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Free - Tinder Passport till April 30th


Go find some friends if you're not in isolation. Just remember that you need to be 4sqm apart.

A message for our community: In these trying times, while we all know we need to stay home, this doesn’t mean we have to be alone with our thoughts. Having someone to talk to can make a world of difference. And that’s why we decided that starting next week we’ll make our Passport feature, free to everyone, everywhere through April 30th. Our hope is that you use the Passport feature to virtually transport yourself out of self-quarantine to anywhere in the world. You can check in on folks in their hometown, college town, or sister city, and find those across the world who are going through the same things. If nothing else, you can learn how to say “hey” in another language.

How do I subscribe?
Usually, to switch between locations and match with people around the world, you’d need to subscribe to Tinder Plus or Tinder Gold. Starting next week we’re offering this feature to everyone, everywhere through April 30th.

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  • +44

    4m apart rule defeats the purpose of Tinder.

    • -1

      Not if you know what you're doing…

      • +11

        "shot" put

    • -1


      Our hope is that you use the Passport feature to virtually transport yourself out of self-quarantine to anywhere in the world.

      • So sexting?

    • +4

      Tbh coronavirus would be the least of your worries

    • +2

      4m2 is 2m apart

      • +2

        It's actually less than 1.128m apart if you use circles around each person ("less" because you'd be ignoring the displacement of each person).

        If you use squares, the numbers would be 1m to 1.41m apart.

  • +13

    this is the ultimate blue ball exercise… signed up. thanks op!!

  • +27

    Um this is like…stupid. What's the point?

    • +89

      Free advertising, just like the hundreds of recent e-mail updates from companies you haven't dealt with in years.

      • +41

        It's bullshit advertising. It's them trying to look like they're doing something/caring, but it's not at all.
        It's like Uber advertising free seatbelts with every ride.

        • +2

          Evrrythings advertising dude

        • +27

          Why did you upvote then?

          • +18


            Why did you upvote then?

            It's him trying to look like he's doing something/caring

        • +1

          Seatbelts are free?!?!

      • It's nice to know they're still thinking of me

    • +6

      It's for planning sex in advance when you're travelling.

    • +2

      What's the point? I can think of three:

      1. Tinder and dating app usage has undoubtedly dropped dramatically over the recent weeks and will likely drop even more.
      2. To boost actual usage of the app, they provide a premium feature (no matter how pointless the feature is) in the hopes that users start/continue to use Tinder and not "forget" about the app.
      3. Probably the most important one - money. If users enjoy being able to find people in other areas, they may be more inclined to continue doing so by paying for a premium subscription once the free period has lapsed.
  • hmmm. i'm going to japan. anyone?

    • +1

      Will they let you in?

      • +3

        only if you go by cruise ship. I hear price are cheap at the moment.

        • +2

          Price of date or ship?

      • +1

        we still allow infected cruise ships to disembark and go wild…

        so should be alright ?

      • will they let you back?

    • With All Japan Tours?? Stupid ad….

  • +7

    In the old tinder days you could use gps hack to get a free passport.

    • I would imagine that's still possible as well.

  • Does tinder usually charge?

    • +35

      No, but your date might

      • +2

        Or the doctor does.

    • The more you pay the more matches you get Though.

  • +3

    Good find op. want to say 'hey how are you' to strangers worldwide :)

    • ✓✓

      • -1

        Not if you’re good looking lol

  • +4

    There's already going to be enough December and January babies. No need to add anymore.

    • +2

      At least all of those will know who their father is!

      • Hahahahaha…
        Party time…excellent!

  • +1

    Not the best time to use tinder. I will increase the risk for the community #stayhome

  • ok lets now line up ppl in GP for STD and corona tests

    • -1

      STI and coronavirus makes good babies.

  • Thanks, great deal. It will be useful after my three month boat trip to Italy and flight back via South Korea.

    • +8

      Better not to make fun about other countries, wait and see what will happen here…

  • +2

    Sweet. Now I can fall in love in Wuhan.

    • +11

      Soon to be safest place in the world.

      • +5

        Let's go to Wuhan's biggest tourist attraction, a wet market and see what other exotic diseases we can get from endangered animals.

        • +9

          I think wet markets on Tinder have a different meaning.

  • +4

    I don't think my wife would appreciate this deal. 🤔

    • +7

      She would as long as your life insurance policy is up to date ;-)

      • +4

        😂 Nah, she will cut my balls off.

        • +2

          Mine keeps a rubber band stash dangling just about the tablet. Just as a reminder

      • +1

        I'm waiting for the day health insurance companies sell 'Wife cover'. For any bodily injuries inflicted by your significant other in the event of an argument.

        (Caution: Null and void at that time of the month, you take your life into your own hands then)

        • LOL!!! Good one! Domestic violence is so funny.

    • She doesn't need it if she already has gold membership.

  • +1

    Bloody smart advertising.
    Don't like or use the product…but they've done a good job and capatalising on the situation while finding the positive spin to not seem that way.

    And they are right. Social Isolation is dangerous for ones mental stability if you don't know how to be alone or confined…even with the internet and vast entertainment world at your finger tips

  • “Go find some friends”? Tinder is a hookup site dude. One time I went out on a date with one guy and he didn’t want to be friends.

    “I’ll risk going out in public just to have a date with you” has got to be the new pick up line.

    • Hookup website yet half of the girls say no ons on their profile. Are they lying?

      • Must be one of many fake accounts? 🤷🏻 I don’t know.

        • fake accounts would offer ons i am sure.

      • They just don't want a ons with any random they match with. If they meet the right match, they will happily have a ons multiple times ;)

    • -2

      We're not all sexless monks only looking to make friends on a hookup app.

    • Most guys are on tinder for hookups. Most girls aren’t.

      • So what are girls there for?

        • +1

          From personal experience they seem to be looking for serious companionship

      • "Most" don't you mean "all"? :D

    • +4

      Tinder is a site to stroke people's egos based on how many messages they get. The hook up part is just the hook to get people to sign up.

  • +3

    Tinder’s about to have three times as many bot accounts.

    • +1


      • No just spammer/scammer accounts.

        • That's no fun. Otherwise will be perfect for the full lock down ahead of us for the lonely singles.

          Seriously, a few months won't hurt? World gone mad.

          Plenty more things to do… whilst at home that we are more connected than ever.

  • +1

    How long till they have an icon to denote if you’re immune or not. The lockdown is gonna be a party for some.

  • Through april 20? But until when? "Through" isn't much help, because it's also 'through" every day prior.

    • It's a very common way of saying that the offer ends on April 30

  • +3

    Oh the comments certainly delivered.
    And easier way maybe to find friends who don't just want to get into your pants are by playing games online or joining a Discord server? There's plenty of ways to properly self isolate.

    The whole point of Tinder is to "interact" with another..

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