium increase was cheaper than refresh, the $100 excess is cheaper than the extra payment during refresh to get a new unit, and refresh is useless if you can't recover the drone, not so with contents insurance.

      PS - Its not a free replacement. Replacements are $199 - $249 from memory.

  • Refunded, got in on the deal very early so doubtful many will get it.

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      I ordered within two minutes of the deal appearing on ozB.

      No one will get it.

    • +5

      I got in before it was posted on OzB, and I was still refunded. It has to be a price error, not a stock issue.

      • +1

        not a stock issue.

        Sounds more like a competence issue, more specifically, incompetence.

      • I got in before it was posted on OzB

        Lol thanks for letting us know

  • Refunded.

  • Yup refunded and cancelled. Bummer

  • Just got a refund email for the spark. Ordered 8:10am this morning

  • I just called the OW customer service as I ordered yesterday at 1:15 pm and still backorder. They said there is no stock at the moments and it could takes up to 10 days to re-stock then they will send it to me.

    • +3

      Well, they were wrong.

    • I ordered well before you and mine was cancelled

  • +4

    Oh well can't say we didn't see it coming. They really should have killed the deal earlier

  • +1

    Damn it!

    I'm still not refunded, but, did just talk to them and they said mine is 100% coming.

    • Mavic or spark?

      • Mavic

        • I think they were 100% wrong. But I hope for your sake there is at least one miricle here.

    • Damn it!

      Yep, disappointed.

  • My order still says open and on backorder. Haven't received any other emails apart from the order confirmation when I ordered it.

    Just checked Paypal and haven't been refunded yet. Probably still working through all the orders.

  • I am assuming they are going in order. The people who are commenting saying they have been cancelled are also saying they got in very early. My guess is if you ordered after you have no chance

    • Yeah.

      Assuming that's what happening, but… I'll keep refreshing hoping I don't get an email 🀣🀣

  • +2


    Reason for having the pro still available online for 24 hrs was very poor

    Customer support said there was only 2-3 in stock

  • Ordered 20 mins after going live and just received cancellation email. Looks like noone is getting the Mavic. Sorry folks. Good luck w the Spark.

  • Refunded, ordered within 20 minutes of deal posting

  • lol refunded.

  • +16

    One of the great advantages of buying something your didn't really need/want on impulse, when it is cancelled, it's really not that disappointing

  • Refunded.

  • Same, got my Paypal refund notification just now. Don't try, don't get!

  • I just got a cancellation and refund advice from Officeworks for this. Not happy. I paid for it as soon as this deal appeared. What's going on here?

    • +6

      Means no drone for you

      • Yeah I figured that.

    • It's almost $1000 cheaper then it should be. Assuming it was an error.

      Worth a shot, but no need to get angry.

      • There is a reason to get angry, officeworks should have a system in place that alerts someone or pulls the product if they are being flooded with orders.

        Also prices that are changed to well below cost should have to be checked before the new price goes live to avoid stupid errors.

        Officeworks spend nothing on their shit website and these errors happen all the time. Fair enough to make the occasional mistake but for a company the size of officeworks there is no excuse and there should be penalties in place for reoccurring errors like this or they will never fix them.

        10% of the order value as a store credit would be sufficient.

        Also many people had their orders manually updated and others were told on the phone that they would be getting the drone. These people should receive the drone or compensation as once again it shows the incompetence of officeworks.

        The drone is still advertised for the price on their website as well. Either correct the price or remove it. If this was a legitimate error why hasn't the price been updated?

        • +1

          Hahahahahaha. Could also complain that customers could be more competent πŸ˜‚

          • @AH: How? Officeworks are offering a product at a price that given the age of the product and promotions around black Friday is believable.

            Officeworks are the only ones at fault here, if the ACCC had some balls they would prosecute officeworks for the large number of similar price errors that go unchecked for days despite thousands of orders being placed.

            Price errors occur but officeworks does nothing to prevent them for occuring again. The price is still listed on the officeworks website, why haven't they changed it if it was an error?

            Why were orders updated manually? Why were customers told they would be getting stock over the phone?

        • +2

          Sir, you're at McDonald's drive-thru, can I take your order please?

      • Not a pricing error. Only a few in stock being cleared out

  • Just got a refund notification email as well.

  • Refunded :)

    Back to the Mi drone it is.

    • +1

      Lucky you, I was hoping I'm upgrading from my Tello :))

    • Have you had any issues with the Mi Drone battery?
      I haven't, but have read failures are common. Also seems to be hard to get replacements from the usual players (Gearbest/Banggood).

      • No issues at the moment purchased a spear battery about year ago both doing fine.

        Only issue I'm having is the latest update installs but still shows a new update is available even though I updated it with latest.

        Haven't used it for a few months might have to start it up again. :)

        Dam just looking for battery's no where to be found apart from eBay at $150 hopefully there replacements in the future last time I purchased it for $90 from bangood should of purchased a few more :/

  • +2

    When its too good to be true it usually is…

  • +14

    I'll just set my camera on a timer and chuck it in the air instead I guess

    • Better make sure it's a good throw because it'll only be single use lol

  • Ordered 30min after ad, got refunded

  • Still no refund for me.

    I know it's coming though.

    • πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    • I hope that you are referring to the drone πŸ€£πŸ˜‚

  • No refund for me looks like they want to keep my money in the stock market for a little longer

  • Refunded

    Damn it!

    Price is still the same on their website but can't order online :)

  • The fact that it’s still $624 on their website is just rubbing salt in the wound. Surely they would pull it from their website.

  • Bunnings they give u a $250 voucher or the drone.

    • Both owned by Westfarmers though.

      • Means nothing. Different management is the key here.

  • Order cancelled and refunded.

    My butthole hurts…

  • So did anyone (that has proof) get one?

    Was there any at all available?

    • Don't think so

    • what a joke

  • Refunded as well. Ordered at 1.34pm Sunday.

  • Yep ordered at 12pm yesterday. Refunded.

  • Both orders cancelled :(

  • Damn you, Officeworks! Shakes fist

  • Got refunded oops.. Anyone got it fulfilled?

  • yup got refund. :(

  • +10

    sounds like Bunnings has managed this matter much more professionally compared to officeworks…

    My vote goes to Bunnings for the most trusted brand.. office works is ,…..meh

    • We should all collectively write to officeworks and demand a voucher :)

  • Order cancelled

  • +1
  • Party's over.

  • Another refundee here :-(

  • Refunded! Boooooooooooooo

  • Refunded here too! Kinda figured it was coming.

  • Refunded. Will look to pick up mavic a mini deal over Black Friday

    • I wish the mini shot RAW though..

  • Damn. Refunded!

  • +1

    Got refund. And now I have to cancel the extra battery ordered.

    • +2

      Don't forget under the ACL you are entitled to claim costs even if they haven't delivered. Whilst it's likely not worth it you can take officeworks to your local small claims court for any loses you make in cancelling or reselling the battery.

      • It would be a false economy. The fee for filing a statement of claim is over $100 now.

  • I haven't received a cancellation yet. I called them just now and apparently my order is on 'the list' and they are waiting for more stock from supplier. But I ordered late yesterday arvo….

    • BS

      • +2

        Yup, total BS. I just got a cancellation email now.

  • +1

    phew…. saved myself $624… impulse buy and probably not have used it anyway

  • Wasted hours to get the mavic 2 from Bunnings with no success…. and now this it must be the mavic curse

  • Sorry guys. To sum it up, some people got a cheap drone and some saved $624

  • Damnnn….they're sold like hot dogs. No stocks available in any place. Not even in DJI store.

  • i think its better this way, maybe will try the mini version later.

  • Funs over they cancelled my order and refunded

  • +1

    Don't bother calling OfficeWorks - I just tried and they say it's a clearance directly from the supplier, as the Mavic Pro sales lines are being finished with last remaining warehouse stock and then retailers will no longer stock the drone (ie JB Hi Fi only sell platinum models). They won't convert your order to back-order either for this reason, as there's simply no stock. Very frustrating for sure, but absolutely nothing that we as a consumer can do as they have T&C's that give them this power to cancel any order given any reason, be it stock/pricing errors etc… even after the order has been confirmed. We tried OZB. We tried…

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