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Dell Black Friday S2721D 27" IPS Monitor (QHD 2560x1440 @ 75 Hz) $219.65 (Was $429) Delivered @ Dell eBay


Hello OzB, Dell has brought us an amazing deal and is kicking off their Black Friday week with the S2721D @ $219.65. This is the cheapest price ever. There will be 1500 units up for grabs. This is a great monitor as a secondary for office tasks or even casual gaming, pairs nicely with the S2721DGF, I have both and love them.

Deal will go live @ 6pm (AEST) / 7 pm for Melbourne and Sydney (AEDT) / 4pm for WA (AWST) / 6:30pm (ACDT).

This is the start of some awesome deals this week, Dell will also be offering two 4k 27" variants, 27" DGF and a Brand new release monitor in limited qty for all the ultrawide fans out there. Any questions or simply want to get excited for the deals? Comment below and I'll help where I can.

Shipping Info: Please see update here
For this deal, units will come in 3 x 500 unit batches. Depending on where you are in the queue you may get it sooner vs later. 70% of you should get it considerably sooner vs latest eta. The latest anyone should get their monitor from this deal is Dec 20th.

Happy Shopping everyone! <3

Monitor: Dell 27" S2721D
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Display Type: LED-backlit LCD monitor / TFT active matrix
Viewable Size: 27"
Panel Type: IPS
Native Resolution: QHD 2560 x 1440 at 75 Hz
Pixel Per Inch: 108.79
Contrast Ratio: 1000:1
Response Time: 8 ms (grey-to-grey normal), 5 ms (grey-to-grey fast), 4 ms (grey-to-grey extreme)
Backlight Technology: WLED
Adaptive-Sync Technology: AMD FreeSync (now supported with latest driver on series 10 and 20 Nvidia GPU's)
Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Brightness: 350 cd/m²
Colour Support: 16.7 million colours
Screen Coating: Anti-glare, 3H Hard Coating
Bezel Type: Flat front
Dimensions (WxDxH): 61.16 cm x 18.68 cm x 45.34 cm - with stand
VESA Mounting Interface: 100 x 100 mm
Audio: In built 3w Speakers - stereo

I missed this deal, should I try contact Dell to place an order or get a price match?
No. Dell is transparent about their price match guarantee read here. Be fair, wait for the next deal!

Original Coupon Deal

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2020

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  • Any limit to how many of these we can buy ?

    • No limits. Please don't buy one for your dog haha.

      • +1

        I won't, I have a cat.

        Seriously, just after 2

        • Should be fine.

  • No DS version for this month?

    • +2

      Unfortunately we may not see many if any deals on ds in the near future. I suggest this and a $30 monitor arm.

      • +2

        thanks LiMaa as always. its cool that you take the time to respond even when people are asking the same thing.

        • +1

          It's all good, informed purchases are the best.

  • Darn eBay.

  • shame you can't have vertical orientation

    • Why not?

      • As per review in OP, you cannot.

    • +1

      So the stand is rubbish? Just buy a VESA arm/stand!

      Apple charges $10,000 for a monitor that does not even have a stand. Think of this one as free as you bin it.

  • Does anyone know which monitors are the best for text display? I need it for WFH.

    • +4

      this monitor will do, man; there is no need for the DGF version. Being IPS, for Business Requirements doco, this will gives you that buttery text you're longing for.

      • I'm using P2319H, the text has a bit of ghosting and is not crisp. That's why asked. What's DGF?

        • S2721DGF

        • This is higher res so should be nice and crisp!

          Also are you using VGA (big blue plug)? That can cause a lot of ghosting and un-crispness

    • +1

      I use this monitor for work, it is perfect, do it!

    • +1

      Literally this.

    • This monitor is sharp, crisp and will suit wfh perfectly.

      • I am concerned about text clarity mainly

        • +1

          This monitor has superb text clarity, it's 2k on an ideal size. The selling point here is crisp clarity.

    • I've got the answer for comparison sake. I'm using P2319H (whose text is not that clear) has Pixel Pitch of 0.265 mm whereas this model has 0.2331 mm. So there is not a huge difference but a slight improvement. For comparison, a better and more expensive model U2720Q has PP 0.1554 mm.

      Pixel Pitch is the distance between two pixels, lower the distance, tightly packed pixels are and crisp the image/text is. So lower value is better

  • +2

    Oh decisions decisions..

    Already got 4 x 27" monitors on this workstation but could probably do with another couple..

    Damn it.. you've convinced me! …

    • +7

      Loving the subtle brag haha

    • +1

      Cough cough, crypto trader

  • +1


    • Woohoo

  • Damn just ordered the S2421HN for 139. To cancel and upgrade for an extra 80 or not…

    • +2

      Welcome to OzBargain. Yes.

    • +1

      Or just get both and test to see which suits your needs and grace a family member for Xmas. ;)

      • +1

        You're giving me dangerous ideas…

  • How does this monitor compare to the previous 27 inch Dell monitor on sale? This one here
    Is there one that stands out as clearly better? or better value for money? Sorry still new to these so just trying understand. Thanks!

    • +1

      that monitor you linked is 1080p @ 144 Hz and curved, where this one is flat and 1440p @ 75 Hz.
      Higher Hz = higher framerates

      • Oh okay so how big of a difference does 144 hz vs 75hz make? And is that difference worth moving down to a 1080p monitor from a 1440p? Thanks for answering!

        • +1

          144Hz vs. 75 Hz you won't notice it during normal usage as much (besides maybe mouse movement if you have quick eyes) but in gaming, if your card can push out 100 fps at those resolutions then you will.
          1440p will be more 'crisp' than 1080p but you'll notice it side-by-side.

          Basically that curved screen is better for gaming if your machine can push out 100-ish fps @ 1080p

          I wanted this 1440p @ 75Hz screen but it wasn't on sale a few weeks ago, so I bought the 1080p version (S2721H). I should have waited dammit.

        • +2

          For gaming the 144hz 1080p will be a little bit better

          For everything else the 75hz 1440p will be quite a bit better

          Considering that gaming use likely involves web browsing, watching videos etc I'd say to go with the 1440p screen as it is very nice to have the extra pixels when doing just about anything other than gaming

          • @jrjr: Okay thanks guys! I think i'll try my luck at the 1440p. What about the 4k monitors that they're going to be having for sale on black Friday.

            this one:

            and this one:

            I know its probably dependant on how big the price drop is but let's say its $100 more than the 1440p, would that $100 provide a noticeable difference? Thanks again guys!

            • @Yamin98: They're both 60hz so they won't be as smooth as the others

              I'd put them beneath the 1080p and the 1440p honestly, I don't think 4K monitors are all that worth it in my opinion

            • +1

              @Yamin98: You haven't told us what system you have. I don't find 4K in 27" desirable, screen too small.

              If your gaming rig is a few years old like mine, I'd go with this deal monitor. I'm perfectly fine with 75 fps, and my machine struggles to put out that many frames anyway (4th gen i5, GTX970). I as mentioned I have the [email protected] and that's fine for gaming for me (e.g. Battlefield 5 on medium settings).

  • Great deal, wish it was through the Dell Website. I have a Dell Advantage coupon I've been waiting to use.

    • There are currently some great products on sale through the website. You can grab a great deal as Xmas gifts.

  • Anyone got a link for the 4k version?

    • Did you mean the 4k which will be on sale in the coming days? If so here

      • Hi LiMaaa, are you allowed to tell us the size and ballpark price of the ultrawide? Deciding whether to go for this or wait for the ultrawide if it is not too much more expensive. Cheers!

        • +1

          Sorry I didn't see your comment until now, I hope you got this as the ultra wide is a lot more pricey for those insane tech heads that want a huge display.

          • +1

            @LiMaaa: No probs mate, I did end up nabbing the 2721d. Thanks for posting the deal!

  • +2

    Dang bought the 1080 few weeks ago On the Ozbargain deal. :( really want the higher res.

    • Ditto!

      • although this one doesn't have an adjustable stand. I bought the FHD version with the adjustable stand. I think i might with QHD than FHD. Wish that one was on sale as it is true that FHD on 27" is a bit pixelated on text if mainly office text work.

        • Nothing stops you getting what you prefer and reselling your old goods.

  • +1

    How do I convince my home finance minister for approval to buy 3 of these??? Ai…

    • +6

      its a black friday offer

      • BLM?

        • +1


    • +1

      Some sort of a bribe…

      • +1

        Agreed, buy four!

    • +1

      Buy first, it's better to ask forgiveness than permission

    • +1

      Think of the money saved! Say that you'll be saving 3 x $210 ($429-219) = $630!! With the money saved you can buy something else!! Like a couple more monitors.. :)

      • +1

        You have the right idea ;)

    • hide some money

  • Is this monitor good for gaming? Or better get something with 144hz?

    • +1

      fedaykin has the answer you're looking for.

    • +2

      You won't be disappointed with this but 144hz would be a better experience for sure (provided your computer can hit 100+ fps consistently)

      • I got the Legion 5 laptop Ryzen 4800h with 1660ti and I play WOW so I assume it should hit over 100+ fps :P

        • +1

          wow 4k 60hz is better than 144hz 2k

  • Is there a purchase limit, i.e. can we get 2 at the discounted price?

    • +2

      yes you can :) please make sure you add all the qty on the same order, coupon will only work twice per account.

  • +1

    Is it likely that there will be better deals for monitors with similar specs to this one on Black Friday? Just wondering whether it is better to wait or snag this one

    • +5

      this is it for rest of this year on this model :) would snag it if it fits your requirement

      • Thanks!

      • +1

        I would really love if there is a deal for the DS model. Have been waiting for a long time for that !

        Height adjustable stand is always an advantage

  • I have one of the first gen BenQ 120hz monitors, do you think I would significantly notice the difference between 120hz and 75hz? I don't play online shooters as much any more and have moved more to single player games or RTS/strategy.

    • I think you'll notice the difference in overall experience. If you aren't gaming as much, the Hz doesn't impact you too much, but you'll benefit from a crisp sharp panel. If it doesn't break the bank go for it. I resold my old benq when I got my Dell monitors and it just brought my price down further.

    • If it's a 1080p TN panel, I would personally 100% go for a modern 1440p IPS at lower Hz.

      I made this exact switch on another machine that was also using an older first gen LG 144Hz TN panel, even though it was decently rated in its day the colours and picture quality frankly looked terrible next to a new IPS. For single player gaming you'll love it.

    • +1

      I think it's likely the huge improvement in panel quality will outweigh the refresh rate difference. You could also set your current monitor to 75 and play around to see for yourself. And of course, 1440p is a bonus in itself.

  • Shipping time tho

    • is it really a need or a want? surely you'll survive throughout 2020 without the monitor.

      • I was about to get U2719D at$559, then see this. What you reckon?

  • When is the expected delivery date for the monitor s ?

    • Will update OP shortly.

      • Any word on the Ship date? Specifically will it arrive before Christmas?

        • I updated OP, it will arrive latest 20 Dec, but for a majority sooner.

  • Will this be good to pair with a new M1 Mac Mini for 4k video editing? Or plump for a 4K screen?

    • +2

      If I were editing 4k I'd want a 4k monitor.

    • +1

      Better to wait for the 4k deals on Friday.

  • Still waiting for a deal on a U or P series with USB-C.

  • Darn! I just bought the S2721HN earlier today. Trying to see if I can cancel my order now.

    • +1

      You shouldn't have problems cancelling, just contact Dell.

      • Thanks. Contact using eBay or calling them?

        • Ironic. Managed to get the S2721HN cancelled but S2721D is sold out.

        • Whichever avenue you purchased from. Should be able to organise cancellation here

  • +1

    Great deal OP!!

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