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Galaxy S20 FE 5G $899, Google Nest Hub $79, Nest Mini $39, Echo Dot (3G) $34, Echo Dot W Alexa $49, W Alexa/Clock $69 @ JB Hi-Fi


Full credit and many thanks to Cam83 for sharing the upcoming Black Friday catalogue.

Pay with discounted gift cards for further savings. Alternatively, price match with Officeworks early on Wednesday morning.

  • Samsung Galaxy S20 FE - $899 (was $1149). Edit 24/11 12pm - $849
  • Google Nest Hub - $79 (was $129)
  • Google Nest Mini - $39 (was $79)
  • Amazon Echo Dot (3rd Gen) - $34 (was $59)
  • Amazon Echo Dot with Alexa (4th Gen) - $49 (was $79)
  • Amazon Echo Dot with Clock and Alexa (4th Gen) - $69 (was $99)
  • [PS4/XBX] Watchdogs Legion - $59 (was $79)

Mod: All JB BF Deal Posts (Starts 24/11 7pm Online, 25/11 8am in Store)

Google Nest Hub $79, Nest Mini $39, Echo Dot (3G) $34, Echo Dot W Alexa $49, W Alexa/Clock $69
Garmin Fenix 6X Sapphire $699
Lenovo Duet Chromebook (128GB) $374
Samsung QLED 4K Smart TV - Q80T 75" QA75Q80TA $2,888, Q80T 85" QA85Q80TA $4,488, Q60T 75" QA75Q60TA $1,888
Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 5G 256GB $2499 (Was $2999)
Ecovacs DEEBOT OZMO T8 AIVI $999
Sony X9000H 4K HDR Android LED TV 55" $1545, 75" $2935 + Delivery
Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G (128GB, 6GB RAM) $849 Delivered

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2020

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  • +1

    Some great deals in here! I'll need to lock away my wallet for the rest of the month…

  • Oppo Find X2 Lite for $599 seems decent.

  • Edit/update a start date?

    • Starts from the 25/11

  • +1

    Any downside to the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE compared to other android flagships?

    • Lots of touch complaints

      • +1

        touch issues better after latest (Nov) and slapping a silicone case on mine. I think the phone was actually slipping in my hands without a case, contributing to poor touch screen experience.

      • +7

        My wife and I both have the s20 fe. Mine never had issues with the touch screen, but the phone constantly came on in my pocket. Her touch screen was terrible and also came on in her pocket.
        Since the two patches to address these issues, both phones are perfect.
        While I'm not denying some ppl may still have issues, I do wonder if at least some of it is ppl without the phone just regurgitating old info they have read on forums.

      • +1

        I've had the 5G model since release. It's been fantastic! First couple days my phone made a couple calls to 000 without me knowing. But two later, with the last being yesterday, and it's been perfect.

      • ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    • Great on paper. Widespread touchscreen issues are persisting even after a number of software patches. So it seems to be a hardware issue. I would stay away.

      • Got a patch yesterday that have seemed to stopped well at least severely reduced the touch screen issues I was having. Was having to restart the phone 5+ times a day. Haven't had to since the latest update which is good.

        • I'm still not paying $1000 for a phone with touch issues, even if they have been "severely reduced".

      • Haven't had any issues with mine

    • +18

      I have S20FE and have zero issues with screen

      • +4

        using one right now , no problem so far

      • Same here. No issues at all.

    • Touchscreen issues, proximity sensor issues. Wait it out until the issues - that are most likely hardware - are sorted out.

    • -1

      I reckon the Note10+ for the same price would be the better option.

      Slightly different uses aside of course.

      • +4

        Note 10 has the Exynos processor, though, which turns a lot of people off…

        • +1

          since when a common phone user is bothered if it is exynos or snapdragon or intel or amd?

          • @sergeyv: My Note 9 is an Exynos processor and before I knew which one, I noticed that it would get extremely hot very easily and whenever I switch to my Android Auto setup, it gets horribly slow. The same didn't happen when I had a snapdragon (a few generations old).

          • @sergeyv: A common phone user probably isn't buying an S or a Note. They're probably buying an A series. But you're right, for most people the Exynos is totally fine. But there are a significant number of people who prefer the gruntier, more power efficient processor.

            I have an Exynos S9 right now, but I'll definitely get a Snapdragon phone next time as I do play some resource hungry games that my Exynos struggles with at times. Snapdragon wasn't an option at the time I bought the S9, though.

    • touch issues people are talking about maybe with the pre-ordered ones.
      no issues with the new stock..

    • +5

      I got one in the previous JB Hi-Fi deal ($0 upfront on a $99/month plan, cancelled immediately for $594 early termination charge via Telstra) and haven't noticed any touchscreen issues.

      • Stupid question, but when you cancel early, don't you have to return the phone?


        • +2

          Think it's just a BYO plan and it's JB Hi-Fi giving you the phone for free.

          • @vawiyoci: Ah, that makes sense, then. Following this logic, it wouldn't work with the offerings from Telstra or Optus, where they are "financing" the phone…
            Thanks again!

      • $594 is a bargin

    • Probably screen burn like previous gen Galaxy phones?

      • Never had an issue. I go back to a Galaxy S2.

    • People reporting no touch screen issues, have you all tested with the touch screen test app?

      • +1

        Just downloaded the siriuth touch screen test app to do some testing.

        Went across the whole screen and no issues. And also tested up to 5 fingers and didn't have any issues with tracking.

        Honestly have had no issues from the beginning except for the blue light filter not being active when needing to do a fingerprint scan.

    • -1

      Touch issues are rampant. Not sure if will be fixed via future firmware or not.

    • It most likely is sub 6Ghz, same as the standard S20 and the 'other brand' that charges double for less. I assume this is also the same for the S71 5G and the A42.

      The S20+ and S20 Ultra support the faster 26Ghz bandwidth, that is being auctioned off next year. I am unsure about the Galaxy Note s20 series atm.

  • +9

    Samsung QA75Q60TAWXXY $1888. Fantastic price!!!! Thanks for sharing 👍

    • +2

      Is that a TV? 😂

      • Yes it is.

      • +5

        Just mash a bunch of buttons together and you get the next model number of OLED. 😂😂😂

    • That is a good price, might pull the trigger with that price.

  • +1

    Looking for some deals on Dyson cordless vacuum v8

    • Was hoping for some deals on the V11.

    • +3

      It sucks….

  • Keen for the X find neo.

  • +4

    Thanks, but a little bit disappointed there isn't a deal on Pixel 5 :(

    • +2

      Reviews don't seem great and phone is overpriced for the hardware. Maybe wait for 6

      • -5

        Agreed. For the price, at least give snapdragon 865.

      • +1

        i think its more about the google experience as opposed to the hardware.

        • +1

          Yep, get less features, less customisation, less hardware, more money.

        • -1

          I have had to return my pixel 3 twice in space of 18 months. Don't think I will be returning for this experience again.

        • +3

          Yep, the experience of using a phone is more important hence the Pixels being superior to any Samsung's with each year

          It still won't stop the Samsung fanboys from quoting benchmarks from their favourite YouTuber though…

  • Has anybody got first hand experience with the Eufy robotic vacuum
    Eufy Robovac 35c - seems a decent price ($224) - worth a go? Any reviews

    • +1

      Sounds a good price, however looking at website, you cannot set virtual boundaries , a physical strip comes with pack

    • I got the Eufy Robovac 11s, on The Wirecutter's recommendation https://www.nytimes.com/wirecutter/reviews/best-robot-vacuum...
      Pros: It cleans really well, seems easy to maintain, and was a good price (at the time). It finds its way home most of the time, unless it manages to close a door on itself, or I leave a cable out for it to get tangled on.
      Cons: It developed a rattle at some point early on, so is no longer super quiet for a robot vac. The battery only seems to last 50 - 70 minutes now, instead of the full 100 when I bought it, but it still gets enough cleaning done.

      • Yo I fixed the rattle. I should have taken a closer look sooner. But the rolling brush's free spinning end was shifting around in the socket, so I put some bluetack around the end. The brush has a bearing built in so still spins fine, and now its back to a very quiet vacuum.

  • +1

    15% off LG TVs. Excludes OLED48CXPTA.

    The only thing I wanted this year 😭

    • Aye, that's lucky. 48" is a mistake, 65" is the standard these days.

  • What's the difference in a google nest hub and nest max?

  • +1

    Amazon Echo Dot with Alexa (4th Gen) - $49 (was $79)
    Amazon Echo Dot with Clock and Alexa (4th Gen) - $69 (was $99)

    The new models are horribly named lol

    • +5

      No no, remember how all the previous Echos didn't come with Alexa?

    • Clock with Amazon and Alexa and Dot and Echo :)

  • I have $999 JB hifi gift card and was waiting for Pixel 5 to get on Black friday. I better cash it cos it's not on sale and I have no problem with my current mobile anyway. Have to get the stupid offers on Gumtree again!

    • +1

      I'm glad I pulled the trigger last week with the 11% off sitewide.

    • +1

      Price will drop.. eventually.. there is Xmas sales, boxing day sales, new year sales..

    • +1

      same case for me :( expect pixel to be on discount turns out.. lol

    • +3

      Google's black Friday deals will start on 24th, so technically you can price match in JBHiFi

      • Think it will be comparable to the 11% discount that JBHIFI had?

        • Hoping for more 😆

  • Where is the watch dogs on the images I can not see it. Is this a good game. I enjoyed the first two.

  • +1

    Samsung fe 256gb owner testimony:
    I was hesitant buying it after hearing all of the rumours about touch screen issues and even managed to replicate it on a display phone. However once i got it, perhaps it was the update that helped, the touch issue that people were talking about is gone. The only thing i maybe realised is sometimes parts of my palm registers as a touch not sure if it happens anymore.

    I’m a happy owner of it. Light gaming on it was pretty decent. Played asphalt 9 without any issues. Only the normal dropout connections with wifi which happens around 1/50 times but that’s probably more of an internet issue.

    • what's the battery life like playing asphalt? 1% a minute?

      • I dont know, didnt pay attention. Only had the phone for a week. It didnt seem to drop much. Maybe 1% every 2-3 mins would be my best guess. When I’m not using it the battery lasts the whole day if not more it would seem. My iphone 7 by comparison needs to be recharged every 6-7 hours with mid usage. No high graphics gaming.

    • More importantly, how does this compare to playing fortnite on an iPhone 12?

      Ohhhh, that's right. ;-)

  • +1

    The $0 upfront deal with ETC deal seems to be on the catelogue for the Samsung FE and Pixel 4a with 5g?

    • Well spotted. The catalogue deal is for the 4G model - I wonder if they will have a $150 upfront deal or similar for the 5G version.

  • could buy on ebay and try your luck with a price guarantee for another 5%


    • Max voucher $150 btw. I use it often

  • Still waiting for a deal on the Oppo Find X2 Pro.

    • Me too

      • +1

        Scrolling through the catalogue I found it was $1199, what kinda price are you waiting for?

        • That's actually tempting, missed that since it wasn't mentioned in the OP. Probably can still got to 1K though.

        • Phwoar, that's a cracking price. Good enough I might jump up from the s20fe I was planning on

  • How is this compared to HUAWEI P30 Pro?

    • I had issues with my phone resulting in me returning it so I can grab something else completely so my experience has been tainted and biased BUT I came from a P30 (not pro) and whilst the FE had more/better features, I much preferred the P30 and in hindsight should have fixed the broken screen.

      Given you have a P30 Pro, you've already got things like wireless charging and IP68 rating so it's probably not something I would upgrade from if it was me. Yes the screen refresh rate is nice, but the screen issues I had (and poor battery) made it a terrible experience tbh

  • Was expected hey will have some iPad deal, to combine with those discount gift card.

  • -1

    so 20% off microsoft and dell KB and mouse not Logitech?!?!?

  • Oh man I've been waiting for a 5% off Apple product to buy a new iPhone 12 to gift hubby. And it looks like they are not doing it this year :(
    Anyone knows when would possibly be the next 5% off iPhone?

    • +1

      But you can use 5he gift cards from coles for 15% off