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[Pre Order] Toyota GR Yaris $39,950 Drive-Away for The First 1000 Orders (Save ~$9,550 + On-Road Costs)


The 2021 Toyota GR Yaris will have a sky-high recommended retail price of $49,500 plus on-road costs, but the first 1000 buyers will be able to secure one from $39,950 drive-away when order books open from midday next Wednesday.

An additional special offer will give the first 50 buyers of the GR Yaris a fuel discount of 20c per litre for the first 12 months, when purchased via the company's myToyota portal.

Although the price aligns with the Subaru WRX, the Toyota hot hatch is a class size smaller. The ageing WRX offers less power, however, and weighs nearly 170kg more than the 1280kg GR Yaris.

The engine in the Toyota GR Yaris is a 1.6-litre turbocharged petrol three-cylinder putting out 200kW of power and 370Nm of torque, making it the most powerful three-cylinder engine ever offered in a production car.

Power is distributed via a six-speed manual transmission to all four wheels, and the hatch can reach 100km/h from a standstill in 5.2 seconds.

The 0-100km/h time makes the GR Yaris quicker than the Renault Megane RS Trophy-R, but nearly half-a-second slower than the outgoing Volkswagen Golf R.

Online and in-dealer pre-sale reservations start on 23 September

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      • Different car. WRX can get the CFO's approval as a family car. Yaris Gr? Probably not.

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    Any true car enthusiast (read: not badge snob) would take one look at the spec sheets and price must seriously be tempted. I don't even need a car like this nor was never in the market for one, but I'm seriously contemplating what's on offer here. Toyota built this from the ground up. This is a pure thoroughbred, not a normal Yaris with fat brakes and a new engine. They actually listened to years of us screaming for a proper manual unadulterated machine. And they actually did it.

    • +3

      i actually think they should have ditched the yaris name

    • Yes, but they priced incorrectly at 49500

    • Reading the various reviews online, it does seem to be more of a purpose built performance car like an Evo rather than say a Lancer with a turbocharger strapped on… but it still feels perculiar to me to be reading "Yaris" and "pure thoroughbred" in the same sentence.

  • cool on paper,
    What's it based on , what's the wheel base ,

    • I believe it's a completely brand new design but based on the old Celica GT4?

      • -1

        Silly car, those went ok
        Still no intrgra type R

  • +1

    Toyota pricing the car like we are all oil barons.

  • Toyota GR Yaris > BMW Supra

  • +5

    290+ for a 40k car? what's recession ? lol

    • The "luxury" car makers are having record sales in AU since pandemic started.

      Mate went to get a X5 few months back and said our local dealer was jam packed.

      • Mind i ask why? lol

        • Well. If we all look at the demographic buying "luxurious" brands are the following groups (at least ppl that i know):
          1. Business owners of various kind; (not the everyday joeblow that owns a cafe in the local burbs, very cash rich, literally)
          2. Employees of big corp;
          3. Retirees with substantial savings.

          So… all in all, not many of the 3 are impacted by the current COVID out break. Hence, demand remain relatively static.

          Suspect things will change in 6 months when the knock on effect stars to hurt group 1 and 2.

          • @keyboardwarrior: Maybe #2 are all on leases so the month to month instalments aren't huge, and it costs too much to break away.

  • It will be interesting to see what a 6 month old GR will cost that was purchased for $40k vs a 6 month old GR purchased for $50k. Assuming reasonable depreciation, $50k GR worth circa $35k after 6 months assuming demand will be low?

    • +6

      You couldn't be more wrong lmao

  • -3

    I think I'd prefer to wait for the Nissan 400Z at 400HP ~ 300KW. V6 twin turbo! The current 370Z is $50k so $10k more than the Yaris. Fingers crossed the 400Z comes in at under $60k. Plus the 400Z is coming with a manual.

    • +2

      Fingers crossed the 400Z comes in at under $60k.

      You're dreamin'. The 370Z is an 11 year old car whose price hasn't kept up with inflation and market trends. When the 400Z launches, Nissan Australia may also only import the highest spec model, just like Ford ST twins or Supra. No way will it be close to $60k.

    • $60k will be when it's in runout or has gone past it's heyday. It's sad to see Nissan go through their peaks and troughs with their position in the market.

    • Just buy a q50/60 red sport then. Instead of waiting for that engine to come to the 400z

    • but it will be at least 400kg heavier than the GR Yaris , well it's not that i am not eyeing the Z too.

  • +7

    The specs and engineering sounds pretty good on paper, and the price is decent for what they are delivering.

    Can't help but feel that Toyota dropped the ball on the marketing for this though.

    People generally already have pre-conceived notions of what a Yaris is supposed to be. And it's not a fast hot hatch Type R competitor.

    Bring back retired names and rebadge them, eg: Corona GT, New Celica, Mini Caldina etc and they would probably double or triple their sales. Or more.

    Call it anything except Yaris/Echo.

    Also, the specs on this car are what the 86 should have been.

    Well maybe a 4 cylinder 2 liter turbo.

    • +3

      People generally already have pre-conceived notions of what a Yaris is supposed to be. And it's not a fast hot hatch Type R competitor.

      Non-car people have pre-conceived notions, not car nuts who know things like power to weight, weight distribution etc.

      • Power to weight isn't the main determinant…I'm more interested in the torque curve or even the 0-100 times

        • 0-100 in 5.2 seconds

          The Toyota Yaris GR has a turbocharged three cylinders in line front engine providing a maximum torque of 360 Nm available from 3000 rpm and a maximum power outpup of 261 PS available at 6500 rpm transmitted to the 18 inch all-wheel drive by a manual 6 speed gearbox

    • +1

      i agree, they should have ditched the yaris name, and just called it the Toyota GR200 or similar

    • +1

      The reason we're relatively ignorant on the GR Yaris is because the WRC has such a low profile in Oz.
      Yaris has been racing in top-tier competition for years.

      Top Gear UK tested the proto for their Jan 2020 issue, here's the online version

    • Honestly, they just want to sell the car for WRC purposes.

    • 100%. Something similar to the Celica GT-Four WRC. Even just GR Yaris WRC

  • My shoes are bigger than that car

    • You don't need to wear your clown shoes everywhere.

  • ORDERED (without the GR) Haha

    • +2

      yes haha…hilarious!

  • Yaris always is Yaris

  • My wife has a Yaris, and now I can get one in men's performance too :)

    • +8

      For blokes: A man who is totally at ease with the size of his package and wants a car that will be more exclusive than even some prestige cars, and take scalps of bigger cars on the racetrack, and can be parked and maneuvered in the city with ease.

      For ladies: As above, with more packages.

  • 100% ordering.

    Wish I could get back behind a JZX but this is almost similar pricing.

  • Hi OzBargainers bean-counter types, at ~$10,000 (20%) off RRP (albeit in 18 months time), is this an "investment"/bargain opportunity? If it's kept in good condition, used sensibly, etc and then sold in 5 years' time, what is the likely depreciation/resale value over that time? is it ~50% like most cars? How much would it actually cost a buyer? Is it $40k-$25k=$15k over 5 years and so about $3k per year over 5-year ownership (+petrol+service and parts, etc)? Something like that? I'm a newbie at these sort of things. Comments appreciated…

    • +1

      Not an investment.

      Potentially might not lose as much as say a Fiesta ST. That's if this RRP thing is not just a marketing ploy.

    • +1

      Toyota said they will reassess the price after the first 1000 are sold so it may never go on sale for $50K. They may continue it at $40K.

      • +1

        I'd say it will have some sort of price increase.

        Ie. 40k before on roads… So you will still be paying 44/45k after stamp duty and rego etc.

      • -3

        It will not even sell at $40k

    • +1

      If you work in Westpac as an analyst maybe?

      • They only invest in BMW's

        Toyota is for St George employees

  • -1

    I almost feel like this should be Mr Bean’s next car.

  • Personal opinion only.. but this car looks like a rolling trashcan…but hey the specs looks decent. Aesthetically not my cup of tea.

    • Do you always exaggerate, or only when it comes to things you don't like?

      • No and no. May feel like an exaggeration to you but definitely not for me. I thought that this post was going to be similar to those high yield investment joke deals but going through the comments it seems like people legitimately like it. Guess Toyota nailed it in terms of the general target market but I'm just throwing my opinion out there, though it's not like anyone cares ;)

  • It will be an interesting comparison to the i20n…..

    • We can guess that the i20N will be the mid to late 30s range.. Which prices it evenly against this "discounted" yaris.

      I'd say the i20N would have more features and creature comforts along with rear doors and a good exhaust.

      Of course the Yaris will destroy it performance wise and you can't not factor in Toyota reliability.

      Would be an interesting comparison.. I think with the "discount" the Yaris is too good to overlook.

      The i20N is more of a direct Fiesta ST competitor.

      • Yeah, I agree. The GR cabin looks a bit sparse and whilst I don’t care much about bling, some minor creatures comforts such as wireless charging, centre console would have been nice. And damn, I wish they’d come wish a flat bottom steering wheel. That said, all paw and the power to weight, it’s gonna be a cracker.

  • +1

    200kw out of a 3cylinder cars have certainly come along way nice

    • Definitely have. Will be interesting to find out mechanical reliability in our Australian heat/summer considering the level of compression it must run. They have effectively halved their already small niche by only offering it in a manual transmission.

      • Fingers crossed that Toyota reliability pulls through!

  • -3

    expensive for a budget small Toyota model

    • +3

      Nothing about this is a budget model mate.

  • -1

    any deals on Hilux?

  • Is this a deal…?

  • -2

    Why on a Yaris, Toyota? Why?

    GR Corolla would have been cool.

    GR Celica GT-Four would have been legendary.

    • Agreed. They should have come up with a new model name.
      "Yaris" sounds cheap, like $20K cheap, not $50K.

    • +1

      You're half way there answering your own question.

      The GR Yaris a new ground-up design and shares not much at all with the 'vanilla' Yaris and was designed soley by Toyota, unlike like previous partnerships with Subaru or BMW. The GR Yaris is also to homologate the model for the 2021 WRC season.

    • Mmm considering manufacturers use the smaller platform cars like the Fiesta, i20, Yaris etc. in WRC I think this is perfect.

      The bigger cars like the Impreza and Lancer Evo are no longer used. This is a properly homologated rally car for production.

    • +1
  • Man this actually looks pretty awesome, don't have the money for it though. Happy with my Kia Cerato GT haha (not nearly as quick) and ZX6R for the hooning (safely).

  • +1

    Do I look like the person who cares $9,950 discount? I need $39,950 instead!

  • Man that 3pot must be high strung like an AMG engine. I do have faith in Toyota being Toyota and that engine lasting decades easily.

    I wonder if that engine can take more with an ecu flash to crank up the boost.

  • I want but can't at the moment.

  • +1

    Even with that discount applied, I still found the price of $39k for this car is crazy.

    • +3

      How so?

      Fiesta ST and Polo GTI with options are the same price.

      Yaris ZR Hybrid is 37k
      Mazda 3 top model is over 40k
      GT86 is around 40k for top model.
      Mazda Mx 5 is 50k optioned up.
      I30n line premium is pushing 35/36k.
      Can go on.

      So how is a AWD, turbo hot hatch too expensive at 39k drive away.

      • shhhh let them think it's overpriced, we can enjoy the rarity of these little rally cars. hehe

  • HOLDEN FOREVER!!!…. :-/

  • No doubt this is really a fun car to drive but if only the car sell for 30-35k, it will be a hit.

    • +1

      Fiesta ST and Polo GTI are $35K DA and they are only FWD, less power, smaller brake package and wont handle as well.

      They dont need it to be a hit. The factory wont be able to meet demand if it was. They just need enough to sell to qualify for homolgation and cover costs.

      • on positive side, I would think if the car is really good as it claimed it to be. Its also can be an iconic and sell well. As you know small car/engine is a new trend.

  • MyToyota cat handle the volume of traffic

  • Anyone got a direct link. The MyToyota page is dead in the water

  • Ok so not just me having issues. I can't even work out how you do order, it says select dealer but if you do at top of page it logs you out of mytoyota and if you click the other part it sort've does nothing.

    Edit - oh wait all good now, links changed I see.

  • just go to respective dealer page to pre-order. as for mine, i've done it via

    edit: anyone got any idea how to know if we are among the 1st 50?

    • haha you must not be in Melbourne! Wouldn't even save any money with the fuel discount here!

    • Your link takes you to the same place as the direct toyota one after you selet the dealer you want to buy from.

      Apparently 20c discount is displayed on confirmation page. Would have had to have ordered in about the first 15min.

  • Think first 50 has gone. It was showing something about 20c fuel discount before and now it doesnt show up anymore after i refreshed now

    • You have to go to the toyota website and not use the app

      • it was on toyota website. it was showing within the preorder section

  • It's only 20c a litre for 12 months right… i.e. 500 litres for say 5000km in a year and you save $100?

    • Yes, 12 months only. Can only fill up once a day, max 150L per fill.
      Essentially only an extra 16c discount as you can get 4c off with mytoyota normally or people will have WW vouchers. So $80 for every 5000km assuming 10L/100km fuel use. Should probably be a little less than though.

      • Lol 10L/100km? If STi is of any benchmark, high 15-20L/100km is more likely, when driven.

        • 8.9L combined.

          • @Circly: No. I mean the real deal. If anything the ND is probably the closest, and occasionally beating the officially quoted figure.

  • Bottom half is based on a Corolla platform. So… this car is 50/50% Yaris/Corolla.

    Anyone ordered?

    • +1

      yes i did. black one.

      • Nice. I am tossing up red or white. Probably settling with white.

        When is est delivery? Need to make room if end up ordering.