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$10 Monthly Credit on All Data Plans For 12 Months = 5GB for $5 Per Month (BYO) with No Extra Data Charges @ Telstra


Telstra's Extra Small data plan is normally $15/month, but connections during '7 Day Frenzy' get $10/month off for the first 12 months.

No lock-in contract, so you can cancel any time and DONT FORGET $45 CASHREWARDS which will equate to $15 for 12 MONTHS , this means $1.25 per month for 5GB data- THIS IS CRAZY!

MOD: Received email from affiliate channel representing Telstra stating that Telstra are currently having tracking issue, and sales through cashback sites such as Cashrewards might not track properly.

Buy it, use it, bank it, boast it, harder better faster stronger!

No excess data charges. When you exceed your allowance, you can continue to access data, but your speed will be capped at 1.5Mbps.

This is a data SIM, so you can use it in devices like tablet, mobile dongles etc. You might be able to use it in a phone, but you can't make calls, it's not made for normal SMS use (charged at PAYG rates).

New customers only. If you want a higher plan instead, $10 discount currently applies those also.

Critical information summary (but does not list the $10/month discount)

Mod: Thanks to Giles for the description, copy pasted from them (who posted the duplicate deal).

This is part of Click Frenzy deals for 2020

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    • Mine was not activated at first, but became activated by itself a few hours later. It then also showed up in my Telstra login.

      Also if you have multiple Telstra logins, check all of them.

  • I got my SIM delivered today by Startrack (Auspost).

    SIM didnt work out of the package, requested a acivation via the website. Not sure if it worked or not. But just now at 8.30PM got email saying it's all active and that I'll be paying $5 a month first month and $5 ongoing.

    Also it auto linked up to my.telstra as I already had a mobile service with them.

    It shows that after 5GB the plan goes slow to 1.5Mbps. Not bad IMO.

    Hope the cashback goes through!

  • +2

    I have been checking and talking to Telstra thru the online chat. Strangely the online order tracking indicates that my order was placed 26 May 2020 but clearly I placed the order with them on 20 May 2020 and I have the Online Checkout Page saved as well as the Order Confirmation received in my email.

    Anyways, I have finally got my SIM delivered today by Startrack. I believe the same as everyone with a large plastic sachet/bag with a small sim inside.

    The sim didnt work right out of the package, so I contacted online chat again and waited for half a day to get my ID checked and verified again (not sure why needed my ID check again, if it wasnt okay, why they sent me the sim?!)

    Anwyay, just now at 8.37pm got two emails with the plan details and bill estimate, then I assume the activation is all good, so I popped in the sim and its all up running and connected. But the bill estimate shows that I will be paying $15 a month instead of $5 ongoing.

    Now I have to go talk to them about why I will be paying $15/month. Then, I will have to deal with the cashback

    • Do they only work from 7:30am till 5:00pm? I don’t notice they reply after 5:00pm!

      • Not sure what time they work. The agent with me did give me her email to continue following up after the chat ended

    • Hi, did you resolve this? I am also being charged $15 per month. On chat with Telstra now.

      • Yes, i think i did. After spending half a day on chat, showing all my emails as proof, finally got them to agree $120 credit and got an email afterwards as proof of the $120. should be resolved. Moreover, i just received my first bill 30 mins ago with $15 but no $120 credit shown.

  • +1

    Yeah I ordered 3x of these $15 unlimited calls/sms 5Gb Telstra Sims, all 3 Sims arrived though one was already activated before delivery (not happy as wanted to port a mobile number), anyway same too the one activated has a bill of $15, will try calling Telstra tomorrow see if I can get the $10 discount as I don't see the point activating the other 2 without the $10 discount, also noticed those like me there is a Telstra covid19 discount of $10 if one is on job seeker, note it states once one is finished with job seeker the discount will end as you need too use your CRN details when applying, application also ends 30th of June,. here is link to apply,..

  • Anyone know was there a certain time frame one needs to activate these Sims for the $45 cash back?

    • The $45 cashback has turned out to be not applicable for this deal. Based on the terms and conditions, you need to be with Telstra for 24 months. Most people won't stay on the plan that long just for it.

      CashRewards now blocked new claims so if you managed to get it linked with your CashRewards, I would activate as soon as possible. Hopefully, through some unpatched Telstra loophole(s), you will still get it.

      You don't have a choice to activate these SIMs. They are meant to come pre-activated. Mine arrived late and the SIM was activated one day beforehand. This is a postpaid no fixed-term contract plan, NOT a prepaid plan. Don't forget the bonus 25GB Covid-19 special as it ends 30/06 (so you can only get it for 1 month, but better than nothing).

      • There was no need to be with telstra for 24 months when this was first posted. They changed the T&C on 22/5/20 I think.

      • One of mine came pre activated the other 2 Sims didn't umm don't see the point of keeping these Sims at all if there is no $45 cash back but saying that all 3 Sims show up in my cash rewards account so yeah don't know what too do, risk activating the other 2x and keeping 3 of them hoping I will get a cash back after 100 days on all 3 Sims 🥺🤪🤑

      • You don't need to keep connected for 24 months. My $45 has "estimated approval date" in late August this year. So you just need to keep it alive for 100 days as stated on the original cashrewards offer page. The updated T&C is not applicable to this $45 cashback as the T&C was updated after the deal (Cashrewards deal not Telstra 7 day deal) expired (21 May). Any purchase from 22 May onward will be subjected to the new T&C, even though Telstra deal still live.

  • OMG, I got the same situation like your guys!I received the Sim card yesterday, this morning I got the "Bill Estimate" email from Telstra said the plan cost $15 and now discount.

    What should I do now, I haven use the sim yet. What's the best way to deal with now?

    • no discount? See my image below, mine shows the discount.

      • No discount. Also charge me "Once of charges" $0.48 for 2 June 2020. I dont know why,i only received Sim yesterday. In My Telstra app, its shown only 25 days remaining to use the data,not 30 days…weird!

  • Here is the PDF that I got in the email about my bill estimate:


  • Received the first bill. Have left a message to Telstra in the app. If they don't fix it, i will log a issue with TIO.

    • Did you get a bill estimate with the discount?

      • We all did. However, what happened was, the order confirmation (online order confirmation email) has it. By the time it reached provisioning team, you start to see that not being mentioned. Most people thought that was due to provisioning. We all got a shock when the first bill actually arrives. Well, if you have dealt with Telstra before, it is not really a shock, more like bummer, Telstra screwed up again.

        Telstra Customer Support generally go: well, that's online ordering system, we don't have access to their systems. Based on what we can see, extra small is not eligible blah blah blah… Then, you have Telstra's Covid-19 change to their IVR which makes it a pain to even reach Telstra customer support on the phone.

        OZB Mods are being too open minded (as some people probably will get the $45 CashRewards). Probably would be good to warn people now that Telstra Online system is screwed up and proceeding with this deal means you will need to (1) wait for much slower SIM dispatch than usual and (2) not actually getting $10 off and you will need to deal with Telstra Support (or TIO) to sort it out.

        • Ahh I see. Interesting.

  • +1

    Just got a call from Telstra after logging with TIO…$120 credit.

    I'm assuming they can't get the monthly discount sorted so did this instead….fine by me.

    • Same, haven’t seen the credit applied yet though. Let me know once you get it. They also haven’t changed my current bill down to $5 yet neither.

      • Same. Bill is still $15 and no credit applied yet either

    • Umm $120 credit would be nice even better $120 x 3 Sims I have 😬👍

    • Just wondering what time of day did you speak to Telstra so I'll call around the same time and hopefully get the same mob that gave you $120 credit 🤪👍

  • I raised a ticket with Telstra today.
    They applied 15$ credit for this month and applied the 10$ credit from next month.

    Resolved. Hope this is good for next year.

    • I got the same reply. I do't think this is fair as they don't mention it anywhere.

  • I gave up. It took a week for the SIM to arrive (last Tuesday). I tried to activate it online the same day, then via the chat the next day, then again Thursday.

    Still nothing by Saturday, so I tried the chat again. After about an hour I got four e-mails with new order numbers, but finally he gave up and told me to go to the Telstra store and get a blank SIM. I went to the store and was told they're not allowed to give out blank SIMs! They signed me up yet again in the store and advised me to chase them up via the chat to get the Click Frenzy discount. It still wasn't activated yesterday when I got home from work, so I gave up and asked them to cancel the order.

    I was going to lodge a TIO complaint to get it sorted, but decided it's not worth the effort.

    • …and now they've moved my number over to the new SIM and activated it as prepaid.

  • Just started using the Telstra data sim for the first time this evening. (My Kogan data sim just ran out)
    Watching Amazon prime. 1930 hrs local time.
    Using the same phone as the Kogan Sim, for the hotspot, watching the show.
    Show kept buffering, which never happened with the Kogan Sim.

    Ran online speed test…
    0.22 Mbps download
    1.43 Mbps upload.

    This is with the initial 5gb of data, before POMD speed.

    • New Kogan Sim
      Same online speed test.
      15.7 Mbps download
      6.04 Mbps upload

      • That’s some appalling speed.
        I checked my speed on the day I received my sim and I’ve got: 84 Mbps down and 18.2 Mbps up.

        • Anything to do with the APN setting? Whats APN setting your are using?

    • Likely to do with where you live. This is what i got now with the same sim
      30.08 Mbps down
      8.51 Mbps up

      • i tested my speed. 56.0 mbps download. 11.7 mbps upload. much faster than my voda nbn

      • Country WA. You could be right….lucky that Kogan/Vodafone even works at all

        • Just tried again….TELSTRA
          0.34 Mbps download.
          1.63 Mbps upload.

          Can't watch Netflix/Amazon at all.
          (Still on the initial 5gb data)

          Switched to Kogan Sim
          18.4 Mbps download
          1.73 Mbps upload

      • down to the slower speed, using hotspot from IPhone to test speed.
        ping ms 225, DL 1.64mbps, UL 2.0mbps
        On my catch data is 17, 11.46, 4.59.
        Can someone enlighten whether it's lower numbers are better? and what is ping?

  • My first bill ($15 plan) did not have the discounts applied. Chat support advised this plan was not part of the promotion. I advised that my order summary says different. Refused to apply the credit. Where to from here?

    • How did you get in contact with chat support? Keeps looping me around automated crap? Same boat as you, I lodged a TIO complaint.

      • it took 12 hours for them to respond and even then the information provided wasn't inline with the clickfrenzy offer. logged a complaint via their website.

      • Use the App. I used the website and it never worked for me.
        Help section in the app.

    • +1

      Try to get through via phone or online chat. You should have an e-mail with the $10 monthly discount. If yes, let the support person know that you have that e-mail. If not, go through the comments in earlier pages, someone had a cache of the Telstra page online with $10 per month discount. Then, you inform that person you would like to raise an official complaint and ask that person to arrange it. Tell the CSR that you would like a case manager assigned to it or if he/she refused to do that for you, ask the CSR to raise a complaint for you so that you can go to TIO.

      Mention that you would like to work it out with Telstra if possible, but if Telstra insisted on do nothing with an error in online ordering systems and false information on Telstra Web site, you want to go to TIO. You want to be able to enter a proper complaint number when you raise a case with TIO.

      The complaints team people are generally pretty good (but it takes roughly 2 business days to get a complaints manager assigned), unlike Telstra CSR which generally don't have much power to do anything. If you want to be nasty, you can go TIO straight.

  • I got bill with no discount. So messaged about this via app. Got this reply within 3 hours-

    Thanks for waiting, this promotion should have been autobestowed. We apologize that it wasn't, we have already submitted a request and rest assured this gets fixed within 24-72 hours. Reference number for this is INT 1-xx
    Please let us know on how Telstra can help you further, we'll make sure to give our best to help you with your account.

  • Anyone in Melbourne CBD who hasn't received a SIM yet ? Order placed on 20/05.

    • Nothing received here, in Hobart and ordered Tue, 19 May, 13:04.

      • Someone else probably got yours. I received a sim that wasn't mine and I am kinda losing hope if there was any of getting a replacement

        • Hah, sounds about right. Telstra is such garbage.

      • +1

        Fellow Hobart mate here. I ordered mine May 20th 02:50am and got my sim few days this Monday morning.

        • Thanks for that - ended up sending a message through the App, got a case number, someone called me and turns out the order was stuck in pending (possibly still credit check issue but all I got was the $5 plan so I think that's just an excuse). Anyway they are escalating it. Just in case anyone is still waiting I suggest messaging them through the App.

          • +1

            @tobinm: Thats what happened to me…
            1) Ordered abd received order confirmation on 20th
            2) Got email verification and email bill activation on 26th
            3) Received sim, tries to activate but hit with idenitity check issue then resolved on June 1st
            4) Hit with $15 bill estimate and temp resolved and received with credit adjustment email on 2nd
            5) Received new bill with $15 no change on 4th

            Today morning i manually lodged my claim on cashrewards and the rep said it may take 30-90 days to query about my claim.

            • @ISO9002: Yep expecting if I ever get my sim I will still need to chase up the $10 credit. Hope you get yours and cashback sorted.

    • Still waiting for my sim. Telstra credit first month cause they already started charging. They say the 10 dollar credit will be auto next month.

      Cashback rewards still asking me for details as they couldn't track it. Even though i follow the same procedure for all my other purchases. I have sent them the number, plan details, proof of bill payment and order number. They still want subscription evidence. I thought my mobile number and plan details proves the subscription. I guess not.

      Won't trust Telstra or Cashback next time.

  • Got my first bill, no credit. Left a message in the app. I have the email confirming it should be applied. If they don't budge, it's TIO time.

    • Same here buddy and I just got a case number via SMS from the TIO.

  • had a call from telstra after I lodged TIO case.
    Offered to give $10 credit to fix up current bill, and for it to continue as per original deal. Just checked app, $10 credited this month. Thanks

    • I should lodge a TIO complaint….given the pathetic speeds Telstra have available.

  • +1

    I just went TIO couldn't be bothered with leaving messages with Telstra

  • I too could not contact anyone but did lodge a complaint with the TIO and Jason at TIO was great.

  • +1

    I spoke to online chat, about 2hrs ago. Via - https://say.telstra.com.au/customer/forms/request-a-credit-f...

    Told them what happened that my bill was wrong and after 2hrs of being on hold they just replied saying they will credit my bill for this month of $10 and give me $10 for each month going forward.

    So simple proceedure!

    • +1

      And confirming just checked my account it now says:

      Balance from last bill
      Due 23 Jun 20

      It was $15.00 before I spoke to them.


    • Your bill estimate is $5 and you still received a bill for $15! Telstra incompetence beggars belief. My service is already active but I still haven't receive the sim card.

      • My Bill was auto generated. My account said $15.00 Bill, after I spoke to them it became $5.00.

        • My bill is still $15 and they say the $10 credit will only apply from next month billing cycle

          • @albanyson: What does it say when you login to my telstra?

            Mine said $15, then after speaking to them via that Chat, it is now $5.

            • @Turd: Still says $15.

              • @albanyson: That sucks. :( Hit and miss with your CSR I guess.

                • @Turd: Thanks so much for posting the link. https://say.telstra.com.au/customer/forms/request-a-credit-form

                  I selected 'Promised credits by agents/Telstra' and then 'mobile', clicked the 'message us' button and was connected to a Telstra agent straight away.

                  I then simply provided my details and sent

                  'My bill says $15 a month. this is incorrect. It is meant to be $5 a month as it was the click frenzy deal'.

                  The agent said they will look into it and 10 minutes later they said that the credit hadn't been applied and they would apply it now and apply it for future months.

                  All sorted in about 15 minutes. Hope this helps others.

  • +5

    My Bill has been updated to $5 and advised that it will happen every month. What did I do?
    1. Use the "My Telstra" app
    2. Start a chat using the blue + button
    3. To get past the Codi help bot, type in "I need to speak with a real person"
    4. A real person will get in touch and start messaging you, ensure you have notifications turned on or you may miss it.

    I went through 6 different conversations with 6 different people because if you don't reply to a message from a real person, they will close the case/conversation and you have to start again. I was also stubborn and refused to repeat the issue or provide my personal/account details given they have all the details because you initiate the chat from My Telstra, it would have been quicker if I just sucked it up and provided info again and again.

    Good luck everyone.

    P.S. I was one of the lucky ones, CR logged for me a few hours after my purchase and currently is showing as PENDING.

    You can register for an extra 25GB of free data, valid till 30 June. I got it in under 24 hours. Here's the link

    • Didn't know how to get past Codi. Thx for the tip. Will try it next time if needed.
      Anyway, I managed to talk to someone by calling 132200 once (not sure how I did it, and could not repeat it), and wasted over 1 hour time. The customer support said she could not find such $10 credit for $15 plans, and refused to let me talk to her supervisor.
      Lodged my first TIO complaint.

  • Went pretty smoothly using the Get Help tab of the My Telstra app. It was late at night and the reps name was Raden. Mentioned that I purchased the plan during the 7 day click frenzy and politely asked for the $10 credit to be applied. He gave me a reference number. The amount due is now showing as $5 in the app.

  • My order was cancelled! Pretty useless people. Let’s see if they can honour the $5 plan. Then it’ll be a battle with cash reward. Telstra is pretty shocking

  • I received a replacement sim today. Appears to actually work but haven't received a bill yet

  • Went into Telstra store today, as my order didn’t go through. He manually pushed it and emailed the department in charge to apply $10 discount as he couldn’t do. Esim given and activated there and then. I put on my iPhone no problem. So far seems that has same coverage as belong

  • +2

    After no credit I contacted the tio and this was the result:

    As per the resolution I have changed the plan to a $25 Data plan Small with 25GB data and the $20 per month discount for the next 12 months. I have applied $15 credit on the account as per request *. The balance on the * is now $0.00.

    I will close this case as resolved and will send this response to TIO as well.

    I also have cash rewards of $45 outstanding, nice result.

    • 25gb, fiver a month….not a bad result

    • You provided desired resolution in complaint or this(change plan and $20 discount) was discussed on phone?

  • +2

    Received my 5GB data SIM after 10 days in a plastic bag only, with no document whatsoever. Never received any email with contract, nor any bill, just had the order confirmation. SIM was not activated. After a week, I went to a local Telstra shop to activate the SIM, they said "Someone did not press "Submit"". Gave me a replacement SIM, activated it, and I received a contract immediately. Two days later I got the email bill for $15. Went back to the Telstra shop, told them they shouldn't have given me a new contract when I only wanted to activate the SIM. They've cancelled the contract telling me the previous one was already deleted off the system.

    What a waste of time! Reading through these comments - the sheer level of incompetence from all kinds of Telstra employees is stunning!

    Btw, I have Cashrewards $45 cashback tracked. That one's going to waste as well.

    Tested the speed while the SIM was working - it was 120 mbps download, 20 mbps upload. West Perth

  • Still haven't received my SIM :(

    Should I try a Telstra shop?

    • If you know the mobile number then just go to a telstra store and ask for a replacement sim

      • Yeah Telstra sent me an email with the mobile number. If I get a SIM swap how do I activate or can the Telstra shop do that? Not liking the billing issues I'm sure I'll have to endure

  • It appears I also didn't get the discount. TIO case number. How long did you guys have to wait to hear from Telstra?

    • +1

      About 3 days.

    • I also haven't received the discount yet either. After raising a TIO case I got a call from someone at Telstra who acknowledged the large number of issues people were having with the discount. She said they received an email a few days ago that all the account shall be fixed by 14th June. So we'll see if that pans out… not gonna hold me breath.

      • Although it isn't clear that the TIO complaints themselves shifted Telstra into action, it was my hope that if enough people raised a TIO complaint in relation to this, the quick spike in complaints would bring greater visibility to the issue.

        I am glad that Telstra now acknowledges the broad problem. Depending on the solution implemented by Telstra, some of us might found ourselves getting the problem fixed twice (once from the complaint and once from the system solution).

        Enjoy your 12 months of cheap/free data!

      • I also got a call saying the 14th too

        • Did your issue get fixed?

          Mine hasn't…. it's still saying I owe $15.50. This is the second time Telstra have said they'd fix the issue and haven't come through….

    • I ordered 2 of these plans. Neither got the discount :-( I've complained to Telstra

      • So no reply from Telstra. I tried their chat in the App. Was told after a very long wait that the credit would appear on the 2nd bill, not the first. I told them their email explicitly said it would apply from months 1-12.

        I've now tried complaints again. If no luck then TIO

  • +1

    LOL dunno whether to consider this a success or a fail. I got this to partially replace an existing plan that runs out in a couple of weeks.

    Ordered on 24/5, received the SIM about a week later but wasn't activated and couldn't be activated online. Dawdled a bit and finally contacted support over the long weekend, and a case was raised. Still not provisioned as of 10/6, 2.5 weeks after ordering.

    If they take any longer the timing will be perfect, LOL, but if I had been counting on getting this sooner rather than later, hoo boy. What a s***show.

    • Still waiting for the Sim in mail. Online chat said it was posted 2days ago. Will see.

  • Still haven't received sim. Had a confirmation email, then an email verification email to which i verified and received a confirmation. Then nothing. That was 3 weeks ago.

    • I ordered 2 sims on 20/05. And chat with them on the app around 4/6, they told me I would receive verified email for 2 orders. I only got 1 email for one order, I replied that and until today just got sim with that order, arrived with Startrack, only the sim, no paper, no documents.

      Now need to chase them again for the second order, totally frustrated. Not sure why their business still exists.

  • I ordered 3x Sims, 2 activated and got the $10 discount dare I say took days of chatting to resolve, hopefully discount continues every month for nect 12 months and 3rd SIM not activated as yet, wondering how long I can hold out not activating it without messing up the cash back for it, time will tell with a little luck on my side lolz 👍

  • +1

    Oh streaming on Fetch TV and at the same time viewing a YouTube video on my mobile seems to work ok when data speeds are capped at 1.5Mbps but don't know if I would pay $15 a month when discount doesn't apply anymore after 12 month, though technically this plan would be the cheapest unlimited broadband data plan I guess? Or anyone know of any other plans similiar to this at a cheaper price? 😃😎🤪😀👍

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