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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 256GB $999 (Was $1999) @ JB Hi-Fi


Next week's JB Hi-Fi Mega Price Blitz catalogue with deals starting from 25/11 has this deal for the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip on the front page for $999.

SKU code on the image is for Purple model, not sure if it also applies to Black.

Catalogue Front page image https://imgur.com/U7pERCv

Key Features

6.7" HDR10+ Infinity Flex Display

12MP dual rear facing camera & 10MP front facing camera

8GB Ram

256GB internal storage

3300 mAH battery

Wireless Powershare

Android 10.0

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  • Wow, I've never seen a 9 months old product this heavily discounted.. Bit of a flop huh..

    Concept of a foldable screen never made sense to me.. why would you want to make something.. harder to use?

    edit: good deal regardless, for anyone looking for this, amazing price

    • A Flop or a….Flip? ;)

    • I've been told they're aggressively taking over the foldable category and hence the crazy deals.

      Samsung's in their second year of folding devices and have created a great phone from what I've read whereas other companies are still trying to figure it out so why not make it accessible to more people?

      • +9 votes

        You must be an angel to think of it like that.

        But the truth is Galaxy fold makes a bit more sense for people who wants a big screen but too expensive. Galaxy Z Flip totally makes no sense at all.

        BTW, Samsung maybe has done a good job with Fold on the hardware side, but the software totally doesn't catch up at all. They didn't even try to make use of a much bigger screen, simply put the content in the centre at the same size.

        Another point I like to make is that Samsung does supply their screens to their competitors, even the latest screens. The reason other companies haven't dipped into FOLD market might be simply because the market isn't viable enough for now.

      • A folding screen is the last thing I want, need or have any interest in, not to mention this device is downright fugly in my opinion.
        To be selling it at half price already, even if it's a sale, says to me this is an epic failure from a sales perspective, but then again, it hasn't been a great year for any smartphones at this price point (for obvious reasons).

        • Yes all foldables are a failure if you look at it through a sales perspective but you can't downplay the amount of innovation and effort that OEMs are investing to get it to a point where it could become more viable. Its good to see android OEMs always pushing the boundaries but it hurts to see people like you trash innovation when its clearly not a device for people like you and most if not all early adopters for foldables are aware of the downsides before forking out the money because for them the ingenuity of the device alone is worth it. Sure you can go buy another outdated iPhone SE and call it a day but you are in no position to downplay the potential of foldables.

          • @ruthlessmint: Arguably it has been positioned at the wrong price point really. Then again, they don't want to butcher their normal S range.. I think if they put it out as a foldable S in the same price range for customers to choose, it will sell much more.

    • why would you want to make something.. harder to use?

      Like when they take away headphone jacks? Or physical home buttons?

      I'm not so sure a folding phone is harder to use, I had a play with the Razr in store and found the flip to be quite intuitive and felt cool to flip open and close. I'm a fidgeter so I enjoy physical things to engage with. I have a click pen simply so I can click it in and out all day while at my desk lol :) And this definitely sits in your pocket a lot better. I would've bought one if it wasn't $2000. At this price I'm gong back to take another look.

      • The home bar on iPhone X and beyond is more intuitive and better than a home button. Closing apps and multitasking all seem more natural. Plus you can cancel the close/app switch by moving your finger back.

        Agree on the headphone removal point though.

    • This is a transitional step. The actual goal is something much grander, but it's too far away to make in one leap. You gotta do it in a series of steps.

      Research needs to be paid for somehow.

    • Think it's more that second gen had a processor bump and a way bigger front screen. Instantly devalues this phone.

      I know of some tool who was bragging when this first gen model came out and bought one for the preorder price of 3000 or 3500. Friggin hilarious cos I knew this was gonna happen.

      Funnily enough the guy was wrong about Windows Phone coming back from the dead to be a market player, even when the rest of us windows phone fans at the time started switching to iOS or Android.

    • I always thought the clamshell phones were the best design - protecting the screen and keyboard.
      But seeing this makes me feel sick. Maybe it would suit a purse, but not a pocket.

  • Flagship Android phone. Very very nice. Very very sophisticated.

  • Know when to hold em know not to fold em

  • where did you get that catalogue ?

  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 855+

  • +56 votes

    To be honest, ecosystem aside, I would rather spend $999 on this just to try out the tech than forking out a lot more for the latest iPhone.

    • do it

    • This would be more fun in the short term, but the novelty will wear off.
      iPhone 12 Pro Max is about double the price, but first year depreciation could be a lot less!

      • Yikes the only reason it doesn't depreciate in price is cause of buyers like you :(

        • Apparently there are a lot of people that regard the Apple products at a higher value. I have been selling my own Apple products on Gumtree and I am still amazed with the value it is holding. For example I sold an iPad Gen 2 (the old one) for $400 few years back and that device is old. Then a MacBook Air 2nd Gen (again old model) for about $1000 few years back. Just recently I sold my iPhone 11 Pro Max 256GB for about $1700 with AppleCare.

        • Me? I'm not buying those (overpriced) used iPhones, just telling you what I see.
          Apple prices are high, but that is partly offset by lower depreciation. Still, no way am I paying $2000 for a new iphone.

          Part of it is longer support, but Pixel comes close to Apple for that.
          Part of it is lack of cheaper new-model alternatives. You can buy a decent new Android for $200, but with IOS there is no alternative to second hand.

    • Yeh, I kinda want it just to play with it! I have a Samsung phone currently and I love it.

    • You don't even get headphones or charger with it. Apple using environmentally friendly BS pretending to be green meanwhile knowing not everyone had their fast chargers

      • Who doesn't have their own Bluetooth headphones/ear pods by now? Not that I don't agree with you on the environmentally friendly BS from Apple, 100% agree ;)

  • Problem is, novelty will wear off very quickly and you will want to revert back to the practical phones

    • What are practical phones tho and how does each generation make it practical?

      The era of the button mobile phones, there were hundreds or variations and creativity, Nokia creating a large variety.

      With touch screen phones, it's pretty much 1 variation (1 flat screen). You can't really be creative with a touch screen, now companies are experimenting: Verticle and horizontal flip, the swivel smart phone by LG or even double sided body screens.

      If the customer likes it, so be it. Who are we to judge what they buy and honestly… who cares.

      • Lookin for a productivity phone?

        We're less than 6 months till the new Android-Blackberry; so that should be good.

        My Key2 and Key1 are both still going strong.

        Useless for gaming, but the 'slower' hardware means the battery lasts 2 days with heavy use.

        Hopefully the new one is just as good!

        • 'slower'?
          Just say slower lol

          • @MaxDong69: No, because it's a subjective term, and not one I would usually use to describe the phone.

            I've never had a second of lag, or delays, calls are clear, messages send fast, webpages load just as quick as my PC.
            In use, it's not slower; but you just know you'd be slammed by the specification-whores if you tried to claim the phone was fast.

            It is fast, for everything a typical user does on a 4.5" keyboard phone, I can't see how it could be faster.
            It's just 'slow' on specs alone.

        • useless for gaming

          Are people honestly gaming on their phones??? What are people doing with their phones that require the specs they're putting out these days?

          Maybe I'm a tiny minority but I just use my phone for phone stuff, internet, social media and a camera. Oneplus 5 still does all that wicked fast. Can't imagine needing much more, personally.

          • @jrowls: Yep, PUBG has literally millions of downloads on the playstore and app store. And thats just one game!

            Outside of gaming, a few things also benefit from the extra grunt.
            When I load Ubuntu in my Virtual machine, it hammers the CPU.
            Any phone that electronically stabilizes 4k high FPS content gets hammered also.
            When I mine cryptocurrency on it, obviously, it locks at 100%.
            Even things as simple as decoding HDR content in 4K hits a phone hard (like when you plug the HDMI into a TV)

            For a huge group of people, especially people who are cash-limited or space-limited, the phone is their multitool.
            They dont own a camera, or a video camera. They don't own a TV, they don't own a PC, they dont have a gaming console.

            I personally, also use my phone, mainly as a phone; hence why I own a blackberry, but I also have a medium-high TCL phone with no sim card that does all of the above for me, because it's convenient to carry a whole PC in my pocket.

      • If the customer likes it, there's no need to drop the price, by this much! Not even none Google Huawei phones drop this crazy.
        The good example, why an older iPhones are selling more than this flop? I'm definitely not an iPhone fan.
        This flip will be a flop after a few months.

        • If I was the betting type, it's because they released 2 folding phones, expecting one to be the favorite, and they're clearing the loser.

          Market research isn't cheap; Samsung probably accepted that the losses of low sales, was a good way to know if 'flip' or 'fold' was more popular.

          IMO, they both were terrible :P but the fold is certainly better than the flip in terms of use.

    • I thought it a normal sized phone but foldable is being practical? Sure, it's thicker but it still needs less space in a pocket.

    • By that logic I would still be using a Galaxy Note 4….

    • Apparently the camera is really good on the Flip, I think its a practical phone plus the option to fold it in half.

    • ive had a samsung fold and now the z fold 2 since release and i dont think ill ever go back. I love having a little tablet in my pocked on long trips to work or lying in bed etc

  • Lol who paid 2k for this

  • We’re gonna need to see the TV section of that scatalogue OP. I’m so excited I could shit myself.

  • Come on jb, do the Razer and I will be all in!

  • We need another $65 mobile phone deal :—)

  • Ill wait for a deal on the Fold being under 1k :-)

  • It seems the fold will also be 50% off https://www.jbhifi.com.au/collections/half-price-deals

    • That's the Fold 1. No one in their right mind should be paying 1.5k let alone 3k at full price for that. The 2nd gen seems pretty decent though.

  • good deal, I wonder how many on stock?

  • Any catalogue info on upcoming plans? Bummed I missed out on those $500 GC deals

  • Op, any chance of posting the full catalog?

  • I have bought this phone with corporate discount for same price. So far so good, it was an experimental phone but working fine for me. Stylish girlish kind a phone. Packed with Lots of features. At this price, you can give it a try.

    • How is the image quality? Is the night shots good, ok or grainy?

      I'm looking to upgrade someone else's iPhone 7s to either a mid-flagship droid or iPhone 11/12 pro.

      • I also moved from iphone7+ to this one. I found it better in image quality. Again if you will compare with latest iphone12, its not that good. This is ,as I said, more like a stylish phone. If image quality is your preference then iphone 12 would b a better option. Iphone images are more to natural compare to samsung.