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Get 10% Cashback Every Saturday in December (Max $30 Back Per Transaction) Using Tap & Pay @ Zip


There seems to be a lot of confusion based on the comments so let me try and clarify how this works:

  1. Sign up to Zip Pay. Not Zip Money. You can use the 'Related Offers' at the bottom of this description for new signup options. Note that you must provide your email address or phone number if you want a referral, there’s no referral link and you can’t be referred without that info!
  2. Download the Apple or Android app and sign in with your details. You will need a smartphone with NFC.
  3. Go to the "Cards" tab within the Zip app. Click on Add to Apple Wallet (or Google Wallet if using android).
  4. Go to any store that accepts tap & go on credit/debit cards. Do not ask if they accept Zip Payment as this is a separate payment method.
  5. Purchase anything (any gift cards, services, goods, literally anything) and checkout with Apple Pay or Google Pay by tapping your digital Zip card on Saturday. Do not spend more than $300 in one transaction if you want to maximise your benefit as you won't get 10% back above $300!
  6. You should see the rewards balance reflected under "Rewards" within the "Your Zip" tab of the app immediately.
  7. Once you have reached $30 in credit, click on the redeem button to apply the credit to your account.
  8. Pay off your Zip account by linking a credit card to earn points and defer payment (The screen says debit card but many have confirmed credit cards to work as well - Amex will not work). It takes 3 days for processing payments to finalise and you cannot make additional payments sooner than that.
Things to note:
  • Applying for a Zip account will trigger a credit check.
  • Redeemable once you've reached $30 in credit (I.e. Min spend $300)
  • Rewards balance will continue accruing even if you don't redeem $30.
  • There's no daily limit. The only limit is your credit limit.
  • Apple Pay and Google Pay don't have a $100 tap and pay limit like normal cards. The limit is unlimited since you biometrically authenticate yourself at the time of payment.
  • You cannot prepay your zip account via BPAY so that it goes into credit. I contacted Zip and they informed me that since they’re not a bank they’re not allowed to hold deposits. If you prepay your account you will be breaching their T&Cs and your account may get blocked. It will take a few days to unblock. Do so at your own risk, some have reported success while others have confirmed they got blocked.
  • You cannot make payments online.
  • Max $30 back per transaction.
  • Excludes Westfield gift cards purchased from Westfield
  • On days other than Saturday, you can still earn 3% or 5% cash back that will accrue towards your rewards balance.
  • Within a twenty-four (24) hour period, you (a) are limited to redeeming your Reward Goal eight (8) times, and (b) will not earn any further credit back if you spend $4,000 or more.
  • 10% back on Super Saturdays will override all other cashback offers with lower % back.
  • By end of 8 January 2021, any credit back that has not reached the Reward Goal will be cancelled.
Other giftcards worth considering Store Normal discount New discount
Woolworths giftcards Woolworths ~5% 10%
Coles giftcards Coles ~4% 10%
Costco giftcards Costco 0% 10%
$100 Aldi giftcard Aldi 0% 9.5%
$100 7/11 giftcard 7/11 0% 10%
$500 EFTPOS giftcard and Only 1 Visa giftcard - Variable Load* Woolworths -1.6% 8.6%
$100 Amazon giftcard AusPost/711/BP/ United/Freedom/Newslink ~5% 10%
$100 giftcards (Only via Prezzee app paying with Apple Pay - At your own risk) Prezzee 0% 10%

*$7.95 purchase fee on activation. Benefit is maximised when you purchase a $500 giftcard + $7.95 fee (pay via split payment of $300 and then $207.95). If you purchase less than this your discount will be less.

12/12/2020 Deals Store Sale discount Stacked discount Comment
Him/Her/Teen/Google giftcards Woolworths 10% 19% $100 card for $81
$20 Netflix giftcard** Coles 25% 35% $20 Netflix card for $13
$50 Swap Celebration giftcard** Coles 10% 20% $50 Swap card for $40
$100 Her giftcard** Coles 5% 15% $100 Her card for $85
iTunes giftcard*** Big W 15% 23.5% $100 iTunes card for $76.5
Nintendo eShop Big W 10% 19% $60 card for $48.6

**Flybuys account required. Only one 1,000 point redemption per account (equates to $5).
***Price beat at officeworks to get this at 27.325% off, or $72.68 for $100

19/12/2020 Deals Store Sale discount Stacked discount Comment
$50 Netflix giftcard** Woolworths 10% 20% $50 Netflix card for $40

** Everyday rewards required. (Possibly) only one 1,000 point redemption per account (equates to $5).

26/12/2020 Deals Store Sale discount Stacked discount Comment
Kogan Mobile BOGOF plans Kogan Mobile 50% 55-57% Use AmEx offer and combine with giftcards to get between 56.3% and 56.6% off. If no AmEx offer, then you can get ~54.8% off if using just giftcards (in lots of $50) provided that you can split the cost of the plan with someone else. Use classifieds if interested in sharing.
JB Hi-Fi Boxing Day sales JB Hi-Fi - - -

Related Offers:

$15 Zip Credit ($50 Min Spend, New Customer)
5% Cashback (up to $30) When you Tap and Zip (Minimum Spent for Period $600) - Targeted
3% Cashback (up to $30) When You Tap and Zip (Minimum Spend for Period $1000)
Referral Randomiser Below ($10 for referrer & referee)

This is part of Boxing Day Sales for 2020

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    • +1

      Yes, if you want to spend exactly $300 for the reward of $30. I assume you won't use the full $300 on Opal credit as there's a $250 limit on it at any time.

  • I just tried it on 7-11 when I fueled up and it only gave 3% cashback. Where can I raise this issue?

    • Oh that's not good. I'm about to go to get gift card. May be not then.

      • +1

        I bought gift card at 7-11 and got 10%

      • I've gone out today and bought stuff and they worked at 10%. Only my first one today didn't so I opened a ticket.
        Maybe I was too early? It was before 8 am on a Saturday.

    • system is too poor… but I think you can call them on Monday to get it right

    • Wow,. I was about to do the same thing, now I have to wait for someone confirm the 10% starts. Hopefully won't too long.

      • I transacted at Coles and 7-11. Both 10% back

        • Thanks I will go after work

  • Does anyone know how to add the Zip tap and pay card to Samsung Pay instead of to Google Pay?

  • Can anyone confirm how the scheduled payment in zippay work?
    Say I set my scheduled payment to monthly with amount $500.
    And next bill cycle I only owe $100.

    Will my scheduled monthly payment still deduct $500 or is it smart enough to realize it only needs to pay $100?

    Just trying to find a way to automate paying the full amount each month to avoid any late fees. Similar to how afterpay automatically computes the payments.

    • I don't see a way to overpay the amount so you should be safe

      • Cool. I just saw someone post here that they accidentally overpaid manually and has gotten extra credits to their balance.

        • Overpay is likely due to refunds.

  • +1

    So with this, Coles mastercard $100 with $5 fee or $250 with $7 fee?


    • Did that this morning successfully

      • My poll was out of those 2 which one will be the better buy

        • +2

          Ah my bad.

          $105 = $94.50 - 2000 points = $84.50 for $100 = $15.50 profit. 15.5%
          $257 = $231.30 - 2000 points = $221.30 for $250 = $28.70 profit. 11.5%

          $250 card is more money back but a lower percentage, but if you aren't going to use the Saturday cashback for other purchases you may as well get $250. If you plan on buying other things up or close to your limit them just get the $100.

          • @hamza23: Wait .. what limit? I thought there is no limit to the total earnings - limit is only on per transaction cashback of $30. So as long as you make separate transactions, you should be able to get the cashback right? (for example 4 transactions of $300 each would fetch you total of 30x4 = $120 cashback - right?)

            • +1

              @bajirao: Spending limit on your account, it's $1000 by default I believe, unless you apply for something higher. You can redeem the $30 credits as you go so i guess that would give you $1090. If you did $300 X 3, then redeemed the $30 cashback 3 times, that would give you spend of $1090.

              • +1

                @hamza23: Ah ok account spending limit. Thanks. My ZipPay account started with $300 limit and somewhere down the line got upgraded to $1500 so didn't occur to me that new accounts might have lower limits (just checked while typing this and looks like now the new accounts have $1000 credit to start with).

          • @hamza23: Got the $100 one as I didn't see any with $250. Hope they don't mean the total adds up to $250

  • If I already have $10 in my account for tap and zip and I make a $300 transaction, does that mean Zip will only give me 10% on 200 or will I have $40 But only be able to redeem $30?

    • Just do a $200 purchase. Then claim the $30 and go from there. Better not risk it.

      • Alright. Technically I have $10.05. So I will try with $200 and see what will happen to the remaining $0.05.

    • +1

      Apparently it rolls over.

  • "something went wrong" on two phones when add to Google pay on zip pay app, how to fix?

    • same here, don't know why

    • maybe you are adding the wrong 'virutal card'? there is one called 'single use' virtual card —- this is not the one

      just google there is a video to tell you how to add to google pay

      • Definitely doing the right one. There's a direct link from the zip pay app

        And it definitely gives the option to go Google pay. When it says contacting bank I can't add the card… Just says something went wrong

        • yes, also tried 2 phones, same results

    • SAME

      any fixes yet?

      update: managed to add it to Apple pay on my spare iPhone then tried once again on Google Pay (android) with success this time - no idea why it worked tbh

      • I think that was just a coincidence, system must have been down. We all worked again at the same time lol

    • Got the but somehow worked on a different google account when I created an Australian payments profile

  • So excuse my ignorance but something like this is competing with Frequent Flyers I imagine? Getting people to use Zip as opposed to credit cards during the promotion?

    Unless you can pay with zip then pay off your zip with a credit card..

    • +1

      This is in no way sustainable Unfortunately.

      Yes you can pay off zip with credit card, so double dip

      • Is it treated as a cash advance or regular purchase on credit card? Still can earn points?

        • +1

          According to posters that mentioned this earlier, it seems like it counts as a retail transaction. I will try it on my Commbank Credit card.

  • Don’t have the zip card. How long does it take to get approved normally?

    • Immediately as above

      • Thanks Mate.

  • I just use zip tap and got a instant notification I saved $30 from buying gift cards at bigw

  • Rather than using tap

    Will it work if using generate instore code or scan QR code?

    Or does have to be link to NFC and tap?

    • Only work when you have the Zip app on your device and use a virtual Zip card on Apple Pay or Google Pay, Tap at the EFPTOS. No instore code or QR.

      • Thanks

        It's all setup but I haven't used it before

        So I open the app and then go to cards and if my NFC is active it should work when ready to tap?

      • Or is it that page that says hold to reader?

        • Hold to reader, and has a picture of card and 4 digits

  • +7

    Doing the rounds at the shops
    Working fine at Coles for Coles Myer gift cards, Australia Post for Amazon gift cards.

    $30 rewards redeemable near instantly, adds the available funds after about 30 mins.

    Rewards balance carries over (bought $50 eBay at Coles first and got $5 rewards credit balance, then $300 Coles Myer to take it to $35 and redeemed $30 with $5 remaining).

    • From reading the comments here, it seems the Reward Goal is $30, i.e. you can only redeem in increments of $30, but I cannot seem to find this information in T&C?

    • Didn't work when I was trying to pay my origin gas bill at post office and was told origin for some reason doesn't accept credit cards?

  • Does Google Pay work at Costco warehouse?

  • I wonder if Big W have any left, there isn't many Big W stores in SA unfortunately!.

    I'm keen on JB Hi-fi to save the extra 10%, I don't wanna sign up to zip and waste a credit check without knowing there's gifts. Is it worth calling stores?

  • Is it possible to accumulate more $30 rewards without redeeming every $30

    E.g $60 rewards

    • +3

      Yeah, I have $94

      • Thanks

        • It's actually better if you redeem instantly - that way your available credit increases. Why do you want to hold up your own money?

          • @bajirao: Didnt't want to hold up the check out line

            Get weird looks

            • @Poor Ass: Ah ok .. didn't realize you were referring to checkout queue :) Anyway it takes some time for transaction to go out of pending status.

              • @bajirao: Ya sucks that can't repay instantly and then buy some more

                What you getting today?

      • How did you get $94? Did you transact four times to reach this?

        I currently transacted twice. The first one went through but I got like $45 rewards then wihout redeeming anything.
        I did my 2nd transaction and didnt register any rewards.

        • Maximum zip reward is $30 per transaction.

          • @PissLUR: Yup thats why I separated into two transactions, but didn't redeem the first 30 before doing the 2nd. Seems it didnt work for me :(

    • Why would it matter? The saving would essentially be on the gift card.

      If you buy $300, $30 reward and then buy another $300 but it'll cost you $270 then another $30 reward.

      I assume these gift cards at Big W tho are $270 to buy for $300 as already discounted etc

      Who do I PM for a referral?

      • Nah some fool before wrote you have to redeem everytime you have $30. I just wanted to see if he was wrong.

      • +3

        Matters because there is a progress bar that fills up as you get closer to $30 cashback on zip. What he's asking is that can you go past this $30. Yes you can, the rewards accumulate no matter how high the amount. You don't have to press the redeem the zip reward button everytime you get $30. You can for example accumulate $180 then press the button 6 times.

        The person on previous page who said max you can accumulate is $30 and you have to click redeem first before making transactions is wrong

        • Cool confirmed

        • Does the credits disappear if I can t make $30 today?

  • i'm new to Zip (just signed up), could anyone share how i add the 'tap & zip' card to google pay? i mean where is my zip card that i need to add to Google Pay?

    many tanks.

    • +1

      Download zip app, then click get 10% cashback promotion banner, it will guide you through the rest including automatically opening up Google Pay

      • Thanks, it guides me to a generic page where it gives you 4 steps. the 2nd being 'add your zip card to your google pay', i mean where is my zip card? cheers.

        • +1

          Scroll up that page, click either apple pay logo (if apple) or Google pay logo (if android phone)

          • @takutox: cheers, got it and its up:) you save my day!

  • Forget it, literally no discounted cards at Big W in SA! Apparently someone bought 500 cards at Brickworks!

    I only wanted the JB Hi-Fi but someone always ruins it for everyone else 😬😬😬

    • It's actually not possible to buy 500 cards, the zip pay limit is $1000-$3000 lol (unless they just took it at 10% off without the zip cashback, in which case wtf)

      But even if they did, if it's a legitimate purchase in my opinion it's not ruining for others. You snooze you lose. I had to pop in my store at 8am lol.

      • +1

        They may not have used Zip but other forms of payment including credit/debit card.

  • can one link american express to zip pay? visa works for me but not american express.

    • No.

  • FYI update

    Zip Pay instore cannot be used to buy gift cards at TARGET

    Confirmed instore they have a policy

    • +3

      A policy? Errr…
      Just say you're paying by card and tap your phone.

      • Will give it a go

        • It’s just a Visa card you use, so no idea why there’s any restriction.

          • @ATangk: Yeh they are bullshit I stupidly mentioned zip pay then they shoved a policy in my face saying can't use zip. Im sure if I didn't mention would be ok

    • Note that the 10% credit does not apply to paying using the Zip barcode - which is what a Target assistant will assume when you ask to pay with Zip.

      Just ask to pay by card and use the Zip Visa in your Apple/Google Pay wallet - it's no different to a normal credit card in-store for a retailer when you pay this way.

      • +1

        Ya I know but they're dumb and won't listen

        • Just go to a different target, don't mention Zip and just use tap-and-go, they would have no idea.

          • @Kenb0: Ya ended up at Coles f those target snobs

  • +1

    How long until pending is over so that I can make repayments

    • tomorrow at least

  • Hi Guys, does anyone know how I can refer a friend? I cannot seem to find anything in the Zip App. Thanks.

    • +1

      under Setting in the app

      • thanks, I checked but it's not there. What is it called? Do I need to make any transactions first?

  • +4

    bought 300 wish card $30 rewards is instant!