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Samsung Galaxy S21 Series S21 $999.20, S21+ $1239.20, S21 Ultra $1,479.20 + Wireless Charger @ Samsung Education Store


All models are 20% off and come with a Trio Wireless Charger

S21 Ultra, $1,479.20 (128gb), 1,559.20 (256gb), 1,719.20 (512gb) - Selling all colours as well as exclusives to samsung store however exclusives are 4 weeks delay

S21+, $1,239.20 (128gb), 1,319.20 (256gb) - Selling all colours as well as exclusives to samsung store however exclusives are 4 weeks delay

S21, $999.20 (128gb), 1,079.20 (256gb) - Selling all colours as well as exclusives to samsung store however exclusives are 4 weeks delay

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      • none whatsoever, i did do the software update as soon as I booted it up. 256gb 8GB ram version. battery life has been great. moderate use and still have 50+ % left by 6pm

  • 20% on launch day lol

    • Yeah… Tough one to work out.

    • +6

      You must be new here, this happens with every recent Samsung Launch

      Note 20 - https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/556426
      S20 FE - https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/568111
      S20 - https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/518149

      • -8

        Don’t get triggered DNY. I’m not new here.

        I’m trying to make a point lol. Who would ever want to pay full price if it bloody discounts on the very first day.

      • Will these edu prices be lasting or just for launch period?

        • -1

          You don't have to buy it now if you are not ready. Plenty discount throughout the year with Samsung.

          I have access and it's never full price for S20

  • +1

    anyone with a .gov.au not receiving their confirmation email?

  • +10

    Disappointing how Samsung, who had ads last year mocking Apple for not including chargers (which Samsung have since deleted) has now also decided to go without chargers, microSD slot or a headphone jack. The headphone jack disappearing was arguably inevitable but the charger and microSD is what disappoints - the microSD I'm sure was a differentiating quality for many. When they can't even include something as basic as a charger in their phones (and not even their flagship phone), Samsung is heading in the wrong direction sadly.

    • +2

      I haven't even unpacked the charger or headphones for my last 3 phones due to my collection of BT headphones and wireless chargers. I, for one, am glad that they've stopped including them and I hope this plays a small part in them not bumping the rrp year on year.

    • +7

      What frustrated me with Apple doing this was their excuse about saving the environment. They decided to ship it with a lightning to USBC cable, which no one has the adapter for…forcing people to purchase it from their stores separately.

      • The thing with iPhone 12 is fast charge requires Quickcharge 4+, anything under just charges at the normal pace. Might be a thing with QC and not apple, but I don't think even a PD charger can charge iPhone 12 at 'quick charge' speeds?

        Macbook charger works though

  • +2

    Anyone think there will be a price drop on the S20 FE 5G? Seems the s21 lineup is just a slightly updated version of it.

    • +2

      best bang for buck when you compare it to the S21. i picked up the S20 FE 5G 256gb 8GB ram for $745

      • where did you pick yours up from? was it a price match error by any chance

        • +1

          Samsung Education store. Def. not a price error

          • @Deal-Sniper: Are you sure? I only see 6gb of ram and 128gb listed on it, and for 920

            Unless they've got rid of that deal already.. :(

            • @Thalminator: Yep they're all gone and no longer available. The 256 is now discontinued

  • +1

    would this deal stack with the $50 sign up bonus and the trade in offer for old phone?

    • Yes it does. I just tried it.

      • +1

        Is the $50 sign up bonus offer a one time use per account - and does it unique to the account used to sign up?

        EDIT: The $50 doesn’t seem to work. I get this message when applying it:

        The code you entered did not affect your order. Please note, codes may only be valid for certain items or in certain conditions.

      • So I can trade in my S10 and pick up an S21 128GB for $580?

        • Can you? Where does it say?

          • @Gundala: S21 (256GB) is $1079.20, take off $290 trade-in for my phone as per samsung valuation + $200 additional trade-in credit offer its $580 net

            • +1

              @zol1: I'm not sure if it's the same for others but the $200 trade in credit only shows up in the main Samsung store. When I log into the Education Portal it only shows a $50 trade in bonus. And no 50% off for Samsung Care either. I find that while I'm in the Education Portal the site will randomly switch back to the main store for no apparent reason. And it happens a lot. So maybe before you make the payment, double check that the prices are correct. I found the simplest way to check if you're still in the portal is that in the main store the bonus is the Galaxy Buds instead of the wireless charger.
              I found their websites annoying as hell…takes forever to load anything and the whole logging me out without any warning every 10 minutes was driving me nuts.

  • +3

    wow no actual charging brick, samsung just pulled an apple. Very disappointed

  • I see that the S20 link goes directly to the FE page. Regular S20's nowhere to be seen it seems.

  • +1

    Re TV comment yeah I don't think my next TV will be a Samsung.. Corporate greed corporate greed I can hear Paul saying….

  • -1

    Can I price match with JB and use 15% off gift cards?

  • No .edu email but good deal. Guess i will sit this out

  • looks like Chrome has an issue in that it may not show a discount, use Edge if that happens…

  • hello everybody,
    I am college student ,but no gov email , can I buy it ?
    or just for citizens only

    • You should be able to sign up with your college .edu email address

  • PHP-RARA-1Z26-ZA3G - $100 voucher
    got an email with this - please feel free to try it out

    • what is this code eligble for?

      • I am getting invalid code unfortunately :(

    • The code you entered did not affect your order. Please note, codes may only be valid for certain items or in certain conditions.

      • Only available for accessories

      • Add enough accessories which brings you over $100.01
        e.g. you cannot have accessories total <$100.

  • How much to trade in S20 FE 5G?

  • +2

    Gotta wait and see some battery reviews. Battery life on my Exynos Note 20 Ultra is atrocious. Hoping the Exynos 2100 improves on this substantially. Will pull the trigger on a 256gb Ultra if decent…

  • Anyone else's $50 Voucher never come through?

    • +1

      Just email "[email protected]" & they will send you a manual code pretty quickly.

      • Thanks! Have just done that.

    • If it doesn't come through (mine never did) hit them up on live chat or email them and they'll provide one.

      • Just tried live chat… said he can't, have to email them.

        • Yep same here. Waiting till Monday now.

  • +1

    No expandable storage = no thanks.

    • +1

      Probably have to wait for the s21 FE for that one

  • +1

    Oneplus 9 Pro is what I'm waiting for

    • An interesting report on past and current state of 1+ devices was made by MKB:

      I never realised how they were the same device as oppo with a different software stack. I used to love the phones and bought a couple models but now will look elsewhere.

  • +1

    anyone have a code they wont use?

  • Whats the best upgrade from an S8? while still keeping a micro sd slot and headphone jack

    • Galaxy S10+. I'm about to upgrade from my S10+ and I can say it's been a great phone.

    • Agree. My wife has S10+ and great phone with excellent camera.

  • +2

    Ordered 256 Ultra+ 45W fast wired charger+ Leather case+ Free wireless charger for - $ 1513.

    $50 sign up bonus
    $100 off for accessories
    20% student offer

    Thanks for the post

    • How do you get the $100 voucher?

    • Is there is voucher for $100 off accessories?

    • The $100 accessories offer wouldn't apply for me, and if you look at the t&c's it says it won't work on education store. Is this student offer something different?

      • Student offer only. It worked for me. got leather case and 45w charger worth $104 for $4

      • $100 accessories voucher worked for me on edu store. Just add any S21 series accessories over $100 dollar and than use voucher.

    • My accessories voucher didnt work on edu store… how did you manage to get edu prices and the voucher applied?

      • Add phone then add the accessories like charger cases etc in the same cart, then apply the voucher. It will work

        • I don't understand, you just told me its student only offer? Now you are telling this guy it will work with this guy on the EDU store? Which is it…

          • @brad1601: Sorry the $100 can be applied for all of them. I meant I applied it for student offer.

            • @KILLERbOnD: Just tried it again, made sure I had over $100 worth of accessories in cart just in case that made a difference, still won't apply.

              It clearly says in the terms and conditions that it doesn't work in the education store. You are being very vague and wishy washy so I have no idea what this "student offer" is you are talking about, it obviously isn't the offer that's been posted here.

              • @brad1601: It worked for me. I was using education store.

              • @brad1601: I got the code after following instructions on this post: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/597189\

                Then I applied the code in the cart of my STUDENT account. and it worked!

              • @brad1601: it worked for me as well.

                • @ecumgo: Weird, I've got the voucher. It just doesn't do anything.

                  • @brad1601: Try adding accessories more than $100 and apply the voucher

    • $100 voucher is just for the accessories. You Should pre register for Samsung event. See this post: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/597189

      Add phone then add the accessories like charger cases etc in the same cart, then apply the voucher. It will work.

    • I thought the wired charger is 25W max. Can you use the 45W?

      • +1

        Phone is still limited to 25w. But you can use 45w. Investment for the future since most phones gonna come without chargers from now on.

        • Thanks. your info is so useful

        • BTW, do you know news or information re performance and drainage of Exynos issues? i dont mind slow performance but the battery is a focus for me.

          • @ecumgo: I heard they are better. But not sure though waiting for the reviews to come out.

          • +1

            @ecumgo: Initial Benchmarks awhile back said around 20-25% battery performance increase.
            Speculation and early benchmarks shows it to match in terms of performance and battery life compared to the equivalent Snapdragon.

            The headlines currently are "Samsung Galaxy S21 might fix one of Exynos’s biggest shortcomings" which is battery life.

            Cant say for sure yet though until it is released and more people get their hands on to do benchmarks and bench tests of battery life.

    • Thanks for the tip! I was going to get the leather case anyway, but saw the ts&cs on the $100 off code excluded the education store.

      Just tried my code and it works! Now just have to wait for them to send through the $50 off code…..

      No issues with stacking the two codes i take it?

  • Is it dual SIM?

    • +1

      1x eSIM and 1x MicroSIM slot

  • Anyone have a spare $50 voucher that they wont be using? I signed up a while ago and never received the code. Have contacted support but it's going to take a while to get a response :/

    • I am also waiting for the $50 voucher has anyone got a spare one ☹

  • Hey guys,
    Getting some contradicting information in the Comments.

    Can someone please clarify:

    Does the Samsung government portal give higher or lower discounts compared to education?

    What pre order offers are available for the government portal? E.g ear buds, charger, samsung care discount etc

    • +1


      • what's the price there?

        • +1

          s21 Ultra
          128GB $1,571.65
          256 GB $1,656.65
          512 GB $1,826.65

          128 GB $1,061.65
          256 GB $1,146.65
          Pre order offer is free wireless charger

  • Anyone speak Vietnamese (at least I think thats what this language is?)


    He seems to have done benchmarks and battery life (9:44) of the S21.

    Using google translate I think he says

    Pin: 1 tran / 7-9% (25-30 phút)
    Battery life: 1 match / 7-9% (25-30 min), 40 FPS

    Can anyone estimate based on that what screen on time I would be seeing in normal use (non-gaming)?
    That seems pretty good though right 9% for half an hour of gaming?
    So 9% per half hour on PUBG.
    18% per hour gaming.
    5+ hours pubg time.

    I assume AT LEAST a 8 hour screen on time phone for non gaming?
    I think I'm in.

    • yeah. i asked my Viet friend and he said basically everything is decent. I hope Exynos is better this time.

      • Awesome.
        Btw that video was for the exynos

        • Yeah i know. looks like SD888 is not very good this time.

  • I was looking at the s20 ultra last week in Jbhifi and it seems to be dearer than this new s21ultra.

    I want a really good camera but the ultras are so expensive.

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