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Ozito PXC 18V Grass Trimmer (Skin Only), $29 @ Bunnings


Looks like the Aldi price match is being done by dropping the items separately. Add the mower kit ($160) and it's slightly cheaper too but on the trade-off of only having one battery … but any OzBargainer should have a few spare 4Ah lying around already ;)

This is skin only. Not as good as the previous deal which included a 2.5A battery but might be close enough for those who missed out on a getting a cheap trimmer of sorts. Handy they drop the items separately if you don't need both too.

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    Used this to get a jungle of a back yard under control, great value. It is what it is, so not exactly industrial quality, but I honestly expected to burn it out after days of a couple of hours a day of use but it's still going strong.

    • Was waiting for a positive review before purchasing, thank you!

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        I have one of these and for $29 its pretty good value. Just note that you will go through the blades very quickly as they snap easily. Cheap knock off versions can be found on ebay. Even better if you have time and patience, another user posted on here in the forum section about how he converted his to use proper trimming line rather than the plastic blades.

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          Thanks for the heads up, wonder if something like "unbreakable trimmer" could be added to it.


        • any possibility of the link to that forum?

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          I converted mine to use standard trimmer line by using a M6x10mm banjo bolt and drilling out the hole to fit the plastic trimmer line. Squish it between two washers and its quick and easy.
          I suspect the large wire brush head linked above would be a bit too heavy for it to move at an acceptable speed but I have a much smaller one which is about 10cm dia that I normally use on my grinder but will try to attach this weekend.

          • @nmachine: Nice, can you post pics?

          • @nmachine: This sounds easier than the method in the other post. Have you got any pics of the end product? I might give this way a try.

            • +10

              @JLCC: It's pretty simple really, not much to it.

              • @nmachine: Awesome, thanks!

              • @nmachine: So do you mean you cut lengths of line and thread it through the hole in the banjo bolt then tighten? So whenever you lose the line you need to loosen the bolt and put a new piece in and retighten? Easier to mod but not quite as convenient as having a proper head, or am I missing something?

                • @Jackson: Correct, but the line is cheaper and lasts longer than the blades originally intended for this model so I feel it is an improvement. Not like taking 30 secs to cut the line is a huge task.

                  • @nmachine: The cutting is fine, it's the removal and fitting that is the hassle along with potentially needing to carry a tool. I don't want to sounds critical, it's a good idea and useful to many I am sure

                    • @Jackson: No tool required.

                      • @boxall: Yeah I was thinking about that, finger tight should be fine

          • @nmachine: That's genius. Good work man

          • +1

            @nmachine: That's an awesome idea mate and I'd love to convert mine too! Where does one buy these banjo bolts from? I'm in QLD.

            • @gyrex: May be at Bunnings

            • @gyrex: I'd like to know this as well. Couldn't find any at Bunnings.

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              @gyrex: I got mine off ebay. Obviously not the quick option but I couldn't find anything at Bunnings either.

              • @nmachine: Thanks buddy. Do the threads fit ok? In your photo, the threads look a little messed up…

                • +1

                  @gyrex: Threads fit fine, just clamped it a bit too hard when I was drilling it out.

    • Bought mine last year, use it at least once a month for front and backyards. It has only recently started to burn out from extended usage. Might buy a second one because of the value

      • +3

        So it's seen less than 12 uses and it's over?

        • Around 30 hours of total use but truth be told, I modded the trimmer to use a line trimmer head. The additional weight of the head and the centrifugal force of the line might collectively be too much for the motor.

      • +3

        Buy a better one and create less landfill please.

        Honestly, cheap on gumtree. Got my Ego for free by buying a pack of gear and on-selling the bits I didn't want. Even without that, $100 tops.

        • Am planning on looking for a much stronger and longer lasting one. Unfortunately this particular Ozito trimmer doesn't fit my needs anymore, it was only the price that kept me interested.

    • +1

      I bought in the last deal with the battery and charger included.
      It's dinky but perfect for my minimal needs trimming Kikuyu around and under the posts of a small deck. Super easy to use cause it's so lightweight.

      Be aware that this is not a line trimmer. The cutting action is performed by a single plastic "blade". They include a pack of maybe 50 (?) of these blades in the box.
      I'm surprised that it manages a "jungle"

      • n00b here, what's the difference between this and a line trimmer?

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          A line trimmer uses line/cord. This uses crappy little blades, so better suited to low contact grass cutting. This is good bang for buck no doubt and good especially if you dont have hard surfaces trim against to minimize breakage. I've since moved up to the actual Ozito line trimmer, was about $100 more, and its far superior especially since i have a lot of solid garden edging to trim against.

      • +4

        Highly recommended at $29 an ozbargain indeed.

        I have been using the Ozito single 18v 3ah battery grass trimmer & blower for about 2 years.
        Came with 5 yr warranty - so far never had to make a claim.
        Ozito gets a regular work out maintaining a 1/4 acre block, do have a heavy petrol backup weed eater which I rarely use, too heavy & cumbersome.
        This Ozito weighs about 2kg + 600g for one 3 ah battery.
        Thought about the Ozito line trimmer version at $150, but it weighs 3kg + 1.2kg for two batteries, so didn't go there.

        The Bunnies man told me the secret to using the Ozito blade weed eater is to only use the tip of the blade & use the pull out chrome bar as a guide.
        Don't try cutting with the side of the blade, the blade may fly off, also may eventually wear out the steel stud that the blade pushes onto.

        Secret Mens Business: This unit is so light you can encourage the Ladies to do some weed eating.

    • agreed, even the little plastic cutter things exceeded my expectations (still on my first one despite many knocks into colourbond). Ive heard you can use zip ties as well although not tried that

  • How much run time do you get after a single charge?

    • I got one from last deal. it at least last for 15-20mins after full charge. good for smart job.

  • +1

    This model has the rotating head, the last deal was fixed head. Not sure if any other specifications have changed.

    • The rotating head would be a good option to have as it converts to an lawn edge trimmer.

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    Great price, but a fairly ordinary trimmer. I bought one for my 84 year old Mum because it was very light and maneuverable, but her grass is a buffalo type and will not even make a dent in the grass. The little blades just fly off. It does work on finer grasses such as Zoysia and fine blade couch. Just my 2 cents worth.

    • +3

      I hated the blades…. I wasted so much money on the blades as they will come off the minute they hit something a bit more solid

      • +1

        I must be the opposite of you both, I actually used mine to cut a large hedge for laughs. It took off all the small branches and leaves.
        Noidea how yours didnt cut grass

        • Was yours the 2nd or 3rd gen? Mine was 1st gen….

          • @Qmar: The one that was on here a month ago, $30 or whatever it was.

      • I use mine to cut thick jungle. I think the key is dont just smash it right into thick grass. Start from the top and use a sweeping motion and go over it multiple times, gets the job done.

    • +1

      I've also read review about people complaining that the blades break too easily and so need to be replaced quite often, but as you said it must relate to the type of grass as others said it was great. Just need to keep in mind the ongoing costs of the blades which I think would be much more than replacing the line in a line trimmer. I've held out buying this because of the replacement blades. Would just prefer a cheap line trimmer instead.

      • I have a 600m2 vacant block I did entirely with this. I went through 3 blades. But later discovered two of the blades were fine and just came off. So 600m2 of HEAVY weeds, for 1 blade isn't too bad.
        P.S. it's super light and the battery life is amazing (I used a 3ah battery for over an hour continuous). Used the battery it came with to finish off.

      • Based on my experience, the blades are fine as long as you don't hit anything hard when you try to do the edges and end up hitting the concrete or something like that.

        It would be excellent if I could use it for edging without worrying about the blade breaking after 2 minutes of use.

  • +1

    Wish they would do its big brother with the two batteries

    • I bought that last week. The motor is in the head so it's really heavy. I found it easier to walk backwards with it over the grass, rather than forward. I'd say it's almost uncomfortable. I'm not returning it though. It's much easier to start than a petrol one.

      If the motor was at the rear, it would have made it prefect.

      • How do you find the spool and bump feed system? Some have said its a bit weak.
        I have been thinking about getting this for some time too as I need the 36v power to get through the grass at my place and I am over petrol ones

        • What do you mean by weak? I have it, but have not owned others to compare. If anything i'd say my bump feed is a bit rigid and does not release quite so easily, but i usually only need to do it once per use anyway.

          • @Xizor: Other have said the spool is a little flimsy and could break easily but this is just what I have read.
            I have never used the machine yet

            • @King Tightarse: Hmm, i don't really understand what they are saying. Maybe it doesn't like repeated bumps down on concrete or something? Beats me. The spool is a bit of a pain to fit in, but that could just be me being a line trimmer noob.

              • @Xizor: No… that's just how they are. All bump feeders are like that. But once you got a new one in, you won't have to worry about for months.

                • @BadGiraffe: Cool good to know. Im happy with it though, worth the RRP skin only i paid.

        • Mine's alright. I don't have to hit it too hard. It's still new.

          I guess that's one thing it's got over my old petrol one. Because the head is so heavy, I don't have to whack it as hard on the ground.

  • +1

    Can this be fitted with line spool?

    • no but you can put a zip tie on

    • +1

      You can use a trimmer line, see the image in this previous post image. You just need to make a hook at the end of a 2.4mm diameter line (about 120mm long) and fit it through the hole where the plastic blade goes. You could heat up the end to make a 'blob' but I find it not necessary as the 'hook' should hold it in-place.

      • +4

        When I devised the feed-through method, I experimented a few things. One thing I found is that it helps if the line makes two arms that are of equal lengths. That way, the line seems to stay in the hole due to the balanced force.

        See steps 2 and 3 here, especially the 'bent in half' bit:

  • now need to grab a battery pack for cheap

  • +3

    I seem to break 5-10 of these red plastic bits on a single cut, as I need to cut close to fences/stone blocks.

    anyone has tips or tricks? Am i using it wrong?

    • +1

      Yeah, be careful around the rocks.

    • +1

      Is this with the Ozito blades?

      I've yet to break any that came with the trimmer (from the last deal) and have only had them fly off when trying to trim bushes and hitting a branch, or digging into the corner of a brick. I trim along fences and concrete too.

      The cheap online blades I bought just to test are garbage though and shatter super easily.

      • +1

        yeah ozito blades, i might be too rough with them when cutting around fences/rocks. they do fine with grass and very small branches

        I have this bit in my garden where i just cant get close enough to the rocks to trim em, its really annoying.

        the kogan replacement blades are absolute garbage, as you said too.

        • I bought my replacements from AliExpress, just to try the very cheapest. Not a good plan…

          The simple line trimmer line through the hole idea mocha_latte posted further down would probably work well for you.

          • @Prong: yeah i was thinking about that, but for some reason line trimmers are SO much more expensive.

            oh wait i misread that. let me read mocha's comment. edit; I gotta try that

    • not an expert but someone drilled holes and used cable ties

  • what battery pack will be required for this?

  • Link doesn't work—-working now.

  • +25

    After finishing the 20 included blades, I now feed a short line to act as a replacement blade like this:

    Step 1: cut out a 13-14cm line (https://ibb.co/jzQWg4q)
    Step 2: bend the line in half (https://ibb.co/YtKyhV8 )
    Step 3: feed the bent line into the trimmer head (https://ibb.co/S7jpMLd)

    Conveniently there's already a ~3mm hole where you normally secure the blade in to feed a short line. I use a 2.4mm line (Saxon ~$4 per 15m at Bunnings)

    The short line can still fly off, but it's much much more robust against hitting rocks, fence, etc.

    The line won't be as "sharp", so you may not get the best trimmed grass look.

    • thanks Probably can tie the line with a rubber band near the hole so they dont fly off easily…

      the line from the line trimmers get cut n fly away as well anyway

    • +2

      Nice. I was going to post this line holder from Thingiverse for those with printers, but yours seems like a much easier solution.

      • Looks neat. Unfortunately don’t have access to a 3D printer :-(

      • I get a 404 when I try to load this up. Anyone got this handy? There are remix ones but the diameter of the holes for the line looks smaller.


    • An elegantly simple solution! I'll have to give this a try. Though I haven't had any issues with the blades so far.

    • thanks i got to try this.

    • +3

      I just tried your solution and it works well! thanks mocha!

    • How does it compare to using the blades. Against concrete edge while trying to cut overgrown grass runners?

      • +1

        Surprisingly the line holds its place against hard surfaces.

        As for concrete, I've tried whipping out grass shoots in between horizontal concrete slabs (e.g. driveway). I haven't tried cutting against a vertical concrete slab (e.g. a wall), but I find it holds pretty well cutting against vertical sides of stone pavers.

        I used to be extremely careful with the blades not to even touch hard surfaces. Now I am much more liberal going against almost anything. It does take a bit of trial and error to get a feel of its limits. For me I try to not go in more than half the line.

    • This is awesome, thank you for the tip!

    • Top idea, thanks.

    • Looks like it could fly off more easily than the blades. Do you wear eye protection?

      • +1

        I personally wear correction glasses but yes eye protection sounds like a good idea, regardless of using blades or line.

        The rubberband addition from Aemit may improve things, though I haven't yet tried:

        • Yeah I wear glasses too, just not sure if that's safe enough as I've never used a grass trimmer before.

  • https://www.bunnings.com.au/ozito-pxc-18v-split-tube-blower-...

    can we use the battery from the blower kit be used with the trimmer?

    • +1

      Yes, you could.

      • whats the difference between split tube blower and tube blower?

        both look same but split one is cheaper

        • +1

          Literally the only difference on the blower is the tube, one is a single piece and one can break into two pieces for smaller spaces. The single piece tube one is more expensive because it's a 2Ah battery vs 1.5Ah in the split tube kit, they come with eco chargers though and they are RUBBISH so factor in the cost of a new charger too.

          I wouldn't recommend either of them honestly, they are the older versions and don't have variable speed adjustment. The variable speed version is like $165 for the kit and SERIOUSLY overpriced. I do recommend the jet blower that they were practically giving away for $30 a few months ago, that one is great but you won't find it for that price these days, people are reselling for around $80 for the skin only.

          If you do want one of these non variable blowers though, you could go for this battery kit and the blower skin only this is a bigger battery and a better charger for $90 with the blower, but you can't get the split tube this way.

          Hopefully that makes sense…

  • Skin only? IIRC the last deal had a battery included at this price: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/575305

    • +1

      Different model.

  • How much the battery

  • +9

    I made a stupid video of me cutting things that shouldn't be cut last time this was on sale.


    Though I have the model without the adjustable head. Seems otherwise similar. While some people have struggled with blades, I found them tough and it took a lot of effort to get them to come off. Mostly if it catches a sharp edge or digs in. None have actually broken either. I've used it in a jungle of a backyard with no issues so far.

    Sure, it's not as good as a line trimmer, but if you already have a battery then this is a good deal IMO.

    I tried some of the cheap replacement blades from online but they are much harder material and just shatter if you hit anything even remotely tough.

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