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Dell XPS 8940 Desktop 10th Gen i7-10700k 16GB RAM 1TB SSD NVIDIA RTX 3070 $1999.20 (was $3999) Delivered @ Dell eBay


Black Friday continues with this Dell XPS 8940 on sale via eBay. Choice of 1 year or 3 year warranty, good configuration that has an RTX 3070. For half price, you can't go wrong! 😍


Dell XPS 8940 Plus 3 year warranty @ $2165.22 (10 Units): Go To Deal
Dell XPS 8940 Plus 1 year warranty @ $1999.20 (26 Units): Go To Deal


Colour: Black
Form Factor: Tower
Processor: 10th Gen Intel® Core™ i7-10700K processor
Operating System: Windows 10 Home (64 bit) English
Video Card: Nvidia GeForce RTX 3070
Memory: 16GB, 2x8GB, DDR4, 2933Mhz
Hard Drive: 1TB SSD + 2TB HDD
Power Supply: 500w
Warranty: 1Yr Ltd Hardware Warranty InHome Service after Remote Diagnosis
Wireless: Killer™ Wi-Fi 6 AX1650i (2x2) 802.11ax Wireless and Bluetooth 5.1
Accessories: Dell Wired Keyboard KB216 Black (English) + Wired Mouse MS116


When will item(s) be shipped?
Estimated shipping (usually sooner): between 10 December - 22 December.

What warranty do I have?
These units come with 1 year or 3 year Dell warranty respectively. If you need extended warranty, contact the seller before purchase.

Will swapping out components affect my warranty?
If your components don't cause the issue, you are still covered by Dell warranty.

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This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2020

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    • I did too, no response yet.

  • +1

    Ok…. can't resist for this value. Bought one :sweat

  • +2

    Out of stock, gone, missed it, hope it restocks.

    • +1

      400 sold… $800k in 24hrs.

      • +2

        This is the way. - Mando

        Edit: I will find out if there will be a restock.

  • Well missed out while waiting for a reply from support. Shit.

    • Back in stock.

      • Thanks snagged one. Guess I'll live with the optical drive unless there's something you can do?

        • I believe you can contact support and get the optical drive removed if you want?

          Another user did that to save on wattage.

          • @KeRRR: Support told me no it’s fixed hardware and can’t be changed.

            • @Usernames: Yeah I got the same. No biggie.

              • @joshr1pp3r: It seems this may not be the case anymore. Sorry guys. I have updated op with a f.a.q.

  • +1

    Bought one today. Got a confirmation email. So glad I went in without hesitation.

    • +4

      Carpe Diem - seize the day

    • -3

      Not so sure it stacks up against techfast new build. Once that one year warranty runs out, the thermal issues and very limited upgradability will be the downfall.

      No nvme drive either. Slower ram speeds.

      • +3

        Thermal issue is pure speculation. RAM is unnoticeable, and as is the nvme. I would say the Intel CPU will produce better gaming results than the AMD 3700x.

        Other factors I considered is, with all things being equal, the Dell is $223.80 cheaper than the Techfast build when I had to spec Techfast up to match ((Wifi mobo with bluetooth 5.1, 1TB SSD + 2TB HDD, Windows 10 license, Mouse & Keyboard)

      • +4

        No nvme? 2 slots bruh, 1 used.

      • +2

        Better than techfast but not as good as the HP Omen that went OOS.
        Main issue with this unit is the PSU (500W wtf…) and the fact that we don't know if it uses a standard 24 pin vs custom Dell 24 pin.

    • email from Dell or eBay?

      • Confirmation email from ebay. ETA is slightly long, hopefully it will before Christmas.

        "Thanks for your purchase! Your order is confirmed.

        Order summary

        Dell XPS 8940 Tower Desktop 10th Gen i7-10700k 16GB RAM 1TB SSD…

        Total: AU $1,999.20
        Order number: 24-06142-
        Item ID: 324376946186

        Estimated delivery:
        Fri, 11 Dec - Tue, 22 Dec

        Your order will be sent to:

        Seller: dell_australia (16182)

        99.2% positive Feedback "

        • Once Dell sales actually process the order you will get a full breakdown email..

      • Probably best to message through eBay, but I heard you can go via both channels.

    • Lucky duck!

  • +4

    100 units added to deal. Goodluck!

    • Going to buy but waiting for response on how much to added extra 32/64gb of ram

  • Bought mine last night, yay! Cheers OP.

    Glad I didn't wait for Dell to cancel my last paid for order, the identical build but with the 270 card.

    Messaged them a 2nd time to cancel yesterday, still waiting 24 hours later for a reply…rang them and they promised a callback today, nope.
    Think they might need some more support staff.

    • +2

      They may be busy. If you want to DM me your order number, I'll see what I can do.

      • Cheers, just messaged you.

  • Thought I'd upgrade from the current Dell rig https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/362280 as it's nearly hit the 3 year warranty mark which I got added as a custom listing last time. I've messaged to see if I can get Win10Pro and 3 Year ProSupport added as a custom listing this time but no reply. Now with 100 units added I don't know if I'm going to get a reply at all or if it's going to run out again. I can manage without Win10Pro as it is an easy add but warranty is always a PITA as an add-on later. Any suggestions OP?

    • +1

      Got a reply back with my custom order so all done!

      • How much for the 3yr warranty?

  • +1

    Should I get the techfast ryzen 3700x 3070GTX combo instead l considering it has branded parts? Will the low PSU on this PC make the CPU and GPU slower than other comparable built pcs?

    • I have same question…

      • I have 8920 from a few years back and I changed out the PSU just in case there would be issues.

        The Dell PSU was a bit louder but didnt really notice any issues with cooling. The EVGA one I put in does seem to stay silent for longer but once it gets going its same as the Dell.

    • You should get this one for warranty and techfast for value

      With this one i would buy the add on warranty totalling 3 years then sell it when warranty nearly expires, I have a feeling this is not one to last

  • Answer from Dell regarding to swap the DVD drive for something else. Apparently nothing can be done.

    Thanks for your recent purchase.

    This unit has fixed hardware configuration hence, we are unable to make any upgrades or changes to the hardware components to this machine. Apologies for this.

    Should you have further questions, let us know.



    • As suggested. It probably isn't viable with the influx of orders. I have updated a f.a.q. in op.

      • From the faq, "Option to purchase extended warranty"
        Is there a 3 year deal for black friday?
        If so, how do i purchase it??

        • +1

          If you need extended warranty, contact the seller before your purchase.

          • @KeRRR: Couldn't do that as this was running out and I've had no luck getting any replies from messaging Dell.

  • @KeRRR its not too late to cancel my order right? I ordered yesterday

    • +2

      If the item hasn't shipped, you can cancel your order.

    • why are you cancelling the order?

  • @KeRRR finally got my order cancelled and refund sorted.

    Cheers for that. :D

    • +1

      No worries. Happy to help.

    • Why you cancelled the order?

  • Does anyone receied an order No since purchased yesterday? I only receive the payment transition email since yesterday.

    • It's on the ebay confirmation email under Order Summary.
      Also on My Ebay-Purchase History

  • I just placed an order. I hope I won't regret it for not buying this instead

  • @KeRRR so from your previous comment,
    I assume once paid for it's impossible to add the extended warranty?
    I would have emailed and held off, but was worried that this listing would be OOS by the time I got confirmation.

  • @KeRRR
    I have asked May from Dell in the morning to cancel this order and offer me a refund and send me a custom link with 3Y ProSupport and Next Business Day Onsite Service [add $207.53] but so far I have not received any reply, hope you can help on this.

    Hopefully, my existing order will be canceled and a new custom link will be sent before it goes out of stock.

    • Please DM me your order number and any relevant info with what you want and I'll see what I can do.

      • have been waiting on a link to buy with 3 yr warranty for over 24 hours via ebay message… they first only replied with the price and link to buy which was annoying. My ebay username is chriskq in case you can do anything. Cheers

      • Hi @KeRRR, Thanks but I cannot DM you as my user account on OZB is less than 1 day old can I email you my ebay order number

        • I'll help you out tomorrow due to messaging limitations.

  • +1

    good deal

  • +1

    Just to confirm, with this config how many extra drives could be added in future? I'm not clear, from reading the specs on Dell's website, how many slots of various sizes would still be available. I think it would have 1 x 2.5" slot and 1 x ODD slot free, is that right?

    • I'd also like to know - I didn't understand from the spec sheet either whether certain ports were being used or were free.

    • +1

      1 pciex4 then you can buy an adaptor for extra nvme ssd.

  • +1

    Too make it more sweeter, used $200 eBay gift card I received back in March as a gift, so comes to $1799.20

    • Good one!

  • this is worse than PLE's 3080, 13k clicks assuming like 5kish orders

    no way they can fullfill that anytime soon

    • it tells you on the page, total 478 orders currently and 3070 is in abundance

      • ah does it? Havent clicked so dunno, number doesnt seem right though

        • -3

          This is not that great in term of value anyway, only selling point here is the warranty

          • @ln28909: doubt anyone who wants a prebuilt will get anywhere near this price from any other dealers

            • @Freestyle: Techfast has a deal atm that beats this by miles, only thing is that I don't like Techfast lol

              • +8

                @ln28909: Dell over techfast anyday

                Only problem with Dell is their stupid tech support which is mostly outsourced to India

                • @Freestyle: Yeah return to base warranty for laptop and desktop is useless imo

              • @ln28909: Which deal? URL?

              • +6


                Techfast has a deal atm that beats this by miles

                Thats just an exaggeration.

                This one has better gaming processor, Wifi 6 & Bluetooth 5.1, Front USB C & SD card slot, 1TB SSD & 2TB HDD, Windows 10 Licence, Keyboard & Mouse, all of which Techfast deal doesn't has.

                Only thing better in Techfast deal is price, RAM speed and PSU. But once you factor in above items its pretty even Stevens.

                Edit: Add Techfast's delivery costs to the list as well.

                • -3

                  @Bargainian: A lot of people have been asking about using this for 4k editing, and 3700x is better here so that's why I said they are similar

                  Wifi 6 + Bluetooth 5.1 sure that cost an extra $50

                  1TB SSD $150

                  2tb HDD $80

                  Windows 10 $20

                  1% of the people that bought this is gonna use the mouse and keyboard so that's useless

                  So the price after adjustment is the same, but with Dell you get oem parts with no upgradability, lower quality components (surprising to say this but it's true)

                  So like I said, this is good for warranty and that's it, this is not a good value product

                  As a side note, you should never buy a Dell product without extended warranty, so that's extra cost, and after the warranty period, it is a time bomb and I would offload it to someone as soon as possible. Usually, it is the same for techfast, but they're 3000 series is decent enough.

                  So this pc would have a life span of 3 years, you're looking at $2300 with the 2 extra years of warranty and when you sell it, you're gonna make a significant loss. Once again, this is only good because of the warranty

                  And why is Liiima being so rude, I'm openly an Nvidia fan of who likes good deals. I also like to help people make informed decision, and with this dell, that is the reality

                  • @ln28909: How did you get $20 for a windows 10 activation key?

                    • @moneybagz: If you Google "Windows 10 key", there are are many options ranging from $5-$30, about their validity, I'm not sure, but it works so that's enough for me

                  • @ln28909: Who scorned you, so we can avenge them? ;P

                    • @KeRRR: Mommy it's Limaaa, she's making fun of me 🤧

                      She's thinking she's know this stuff better than me, when I have gone through 11 gpus and 4 cpus this past month 😭

  • +1

    Pulled the trigger; thanks OP - sweet deal!

    • +1

      You trigger happy sob, I'm in!

      • Just sent you a DM - forgot about the 3 yr warranty 🤦‍♂️

        • And all sorted; thanks OP 💪

      • Great deal OP, thank you for posting.
        I also forgot the 3 yr warranty, could I ask for your help too please 😬

  • Dang! seems as though the coupon can no longer be applied to this rig. It can to some of the other's but they don't have RTX 3070s :(

    • I believe it works twice per eBay account. Let me know if that's the case and I'll do some digging.

      • No it can't be applied at all. I've never used it before. This model is not listed on Dell's eBay coupon page either.
        Will definitely buy if I can get the coupon.

        • +1

          Just tested it; still works fine for me.

        • Go to deal via the "go to deal" button, add item the cart. Enter coupon at checkout (if not automatically applied), and dells your uncle.

          • +1

            @KeRRR: I just keep get a code cannot be applied error - will get my wife to try on her account.

            EDIT: worked on wife's account just fine :shrug:

            Thanks OP!

  • Is it really that important to purchase 3 year warranty?

    I thought DELL has worldwide recognition on build quality of their desktop systems?

    • It's more for peace of mind. It comes with 1yr standard Dell warranty.

  • +1

    My 2 cents.
    Dell's extended warranty is how they make money.
    Most of the components (e.g. GPU) should have manufacturer warranty between 3 and 5 years.
    So Dell builds you a desktop that comes with only 1 year warranty and you need to pay to have more years.
    For AU Consumers law aren't all electronics should have 2 years warranty (phones, TV etc)?

    • Paying 2 grand for a computer, you'd think our consumer guarantees would be at least 3 years

    • longer manufacturer warranty on retail sourced components yes but OEM sourced components is a no

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