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10% off Coles Mastercard Gift Cards ($5 or $7 Purchase Fee Applies) @ Coles


Not a bad deal - some free money. Stay safe, and enjoy :)

Limit of 5 gift cards per customer. 10% discount will be applied to the value of the card including the applicable purchase fee. While stocks last, no rainchecks. Offer valid from 10/02/21 to 16/02/21. Refer to individual gift card for terms and conditions. $5 purchase fee applies to $50 & $100 GCs. $7 purchase fee applies to $250 GCs.

As per the terms, the purchase fee is included in the discount making the final price even better:

  • Buy a $50 gift card for $49.50 - $0.50 profit - ($55 x 0.9 = $49.50)
  • Buy a $100 gift card for $94.50 - $5.50 profit - ($105 x 0.9 = $94.50)
  • Buy a $250 gift card for $231.30 - $18.70 profit - ($257 x 0.9 = $231.30)

And thanks to RichardL for the percentages:

  • Buy a $50 gift card for $49.50 - 1.00% discount
  • Buy a $100 gift card for $94.50 - 5.50% discount
  • Buy a $250 gift card for $231.30 - 7.48% discount

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    • you can only load it using EFTPOS card but even if you do that Auspost will block your account.

    • +1

      Seriously, why complicate things.

    • +2

      For me the usage case is easy: I buy food, alcohol, diesel, pay for electricity, gas, water. I buy collectable antiques. All these things are perfect for $250 gift cards. I don't mind if I can't pay for registration or insurance with these cards as there are over a dozen places I will use these cards instead.

      • Exactly. Very simple and straightforward.

  • Knox (both coles) and Stud Park (Rowville, VIC) are now out of all cards as of 4pm yesterday.

  • Been to a few coles and some of the cards are not scanning. Getting error message item not found. :(

    • +1

      I run into one store with the old aqua coloured Coles MC's that expire 2024 and these wouldn't scan .

    • Due to min 3 years to use them.

  • i bought something and the merchant couldn't fulfil the order and they refunded me. This will get refunded back onto the card no problems right?

    • +1

      Yes due to aml money refunded to source of payment.

      • ok no worries. guess ill check the balance online in a couple days. cheers :D

        • +3

          Don't worry, it definitely works. I have watched various refund go back on these cards quite a few times.
          Always happens

    • should all be described in the t&cs

  • Anyone seen coles mastercard giftcard in their local store still? I live in Eastern Suburb Victoria, just wondering if anyone seen any. Thanks

    • Your area they were queued up at opening nearly all locations yesterday .

  • +1

    Wonder if stores will get restock?

    • It's possible. At some random day and time over the next week. Might have to camp out in front of the gift card aisle.

    • +1

      In my experience, they have restocked during similar value deals.

  • +4

    Crowdmapping availability of Coles MasterCard

    Setting up a crowdsourced mapping using ushahdi

    Please click https://excelcius.ushahidi.io/views/map (Is ushahidi.io safe?) for availability of MasterCard $250 and $150 cards.

    Also if you're at the store please add in your contribution.

    This is a Work in Progress.

    Need some reviewers as well. Please PM me if you want to help.

    • If there's a mandatory box for 100s and 250s remove the mandatory requirement for description

      • Thanks for the feedback. I don't believe thats possible.

  • Can someone please clarify if we can use this card to pay for council rates/water/gas bills?

    • -3

      As long as it doesn't go more than $250 per bill (to the max of one GC)? I am not sure if council or utility company can accept spilt payment (I doubt)

    • +1

      Yes, just paid my gas and electricity bill with these.

    • I paid my council fees today. Had no problems splitting the payment between 2 cards.

      • Only used bpay before, how did you split the payment? is it via post office?

        • My council's web site allows users to put how much they would like to pay for their rates bill. So I paid $250 on one card, and the rest with another.

    • +1

      I have paid my Council rates (VIC) yesterday at Australia Post with 10 $250. Australia Post said that they can accept multiple gift cards.

      • Thanks for the info. Will do the same on Monday.

        • Hopefully you have luck with your local, I think it could be a hit and miss dependent on the staff. My first attempt was unsuccessful (said couldn't split more than 2 payments) but manage to do it in a different store. I'd also try to go in at off-peak hours as it will take more time (depending on number of cards) and may attract unwanted attention from other customers :)

  • Does anyone know if this could be used at Aldi without paying the surcharge, and if so how? Thanks

    • +1

      Can't surcharge will apply as they're mastercards

  • +1

    Coles stores have received the inevitable "apology" notice from HO and further stocks are very unlikely

    • So are you saying all those stores that supposedly started with 0 aren't going to get a restock for the senior staff ?

      • No I am not saying that.

        "Coles stores have received the inevitable "apology" notice from HO and further stocks are very unlikely"

  • Pay off Zip balance with these cards?

  • Just visited 2 local stores and both have apology stickers.

    Didn't notice such thing with TCN or any other previous promotion. Either they are bombarded with enquiries or they intentionally hid the cards to avoid loss.

    • +3

      I think a more likely outcome is staff got wind of the promotion and hid the $250's cards out back. Who doesn't like free money for almost zero effort.

  • +1

    its like free foot traffic for coles, these kinds of deals, you gotta go in 2 days early to hide all the gc and then go in on the day and pay for the secret stash.

      • +2

        Because some of us don't want a criminal conviction under our names?

    • -1

      Just make sure you hide them in the $50's for me :)
      I'm up to a crazy amount found there now .

  • +3

    So annoying when the shitty news gets a hold of this shit and then posts an article on Facebook causing all the regular peasants who would've never heard of this promo to clear the stores out.

    • +1

      To be fair, it's on page 48 of this week's digital version of the catalogue, so a lot of people would have known about the promotion anyway.

    • +2

      Being on Ozbargain would attract more interest then the news site. Most people I try to explain gifts cards to think it's too much effort for $10 savings.

  • $250 sold out at Noarlunga Coles, but they have at least 30 $100 cards.

  • +1

    Can you load one of these cards as a Payment method in Google Pay or Apple Pay?

    • +1

      No, I tried.

  • +6

    Coles Richmond Icon (VIC) just restocked all variants.

    • I didn't see a stack like that all day yesterday .

    • All $250 gone…
      Someone is smashing All the $250 ones…
      Plent of $100 and $50 left at the time of post.

      • The staff are quite strict with 5 per person. Either a few people are clearing the $250s or someone is hiding them.

        • Or maybe they just go to a different cashier?

          • @capslock: Yeah the staff recognised someone who went to a different cashier. Must be lucky I guess

        • +1

          He could hold them all and waiting for the family members to come.

  • +1

    I hope all the basement dwellers that hide cards, and get up early in the morning to clear out stores, end up losing a bunch of cards. That will wipe out the savings pretty quickly.

    • Don't stress random.

      Some have problems.. envy, greed gluttony and sloth.

    • +1

      I hope so too.

      All it'll take is the loss of one card …

      Really hate the bloody card-hiders with a vengeance.

    • Can I suggest you check out the salt isle next time? Hehe

  • Just bought 5 250$ ones from Pacific werribee Coles, Vic. Didn’t see anymore left

  • "Hey 'Coles', how about a raincheck?"

  • -3

    I would avoid these like the plague.

    The reason they love these, is they know that people forget to use them (mostly men) and it's basically free money to them.

    Also if you ask for a brief extension, the heartless bastards at corporate couldn't give a crap about you. I'm making 2021 my year of not shopping at Coles after they kept $100, the complete balance of my gift card, which is now just a decorative piece of plastic. Haven't shopped there since Nov last year.

    • +1

      Yes, gift cards are a great deal for the seller because some people leave balances on the cards. The onus is on the user to make sure every dollar is used. I do that. I am a man too, so I guess I'm kinda weird for doing that eh?

      You have five years to use the balance on these cards. Half a decade.

      • Most of my gift cards are quickly used up. I have a stack of bills, and I just used these to put my account in credit.

        As for the Coles/WW ones, I usually do big shops for family and relatives, so a $500 gift card is quickly consumed within a few days. Of course with COVID, my spending at the supermarkets have fallen drastically too.

    • +1

      This is how they can afford to discount them. If people used them in full and didn't let them expire with money on them you'd never see them under face value.

      Since the government made them have a minimum expirary date of 3 years there has been so much less discounting.

  • +3

    Just got the last 5 $250 at coles Shellharbour when I went to get the pestos with the free gift cards offer. I didn't go earlier because I was sure they sell out ages ago. I had 2 self service people ask me if I knew about scams with gift cards. I don't think they believed me when I told them it's basically free money.

  • None at my local 2 coles, none found in the cbd either.

  • My Coles has not had a single one of these cards since 8AM weds, just empty racks.
    Not even a $50

  • So these MasterCard's CAN be purchased by Cole Myer physical gift cards and with Coles egiftcards (at 4% off) but CANNOT be purchased by flybuys dollars?

    Also full amount required on the gift cards for purchase (atleast on self checkouts)?

    • -2

      If you are keen on using flybuys dollars,

      Flybuys dollars => Cole Myer physical gift cards @ Non-Coles stores. There are many, just cant be Coles.

      • Ok got you. So use FB$ to get the Coles Myer cards and then use those to get the Coles MasterCard's?

        • I think no. I used them to buy Ultimate cards before and failed. You have to do a workaround job if you want to.

  • +5

    For those with questions about whether or not Flybuys points are received on purchasing these cards, on Wednesday I purchased 5 x $250 and today received 1156pts from the transaction.

    • +1


      • Nice! That's got to be worth another ~$5?

        • +4

          Yes but your offer minimum spends will go mental

          • @King Tightarse: Argh yes good point didn't think of that!!! I bought 7 in total between myself and partner (but on the same flybuys) so probably will get ridiculous min spend offers soon.

    • Can confirm also received FB points from the giftcard purchase. Very pleased!

      • Just checked and yes got the FB points as well.

  • -1

    Might have been mentioned before, but you can profit infinitely by using your gift cards to buy yet more gift cards… And repeat.

    • +1

      I can't even find one card to buy in my area let alone infinite cards.

      • I had to ask for them.

        Staff didn't restock the shelf. YMMV.

    • Yeah but you'll just have a whole bunch of cards with $18.70 left. It's the same profit if you just bought it with your own money and not with the GC

      • -1

        Split payment will avoid this problem. But whoever does this without a legitimate reason will just spoil it for the rest of us struggling to find even one.

        • +1

          good luck with split payment unless the attendant is having a crush on you.

          • @lgacb08: I've done it with Coles Myer gift cards from First Choice Liquor Amex deals. Not sure why you think it can't be done. Also done it with eGift Cards from Suncorp.

  • +2

    Coles North Perth is stocked.
    Got a couple of $250.
    Has 14 × $250, around 40-50 × $100 when I left.

    • Missed out again! :(

      Went there and only the $100 card was left.

      • Why wouldn't you buy your limit of 5 saving $27.50 . All the folk I know are taking limits of $100's or if lucky $250's .
        But I can assure you not many $250's out there .

        • +1

          Oh I did! Better to save some than none at all. In the ideal world I’d buy $250 cards. But since they are difficult to buy, the $100 will have to do.

        • Popsie, I didn't neg you, I'm just ozbargaining within my means. I had an initial outlay of $472.50 (for 5×$100 cardd) and used those cards to purchase more cards. Have done this cycling (at the risk of being neg'd myself as it seems unpopular to some??) a couple of times and now have $592.40 in value for the 472.50 outlay, so I'm happy with that. Also end up with less cards laying around, and I guess more left on the shelf for other hunters :)

  • Coles Myrtleford Victoria had decent stock remaining of the $250 voucher

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