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R5-3500X Gaming PCs [RGB Mesh Case]: RX 580 $848 / RX 5700 $1148 + Delivery @ TechFast


I was following up with Luke to get us some new deals & Here it is :)

TechFast are finally launching the new Leaper Air Mini case with mesh front and RGB fans and Luke says designed based on OzBargain community feedback for small form factor and mesh front/better airflow. Specs for the case are here

These RX 580s are now from MSI, Gigabyte and Sapphire not Biostar, so the price is comparatively more as Biostar cards were very cheap, plus market prices are right up across the board. RX 5700 have been the MSI Mech.

Their Shipping times page says estimated shipping times are on or just over 14 business days, and I confirmed with Luke that their biggest order spike is over so times are improving. He also said they've increased email customer service staff and are sending order updates instead of no word, again based on OzB feedback.

Enjoy :)

Budget Ryzen 5 3500X / RX 580 8GB Gaming PC

  • Ryzen 5 3500X
  • RX 580 8GB
  • A320M motherboard
  • 8GB 2666MHz RAM
  • 120GB SSD
  • 550W PSU
  • Leaper Air Mini RGB Mesh Case

Code: 3500X-580-MAY

Ryzen 5 3500X / RX 5700 8GB Gaming PC

  • Ryzen 5 3500X
  • RX 5700 8GB
  • A320M motherboard
  • 8GB 2666MHz RAM
  • 120GB SSD
  • 550W PSU
  • Leaper Air Mini RGB Mesh Case

Code: 3500X-5700-MAY

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  • +8

    Can this computer machine operate Sid Meier's Sim Golf?

    • +35

      Or Lee Carvallo's putting challenge?

      • +7

        Buy me Bonestorm or go to hell!

        • +1

          Doom Eternal is Bonestorm.

    • I used to play so much of this and it popped into my head the other day, how odd.

    • I think it can just manage minesweeper but ymmv

    • Mean 18 / Links 386 FTW!

    • Windows XP service pack 3 compatibility mode.
      Patch 1.02
      NoCD patch if you're so inclined

      Happiness awaits

  • While the device prices are pretty good you have to pay through the nose for any update.

  • +9

    Be prepared for very long waits. Been a month so far and the pc hasnt even been sent afaik..

    • -2

      Same here.

      Seems to be problem at Aust Post end.

      • +4

        Is it though? Like I said afaik the pc hasnt even been sent or likely built yet. And if aus post is taking that long then courier it. What we pay in shipping covers courier cost.

        • +5

          I am talking about my situation only and not meant to represent you.
          There are 2 items for delivery which I can see on the Aust Post app.
          The first one is the motherboard box containing various spare cables etc. This I have received.

          The second item, which is the PC. I can see it was received at the local Aust Post distributor Friday week ago. However , this has no updates since.

          I am as frustrated and not defending Techfast in anyway. If I have the chance again, I would not have ordered with them.

          • @mrXO: Auspost is taking 2 weeks now to deliver anything which is using Parcel Post. Why dont you ask AusPost to provide postage for free now ?

          • @mrXO: fwiw, last month Australia Post took two weeks to deliver a new phone from NSW to Qld but their system was showing 'Shippng Info Received' up until a day before delivery.

            They think one of the parcels I received today is in Brisbane (I'm not), and the other parcel I picked up from the post office today is awaiting collection.

            I guess what I'm saying is their system seems off by a bit.

      • +3

        They were taking ages well before COVID though.

      • +1

        Depends on the parts. I waited 2 weeks extra on build time recently for parts that were delayed.

        Happy with the PC and price but a 3 to 4 week wait was close to 8 for me.

        • +1

          Yeah I can understand waiting for parts but everything was in stock for mine afaik.

    • +5

      By the time it gets to you the technology is obsolete.

    • +1

      Taken 9 weeks but got finally got my pc from techfast today. Nearly 5 weeks from aus post

  • They might only earn $50 dollars out of the total amount for assembling this pc.

    • +1

      They might be earning anything less than the parts and shipping.

  • Hi,
    Sorry, comp challenged here.
    Would these be suitable for my son to run Fortnite, Minecraft and Iracing?
    Is this as cheap as you could expect to pay?

    • +2

      Short answer: Overkill

    • it is a decent setup for any 1080P game include AAA games, not just casual games. It is as cheap as it could at today's environment. I have a similar setup with older CPU, can run most 1080P games at high setting.

      • -2

        We talking about fortnite and mine craft here. Computers 10 years old+ can run those games at 1080p.

        • There is a new version of Minecraft using Ray tracing.

          • +5

            @couger: Neither build can run Minecraft with Ray tracing. You would need an rtx card for that.

        • -1

          at lowest settings and exceedingly slow frame rates. if you want them smooth and at least semi decent graphics then a newer PC with enough RAM and a decent GPU is needed.. even for the poor looked down upon games like fortnite and minecraft.

    • +1

      Pretty good price assuming you have a 1080 res screen.
      Personally, I would upgrade the RAM and storage myself.

      • -4

        Can't upgrade as there likely won't be an additional SSD slot in this case as mine didn't.

        • You can just buy the bracket yourself, but yes its a shame they don't send the spare case parts.

        • +7

          Mine just sit on the floor or anywhere in a comp case. No one else does that?

          • +1

            @FrozenFred: Double-sided tape ftw!

          • +2

            @FrozenFred: Tape it to the case floor/wall/roof.

            It looks great with the string from the top of the case to the GPU to prevent sag :P

          • +1

            @FrozenFred: I didn't even know they could be mounted

        • +2

          SSDs dont need brackets, they contain no moving parts and are not sensitive to vibration. As long as they have the sata power and data cables then they can hang loose anywhere there is room

    • +2

      Get Cheaper, he doesnt need all this if thats all he plays

  • cue positive review on Techfast in forums

  • +42

    I don't find this good value. You can build your own for $100 more and you will get quality parts (Motherboard, Bronze rated PSU, black flat cables), overclocking ability, hyperthreading, 16gigs of 3200mhz ram, and a 500gb m2.

    1600AF, 16GB, 500gb SSD, 1650super. $969.


    Free shipping from newegg over $300 purchase, so buy the cheap ram with the GPU from there as well.

    Shopping express should be about $10 shipping. Centrecom is free over $89. Case will need to be sourced locally or can be found on centrecom or shopping express.

    1600AF, 16GB, 500gb SSD, Rx 5700. $1250.20.


    Same description as above.

    I hope none of the parts sell out lol. If you really need the IPC performance of a 3500x over a 1600AF, buy the Ryzen 3600 for an extra $130. That will make it $230 extra but arguably still a better deal than the upgrades offered by techfast.

    • +15

      This may be the case but you also need to assemble and chase any potential warranty issues yourself.
      TechFast do the build and confirm all working before sending it out. I have had a warranty issue and their service was decent.

    • +17

      and not everyone knows how to build one.

      • -8

        It's so easy all you need to do it is be able to read.

        Your motherboard manual instructs you how to build it. Half the internet is about how top build a PC.

        • -1

          don't know why you got negged

          • +8

            @gram: Easy. It was an ignorant comment from someone who knows how to build a PC and expects everyone else to know how to as well.

            I've built PC's since I was a young kid and worked in Technology practically all of my working life. But I work with people who aren't so involved, or don't get involved at all and can certainly appreciate how people can get confused or don't have any technology knowledge. You can see the look wash over people's faces when you start talking tech and using abbreviations and they are completely lost.

            Hell, you can get caught out buying parts that aren't quite compatible, some of us would work through that before we get parts, others will put together a whole PC before realising something won't work. The whole process can be daunting and frustrating for someone who doesn't know exactly what they're doing.

            • +1

              @sghetti: I see both sides to the argument

            • +3

              @sghetti: Absolutely correct. Even otherwise technical people that built PCs a decade or more ago would find little nuances in PC tech today. Things like using A/B/X 300/400/500 chipsets and 3000 series compatibility, RAM speed and compatibility, dual vs single channel performance + XMP, SSD types and interfaces, video card clearance size cases + RTX, power supply ratings etc…

              Forums are full of a lot of crap talk about team red vs Intel/nVid, what's better and what's no good, "sponsored" how-to videos, some suppliers are better than others, some might not be able to assist during COVID and there are plenty of opportunities to overspend buying a component of a spec level simply not needed.

              Not to mention all the other unknowns for those that aren't into the hardware scene.

              Rather than venturing into this stuff, many people prefer to buy a complete tested running device and focus on other things like their business/work and family and it's the right choice for many.

              • +1

                @buffalo bill: Absolutely agreed, I have the same look wash over my face when people start talking about housework.

                So many different ways to clean a oven, a toilet and carpet stains, not to mention all the other stuff you have to clean. Different washing things for the floor, for dishes, for mold, for clothes. So confusing.

                Don't even get me started on cooking, that is difficulty level 10/10.

                Rather just pay for a weekly cleaner and get takeout everyday.

    • +2

      If you really need the IPC performance of a 3500x over a 1600AF, buy the Ryzen 3600 for an extra $130. That will make it $230 extra but arguably still a better deal than the upgrades offered by techfast.

      Agreed - specially considering your part list has B450 board, double the RAM (and faster RAM too), better PSU - albeit PC Building cost is included with Techfast.

      Hopefully Techfast will be able to offer better deals in the coming days when supply/demand stabilizes…

    • +1

      It's still cheap for a prebuild but not really a bargain. The same build was $568 pre-COVID price hike.

      • +4

        That had a 1600AF, this has a 3500X. Hardly the same.

    • +4

      They are basically giving you free assembly.
      Their prices are ok if you are happy with the base configuration.
      I put together a list with a 3600 and got it at around $850

      No idea what they pay for the 3500 since its china only, but I wouldn't be happy to swap it for a 1600AF.

      • +2

        A non-hyperthreaded CPU is a bit iffy if you care about frame times and lows, plus 2666mhz ram speed is a bit too low for a Ryzen system.

        If people want to play COD warzone for example, they will need 16gb of ram to be stutter-free.

        If not happy with the 1600AF. Adding in a Ryzen 3600 will increase the cost of the first system to $1099.

        Let's go through the $848 techfast system to match the upgrades.

        A320 motherboard to B450m > $89

        8gb 2666mhz ram to 16gb 3200mhz > $129

        120SSD to 480GB ssd > $99

        The tech fast system total is now $1165 and represents poorer value with a lower than bronze PSU and 3500X.

        • -1

          A non-hyperthreaded CPU is a bit iffy if you care about frame times and lows


          If people want to play COD warzone for example, they will need 16gb of ram to be stutter-free.

          More BS.

          • +1

            @Diji1: I agree with the non hyperthread, not being true

            But warzone needing 16gb of ram isn't BS.

            I have confirmed this myself

            Dell G3 15
            9300H / 512 NVMe / 1650 4GB
            8gb vs 16gb


            The game had horrible frame rate dips that usually happened near other players, rendering the game boarderline not playable (if you didn't care if the game robbed you of your life, you could put up with it)

          • @Diji1:


            like I said, only if you care about frame times and lows which you probably don't.

            More BS.

            Countless people in this thread disagree with you.

        • CoD Warzone does not need 16gb of ram, what you on about?

          • @Freestyle: Don't people read? I said you need 16gb of ram to be stutter-free.


            Look at the 0.1 low. It indicates stutter. That's with 2x4gb of ram so dual channel is active.

            Stutter is not a good experience. Why pay 90% of something to cheap out on the last 10% to gimp your experience like that?

            Also it even gets worst the 8gb techfast build uses a single 8gb stick of slow ram. So no dual channel ram is active and performance tanks accordingly with massive induced stutter. Look here this is what this techfast system performance will be out the box. https://youtu.be/4rKYv01oetE

    • +4

      I don't think anyone with the knowledge AND time would EVER buy a preassembled PC..

      • +5

        i do and I still bought the dell G5 desktop anyway

        • +1

          Same, that deal was great.

      • +1

        I did because at the time buying a CPU, motherboard and graphics card was the same price as a whole tech fast systen

      • +1

        It's not about either but about practice makes perfect. I bought a pre-built because the last PC I built was 7 years ago, and lasted me 7 years. So the teen behind the MacDonald counter would be probably better suited to build a PC compared to me.

    • +2

      True. I don't find it good value given the cheap brands. Its good if you don't know how to assemble a PC.

  • +3

    Any deals on something higher end? 5700XT or 2070?

  • +2

    https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/529757 is a better deal than the 3500X-5700 deal here if you don't care about the mesh case. You get twice the RAM, comparable GPU, and a better motherboard with this which I think is still active

    • Unfortunately price change is now much higher when you enter the promo code for this deal ($1,389.00) but still says active on ozbargain for some reason. Hopefully the next great deal isn't too long of a wait.

  • +5

    Eh, they post great deals once every blue moon (pay attention to the financial quarters is my gut feeling). Take a look through some of their most upvoted of all times.

    This isn't one of the greats, this isn't even 'very good!', it's 'ok' if you're not comfortable building your own PC.

  • +2

    My Leaper RGB case had no slots to add an additional SSD. So if you already have one you won't be able to add it to your build yourself which is quite frustrating.

    Communication is slow, refer to the previous deal: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/529757

    • You need to join the 'just leave the ssd hanging in the case' club

      That said, I found the rgb case didn't have an easy way to mount a hdd I already had so I had bodge up a solution. The motherboard I got has the sata ports in line with the pcie slot so the graphics card overlaps which is the dumbest design decision.

    • +1

      SSDs are screwed directly onto the case. There are a few spots. PM me and I can show you.

  • +4

    really want to cancel my order and then build myself

    • Looks like they charge a 25% restocking fee unfortunately. I've tried getting through with email but no response.

    • +2

      20% restocking fee if you choose to cancel lol

  • +2

    I heard 8gm ram can't even run COD Warzone

    • It does. I'm still running my i2500k with 8gb and it runs fine

      • Ok thanks, good to know

      • Lol, glad to see I'm not the only one still running a second gen i5.

  • +3

    You know times are tough when Techfast aren't posting their usual crazy value deals. (Obviously not their fault.) Hopefully you guys can weather the storm, as my GF is in need of your help!

  • Can this run Runescape?

    • It will choose not to run Runescape 3, OSRS will be fine.

  • i was tempted for the $58x ryzen 1600 af build. but then ended up diy myself to get 16 gb ram, msi mortar board, 240gb ssd and etc that eventually cost 8xx.

    that said techfast's price is hard to beat.

  • +5

    These deals are a painful reminder that I was an idiot for procrastinating pre-COVID19. I'm wishing I'd jumped on the 3700x/GTX1070 build for $1070 now.

    I've pretty much made peace with the fact I'm now probably looking at a Ryzen 4 and next gen gpu build at some point in the distant future.

    • If it makes you feel any better, most of those GTX 1070 orders got cancelled anyway as their shipment arrived damaged.

      • Really? Wow, that sucks for both Techfast and those lucky enough to jump on one of those deals.

        Did anyone get a 1070 build or was the shipment a total loss?

  • Gonna chime in here to say I had a positive experience with techfast. I got the 2080 Super deal that was on here about a month ago. The order was delayed because they ran out of the case I wanted but they kept me up to date and provided an even better thermaltake case upgrade free of charge. Feels good to be able to crank everything up to Ultra High.

  • +2

    Any deals with delivery expected to be in 2020?

    • +1

      All of them?

  • +2

    Word of advice would be to replace the PSU yourself or get an upgrade - mine actually burned out about 2 and half weeks in!

    Replaced with an 80+ Gold from Amazon and now it works well.

    • +2

      mine lasted a week. contact TF and paid for the upgrade to 750w gold rather than have them ship the same faulty one again

    • 80+ ratings aren't strictly speaking an endorsement to the PSU being good quality. It's purely an efficiency rating not a parts quality rating. You can have a piece of crap PSU with a design that is at least 80% efficient using crap components and failing in short time.
      You can also have a very inefficient design (no 80+ rating) using quality components and last longer than your lifetime.

      • thats a good point. our old PC from PCCG has a generic POS 450w PSU and has been running daily, probably 10+ hours a day for nearly 5 years and never missed a beat

  • How did you get in touch with them. My PC that I got through them has had major issues something burned out and I can't seem to reach them?

    • [email protected]. We are experiencing a heavy load of emails but the vast majority are responded to within 1 business day. If it's been far longer we may not have received it. Let me know.

      • +1

        Thanks for the reply, I'll wait another day in case of backlog and get back to you if I haven't heard anything.

  • +3

    Techfast more TechSlow!!
    I ordered a System on the 18th of March and received a email from techfast on the 13th of April advising the motherboard I upgraded too was out of stock and awaiting new stock before my order could be completed.
    Finally received my pc on the 29th of April!
    I unpacked the PC and immediately knew there was a screw floating around in there. I was every surprised when I opened up the PC and found not only 1 screw missing but a total of 4. Basically the mATX mobo was mounted with only 2 screws!!! emailed them and advised the problem. They did how ever send me 2 bag of screws, this was great but made me think I should've built my own. I thought I'd give tech fast a try but now regret it. I didnt even get some spare sata cables only the one for the SSD. Even with COVID situation waiting over 6 weeks for a PC is crazy!!. My fault for being cheap and wanting to try something new i guess. Good luck to you guys!!! My suggestion would be for you to upgrade to a better case than the default one especially for the cheaper matx systems.

  • damn 1 week too late just started ordering parts to build one, was waiting for another suitable deal and this rx 5700 would have done it!

  • +2

    Still have not heard anything from Techfast about a system that I bought and after waiting over month to receive it the computer is restarting restarting randomly very often when I try to use it.

    I have emailed them many times since I got the PC and tried calling but have not heard anything from them.

    Very disappointing after spending about 1200 on a computer to not even be able to get a hold of the company to help fix any issues.

    • As above the majority of emails are responded to within 1 or maybe 2 business days at the outside but not longer especially for warranty related queries, so I can only assume we're not getting them. Please email [email protected] so i can escalate.

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