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[eBay Plus, PS4] The Last of Us Part 2 $49 Delivered @ The Gamesmen eBay


Great price for Plus members. The Last Us Part II.

Original deal / Full list

-Apologies for publishing this deal as The Gamesmen have not sent the game as Express Post which was part of the eBay Plus Promotion.

The Gamesmen have apologised for the confusion and direct customers to return the item for a refund.

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  • Has anyone tried preorders from eBay sellers like this? Do people think there is a decent chance of getting the game on release day (Friday)?

    • Late in the day maybe, otherwise Saturday in my experience.

      • Ok interesting. The listing says delivers 24 June for me, but might take the chance. Cheers

        • How to get the link?

  • +3

    Come on eBay luck of the gods…

  • +1

    Not long to go! good luck everyone who are trying to purchase it in the next few minutes

    Got it!!! Sold out in 2minutes 606 units

    0 available / 606 sold

    I paid via afterpay because it feels better paying $12.25 over the next few weeks lol

  • +1

    With the post delays I'd be surprised if this arrived near launch.

  • +1

    Why is the link to a news website?

  • +6

    GOT IT

    edit: code was PFFST95

  • ayyy, got it.

  • Got it bayybeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • It's live. The above linked game is the right one. The code is PFFST95. I got mine.
    Good luck everyone.

  • PFFST95

  • Scored a copy! Seemed much easier than the Animal Crossing deal.

  • got a copy

  • Got one! Didn't seem too hard.

    They had 600 units.

  • Thanks, got one.

  • GOT it nice

  • Got one.

  • Got it. Bought express postage hoping to get here by Friday

  • Got one, woo!

  • Got it! Edit: all gone

  • Got it! Wooo!

  • Got one too, nice work guys!

  • Got it! Paypal decided to freeze for 30 seconds though, didn't help.

    Good luck everyone!

  • I just hope it comes on Friday.

  • wow…. 606 sold in under 2min

  • Think it's finished…… fml

  • Got it. Sold out now

  • Gone in 60 seconds.

  • Goddamnit, really? 2 minutes and gone. Argh

  • That went quick. Managed to snag one

  • Got one 🤛

  • +1

    Good to see a decent number of units (600) available. Went with express post for an extra $7, hopefully arrives Friday.

    • i thought all ebayplus and giveaway items were express by default no?

      • “Fast ‘n Free” standard post was the free default option, express post was an option at checkout. Same with the current promo listing for Assetto Corsa Competizione via The Gamesmen - standard postage is free, express is an optional extra.

  • Didnt stand a chance

  • noooo i missed out
    i was expectinng the price to drop but i kept seeing the full price then i realised there was a coupon noob move

  • Sold out! But managed to get one :)

  • +2

    Got one too, I clicked "Confirm and Order" one time and it came up with an error message that said "Seller changed the order" (or something like that).
    So I clicked "Confirm and Order" again and it worked.


    • +1

      Make sure you got it for $49 and not $99.95!

      • Yeah I had a little heart attack but it says $49… not sure what happened.

  • Got one

  • got one! YAY!

  • was able to score one, bloody hell that was difficult to obtain

  • Got it too. Quite an easy one today!

  • Screwed up the promo code. ended up getting it for 99.95 lol. Time to cancel order

  • Success here, yey. I didn’t expect this one to go so fast

  • +1

    …and so begins the wait for it to come down to $49 somewhere else…

  • Yay!! Got one

  • 600 units and i still couldnt get one… unlucky…

  • +3

    got last of us and assetto corsa: code: PFFSH14


    • Viewing that says "18 sold in the last hr", guess it's nowhere near as popular title.

      • is it even advertised on ebay deals page? I couldnt see it only saw last of us

        edit: now it is

    • If it was on PC I'd bite.

  • Hey guys I didn't select the expedited delivery, that means it's will not arrive on Friday?

    • +2

      It should still arrive on Friday, they will send it on Wednesday or Thursday. It depends on your location and on whether or not Aus post feels like being on time.

      • Oh thanks, I was panicking lol

    • gamesmen are usually very good with their delivery.

  • c'mon Amazon!

    • Amazon won't do it. Due to their pre-order policy, it would mean they would have to lower the price for all existing pre-orders as well.

  • +2

    Got to checkout and then told it was out of stock. What a load of crap

    • Did you add to cart, then try to apply the code? I think buy-it-now secures your copy at the time you click it, giving you extra time to apply the code before finalising.

  • +1

    Managed to get one copy even though it felt like the chicken dance tune played during checkout. Messed up the coupon code, didn't have payment details saved, accidentally refreshed.

  • Grabbed one at 10 on the dot using the app. Make sure you have it added to cart and PayPal 1 touch checkout turned on.

  • +1

    Got one. Wasn't too difficult this time around, decent quantity

  • Was waiting for it and at 9:58am got a phonecall. 10:05am and it's out of stock? Why am I paying for eBay plus if they can't even secure stock for their sale? They've succeeded in making themselves look like a joke next to Amazon as at least their deals are attainable.

    • +2

      The problem is anyone can just get a free trial of Ebay plus and still buy all the discounted things during the sale. Paying only gets you a discount code per month and some sellers who offer free delivery, it's not really worth it.

      • eBay really need to learn from Amazon's Prime program; the latter I feel is much more worth it. Not to mention you get their TV shows too.

    • +3

      Unfortunately if you look at the deals for those 1 day sale items, they have extremely limited stock. From that, I knew it would sell out in minutes. I didn't add to cart, I just chose buy it now which gave me some time to add the code.

    • Deal had a specified start time. Limited number available. You did something else at the release time (when demand would exceed supply), but it's eBay's fault?

  • got one thanks OP :)

  • I managed to get one as well. But then went back to check and it was all gone. Phew!

    I hope it comes back for everyone who missed out.

  • who ever missed out , dont worry , heaps will be on gumtree not too long

    • -1

      for $99

    • It may be on Gumtree but it won't be cheap. People tend to sell things based on what they're worth, not what they paid for it. The critic reviews for this game have been great so those hoping to get this for cheap a few months after release because the game bombed are out of luck.

  • Got one at 10:01, looks like it got sold out at 10:03

    • it is actually after 74 seconds….I refreshed the web page and found it was out of stock just 14 sec after 10:01

  • +1

    Whew managed to get a copy. Wanted to get one for a mate who didn't have eBay plus but looks like it's only one copy per person which is fair enough.

  • I think it will be sent via express delivery right? As with all the eBay plus deals

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