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[Pre Order] Toyota GR Yaris $39,950 Drive-Away for The First 1000 Orders (Save ~$9,550 + On-Road Costs)


The 2021 Toyota GR Yaris will have a sky-high recommended retail price of $49,500 plus on-road costs, but the first 1000 buyers will be able to secure one from $39,950 drive-away when order books open from midday next Wednesday.

An additional special offer will give the first 50 buyers of the GR Yaris a fuel discount of 20c per litre for the first 12 months, when purchased via the company's myToyota portal.

Although the price aligns with the Subaru WRX, the Toyota hot hatch is a class size smaller. The ageing WRX offers less power, however, and weighs nearly 170kg more than the 1280kg GR Yaris.

The engine in the Toyota GR Yaris is a 1.6-litre turbocharged petrol three-cylinder putting out 200kW of power and 370Nm of torque, making it the most powerful three-cylinder engine ever offered in a production car.

Power is distributed via a six-speed manual transmission to all four wheels, and the hatch can reach 100km/h from a standstill in 5.2 seconds.

The 0-100km/h time makes the GR Yaris quicker than the Renault Megane RS Trophy-R, but nearly half-a-second slower than the outgoing Volkswagen Golf R.

Online and in-dealer pre-sale reservations start on 23 September

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    • pretty much a road legal rally car.

      I was reading the newscomau article in a comment above, and it says this:

      “Track day enthusiasts might want to budget more than that to get hold of one of 250 GR Yaris “Rallye” models equipped with front and rear limited-slip diffs, firmer suspension and other tasty details. Arriving in 2021, those cars aren’t part of the special drive-away deal and are likely to sit closer to the $58,000 drive-away ask of Subaru’s WRX STI.”

      Maybe this one is the road legal rally car.

    • Its also built on its own specialised production line with race car style manufacturing techniques

  • +3 votes

    200kw? So this will chop my STi? LMAO

    • +29 votes

      Most things would 🙈

    • 5.2 seconds 0-100. It would be close :)

    • Incorrect. More to compete with the WRX which has quite a bit less power then the STI.
      My 2010 Liberty GT has more power then the current WRX.
      It's more saying that Subaru will need to improve greatly on the new WRX to compete with upcoming hot hatches.

    • If it can't, the ringlands and headgaskets will

    • That's quite possible. Looking at straight line performance, you need to consider power (distribution) to weight ratio.

      If we are talking about track performance, maybe this thing will beat an STI. I'm looking forward to some test results coming out soon.

    • In every area but 0-100.

  • I'm pretty sure a Civic Type R (167 KW/tonne) or Focus RS would be a lot better if you want a small sports car. A bit bigger than Yaris though.

  • When did the Yaris change their target audience from grannies to ricers?

  • LOL.

  • God find. Brought one for each family member and a spare for the coming newborn.

    • Sports bikes will out perform plenty of performance cars in a straight line, hardly breaking news

    • Even 250cc bike can probably out perform this car.

      That same bike will initially beat a Ferrari off the line because of turbo lag and power: weight ratio, so what's your point? Around a bend, a car will always corner more aggressively because of contact/grip and a low centre of gravity, moreso with downforce. Just compare lap times between F1 and MotoGP. People in this thread are comparing a road spec rally car to <$20k hatchbacks, SUVs and now motorbikes. Madness.

  • Yaris used to be a 15k car. what is happening here?

    • it literally doubled in price

    • The current Yaris is a dinosaur car.

      This Yaris GR is a new gen car AND it's a sports version. Very good price for what you're getting

      Now, Toyota is releasing a vanilla version of Yaris, but inexplicably priced it at MINIMUM $25,000 Driveway for the base model 1.5l with a piddling 88kW, which is a joke when a Corolla is basically the same price.

      • Corolla is basically the same price.

        I suspect the middle-class parents with $$$ won't mind spending an extra $10k for their daughters to enjoy a new Yaris.

      • I really hope it's part of a strategy to bring back Daihatsu.
        In Japan, Toyota is the only major brand that doesn't seem to have their own Kei cars (tiny cars in their own rego class), from what I've seen. But they own Daihatsu, which is all Kei. Which suggests that maybe they position Toyota as a premium brand domestically, but still get to be in the budget end of the market.

        They might figure that they could do that here. That Toyota has enough brand rep in Aus to elevate it over $20k, and they can bring in some smaller models. They have a few other Toyotas to choose from, or a whole range of awesome little Daihatsus which look great and would be quite nice to drive, and could dominate the market around $15k.
        It doesn't make sense to get out of the budget market completely, since it's clearly where a lot of cars are sold.

        The only issue is they gotta bump up the 0.7L engines or it'll be a hard sell. Or maybe the low weight does plenty to make up for it.
        I'm driving around in an old Sirion with a 1.0 3cyl and despite being weak and slow, it's an absolute blast to drive in metro areas.

        • The only issue…

          And to completely redesign the entire car to have a hope of complying with European or ADR performance standards. Not to say the government couldn't relax the applicable standards to allow a kei class

    • cars have advanced alot, more tech features, hybird etc.

      now normal fender benders cost $$$

    • Everything happen here is ridiculous.

      the true words are being grey here.

      the truth is, Yaris team is dominating

  • My old Daihatsu Charade also had a 3-cylinder engine. It had 43kW of power (less on LPG), but would get me to work in the same amount of time as this :)

    If I had that much money to spend, I'd spend it on something larger and more comfortable. Too many people driving huge SUV's who shouldn't, so I will never drive a car that small again.

    • So if you were in the market for a sports car or a hot hatch, you would instead buy an SUV. Okay mate.

      • I'd probably favour a sporty sedan. Except I may need to be able to put a bicycle in the back….

        Yeah, I do get your point, and I currently have a hatch, though it's sightly bigger than a Yaris I think. Unfortunately when you drive anything small and sporty, people in SUV's tend to think they can push you around…. Or they don't see you because they don't actually look that well.

        • I drive a sports car, so I know, just have to adjust your driving. Mostly results in being a better/safer driver anyway. Yaris is much taller than my car so would have no trouble seeing it. I used to put my bike in the back of my echo no issues.

        • People in SUVs driving like dckheads will drive like dckheads no matter what you drive, unless it's something actually intimidating like a hummer or supercar or something.

          I doubt they will suddenly have a change of heart because you're driving a compact SUV or sedan instead of a compact hatch.

          Regardless, I certainly wouldn't let some SUV drivers habits dictate my choice of car.

          • @Soothsayer: When I moved from a small charade to a sizable sedan, I definitely noticed a change in how people were suddenly far less prepared to cut me off or ride my bumper. Right or wrong, people respect larger cars more.

            As for letting others influence my choice of car: gets a lot harder when you need to make sure your child would be safe in the event of a crash caused by an idiot in a larger, heavier car…

            But you're right - you can't completely avoid idiots and the best thing to do is learn how to deal with them in such a way that you stay safe.

  • wonder if they’d let me do a straight swap with my 2003 Echo, after all they are…similar

  • This will be a tough sell 🤔

    I really believe they should have created a new name for this car instead of linking it with the Yaris.

    It's just not helping from a marketing POV.

  • It could be even faster than a Lamborghini but I would never spend 40k for this one…

  • +4 votes

    Very interesting line from the article: "While Toyota says the launch price of $39,950 drive-away is limited to the first 1000 vehicles sold, it concedes it could be 12-to-18 months before that number is reached, at which point the car's pricing will be reviewed."

  • It's Ozbargain and I noticed nobody debates over fuel consumption.

    • i guess real ozbargainers won't even consider buying this car, at this price.
      it's a tiny sports car and it's aiming young people i guess
      suv is more popular in market these years

      i would like to check the sale report at eofy
      don't feel it would be successful here

      • I didn't realise "real" ozbargainers are only old people who like SUV's.

        Been on Ozbargain since the start and I'd buy this.

        • But you wont buy this, will you?

        • I have to admit that I really hate 4x4/SUV especially those gigantic ones who don't give a shit when they parked, usually 2 wheels right on the line and the front is so far crossed the parking spot in front. I never am a Toyota fan but I think $40K drive away/plus on road is about as high as it can get. At $50k, you have to be a fan of Toyota to convince yourself to buy it. Just like people who like Mercedes will pay $20K more to get a re-badged Nissan Navara.

        • upload a photo when you purchase it :)

      • "real ozbargainers won't"

        No true scotsman.

    • It's a hot hatch "enthustlist vehicle", fuel consumption plays no part in the buying process lol.

  • It's been touched on before but the RRP's of these cars will more than likely fictional with almost everyone to get a significant 'discount' and feeling chuffed with themselves for getting the price down to what Toyota would've sold the car at anyway.

  • $40k for performance alone isn't justified in this day and age. It worked in early 2000's when likes of WRX offered cheap performance at the expense of creature comforts and quality, but that formula doesn't work. Interior quality of the new Yaris isn't something that I would be happy with after spending $40k. It still looks cheap and nasty just like we are used to seeing in cheap small cars.

    • Golf GTI for you, grandad.

    • Hyundai is selling plenty of i30N / Veloster N's which are basically as sparse and cheap as a regular base i30. Similar to the WRX in recent times, or Focus ST / RS, Fiesta ST, and 86/BRZ twins, all with pretty average interiors.

      The market manufacturers are targeting these at don't really care enough about interiors to effect sales numbers on a low volume model to begin with. Manufacturers don't make these hotted up versions to move volume, they sell them for marketing and to improve perception of the brand and model line.

    • No need to apologise. Just a Toyota, like the LFA, Supra, Celica, AE86, 86 and a multitude of other special sports cars. It won't appeal to badge snobs.

      • Lol, no matter what you say or how many -ve votes I get, the fact is, Toyota can never match German engineering when it comes to sports models. Check out your so called "Special sports car Supra" which uses BMW Z4 engine.

        • They absolutely can match the Germans. Look at the LFA.

          But Toyota build cars at a completely different price point to the Germans so completely agree that on the whole the Germans make better necromancer cars

        • Toyota can never match German engineering

          The Japanese wouldn’t stoop to such low standards…

          • @pegaxs: Yeah, then keep driving boring boxes with tyres on it..

            • @krish955: I drive a german powered B58 car and as good as it is BMW have long parted ways from the "ultimate driving machine"…. (it started with EPS and the removal of LSD's as standard equipment)

              The supra-z4 was a collab between the 2 manufacturers although they share a similar platform and engine they are vastly different in terms of tuning/dynamics.

              Of all the naturally aspirated cars out in the past the LFA would be on the top of my list for its amazing v10 (the S85 from BMW doesn't come close)

              If I were not gunning for something on the upper end I would definitely consider this yaris as a fun hot hatch at a really great price (discounted) what other cars do you know that have been so bespoke to even include a carbon roof at this segment of the market?

              If you haven't already seen the video of the gr factory that builds this definitely watch it

  • I thought the Yaris was a fairly poor quality car by Toyota standards. Would be better off with a hot Corolla like the Blade.

    • I thought the Yaris was a fairly poor quality car by Toyota standards.

      Why are there so many on the roads? It's probably got that Toyota reliability

    • Not at all. A couple of mechanic friends have said the Yaris/Echo are pretty much the most reliable cars on the road. I know a dude who didn't bring his Echo to a mechanic in over 10 years, just topped up the oil now and then. Still ran fine.
      They're small but tough.

  • 200 Kw with a three cylinder 1.6 L Turbocharged engine ???

  • checks my walletOh

  • TIL a Yaris is worth 50k