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Samsung QLED 4K Smart TV - Q80T 75" QA75Q80TA $2,888, Q80T 85" QA85Q80TA $4,488, Q60T 75" QA75Q60TA $1,888 @ JB Hi-Fi

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  • Jeez that's a good price

  • been eyeing these q80ts… they say 200hz… but im going to assume 4k 120hz? can this do 1440p 200hz?

  • I have the 65 inch and have been playing COD on PS5 at 120hz, no idea how to test if it can do 200hz?

    • PS5 doesn't support 120Hz+ either way though

    • You are confusing actual hz with marketing gimmicks aka motion smoothness. Ignore it.

    • No 120hz for Cod (warzone) on ps5 at the moment.
      Only on Xbox.

    • 200hz means inserted frames. The ps5 will feed your TV 120fps max and your TV will magically turn it into 200hz by creating its own frames it's own frames.

      Hence why you see artifacts and weird warps when you turn smooth motion on some thing natively low fps. They ain't real frames mang

      • My Samsung tv from 2016 is 120hz but it doesn't support 120hz contents because of no hdmi 2.1.
        It doesn't even support it at 1440p even though hdmi 2.0 can handle it.
        It just marketing and kinda misleading. Complicated to explain but you can find out the answer in YouTube.

  • Wonder if the 85 inch will be on sale too

  • +10 votes

    Damn the drop in price makes me torn to get this or the X9000H…

    • You're basically choosing between screen inches/per dollar vs generally better, newer TV model.

      • What would you recommmend

        • Don't know about Samsung but I have been very happy with 75in x9000h

        • I own a 55” Q80T. If slightly better viewing angles or brightness are important to you, Q80T. Otherwise, X9000H is probably much better. It has Android TV and a low latency mode that doesn’t destroy picture quality. Samsung’s low latency mode basically shuts off local dimming which really washes out the image. If you intend to use your TV for gaming regularly and care about PQ, don’t get a Samsung. It is unlikely to be fixed via software update, despite what some delusional individuals on Samsung’s forums might say. (The forum thread concerning this issue is absolutely bizarre BTW. Disregard anything you hear there.)

          Samsung also lacks Dolby Vision. They have an equivalent technology, HDR10+, but it seems to be a dead format - very little content or compatibility compared to DV. There’s no way to convert from DV to HDR10+, and there’s zero chance of DV coming to Samsung TVs over an update.

          Samsung also injects intrusive ads into their UI. You can probably remove them with PiHole if you have the time but I’ve had no luck.

          Overall, kinda disappointed. Will not be buying from them again. But the PQ on the Samsung is probably better overall apart from the gaming mode.

        • I would have recommended the sony series, since Samsung has annoying ads in its menus.

          However, a recent android update has pushed google ads onto sony tvs too. To be fair, LG has it as well.

          Makes you miss Panasonic…but they've stopped selling their tvs in australia for the last 2 years…

          • @pizzaofpeace: I have an old TV + Chromecast, so I'm not aware of these talks about ads on Tv UI's?
            Wth? Really?! Seems, really annoying.
            Ads on normal TV, youtube, ads everywhere.

            • @zennow: Oh my bad. The Sony ones actually have "suggested content" as ads, like Netflix or Apple shows they want you to watch.

              That's a bit better than Samsung, which has ads for shit on amazon.

        • recently narrowed options to this choice too, first of all they really are very similar and unless you are nitpicking and really looking you're unlikely to notice the difference, when you start reading sites like rtings.com and they are tell you the the viewing angle is a whole 1 point better on one vs the other it means you wont notice a difference in daily life or at least when you go in store to get one eyes on them.

          I was focused on gaming, i was buying a new TV for the ps5 specifically so latency and hdmi 2.1 support was "key" and again they are very similar though according to rtings and other places the samsung was better in most aspects i cared about, but the sony took a couple categories like local dimming but not by as much as the samsung won its categories if that makes sense. as i said in most cases you arent going to notice a difference but by the numbers according to rtings, and back by a couple other sources, the samsung was marginally better and thanks to a nicely timed sale was only marginally more expensive ($40 at the time) so i went with it and have been very happy.

          rtings has a compare feature that is very helpful if you need categorised numbers and descriptions to figure out a winner for you.

          i'll also add that the OS on the samsung is nice and fast, one of the biggest complaints youll see about smart tvs is the really slow OS and the LGs i tried in store early on seemed real bad, i cant comment on the sony and its android based offering but the samsungs so far has been very nice, you may want to check if your favourite service has a samsung app i guess but its not effected me, neither has the ad, which samsung seem to catch the most shit for but they all do it now and some do it worse, samsungs ad is basically the first tile in your app list will be an ad pretty sure they are all static too

    • I was set on the X9000H, but for the same price for the 75”, I might grab the Q80T.

      • I was set on the X900H as well but the sale price of the Q80T is much better value.

        • I got x9000h cheaper than this so I'd say get samsung if you don't care about Android VS Tizen OS, especially if they are similarly priced

  • What’s the fundamental difference between q60 and q80?

  • Are these better than Sony 9000h ?

  • Wish they had 2 hdmi 2.1 ports for a pc and a console…

  • Very tempting.

    Not sure if I should get the 75" Q80T or the 65" LG BX OLED for an extra $507.

    • That's exactly what I'm trying to decide on lol — any thoughts anyone?

    • If you have the funds, go the OLED. 75" to 65" isn't that big of a difference.

      Now if it was an 85" LED vs 65" OLED, I would say go for the 85" definitely

      • Actually, a Greek guy in store called Pythagoras told me that a 75" diagonal screen is almost a third larger in screen area than a 65" diagonal.

        That's a big difference in my view. You will definitely notice the difference.

        Get the screen size that is recommended for your viewing distance and go from there.

        • I think that guy sold me pot

        • Is the size difference between 75 and 65 worth it compared to a huge upgrade in picture quality that an OLED provides over QLED is what I'm trying to get across, but I'm sure your mate Pythagoras will advice you on the comparison between OLED and QLED as well

          75 vs 65 go for OLED
          85 vs 65 go for QLED

          But I'm sure you just ignored the point I'm trying to get across while gleefully writing your smartass comment ;)

          • @Zarcady:

            85 vs 65 go for QLED

            Can you even get a 85" OLED

            • @Dezeption: Yeh there are a few LG 85" OLEDs but not sure of the availability in Australia. That being said, the price isn't at a consumer friendly level.

              If the size is all that matters, why not just buy the biggest and the cheapest screen you can buy?

              After a certain price and display size, I would rather have a 65" OLED with vastly superior picture quality than a crappy 75" with horrid picture quality.

              • @Zarcady: That's why you don't buy the cheapest and the biggest you buy one that has the best upscaling and with a room big enough you would benefit more with the larger screen. Plus time to retired my oled. On its 2nd screen with burn in

                • @Dezeption: How old is your OLED? I have a 75" series 9 sammy from 4 years ago and was considering buying a 65" or 75" OLED (price doubles from 65 to 75 though)

                  • @Zarcady: 3 years now I believe. I'd honestly hold off to all the new tech is out next year and the following. I need something big and not sure of the size and price point of them and if they will start with such sizes of 85"+ with QD-OLED and QNED

  • Waiting to see if anyone else has the 75 Q80T cheaper, but think I'll be stocking up on discounted JBHIFI gift cards this week.

    • It's basically the best price I've seen outside the employee store which currently lists this model $2,624.50. This JB price is amazing for public pricing.

  • Hi OzBs, I don’t game, only use TV to watch movies on Netflix, sports on Kayo etc…
    Don’t play games so compatibility for PS5s etc is non relevant…
    Question… this (Q80T) or LG OLED (BX or CX)?

    It’s my first time to spend big on TVs hence seeking some guidance…

    Thank you.

    • Are you watching in a bright or darker room, this make a difference too.

      Also if any reflections to worry about

      • It’s dark. No windows. There is a sliding door opening up to back yard but we keep the curtains closed.
        So the room is not too bright and we always make it dark while watching TV

        • Would get the oled if darker viewing room, I’m assuming you would be going for 65 inch as this is the sweet spot for oled.

          Aim for under 3.2k for LG bx and 3.8k for the cx

          • @Plue16: Apologies should have mentioned, I am after 75’ range…
            The OLED c9 or cx 77inch are atleast 7k. Ready to fork out if difference is worth it. It’s hard to make a judgement call by standing by in front of display units in showroom. I just (30 mins ago) went to near JB to check out, was able to see OLED 77cx n q80t 75…. due to almost 3k different tilting towards Q80T so that I can get decent sound bar, and spend on wall mount installation….

            Can you advise the rationale behind going with OLED vs Q80T, for darker room. (I understand overall OLED is breathtaking but just want to understand the comment around darker ambience) many thanks

            • @thechosenone8590: Plenty of reading materials on internet about qled vs oled, but short answer is oled produce deeper blacks so more immersion when viewing in a darker room.

              Qleds are brighter and more suited to a naturally light room.

              77inch is a lot of coin and to be honest I can’t see the 3K difference. You said it yourself for the price of a 65 you can get a good sound bar and still have change.

    • LG does not support the Kayo app on their OS. You need another box e.g Apple TV, etc or stream from phone/tablet to watch Kayo content.

    • The sony A8G or A8H will be better for you than all of those. Or do what i did and look out for a 65” Panasonic ST60 OR VT60 plasma which will still be better than everything bar the OLED’s and even then it makes a good account of itself. $350-400…cant lose.

      I prev had a sammy f8500 plasma which was still amazing until my son decided it was time to throw a hot wheels at the screen a month ago

  • This or the Sony X9500H for movies/tv shows in a bright room? i don't play games so need for HDMI 2.1

    • This is usually identical to a regular OLED for all intents and purposes if you're not gaming. And you're saving a lot, so go for it

    • I faced the same choice lately and bought a x9500H. Because:

      Amazing black for an LCD
      Pure Android TV with X1 processor is fast and fluid. All the previous reviews about lag with Android TV is not applicable here.
      The advertisement on Samsung TV's will drive you insane.

      The TV stand on the Sony is more soundbar friendly imo.

      If I had to make the same choice again today, it'd still be the Sony in a heartbeat.

  • Bought the 75" Q60T a few days ago and hate it. Blurry, slow, blacks look cloudy, things aren't clear. I've played around with the settings and idk, doesn't look good to me.

    Pales in comparison to my 65R8 I bought a while back.

  • i bought the 55" Q80T in a recent deal. Quite happy with it, great picture (although colour is WAY over the top out of the box, use the rtings.com recommended settings instead). I've found it a bit slow to scroll through TV channels but found a work-around for that (go to "live TV" app then it has a list of your most used channels). Have not used it with consoles so can't comment on that, although the reviews seem to say it suits them well.

  • Anyone know if the 65" Q80T will be on sale also?

    The 75 will be too big for my lounge area.

    • I was looking for the same but unfortunately it isn't on sale, I think roughly 2.7k for 65", samsung corporate had it for 2.3k but it looks like they don't have anymore stock.

  • This will stack with the 15% off gift cards, right? https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/582451