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Dell XPS 8940 Desktop 10th Gen i7-10700k 16GB RAM 1TB SSD NVIDIA RTX 3070 $1999.20 (was $3999) Delivered @ Dell eBay


Black Friday continues with this Dell XPS 8940 on sale via eBay. Choice of 1 year or 3 year warranty, good configuration that has an RTX 3070. For half price, you can't go wrong! 😍


Dell XPS 8940 Plus 3 year warranty @ $2165.22 (10 Units): Go To Deal
Dell XPS 8940 Plus 1 year warranty @ $1999.20 (26 Units): Go To Deal


Colour: Black
Form Factor: Tower
Processor: 10th Gen Intel® Core™ i7-10700K processor
Operating System: Windows 10 Home (64 bit) English
Video Card: Nvidia GeForce RTX 3070
Memory: 16GB, 2x8GB, DDR4, 2933Mhz
Hard Drive: 1TB SSD + 2TB HDD
Power Supply: 500w
Warranty: 1Yr Ltd Hardware Warranty InHome Service after Remote Diagnosis
Wireless: Killer™ Wi-Fi 6 AX1650i (2x2) 802.11ax Wireless and Bluetooth 5.1
Accessories: Dell Wired Keyboard KB216 Black (English) + Wired Mouse MS116


When will item(s) be shipped?
Estimated shipping (usually sooner): between 10 December - 22 December.

What warranty do I have?
These units come with 1 year or 3 year Dell warranty respectively. If you need extended warranty, contact the seller before purchase.

Will swapping out components affect my warranty?
If your components don't cause the issue, you are still covered by Dell warranty.

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This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2020

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    • I went the xiaomi mi curved. 1440p 144hz ultra wide.

      • I have been looking at this but not sure about the curve screen as I haven't owned one before. Is it okay with office work?

        • +1

          I'm enjoying it. Nice and sharp

        • +1

          Ultra-wide 34inch is going to be your best bet for more screen real estate great for office work.

    • +1

      I have 2 4k IPS monitor, ASUS PB27UQ and Samsung U28r550

    • I have a 48" 4k tv I'm using for video/gaming as well as a Dell S2721Q 4K for office stuff. :)

  • +1

    KeRRR, my 8940's status according to the StarTrack website is that it has been sitting in Perth awaiting pick up since 15/12/20.

    How accurate is this information and how likely am I to receive this 8940 before Christmas?

    I live in SA.

    Are you able to expedite matters?

    • Unfortunately no, because it's with the courier. But give startrack a call and find out what's going on?

    • Same here. Rang StarTrack and they are less than helpful. Weren’t able to tell me anything I can’t see with the tracking link.

      • +1

        Request an investigation and report as missing. They can’t just then go by the scans.

        • +3

          Awesome. Requested an investigation with Star Track, this is what I got from them.

          Dear Xxxx

          Thank you for contacting StarTrack regarding consignment xxxx

          Our scanning indicates that the label has been generated but the item has not yet been dispatched from the sender.

          Please contact the sender and obtain an estimated time of arrival.

          If there is anything else that we can help you with, please feel free to either reply to this email or contact us on 13 23 45 and a customer service consultant will assist you with your enquiry

          Customer Service Consultant

          • @Jasperlmk: This is what I got:

            Hi XXXX,

            Thank you for your email, looks like your freight is still in WA, please be advised there are major delays in our network, For further information please contact the sender.

            Thank you

    • Feel like we've been abandoned by the Startrack….I hope I can receive it before Christmas.

  • +1

    Fark mines still not even in Oz yet

    • On board for delivery apparently Startrack says due tomorrow 22nd. Ordered 29th Nov, Dell estimate 6th Jan.

      • That's funny because you are in Perth and that's where some of them are coming from and it takes that long to get to you!

        • Yeah it seems they have a distribution centre here. It would probably be much faster if they offered pick up option. Fingers crossed Startrack are on the ball :)

  • I have just received tax invoice from auto sent Dell, does it mean my pc will be delivered soon? How many days from this time line to you received delivery? Thanks.

    • I got my invoice the day it was delivered. Good luck!

      • Thank you for answering. Coincidentally the expecting delivery day is today 22 Dec. in Dell ordering window. Though I have no any other information from delivery company up til today, nothing at all.

        • My order appeared on DBshanker last week then an extra tab appeared yesterday with Startrack tracking number. "Linked domestic information" on the little popup that appears when you search by order number. The tracking number can then be entered on Startrack tracking.

          Edit: Invoice received today

          • @Doineedthis: Signal is really encouraging. I had done starstruck website research against my consignment no, it shown will be delivered today! If so, what Dell had a prediction date on 22 Dec for delivery, they just have done it!
            Waiting for star track van from Minchinbury pull up in my driveway now.

  • +1

    I'm tempted to leave a negative e-bay review for Dell if I don't get the 8940 within the specified time.

    I would encourage you all to do the same. Maybe if Dell would listen, they would use a more reliable freighting company.

    Star Track has suggested that their has been a derailment hindering them - fair enough, but how long does it take to fix it? If it is too long, put it on a plane!

    • I've sent my complaint to Star track and Dell yesterday but neither of them replies to me yet. I will also give it a negative review if the item arrived after Christmas.

    • -2

      This seems to be more of a startrack issue rather than a Dell issue. Unforeseen circumstances can hinder delays, we just got out of a pandemic. Leaving a review based on a third party company who has stated they have unforeseen circumstances when most users are receiving their products by the specified date seems unfair to Dell itself, which is what the reviews are for imo.

      • Dell can always appeal the negative review on those grounds.

      • +1

        Hi KeRRR, I disagree and am giving Dell a review a negative ebay review based on my negative experience with them. I didn't receive this item by the time promised and I have not received any correspondence from Dell about a delay.

        I ordered this computer a month before X'mas as a gift for my kids. The delivery was meant to be between 11/12 to 21/12. Today is 21/12 and my computer is still said to be in Perth.

        My last order with Dell which was "in stock" was also delayed by six weeks. It's not like this is a once off.

        If Dell want some advice, it would be to use a more reliable freighting company and to offer correspondence should there be a delay.

        I bought the computer from Dell, not from Star Track. It is up to Dell to correspond any issues with me and to make sure I get it by the time promised.

      • +2

        I do believe leaving a negative feedback for Dell would help improving the quality of the service StarTrack is providing. At the end of the day StarTrack does not give a damn what we say as we are not their customers in their eyes, Dell in this case is their customer. If StarTrack is giving Dell a bad name, Dell will pressure StarTrack to improve or they will simply look for another freight company. As to most end users, this is one shopping experience, most people that’s got their PC on time will think Dell’s shipping time is reliable instead of StartTrack.

        I think a derailment of a freight train during COVID hinders the delivery is unfortunate but completely understandable. But the issue here is as of now the StarTrack tracking status is still saying “ ready for pick up” in Perth depot. No one would ever know whats actually happening with the freight if we hadn’t reach out, which they could have easily inform us the freight will be delayed especially they already have the tool ready to do so.

  • +4

    I have received the delivery at 15hrs this afternoon today and exactly the predicted delivery date on my confirmed Dell order. They have done it! Thank you!
    Big applause for Dell and Star Track!

    For those who have not received the PC, have look at your order confirmation and see the date for delivery. Be patient even you don't have any information for delivery.

    • Sadly the date was yesterday. May I ask which state you live in please?

      • Just got confirmation from StarTrack the PC was on the train when it derailed, they are trying to “recover” as much freight from the train. Let’s hope the pc’s are damaged from the derailment. I’m from SA and ETA also was 21/12

        • I would hope you meant "aren't damaged". Best of luck!

          • @KeRRR: At this point I don’t know what I hope anymore haha

        • The only Perth derailment in the last week that I can find was an empty Transperth PASSENGER train.

          Can you cut n paste what Star Track has said that suggests that it was a freight train?

        • This is the email I received from StarTrack by 3:34 pm Adelaide time

          Hi xxxx,

          Thank you for your email, looks like your freight is still in WA, please be advised there are major delays in our network, For further information please contact the sender.

          Thank you

          Customer Service Consultant
          T 13 23 45

          I'm getting confused.

      • Sydney NSW.Sorry to hear what you have been thorough. It is still two days before Christmas, hope you get your pc in time.

        • Thank you very much, wish you enjoy your new desktop and have a good Christmas!

    • Yay! Mine still says on board for delivery coming today….maybe today actually means tomorrow 🤔

  • Hi,

    That's correct, the freight was on the train when it was derailed which is why there are now extensive delays for freight going to and from Perth.



    Kaila-Chae Barns
    Business Solutions Consultant
    Business Solutions
    T 13 23 45

  • Email before the above


    Case No.:

    In relation to the Perth derailment delays, we are currently trying to recover as much freight and deliver it as soon as possible however due to the derailment we are unable to confirm a revised ETA at the current moment.

    Please continue to monitor the tracking online as the tracking will update once this arrives into the delivery depot.

    Thank you


    Kaila-Chae Barns
    Business Solutions Consultant
    Business Solutions
    T 13 23 45

    Then I asked her to confirm the freight was on the train that derailed. Which she replied back with above email.

    Then I asked if they will reimburse if the goods were damage which they replied


    We have not been made aware of any damages and if there was any network damage caused to the freight this will be notified to the senders.

    If you have any further enquiries regarding this delivery please contact the senders as they are the account holders.



    Kaila-Chae Barns
    Business Solutions Consultant
    Business Solutions
    T 13 23 45

  • Somehow this derailment never made it on the news?

    • A lot of freight derailments that are not near any townships and that don't cause any major injuries aren't reported on really. But there really was a derailment in the nullaboor near Ooldea I believe in South Australia a few days ago although last I've heard the line has reopened.

  • +4

    Mine was ETA 15/01 and arrived today unannounced so that was a nice Xmas present!

    PC was assembled in and shipped from Malaysia. Contains a SK Hynix PC611 SSD (rated for 3500MB/s read and 2800MB/s write), Seagate ST2000DM008, Crucial RAM. The SSD touched on 65degC during the speed test. Someone else got a WD SN730 (basically WD black SN750 oem) in theirs so the parts seem to be somewhat random.

    CPU stress test started throttling to 4.5GHz after a couple of mins - one core touched on 91deg (20deg ambient) and then remained around 78deg after throttling. Fans started to slowly ramp up in speed once the test was underway, but I'd like them to ramp up more aggressively.

    Just installed the Intel Dynamic Tuning software and the PC did its own BIOS update so will re-test again later.

    • I’d be really interested in anything that can keep cpu temps down while gaming, given they regularly get up into the 90s. I keep reading about people replacing the cooler and rear fan. Hoping that won’t be necessary. Perhaps just improved BIOS and/or replacing the fan would be enough?

    • I have the WD SN730 too.

    • Seen mixed reviews on the Intel Dynamic Tuning software… Did installing that trigger the BIOS update or was that random Dell Wizardry?

      • BIOS update happened during initial Windows setup and reboot. Weird, but seems to be on the latest version.

  • I just got an update from StarTrack. The status is changed from "ready for pickup" to "At Delivery Depot". I think we still have a chance to receive it before Christmas.

    • Same here mate I just got the same update. I'm from SA

    • I hope your delivery is better than WA. Mine was on board for delivery yesterday morning then went back to depot again. Maybe the driver decided to spend the day at the beach instead 🙄

      • Edit: Nvm Startrack guy had no clue. Spoke to a different person and got it sorted.

  • +2

    Thank you Star Track and Dell.

    My desktop was delivered before Christmas, albeit a little late.

    A little inconvenience - I had to drive to work and was lucky someone from an adjacent work place accepted the package for me (this happens a lot as we have same frontages).

    No bad review will be left and I'm excited to open it up in 5 minutes time!!!

    • +2

      I used my mind powers, glad to hear you got your product. Dell comes through again!

  • +2

    Very happy that still manage to be delivered before Christmas. Already have the Noctua CPU cooler and 2 extra fans ready to go, gonna put them in and run cyberpunk and see what temp it gets to. Thanks for the deal @KeRRR

    • You're welcome. Merry Christmas!

    • +1

      Ah nice man!
      Can you link the CPU cooler and fans you bought?
      Let us know how it goes 👍

      • +2

        I got the Noctua NH U9s and 2x NF 9A as someone posted here from dell forum few days ago. I missed the comment where someone said it needed 4 M3 x 16 screws to be able to fit the cpu cooler so I could only replace the case exhaust fan with the NF 9A today. I played Cyberpunk for a few hours with Ray Tracing enabled DSLL on balanced at 1440p. The highest temp cpu and gpu got to was 84c. Mostly stayed at around 73c -75c While maintaining 60fps the whole time. I will get some screws and try with the Noctua cpu cooler tomorrow.

        I also moved the HDD from the front into the top bracket and left the original bracket out to try to improve the air flow.

    • +2

      Nice. Hope it works out and that you publish a step by step guide for noobs like me 😁.

  • Expected by 23rd
    24th now and still no local tracking for me

  • Ah man! Missed delivery from Startrack yesterday. They say I can't pick up or get delivered until next Tuesday /sigh

  • Is there a forum link anywhere?

    Mine has crashed twice waking up from Windows sleep. Says "Looks like Windows didn't load correctly" and do I want to boot or repair. First time I said boot and it went into a boot loop and I had to pull the plug, second time I said boot and it booted ok.

    Maybe I need to check all drivers are up to date.

    But otherwise nice improvement from my tired laptop(s) and goes well with the Mi 34" ultra wide monitor from KMart.

    • +1

      Make sure you run Windows Update and see if everything has been installed. Best thing to do first with any new Windows installation. Dell Support Assist can also help with updates. It's preinstalled on the machine.

      • Thanks for suggestions.
        Windows Update is up to date (except for optional drivers).
        Dell Support Assist updated all Dell software except for "Intel Dynamic Tuning driver"
        I installed GeForce Experience and it updated the graphics driver.

        • Also changed settings so it hibernates after 1 hour and sleeps after 30 mins.

          Have not tried waking it from sleep but no probs waking from hibernation.

          So either that fixed it, or the "Intel Dynamic Tuning driver" or nVidia driver update.

  • +2

    This should fix it. After a trip to the hardware store in a couple days to get the M3 x 16 screws, it sill go in. Should be great!

  • AH mate cheers! Merry xmas!

    • No worries. Merry Christmas to you too!

  • I have a three screen set up - 1x4K and 2x(1920x1200).

    The 4K screen goes black for 1 second every so often.

    Does anyone know what that is? Is this the GPU having trouble?

    • +1

      Most likely the cable. If using display port try hdmi instead, unless you need G Sync. Try a different cable.

    • That symptom seems to be due to a poor quality HDMI/DP cable that struggles with 4K @ 60Hz or higher. Tried changing it?

    • dupe

  • +1

    What games does everyone playing on this pc? I downloaded Call of Duty warzone for online PK, got done all the time as I am still a green-hand. Does anyone know how to set up the game graphics as we use RTX 3070 card. I am using Kogan 28inch Ultra HD4K 3840X2160 monitor. Thanks!
    Merry Christmas to all people who read my post.

    • I'm currently playing Wolfenstein II and Battefield 3 on 4K max settings. Merry Christmas! :)

      • That is great game. I bought all Wolfenstein pack and wonder if I set game at the hardest level would be like. Also bought Battelfield V5 the latest one and yet to play. It is on special at steam platform. Cheers!

  • Still waiting for mine I’m afraid :/ status is it’s being prepared.

    Most recent update from StarTrack when putting my order number in:

    Shipping information received by Australia Post
    Date & time Mon 21 Dec • 1:25pm

    Hopefully it comes on the 29th I’m not 100% sure though just because of SA’s public holiday on Monday.

    I live in Adelaide

    • Same here

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