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Dell Black Friday S2721Q $269.46 (was $499) S2721QS $298.66 (was $549) 27" 4K IPS 60Hz Monitors Delivered @ Dell eBay


Shipping updates here

Heyo, Dell Black Friday deals are back, have the S2721Q and the S2721QS (height adjustable variant). Both at their cheapest prices ever. Both monitors are the same 4k UHD and confirmed to have HDCP 2.2. The difference between them is QS has a much more versatile stand, whilst the Q only has tilt(not an issue if you vesa mount). For this deal we have 1100 units on the Q and 1400 units on the QS.

Don't forget to apply coupon at checkout: PPIBS20.

Deal will go live @ 6pm (AEST) / 7 pm for Melbourne and Sydney (AEDT) / 4pm for WA (AWST) / 6:30pm (ACDT).
Will have the S2721DGF and limited qty sale of a larger Ultrawide on the 27th if 4k isn't your jam.

Shipping Info:
The latest anyone should receive their monitor from this deal is Dec 20th.

Happy Friday, the true deal day! :D

S2721QS Specs:
Rtings Review
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Device Type: LED-backlit LCD monitor - 27"
Adaptive-Sync Technology: AMD FreeSync
Panel Type: IPS
Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Native Resolution: 4K 3840 x 2160 at 60 Hz
Pixel Pitch: 0.1554 mm
Brightness: 350 cd/m²
Contrast Ratio: 1300:1
Response Time: 4 ms (grey-to-grey extreme)
Colour Support: 1.07 billion colours
Screen Coating: Anti-glare 3H hardness
Input Connectors: 2 x HDMI / 1 x DisplayPort (DisplayPort 1.2 mode) / Audio line-out
Dimensions (WxDxH) - with stand: 61.16 cm x 17.47 cm x 40.01 cm
Display Position Adjustments: Height, pivot (rotation), swivel, tilt
VESA Mounting Interface: 100 x 100 mm
Audio: 3 watt Speakers - stereo
Environmental Standards: TCO Certified Displays 8
Bundled Services: 3-Year Advanced Exchange Service and Premium Panel Exchange

S2721Q Specs:
Click for more specs

All of the above except…
Display Position Adjustments: Tilt

I missed this deal, should I try contact Dell to place an order or get a price match?
No. Dell is transparent about their price match guarantee read here. Be fair, wait for the next deal!

Original Coupon Deal

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2020

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      • i humbly agree. 27 is not much of 4K?

    • +7

      I have a 4k 27" and it seems fine for me.

    • +1

      I had a 28" and found 100% scaling too small. Couldn't up the scaling cos of some work apps

    • looks fine, it's bascially 13 inch laptop with fhd screen, u can check that out at most stores.

  • +1

    what…..4k for $269…they just deliver my order in October 10 days ago ..

  • -1

    Deal will go live @ 6pm (AEST) / 7 pm for Melbourne and Sydney (AEDT) / 4pm for WA (AWST) / 6:30pm (ACDT).

    Sorry I'm confused, I'm in Sydney, am I looking at 6 or 7pm?

    • +4

      Sydney should be 7pm Time AEDT

      • -1

        Cheers, I have my 5g ready for it !

    • +1


  • How's OSD on these monitors? I have a lenovo monitor and the controls are just horrible, it takes ages to find and adjust basic settings like brightness.

    • +3

      I have one of these and it's pretty straight forward.

  • +1

    Hope to grab one this time

  • This or Xiaomi for Warzone?

    • +1

      Xiaomi for higher refresh rate

    • +4

      4K is too high demand unless you have a 3080/3090. Better off with 27" 1440p.

    • Neither: get a TN or IPS 144Hz or 240Hz monitor of some description. Preferably 240Hz TN with a 2019 or later AUO panel.

      Plenty of 240Hz IPS monitors for $400 these days.

  • where is 2721qs model ebay link?

    • Click go to deal button under image to get QS listing.

  • +1

    Is there a link for the 2721QS? I can't find it.

    Edit: sorry "go to deal" found it

  • +2

    Can this be used as a 1440p monitor? Just in case 4k is too small for me at 27" I can revert back to 1440p with no downsides?

    4k monitor for $269 is a steal

    • +4

      Use it at 150% scaling. Same amount of real estate then as a QHD panel, but with much sharper text. Yes, some old programs don't scale well but MS Office etc all do.

      • +3

        I already use 125% scaling at 1440p with 27 inch monitor

        I'd probably need 200% scaling for 4k at 27 inch

        • +5

          200% scaling will give you similar real estate as 1080p. But text is much clearer

          • @twister292: I'm confused with the term real estate, it doesn't mean property right?

            • @Homr: The amount of space on the screen, icon size, font size ect.

    • +1

      of course it can. Mine can work at 1440p 10bit 80hz

  • +1

    Is the voucher code PPIBS20 for any eBay member? not just eBay Plus member, right?

    • +1

      Open code for use by anyone.

  • Any more info on the ultra wide? Will it be a 4K, 34”? And on sale on 27th? I thought I saw in the last post it was going to be going up today?

    • +1

      It will be going up with the DGF on 27th Nov. Can't provide any details rn as it's unreleased until deal day. It will be super limited qty though, maybe 100 units.

      • Oh no, that won't last 10 seconds!
        Is it possible to have another deal on the DGF maybe not sub-$500 but have much higher qty instead?
        EDIT: are you referring to the S2721DGF being less than 100 in qty on Nov27?

        • +1

          No, the ultra wide. DGF will have 1000 units.

  • +1

    Wow so cheap i will probably get on. Has me thinking, is there some major change to the display market about to happen?

  • +3

    I got the 2721QS for the wife a few weeks back. It's fantastic.

    • +3

      Happy wife happy life.

  • Q or QS? The stand on Q is pretty bad to be honest

    • If you're getting more than one, probably better off getting the Qs and then getting a decent vesa mount. This is what I plan on doing (assuming I can get two!)

    • Q if you plan to vesa mount or QS if you want that adjustment goodness.

  • -1

    What is the difference between these two monitors?

    • +1

      See OP QS has versatile and many more stand adjustment options.

    • The stand. QS is height adjustable stand

    • +2

      QS stand is height, swivel and pivot adjustable. Q is tilt only.

  • +1

    Would it be worth it to swap out one of the S2721D I ordered from the last deal to the S2721QS, just for the upgrade from 2k to 4k?

    • That depends entirely on your use, 4k media consumption, 4k gaming then go 4k. If 2k suits you stick with 2k.

      • +2

        Currently don't have any 4k uses on the computer. When the next batch of S2721D gets delivered, I will have 4 of them in the house :/

        • Haha, setting the ozb standard.

  • +3

    Love your work, planning to pairing with the DGF I received.

  • +2

    Any chance of a 32" 4K IPS monitor going on sale?

    • Dell doesn't have a 32" 4K IPS in the S line-up

    • Yeah i vote for this screen size too. Hopefully a deal comes soon.

    • +1

      They have the S3221QS which is VA which is what I am after. But only at the “cheapest prices ever” like the above are.

  • Is this montior good for
    Watching movies/YouTube?

    • Gaming, not ideal, 4k/60 is too taxing on GPU, better off with 1440p/higher refresh rate.
      Watching movies/youtube. Yes
      Office, 1440p is better.

      • Based on what?

        I've a 32" 4K. I can fit three pages side by side in word…and they're all slightly larger than an A4 sheet.

        It's ace.

        • Based on 27" screen size. Depending on what apps youre using, sometimes scaling can go out the window. Mainstream ones not so much.

  • +1

    I bought one of the $219 monitors on tues. mainly use for word PowerPoint chrome wfh. Don’t need a stand as will mount it. Is this one much better or no difference given I don’t game ?

    • Unless you're heavy into 4k media consumption and need the screen real estate, you're fine.

  • +2

    Monitor gurus help me out here. I purchased a Acer Predator X34P earlier in the year. Nice montior but not as impressed as I thought I would be so I am thinking of offloading it and going back to dual screen montiors - especially now with working from home.

    Is the general consensus to have something like this run in a dual monitor setup alongside something with a higher refresh rate for gaming?

  • I already have the Dell S2721DGF I want to run another 27 side by side.

    Question is hit up S2721QS now OR wait for another S2721DGF…

    4k vs QHD side by side…..

    I'll be in front of these 8-10 hours a day for work then maybe another 1-3 hours a day for gaming.

    • +1

      Did you miss out on the S2721D for $220~? That would have been perfect.

      • +1

        Missed out :( and yes thinking S2721D was the one that got away.

    • +1

      Unless you're flight sim or using both monitors for gaming you're probably best off getting a 2k or this 4k Monitor as your secondary.

      • Not flight simming and only using 1 monitor for gaming (Will be the DGF) missed out the S2721D unfortunately :(

    • +1

      Depends what the 2nd monitor is for but if it is for non gaming, you are wasting your money on another DGF. S2721D is the better 2nd monitor for browsing etc. Of all days for that monitor to go on sale, I was flat out with work and didn't look at personal emails for 2 days, gg.

  • +1

    Any chance for a deal on a USB-C monitor? I'm looking for a QHD or 4K WFH monitor, and I hate having to use a dock.

    • The deals for this year are only what's mentioned, anything else would be part of a Dell site wide promotion if they occur.

    • Same here. For S2719DC, I doubt it that Dell site wide promotion will bring it down below $400. The lowest was $498 (expired yesterday) other than the Prime Day offer.

      Question is, is the additional $100-$200 worth it for the USB-C convenience?

  • Do these support hdcp 2.2?

    • Would also like to know. Have searched but found a lot of conflicting info about this..

      • Yes, tested playing back UHD 4K blu-ray disc on the QS. Q and QS are essentially the same monitor with different stands.

        One minor issue I found is that it took multiple attempts before XBox Series X would allow VRR, 50Hz and 4K HDR all being enabled (and do bear in mind this monitor only support HDMI 2.0, not 2.1). Also, Series X UHD blu-ray and blu-ray playback currently does have a raised black issue (even though XBox One X doesn't have that issue).

    • I actually had a long conversation with a customer who was purchasing the QS, I'm not entirely sure myself but they were adament they did their research and they said..

      I need HDCP 2.2 which is the QS. So I will be going with that 4k Monitor.

      Edit: From Dell support page..

      Just got confirmation from some users on another forum who picked up the S2721Q and QS models. It supports HDCP 2.2 according to CyberLink on PC, plays Netflix 4K no problem, and PS4 Pro report HDCP 2.3. Seems to be an awesome all around monitor.

      • Unless DisplaySpecifications is passing on incorrect information, see:

        S2721Q = HDCP 1.4
        S2721QS = HDCP 2.2

        Happy to be proven incorrect though but if it is the case and you are purchasing the S2721Q for use with a PS5, you are likely to end up being an unhappy camper.

        BTW, LiMaaa, love your work mate! Dell should seriously consider getting you on the books…

        • I just saw that on a support forum too in which case, shop away folks! Either way, i needed the height adjustment too so win win.

        • Hmm, the facts are contradicting, I'm suspecting that link may be incorrect but I'll try get confirmation regarding this.

          User experience seems to suggest both Q and QS support hdcp 2.2

        • I thought they are essentially the same panel with different stand. Q and QS share the same manual document (and that document doesn't mention anything about HDCP 1.4 or 2.2).

          • @netsurfer: I believe you are correct, which is why it wouldn't make much sense for one to support hdcp 2.2 and one not.

  • +5

    I got this monitor from last deal and loving it. I have tested 1440p with no scaling vs 4k at 150% scaling - and without a doubt, 4k at 150% scaling looks much better. Higher fidelity and clarity. So it's totally worth going 4k if you don't care about the 60hz.

    FWIW - I mostly use this screen for work. However I've hooked up my PS4 and Switch, and watch Netflix on it. All looks and runs great. The reduced input lag was so noticeable compared to my TV, I stopped gaming on my TV.


    Edit: I'm planning on getting a PS5 and hooking it up to this to replace PS4. From what I've seen of PS5 so far, I think we are not going to see any games running native 4k above 60 frames any time soon. So this will future proof you for at least few years I reckon.

    • How's text clarity on 4K with 150% scaling? Look crisp still?

      • It looks crisp, but at 150% scaling, you get roughly the same desktop real estate as 1440p.

      • Definitely crisp. If you're coming from anything below 4k, then it's instantly noticeable I think.

    • When you use newer apps which support display scaling, then you may find 4K @ 150% scaling looks nice.

      However, when you have apps don't quite scale properly, then it will work much better on 1440p at 100% scaling.

      • I am currently using P2319H which is FHD, good monitor but text isn't sharp, but I thought to use your technique. Scaled up to 125% and text looks much better. Things look bigger, but at least in web pages I can reduce the zoom and text still looks good. Still considering this S2721QS seriously. Or perhaps golden words of OzBargainers "Buy first, think later"

    • quick question from a work perspective - is 27" large enough to work on 2x excel sheets at the same time? Looking to upgrade from 24" where it two sheets can't quite fit

      • +1

        So at 150% scaling, I can get two spreadsheets next to each other on the 27" screen with both column ranges showing A to S in excel - I hope that makes sense. You could scale it to 125% and get a few more rows, but you'd be squinting at that point.

        I extended over a laptop with the 27" screen and find it much better to have one sheet on the laptop and one on the monitor.

        • great, that helps - much better than the A-S I'm getting on the 24" (with 100% scaling)

  • think i may opt for this and cancel my previous deal purchase 2x 2721D

    • Does dell ebay offer free cancellations?

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