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Dell Black Friday S2721D 27" IPS Monitor (QHD 2560x1440 @ 75 Hz) $219.65 (Was $429) Delivered @ Dell eBay


Hello OzB, Dell has brought us an amazing deal and is kicking off their Black Friday week with the S2721D @ $219.65. This is the cheapest price ever. There will be 1500 units up for grabs. This is a great monitor as a secondary for office tasks or even casual gaming, pairs nicely with the S2721DGF, I have both and love them.

Deal will go live @ 6pm (AEST) / 7 pm for Melbourne and Sydney (AEDT) / 4pm for WA (AWST) / 6:30pm (ACDT).

This is the start of some awesome deals this week, Dell will also be offering two 4k 27" variants, 27" DGF and a Brand new release monitor in limited qty for all the ultrawide fans out there. Any questions or simply want to get excited for the deals? Comment below and I'll help where I can.

Shipping Info: Please see update here
For this deal, units will come in 3 x 500 unit batches. Depending on where you are in the queue you may get it sooner vs later. 70% of you should get it considerably sooner vs latest eta. The latest anyone should get their monitor from this deal is Dec 20th.

Happy Shopping everyone! <3

Monitor: Dell 27" S2721D
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Display Type: LED-backlit LCD monitor / TFT active matrix
Viewable Size: 27"
Panel Type: IPS
Native Resolution: QHD 2560 x 1440 at 75 Hz
Pixel Per Inch: 108.79
Contrast Ratio: 1000:1
Response Time: 8 ms (grey-to-grey normal), 5 ms (grey-to-grey fast), 4 ms (grey-to-grey extreme)
Backlight Technology: WLED
Adaptive-Sync Technology: AMD FreeSync (now supported with latest driver on series 10 and 20 Nvidia GPU's)
Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Brightness: 350 cd/m²
Colour Support: 16.7 million colours
Screen Coating: Anti-glare, 3H Hard Coating
Bezel Type: Flat front
Dimensions (WxDxH): 61.16 cm x 18.68 cm x 45.34 cm - with stand
VESA Mounting Interface: 100 x 100 mm
Audio: In built 3w Speakers - stereo

I missed this deal, should I try contact Dell to place an order or get a price match?
No. Dell is transparent about their price match guarantee read here. Be fair, wait for the next deal!

Original Coupon Deal

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2020

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      • Checked directly with Dell the best they can do is $414 for S2721DS which is shame

  • +3

    Bloody kids made me miss another one, need some deals during office hours!

    • +2

      They saved you $219 so you use that amount towards a next gen console.

  • I think this may also qualify for tax deduction next year for those WFH

    • +1

      Easier to use the shortcut method of 80 cents an hour while they have it which includes computer etc - calculate what gives you the best deduction though and what you have evidence recorded for in case it's needed.

  • Is hdmi to hdmi cable able to produce the correct resolution or I have to buy a display port to display port cable?

    • Some have reported hdmi is fine, others reported dp cable to achieve FreeSync compatibility, try what you have first.

    • +1

      Full res and (fixed) 75hz over HDMI, DP if you want freesync (variable refresh rate) and have a compatible gpu

    • +1

      It comes with an HDMI cable. If using that cable, your PC/laptop is unable to go to 1440p mode, then the issue is likely your PC/laptop.

      However, if you have an older intel PC without any external graphics card (using embedded graphics), please try display port (as some old intel PC's embedded graphics can only do 1440p through DisplayPort).

      If you want FreeSync (assuming you have an AMD or nVidia graphics card), then it is safer to try DisplayPort first.

  • Andy one knows if this one comes with DisplayPort cable or HDMI cable?

    • HDMI cable

      • Thanks!

    • Sorry just saw the previous comment please ignore me…

  • +3

    1000+ units is a very good deal. I'm glad I missed out because I don't need another monitor but this deal was crazy good value. And a very responsive OP

    • +1

      How sleet of you, thanks!

  • I placed the order successfully, but forgot to change the address. I shifted to new apartment in same building couple of weeks back. I used the contact seller option to mention the new address, but do you think they'll be able to change it?

    • I think that will do just fine!

  • Is there a USB C monitor you'd recommend, Limaa?

    • I mean, tbh I'm not even sure of the usage requirements of usb-c on a monitor. There is This but that is 1080p 27", or 2k variant here but which to purchase would be dependent on your usage requirements.

      If you do decide to get one on the website deals, fly over to the Dell advantage coupon mega thread and see if you can get a $60-$120 discount coupon.

      • Will there be S3220DGF?


        • +1

          Not a specific deal organized by me, but it is currently discounted to previous discounted price of $599.20 via Dell eBay here using code PPIBS20

    • +3

      USB-C monitor is something you need to really consider carefully yourself.

      There is no cost effective USB-C for a few reasons:

      • USB-C/PD circuit doesn't come free. Monitor maker has to add more electronic components to the monitor.
      • A decision needs to be made on how much bandwidth is supported on the USB-C and how much bandwidth is allocated to the alt-mode for display.
      • A PC monitor maker has less incentive to implement Thunderbolt 3 type bandwidth.
      • The non alt-mode portion of the bandwidth could be used for USB port (so there is some trade-off).

      So, when you have to make a compromise on an USB-C monitor due to cost, which feature are you willing to let go first? Less USB data through monitor? Lower USB-PD power rating? Limited display port (compared to HDMI port(s) or DisplayPort(s) on the same monitor)?

      • +1

        Good example is S2719DC has PD of 45W and U2721DE has PD of 60W (or 65W I can’t remember). But as you say there are trade offs.

        Key benefit of USB-C is one cable connecting monitor and laptop including power delivery. Use case is where husband and wife shares the same 1 monitor on alternate use WFH and each have different brand/model/spec work laptop so can benefit from single connection that works for both laptops.

        Another use case is if you have a flexible work arrangement alternating between office and WFH, to accommodate this you’ve asked IT department for a 2nd laptop charger for home use. You only have 1 monitor at home but like to move around, say work on kitchen benchtop vs study desk but can’t get a 3rd laptop charger from IT department. So you get usb-c monitor to charge your work laptop on study desk, leave the 2nd laptop charger in kitchen.

  • +2

    Thanks @LiMaaa missed the deal as i was few minutes late to party. Did you say there we are expecting similar deals later on 20th Nov?

  • Missed out, damn! too late to get a go ahead from the Mrs! :-)

  • will there be another one coming soon?

    • +1

      Will be doing some deals on the 20th and 27th, but not this monitor.

      • Maybe other monitors then. Perhaps a proper gaming monitor. This monitor definitely is not a gaming monitor. It's for office use. In my opinion it needs to be at minimum 144hz to be classed as for gaming.

        • Well as per the discussions throughout these deals it most definitely is a gaming monitor, but it seems you're talking about enthusiast gaming. That would be the S2721DGF and you're in luck because it will be on sale 27th Nov. Wew.

          • @LiMaaa: Similar discount?

          • +1

            @LiMaaa: Hey I know you probably can't say, but are you able to tell us the time (or time period like morning/evening) you will announce the upcoming DGF deal? Do you have any sort of timing of when you create a post about an upcoming deal? I have to go into work either morning or evening and if I go in at the wrong time I'm definitely gonna miss it.

            • +3

              @alwaystooslow: 27th Nov probably 1pm AEDT it will posted to give notice and will go live at 7pm AEDT. The price will be the cheapest ever!

              • @LiMaaa: Absolute legend. Cheers

              • @LiMaaa: Hey mate, what time today will the 4k deals go live? Big fomo on that one!

                • +2

                  @zintill: I'm setting up the deal now, will post soon and will live @ 7pm aedt.

      • ok thank you. Missed this one again ha ha

  • @LiMaaa is there any Dell 32 inch S3220DGF of Dell 32 Curved 4K UHD Monitor or S3221QS deal soon?

    • +2

      3220 is on sale on the dell eBay store for a decent price already

    • Twister has you covered, but if you need more info, here you go

  • Forgive me for being rude but if anyone has discount voucher from their recent Dell purchase and don't plan to use them, can you please kindly drop me a DM? thank you. kindly appreciated.

    • +1

      I didn't get one from the last order (maybe as they're through dell ebay), if I get one from this order I'll send you a DM.

      • Thank you!

  • Oh no! I missed it again 😭 3 times in a roll…
    Do we know when can we get this deal again?
    And thank you for keep posting amazing deals.

    • +1

      Subscribe to my ozb account on my profile page to get a notification when I post deals. Probably nothing on this model this year, but new year and new possibilities. :)

      • Any deals coming on the S3221QS ?

        That monitor never seems to be on eBay.


        • +1

          Nothing planned on that model.

  • @LiMaaa, will Dell send us an email on the day it arrives? I want to be sure I will be at home on the day. I also purchased the monitor as part of the first batch. From one of your earlier posts, am I more likely to receive it in early December?

    • I believe you get an email it's been dispatched by Dell, from there on its up to courier.

  • Was planning to get one of these for my surface but then realised it doesn't support Multi-Stream Transport (MST). Is there an easy way to check which monitor support that feature? Dell website says check manual. But it's just too hard with so many offerings.

    • +1

      Check if the monitor has a DisplayPort out port. If not (if it only has DisplayPort in), it is unlikely to be able to do MST.

    • I have a Surface Laptop 3 (for business version - intel), what is MST?

      • It's a way to connect multiple monitors to a device using only a single connector between one of the monitors and the device.

        Basically you connect the monitors to each other in a chain using DisplayPort connector, then connect the last one to the device. So if you have 3 monitors, you connect 1 with 2 (using DisplayPort), 2 with 3 (using DisplayPort), and then 3 with the device.

        It's an alternative to buying a docking station (like a surface dock) for devices with only one display port, but the monitors need to support it.

  • Anyone's shipped yet?

    • +1

      Way too soon for them to ship yet!

  • No new deal today?

  • When will these actually ship? I want my new monitor now :D

    • Within 1-2 weeks after payment.

  • For anyone with early 2010s Intel integrated graphics (eg 3rd gen Intel Core's HD 4000), to project HDMI 2560x1440 you need to set a custom resolution, and it is likely limited to 55Hz.

  • Anyone know when i should expect my s2721dgf if i bought it on 11.11.20?

  • +5

    So a little PSA for y'all

    GF broke her LG 24 monitor so I thought I might message Dell through eBay as I had seen a few here signalling they would cancel their order.

    I asked if any more more S2721D could be made available and they made a listing specifically for me.

    Now we both will have one :)

    • Same price?

      • +1


        same price same coupon

        • Pity it didn't work for me, they said they "totally sold out" 😢

  • +2

    I'm trying to track my order but my order number is 24xxx not 87xxx as the instruction email says…and it says Not found..?

    Option 1:
    a. Visit the Dell Site through this link: https://www.dell.com/support/orders/au/en/audhs1
    b. Enter your Dell Order Number uploaded in your eBay order that starts with 87XXXXXX and click submit

    Option 2:
    a. Visit our Global Shipping portal using this link: https://dellpleportal.dbschenker.com.au/ETA/ETAquery
    b. Enter your Dell Order Number uploaded in your eBay order that starts with 87XXXXXX and the captcha shown in the box, then click submit.

    • Look in your ebay order under tracking and you should have Startrack tracking details there.
      I could not find my dell order number as referenced by Dell in the email they sent once the package had been processed.

    • Thanks for this. Just received an update from eBay saying that the order is expected on 23 December. Using your Option 1 method above, Dell's website suggests it'll be delivered by 1 December.

    • Thanks . This helped me as well and I managed to look up StarTrack tracking from the Dell Order number. Mine says in transit and was last scanned in on 27/11 at Sydney depot with ETA 30/11/2020.

      I then put the StarTrack number onto my tracking Aus Post app. It says Homebush NSW so more details shown. I am hoping see some updates on the app closer to delivery to be able to give authority to leave if I happen to step out on its arrival.

      • PSA from my experience: StarTrack's tracking updated as "delivered" At Delivery Depot this morning. It would be worrying if I had not also checked on Australia Post's tracking via the app. On the app, an update with the same time stamp shows it arrived at Tullamarine facility, presumably just flown in from Sydney. I see that the Status of delivery up to end point is only trackable from the Aust Post website, not StarTrack's.

  • Mine shipped. ETA Date is tomorrow.

    • Ebay estimates arrival by 5th December, but StarTrack indicates delivery estimates tomorrow

      • Well, mine says out for delivery already.

  • Just received shipping confirmation.

  • +1

    great, i see the shipping confirmation on the ebay order.

    Will startrack leave this if no one is home? Or will they card and take to Aust Post?

    Shocked mine has shipped today and will arrive tomorrow. Wasn't prepared for that!

    • I don't think startrack has authority to leave. Some mentioned it goes to aus post, others have said it goes to their depot. Luck of the draw ig.

      At least you still have no cause to yell your alias haha. :)

  • Can anyone recommend a good 1440 monitor like this that is another brand and not a Dell monitor?

    • AOC? Philips? What exactly are you looking for there is such a huge scope.

      • Thanks, i'm after one to mount above my workbench in the shed/mancave. So it's just for normal web browsing, watching YouTube tutorials, running a few programs and using some Word/Excel files. So no gaming.

        So i'm thinking something that has good viewing angles and not so much glare.

        • Sounds like you just need the biggest cheapest screen, and one with speakers would be nice for a cleaner setup.

          • @ATangk: Thanks yes, included speakers would be a bonus. I will take a look at Philips and AOC.

  • +3

    Got mine today!

    • Same, got the dual monitor setup now with two of these bad boys. Loving it!

  • +1

    Arrived today, good stuff LiMaaa!

    • Yay.

  • +1

    Got mine today too. Happy user here!:-)

  • Got shipping info today, Dell site says delivery 1/12, eBay 16-23/12 and dellpleportal : Between 29/11/2020 And 30/11/2020

  • +1

    Got mine delivered ~! Thanks.

  • +1

    Received mine also, very happy :) didnt expect to get it today

  • -1

    My cctv shows the guy came to deliver, I got on the camera and said I'm not home and can he leave a card, and he yelled out (as leaving) no card, and left!

    Does this mean they will attempt to re-deliver or what?

    Tracking says: "26/11/2020 15:38 MELROSE PARK Unsuccessful Delivery - *CLOSED"

    (It's just my house, not a business, but the tracking says unsuccessful, closed).

    Can't understand why he didn't leave a card?

    I'm in inner west syd, but seems the "depot" is in Melrose Park. Surely I don't have to drive all the way there to get it?

    So annoyed by this, Dell originally said mid-late december it will be shipped, no indication, then randomly yesterday ship the thing to arrive today, that's not enough notice for people to take the day off work to then accept a delivery.

    In the thread earlier, people report because dell use "Express" startrack, they don't issue a card and send it to the post office. That depot is a 40 min drive for me!!!!!!

    • +1

      Username checks out.

      BTW it's a longer drive there for me, but i will happily pay $219 go there and pickup your monitor and relieve you of the burden.

      • yeah, it's a good deal, but having free shipping then selling it saying ETA 16 Dec, then no news and sending an Item has been shipped and delivers tomorrow, then courier randomly comes at any time, no card, no call beforehand, no drop off to local facility, is annoying. I'd rather have been given an option to pay extra to have a premium delivery service that provides some features.

        • +1

          I got a tax invoice and shipping notifications that it was coming. Not a lot of notice but they did come yesterday, monitor arrived today.

  • I'm reading some of you have got the monitor already, and that you received tax invoices and shipping notifications. I haven't received a tax invoice or a shipping notification. All I have is an email from from Ebay on 17 November with the order summary.

    I have tried tracking the order number by inputting whatever numbers I can find (there is a 32 number and a 26 number), but those numbers are not recognised here - https://www.dell.com/support/order-status/en-au/order-suppor...

    Is there a way I can track my order, or did Dell somehow missed a delivery to my place?

    • check your ebay purchases if the item shows "sent". If the status is "sent", you should have an ebay email with the order number

      • The status does not show it is "sent". Is this just because I am part of a different batch, or do I need to raise this with Dell. Would be great if LiMaaa can look into this!

        • It's probably just your batch allocation. You won't be able to track your order until it's marked shipped.

  • Mine shows posted on Ebay today, and the estimated delivery date is 4 Jan 2021……

    • +1

      use the order number(9digits) from the ebay email, on the 2 dell links posted in the previous comments and hopefully you will get a better delivery date

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