[Pre Order] Toyota GR Yaris $39,950 Drive-Away for The First 1000 Orders (Save ~$9,550 + On-Road Costs)


The 2021 Toyota GR Yaris will have a sky-high recommended retail price of $49,500 plus on-road costs, but the first 1000 buyers will be able to secure one from $39,950 drive-away when order books open from midday next Wednesday.

An additional special offer will give the first 50 buyers of the GR Yaris a fuel discount of 20c per litre for the first 12 months, when purchased via the company's myToyota portal.

Although the price aligns with the Subaru WRX, the Toyota hot hatch is a class size smaller. The ageing WRX offers less power, however, and weighs nearly 170kg more than the 1280kg GR Yaris.

The engine in the Toyota GR Yaris is a 1.6-litre turbocharged petrol three-cylinder putting out 200kW of power and 370Nm of torque, making it the most powerful three-cylinder engine ever offered in a production car.

Power is distributed via a six-speed manual transmission to all four wheels, and the hatch can reach 100km/h from a standstill in 5.2 seconds.

The 0-100km/h time makes the GR Yaris quicker than the Renault Megane RS Trophy-R, but nearly half-a-second slower than the outgoing Volkswagen Golf R.

Online and in-dealer pre-sale reservations start on 23 September

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  • +15 votes

    A Yaris GR normally costs $89k??

    • i think its meant to be save 10k

    • Title is wrong, should be save $10K not save $49.5K (RRP is $49.5K)

    • the title is screwed.

      The rrp is $50k. First 1,000 buyers pay $40k.

      I feel they will have an issue shifting even 1,000 units given the car is manual only (AFAIK) and although its a cool car in the Top Gear mould it still is a 3cyl supermini… but it is rwd and it will be a hoot to drive for the 5% out there who know what a clutch pedal is.

        • 1.6L turbo producing 200kw of power and 370nm of torque.

          for reference, the bogan standard commodore SV6 is a 3.6L V6 Naturally aspirated doing 210kw and 350nm

          and besides that, there is plenty of 3cyl naturally aspirated cars getting around every major city in Australia already on far less power. nissan micra, mitsubishi mirage, smart cars….

          you are wrong.

          • +2 votes


            smart cars

            most of them would have a turbo. some are the n/a 1L Mitsubishi and those are rather wheezy to drive in comparison. still, wasn't a problem when i drove a rental one around Melbourne; i certainly had no problem keeping up with freeway traffic. that whole myth that city cars are only for driving around 40kph CBD areas is antiquated BS.

      • Description is AWD not RWD

      • I don’t know why anyone would pay $39k for a Yaris period…..

        My wife likes very small cars. I find it galling for Toyota to think a 200%+ price increase on their bottom of the range car (irrespective of 200kw) is a good idea. Maybe for rally enthusiasts but that’s about it.

        Would much rather a wrx or golf gti etc for a lot less money. My wife said it looked nice but then laughed out loud when I said Toyota wanted $49k for it.

        Toyota needs a new marketing and pricing department. Only someone with very particular taste and needs is going to spend $50k on a Yaris when a BMW M135i demo can be had for $10k more.

        Crazy but a quick way to lose 15k on a car (under$150k) the moment it leaves the showroom.

        • As you said you aren't the target market.

          I wouldn't get the wrx (old), GTI (auto only) or BMW (cost, auto, depreciation).

          Won't be losing 15k if you get it at 39k that's for sure.

          • @Circly: Wanna bet?

            BTW WRX and GTI are proven cars with loyal customers.

            They are also cheaper, larger and on this basis will have far better resale in 3 years.

            When Caradvice reviewed it earlier in the year, they said they thought Toyota would be hard-pressed to sell it for more than $30-35k and that they thought Toyota’s comparison with the WRX STI and Golf R were not realistic.

            • +1 vote

              @JamesHand: Toyota are dreaming! I agree.

              Have a mini so in the target market I guess.

              I would buy a Golf but a Yaris - never.

            • @JamesHand: Get real 30-35k gets you a basic Corolla, Mazda 3 and Focus.

              So that makes nonsense for it to be that price.

              The 39k promo is a good price and chances are it won't go up to its "rrp" after its ended.

              It's Yaris by name only if they called it something else you wouldn't care.

        • @JamesHand - not sure I understand your point here - are there other AWD performance cars you think are a better option for $39K ?
          Golf R is significantly more, WRX is $45K and 200Kg heavier, and Merc AMG A45 is double the price.

          If you're not aware, Golf GTI is FWD…

          For a lightweight bespoke-platform AWD hot hatch, I think it's something of a bargain !

          • @Nom: Also, compare the Fiesta ST and Polo GTI… Both fwd and less powerful but come with 5 doors.

            Both are roughly 39k/40k at top spec.

            Why would the Yaris be priced cheaper than those two alternatives?

            • @Circly: Fair enough - why don’t we just wait and see who ends up proven right?

              I think the fact that Toyota is offering a $10k off RRP is testament to the fact that even they don’t think it will sell.

              My thinking is simply - if you put an NSX engine in a civic body and flare out its bodykit, people are still not going to pay $100k for it even if it will do 0-100 in 4s…. at that price point there are better established options.

              Same thing at $50k.

              Anyway let’s see how this pans out but I am willing to bet on it being a sales flop and being taken off the market within 3 years OR Toyota dropping its price to $35k max

              • +2 votes

                @JamesHand: But Honda already make a performance Civic with a bodykit - it's called the Type-R, and it's over double the price of a base Civic ($55K vs $26K) and it sells just fine.
                Compared to the Civic, the Yaris price increase from from base $25K to this performance variant at $40K is a total bargain, especially when you consider that it doesn't share a single external body panel with the base model, and the entire drivetrain is unique.

                The same massive price premium applies to the Golf R - the base model Golf is $26K and the Golf R is $56K…

                As to your post below, of course the Golf is more refined - it's significantly more expensive at $56K, and it's a whole class size bigger than this $40K supermini !

                It's pretty clear that you're no expert on the subject of performance cars, and so you're not the target market for this particular car - I won't be continuing this discussion. Have a great day !

                • @Nom: @Nom I don’t tend to drive cars in this price range - I did as a young man having owned a few of the cars you have mentioned.

                  Btw I mentioned GTI which is very closely priced. Golf will sell 5 times as many GTis as this apparently more performance oriented Factory Toyota.. even with $10k off it’s RRP.

                  How do you explain that? Oh that’s right, you can’t.

                  I think we will simply have to see who is proven right.

                  Even if you don’t agree with my opinion, you can’t possibly dispute both car advice and drive which thought that Toyota was unlikely to sell many if priced beyond $35k.

                  I think a little more life experience/ reading before commenting is a good idea. Otherwise simply express your opinion without the condescension.

                  Have a great day and good luck with your Yaris - lucky you!

                  • @JamesHand: I doubt anyone would cross-shop a Golf GTi with a Yaris. Polo GTI at ~$35k is the natural competitor. Even then the 2 cars are very different in execution, engineering and target market.

                    I've had a lot of experience with VAG group cars and the thought of something quick and fun with Toyota reliability and service rather than the VW dice roll and shocking customer service would be quite appealing.

                    The whole "it is little, so it has to be cheap" mentality is just weird. If you live close to the CBD like I do then that soon changes to "That Fiat Abarth is starting to look appealling". They are around $35k too and you get that great Fiat build quality and reliability as a bonus. lol

                    James, you aren't the target market. I think they will sell their 1000 at $40k but maybe not at $50k and I find it odd marketing to discount straight away rather than do an optioned up launch edition (unless there are no options).

                    • @brad1-8tsi:

                      "it is little, so it has to be cheap"

                      Ahh this old chestnut.
                      In 1988, Honda plonked a well-specced (compared to USDM) CRX into their showrooms.
                      $29600 + ORC.

                      They sold all of their allocation in three-and-a-bit years. It had two seats and a 1.6 atmo engine. It was dearer than a Falcodore.
                      For decades since, thousands of people have been crying out for more.
                      Honda: drops the CR-Z turd. Now there's an overpriced POS!

                      • @Speckled Jim: I know that model. When I worked at Capitol BMW in late 1988 one of the other mechs bought a CRX at auction. It had been written off because the front seats had been stolen out of it.

                        Replacement seats and bases were crazy money (5 figures) so he put Recaros in it (which were also expensive but not 8 months pay).

                        Cars and car parts were ridiculously expensive then.

          • @Nom: Question - who will buy it as a 3 year old second hand car?

            WRX has useable space and Golf is all round refined. This car has neither of those things going for it. Sure it’s a pocket rocket but there have been others in the past which similarly failed.

            • @JamesHand:

              WRX has useable space and Golf is all round refined. This car has neither of those things going for it. Sure it’s a pocket rocket but there have been others in the past which similarly failed.

              James. All the things you find important aren't necessarily on others "must have" list.

              Name those cars that have failed. I can probably tell you why and it isn't necessarily the price / size ratio

        • The market will decide where this sits in the value scale. Always does.

          If no-one buys them, Toyota will discount them. Easy as that.

        • Lol yep not sure why anyone would pay $40k (much less $50k for a yaris). If your after a sports car with a $50k budget, there is a long list of cars ahead of a yaris. Even if your hell bent on a Toyota, I would still pick a 86 over a yaris any day of the week. This may have slightly more power but at least the 86 looks like a sports car. The Yaris just looks like the reved up granny car.

    • You could buy that outgoing Golf R that's half a second quicker to three figures for less than that so I doubt that RRP is legit.

      In fact, $39k sounds about right for a regular promo driveway.

    • it looks better than a Lexus LC500.

      but who will pay for it

  • +4 votes


  • Even 40k a Yaris is going to be a tough sell, let alone 50k. For that much I've seen lightly used (under 20000km) focus RS and golf R and those would be much nicer inside and hold value better I would think.
    I love that companies are still making manual cars, but this is going to be a money sink for Toyota and then they will use it to justify how people don't want manual and performance cars.

    • A lot of people spend stupid amounts of money for gimmiky German cars. Similar type of people exist in the Japanese market too, especially if Toyota is selling it.

    • If it performs, $40k is about the right place for an AWD hot hatch a size class below but generation newer than the Golf R. But $50k is too much, IMO.

      • Size wise I'd say it competes with a Fiesta ST which would be less powerful but lighter due to lack of AWD system and starts at $32k, probably can get it $10k cheaper than the yaris with some bargaining. I don't think the 10k would be worth it. Polo GTI is also $32k and would be a nicer interior and probably hold value a bit better.

        • 147kW FWD vs 200kW AWD, with 50kg weight difference (Polo GTi is heavier). It's no contest. I'd be shocked if the GR Yaris doesn't smack the Fiesta ST and Polo GTi around a circuit. Whether that $10k difference is worth it, is another matter. But I'm sure the people who buy these cars aren't overly concerned with resale value.

          • @Strand0410: put even 5k of the 10k difference into going stage 2 on a ST and the gap will reduce rapidly. I just can't see the target market for a hot super mini being that big, for my 40k I'd be looking used RS3/4/amg/M2/3

            • @nmachine:

              I just can't see the target market for a hot super mini being that big

              The sports car market isn't that big, period. It's why we're seeing collabs like Toyota-Subaru (GT86), Toyota-BMW (Supra), or the new Nissan Z Proto recycling a lot of the 370Z. In an age of penny-pinching, EVs and, and fuel economy, traditional ICE performance cars are a niche, and hot hatches are a niche within a niche. The GR Yaris won't be a volume seller, it's obvious Toyota is only selling these so they can enter it in WRC.

            • @nmachine: Yea but it's still a fwd. And still a ford. Wouldn't touch a used RS3 hahahah

            • @nmachine: Please show me where I can get a used RS3/4/amg/M2/3 for 40k?

            • +2 votes

              @nmachine: So your point is, why buy this new when you can get a better used car ?
              No shit sherlock, that applies to EVERY SINGLE CAR on the market 🙂
              New vs Used is a pointless discussion, and it's even more pointless when you're trying to compare brand-new Toyota reliability with a warranty vs used out-of-warranty German performance cars - the absolute pinnacle of wallet-ripping repair bills….

        • Size wise of course it compares to the Fiesta but this is whole different breed of car. 147fwkw vs 200awkw.

        • You are wrong here.

          The Fiesta ST is 32k before on roads.

          You would be doing well to get a non sunroof one for 36k drive away.

          It's also heavier, FWD and has less power.

          It does have two extra doors though!

      • Inclined to agree with you Strand, Audi sold the S1 - also an AWD manual micro car around this price point and didn't move many. The S1 had a lot more headroom for increasing performance too

        • But it's an Audi.

        • I've got a Polo, so I've always got an eye out for cars similar to mine. I've seen only one S1 on the road ever. When I saw the price I realised why.

        • Yeah S1s could get up to 300bhp I believe as they had great aftermarket support from revo, apr and the like. Just another car that once it got imported and Oz taxed it didn't fit in the same price bracket as it did overseas so it lost too many potential buyers.

    • Enjoy the head gasket issues with a used Focus RS. This will be a money sink for Toyota, no doubt. So was the Celica GT-4. It's for homologation purposes.

    • Sports cars and performance cars are emotional buys. No one a rural wants a golf sports hatch, they compromise to get one. To get a ballistic Toyota Rally car for the road is a more attractive idea for me as I love cars that aren't made for comfort and luxury.

    • Focus RS, with a blown engine as standard from factory. Hard pass.


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