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10% off TCN The Active / Him / Her / Cinema / Pub&Bar / Restaurant, Google Play, Best Restaurants Gift Cards @ Woolworths


Starts Wednesday 9th December.

The Active Card - Nike, Puma, Foot Locker, Adidas, Sportspower, The Athlete's Foot, New Balance, Merrell, Surf Dive n Ski, Giant, Intersport, Drummond Golf, Billabong, Camping World, Compleat Angler, Quiksilver, Scooter Hut

The Him Card - Nike, JB Hi-Fi, ASOS, Universal Store, Culture Kings, Tommy Hilfiger, Hype DC, Platypus, Foot Locker, Xbox, Aquila, adidas, Glue Store, Drummond Golf, Academy Brand, Calibre, Calvin Klein, Diesel, Edge Clothing, Neverland, Surf Dive n Ski, SurfStitch, Timberland, Van Heusen, H&M

The Her Card - Nike, JB Hi-Fi, ASOS, Kookai, MAC, Princess Polly, adidas, Showpo, H&M, Universal Store, Sportsgirl, Platypus, Calvin Klein, Forever New, Glue Store, Adore Beauty, Aveda, Hype DC, Seafolly & Sunburn, Tiger Mist, Culture King

The Cinema Card - All major cinema chains or local cinemas that accept eftpos

The Pub & Bar Card - Use this gift card at pubs or bars that accept eftpos around Australia.

The Restaurant Card - Use this gift card at restaurants and cafes that accept eftpos around Australia.

Best Restaurants Gift Card - Use at 400+ restaurants listed at www.bestgiftcards.com.au/restaurants

Mod Note: The Active Gift Card might be replaced by The Teens Gift Card - Credits to WookieMonster

The Teen Card - Nike, JB Hi-Fi, adidas, Foot Locker, Xbox, Platypus, Hype DC, Tommy Hilfiger, ASOS, Glue Store, Universal Store, Calvin Klein, Culture Kings, Surf Dive n Ski

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      • Isnt there a specific card for pubs hence why it didn't work in pubs?

  • Folks, never done this before. I am looking to purchase an iphone at jb hifi with these cards. Can these cards be used online or only at the store ?

    • In store only.

      • +4

        What’s wrong with that? With last offer (@15%) I saved $270 off iPhone 12 (extra $30 from zip pay)

        • You did well. I only managed $107 (7.5%) off my iPhone 12.

      • +2

        I dont get free money and I love a bargain.

  • +1

    So the real deal is on Saturday using zip. The question is how much stock will be there for you.

    • I reckon none of the $100 one will be left since day one.

    • Woolies Team members can usually get 5% off on GC purchases. So it gonna be paying 0.9 x 0.9 x 0.95 = 76.95%, subject to stock availability and one's Zip upper limit.

      Non-metro Woolies/Coles in NSW always have plenty of stock of GCs.

      • It actually works out to be 23.05% off

        Purchase $100 gift card, pay $76.95

        In order of applying discount:
        10% off gift card
        5% off staff
        10% off zip pay

        100 x 0.9 x 0.95 x 0.9 = 76.95

      • You don't know much. Woolies staff members don't get 5% off gc's nor tobacco products. I found that out, as a staff member offered me their card to get a % off, as the person is a neighbour of a relative of mine. But did ask a few other staff (even front counter staff) and they told me that they can't get it on those things that I mentioned. I know of the manager too, as they told me.

        • I did not buy TCN issued cards in Woolies, but Swap cards in some trxns. It did take extra 5% off. No extra 5% off @ Big W.

          Related comments from others agrees with me.

          Store staff do not want to lend you card numbers for obivous reasons by saying that.

  • Does any know if staff has an extra 10% discount on gift cards?

    • From what I know, 10% only apply to groceries. 5% apply to gift card.

  • For those planning on using these at JB, they have very limited iPhone 12 stock and only get a few new devices per week per store.

  • +1

    Does anyone know if this is stackable with 10% monthly discount for Woolies credit card holders?

    • GC's are usually excluded in the monthly discount

      • Thanks!

  • +3

    please be aware lots of people’s TCN card got suspended in last week, you need to contact them and waste a lot of time to dealing with this.

    • +4


  • +1

    at Big W and Coles they all gone before end of the 1st day
    don't think the gift cards will last to Saturday, I mean - don't think about the ZIP deal

  • The restaurant card, can anybody please confirm if we can use the card to any cafe, restaurant, hawkers or eating place who accepts Eftpos ?

    • If the eftpos they use is registered as cafe or restaurant then yes, you can.

      • +1

        Why bother with gc ? People just use their eftpos card. Even if it is to give someone, better buy Mastercard or visa prepaid as they can spend everywhere. Scratching my head how they have this idea for people to buy the gc. Unless of course if there is some discount or privilege with the card.

        • +1

          Privilege is 10% off plus 10 from zip pay this month on a Saturday. That’s your privilege saving 20 pc rather than 10

        • +1

          The MasterCard/Visa have fees on top, I think normally $5.95 per card. These ones don't.

      • Do you know whether we can swap physical restaurant giftcard to digital version?

      • Does it work at at KFC for online orders?

        And some stores have a card surcharge?

      • -1

        Not always true.

        Now "cafe" is gone in their updated website.

        Also heard being declined in a Chinese and a Japanese restaurants.

        Haven't tried Thai yet.

        Perhaps it's just racist?

    • I've used it at Maccas, some Asian takeaway stores, and a bar / retaurant. All worked fine.

      • Cheers

        • Not anymore.

          Mine worked the first the time in a soul origin, but the 2nd time guess what? Declined of course. Same card same eftpos machine.

  • Here we go again!

  • +1

    Just a general heads up: these may not necessarily be available for use on-line. I know the Kids card cannot be used with JB online. In-store only.

    Go to https://thecardnetwork.com.au/, find the card of choice, then "learn more", then "how to use" and the "select a retailer" dropdown will tell you if you can use it online. Typically this involves buying giftcards for that store.

  • There won't be any left by Saturday, but at least there's more Woolies than Big WS in SA.

  • At least my local woolies is just a short bus ride away… needed to travel pretty far for my nearest big W.

    Also having gift cards on restaurants is nice to have… hmm

    • Until you get declined in certain restaurants …

  • Anybody know if you can buy these using Woolworths GC?

    • +4

      Nah… cant buy gift cards with Woolies-based gift cards. They stamped it out.

      the 10% Zip pay discount on Saturdays is the next best thing.

      • Thought that would be the case, thanks mate!

    • No

  • From what I know from a JB staff, they only gets 3-4 iPhone 12 variants a week. So probably save these up and get them later after Xmas as people will be going in and handing 20 GCs to buy them as soon as store opens.

  • +1

    Anyone know the cheapest way to get a Home card these days?

    • Wish the home cards were included in this. Shopback currently has 5% cashback on the Home card.

      Edit: My bad it was the online card not home.

  • Popcorn at the ready! 🍿

  • The Pub & Bar Card - Use this gift card at pubs or bars that accept eftpos around Australia.

    The Restaurant Card - Use this gift card at restaurants and cafes that accept eftpos around Australia.

    This is so broad that it makes me wonder if it will work literally everywhere like the red (non-xs) Westfield gift cards

    • +2

      i think they lock these down to a spend category. Businesses nominate their category when they activate their terminals

  • TP / Hand sanitiser saga all over again!

  • -2

    Beware from the previous deal you can only use 5 TCN cards per transaction in JB store.

    • +3

      I thought ppl were saying they removed that $500 limit?

    • +4

      Yeah old news mate, no limit now

  • +2

    wished there were online offers

  • +1

    So this is the reason why my EML shares have been going up in the last month lol.

  • Worth noting that the Restaurant, Pub-Bar, Cinema cards can be declined if the venue chooses not to accept it (it's buried deep in the terms/conditions). It's always a gamble.

    • They won't know if these guys enable conversion to digital. Just google/apple pay it.

  • +2

    This is going to be carnage again. I kind of wish they’d put all the gift cards behind the counter and sell them from there, 5 cards per person to make it fair for everyone.

    Those waiting for Saturday to stack with zip pay have no chance, will be long gone.

    • Depends on which Woolies. For my local one, there were IKEA cards still available last Saturday.

      But I guess Woolies in highly populated areas… yeah I can see it selling out fast.

  • How long is the JB card valid for?

    • +1

      3 year expiry on the cards - HIM HER with JB logo

  • Has anyone had any luck with their app? I've been trying to get an answer from TCN on when their app would work again to add physical cards to my mobile wallet for tap and pay etc but so far nothing. They promised it would be sorted by last week. The app fails at the first step to register as you never receive the verification text.

  • So if I want to purchase an $1100 item at JB Hifi I would need to buy 11 x $100 HIM/HER gift cards?

    Are the cards a fixed denomination or do you just load them with the amount required? Is the maximum per card $100?

    But I can't buy more than 5 HIM/HER gift cards per transaction, so I need to do 3 transactions?

    If I can find that many cards at my local store(s)

    Thanks in advance, never tried to buy gift cards like this.

    • -3

      JB doesn't allow more than 5 cards to be used in 1 transaction I believe.

      Good luck finding 1, let alone 11 cards.

      • +2

        No you can use as many GC as you like

      • I used 13 JB gift cards for an online order on the weekend.

        • +1

          Help! How did you use the card on JBHIFI website? I thought it was instore only for JB ?

    • +1

      I bought a $899 iPad Air from JB using 18 X $50 HIM cards with JB logo. I had to buy the cards at Coles with four separate transactions (5,5,5,3 cards), and charged with the 15% discount (Coles deal, this Woolies deal is 10%). And for the final time, JB has no limit on the number of cards you hand over - just make sure you have removed the cardboard covers and have the pin scratched so you are ready to roll.

      • +1

        Thank you, managed to get 12x$100 from two different Woolworths before 7:30 AM this morning, so off to JB today to buy a digital piano for our girls Christmas present, oh and a toaster for the in-laws ;)

        • Excellent all done. We used the $1200 of vouchers, and a $250 coupon from JB to buy the piano, stool and headphones. In the end, we saved over $400

  • Anyone know the details of cards being suspended in the past few weeks?

    • Some one got a bunch of unregistered TCN card at Woolworth and tried to redeem it a Coles Sales last 2 week.
      The system was detected the card then temporarily suspended it. They checked very carefully the stock level.
      The guys redeemed 7 GCs at different Coles store and when he rang the TCN support why it's all suspended, they said it's fraud and unable to active it again. Then he lost the money.
      They knew they're making a fomo on this, but we just simple save our budget for some of the occasion like this.
      So don't do anything silly.

      • Lol what! Are you making this up? I don’t remember reading this on any of the threads and doubt TCN would have any way of checking this!?

        • Yeah I lost $800 out of $2300 doing it this way. I got scammed legitimately

      • The guys&he <==>" I ”,That will be more reality

  • +1

    I'm thinking JB vs Amazon for the ZIP? All I want is a PS5, and I assume easier to find Amazon cards.

    • Doesn't matter if you're using the ZIP 10% off on Saturdays, you can waltz into JB HiFi on Saturday, buy $300 x 3 of GCs with 10% off and save it for when the PS5 comes back in stock (March 2021 is my prediction).

      Not too sure if buying Amazon GCs online will work with that ZIP promo though, those ones you will have to find instore somewhere (to tap and pay).

      • Does the zippay discount apply at the time of purchase or does it work like cash rewards. Sorry never used zippay

        • +1

          With the Zippay 10% you get rewarded 10% of every tap purchase you use once you have the Zip card/account linked to Apple Pay or Google Pay.

          Once you have $30 worth of rewards you then redeem it against your account, like you have paid $30 off it.

          Note that you can do multiple transactions to get to the $30, or one transaction of $300.

    • One potential advantage of purchasing via Amazon is that if you are lucky, there might be cashback for gaming for some additional savings (though past few months there isn't any - only on Black Friday/Cyber Monday SB and CR had cash back across the board)

  • +2

    To all of you Naive People, the only reason the supermarkets advertise and sell discount gift cards is to get foot traffic to the stores. They don't give a damn about how many cards available for sale. All they want is hundreds and thousands of people flock to the store looking for discount gift cards, only to find out they are all gone within 5 minutes of store opening, especially JB-Hifi/Ebay cards. They don't even care to stock up the next day or 2. All they want is when people are already inside the store, they will buy other stuff when they can't buy what they came for. I am the poster of the 15% gift card deal and I have learned the lesson. I won't bother anymore if I can't be 1 of the people lining up before store opens. Cudo to all the people who managed to get the cards. Good luck card hunting.

    • So you don't think they make good dough messing around with em LOL .
      You have a lot to learn !

  • +3

    with the coles promolast week there were no tcn cards at coles sth melbourne at 9am and for the rest of the week and then on wednesday ( when the deal finished) the shelves were fully stocked with him her gift cards etc….

    some dodgy stuff going on with these deals

    • Same story at my local Coles

      • Coles staff were certainly told to hold GC stock back until promo ended. I saw many stores magically stock up when the promo ended.

        • Poor form they also made up some random rules so even when they were available I couldn't get them

        • I totally agree with you.
          I do remember that I went to Coles on Wed after the promotion expired and found lots of gift cards show up from nowhere.

          • @neohazard: I had a similar experience where I had gone hunting for those on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, and all the stores I went to were out of stock. Come Wednesday, the rack had been stocked.

    • +1

      That's f**ked up, damn Coles.

  • I'm looking to buy best restaurants gc, is it better in this case to just get the restaurant card?

  • What is the expiry on the restaurant/cinema card?

  • I'll wait for the ze/zer cards

  • can you get staff discount on gift cards?

  • Can this be used in conjunction with the amex Qantas offer for $150 off $600 purchase? Also does it stack with staff discount?

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