This was posted 8 months 11 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Logitech MX Anywhere 2s Wireless Mouse $48.48 C&C (Or + Delivery) @ Big W ($46.05 w/ OW PB)


Greetings everyone, excellent price on this mouse from Big W as part of their click frenzy sales.

Should be able to receive a 5% price beat at Officeworks to get it for $46.05. Or can use discounted Big W gift cards also.

Free Delivery is currently available over a $65 spend at Big W also as part of the sale.

Those that want to spend over $100 also can stack with the "10DOLLARS" coupon to get $10 off $100 spend.

Amazon AU have price matched with free delivery also. - Credit to docker-m

Revolutionary Multi-Computer Control
Meet the compact and powerful MX Anywhere 2S, the mouse that gives you superpowers. MX Anywhere 2S works wherever you do – coffee shops, airplane seats, hotel rooms and off-site meetings – and works seamlessly across three computers including navigating and copy-pasting between them.

Product Features:

  • Take Multi-Computer to a Whole New Level
  • Tracks Anywhere
  • Ready When You Are
  • Hyper-Fast Scroll
  • Easy-Switch and Dual Connectivity

As always, enjoy :)

This is part of Click Frenzy deals for 2021

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  • +6

    Great mouse, great price. Except we are not freely to go "anywhere", not a product issue though :)

    • +8

      Just a heads up for anyone buying this, while the newer MX Anywhere 3 doesn't add that many new features, it does come with a USB-C charging port vs the micro USB charging port that this comes with.

      For me, that alone makes the MX Anywhere 3 worth the price premium over this.

      • +5

        Last discount price for Mx anywhere 3 was $90. Is that connection to charge really worth DOUBLE the price?

        I charge mine like once a quarter… so not to me.

      • +2

        For me, that alone makes the MX Anywhere 3 worth the price premium over this.

        Why? How often do you charge it?

  • How to get price beat at Officeworks, still showing $109?

    • +2

      Give them a call on 1300 633 423 and request a price beat against Big W over the phone.

      • The one in Officeworks is MX Anywhere 2S, this one is just the 2

        • This is definitely the 2S from Big W, the title of the listing just isn’t correct. The description and the shape / colour of the mouse are for the 2S.

          • @doweyy: Oh yeah, I think you're correct. The Big W listing title is wrong


    Has anyone tried this mouse before? Cheers,

    • Very good. I have a couple of them. I suffer from severe osteoarthritis and find these mice easy on my hands. They are relatively small compared to the larger gaming mice, but not too small. A Blue-tooth wireless charge can last up to ten (10) days, depending on use which makes them ideal when travelling for work My current mouse has been in daily service since 2016 and I bought another for backup (still in box).

      Verdict (from me): Highly recommended. No downsides, except Windows 10 which occasionly spat the dummy and I have to pair the devices, not just the mouse.

  • +1

    Great mouse - The only downside is MicroUSB. If I had my time over I'd probably pay a bit more for USB-C, but if you don't care then go for it.

    • +5

      I haven’t charged my mouse in months 😅

    • +4

      Downside for me is there is no middle mouse button (mb3 / mmb) on the scroll wheel.
      There is a tiny small button located behind mouse wheel but it's awkward to use as a substitute.
      Wouldn't recommend buying if you use the MMB a lot

      • +4

        I must conclude that few people use the middle mouse button because I rarely see this brought up when this mouse is mentioned. The extra little button is a strange choice when clicking the scroll wheel has been standard behaviour for more than 20 years.

      • +1

        It is pretty easy once you get the hang of it. Trust me, I use the MMB quite often and within few days I had no issues reaching to the button for middle click.

        • Tried it out for 3 months and finger started getting sore moving my finger forward and back so frequently. Had to throw it out and use the more expensive MX Master instead.

  • +2
    • To get Amazon to price match, do you just message their support?

      • Not sure - I just searched on Amazon & they were already at that price.

      • +1


        Only they will price match at their own will.

  • +1

    Wow, great price… but I don't need one.

    • +1

      Always a big battle between 'need' and 'want'.. I want so many things that I don't need and usually 'want' wins over 'need' in most instances!

      • +1

        It's a truth for many ozbargainers. You can buy what you want but don't need is when your other necessities are fulfilled. You can't buy what you need let alone want is the irony for many people.

        • +1

          We are the foundation of Straya's economy

  • Fantastic mouse, highly recommend! Charge like once every year using it only occasionally with my laptop.

  • Good deal. I use mine and switch it between various tablets/iPad/etc. The Logi receiver on this was even thinner than the previous nano one I had; although I do worry if it'll snap off at that thinness.

  • +2

    Fantastic mouse.. Highly recommend. It doesn't need a dongle, can directly hooked to the laptop's Bluetooth which is one of main reasons why I like it. No USB ports wasted for a silly mouse dongle.

    • Yep those dongle's are so redundant now, bluetooth is much more snappy these days!

  • +1

    Has anyone used this one before?
    Wonder if it's better/same compared to Logitech MX Anywhere 2s?

    • I think the Anywhere is the flagship mouse. Normally it is around $100 (for the new model).

      • +1

        The Anywhere is not the flagship mouse. Flagship portable mouse maybe. The MX Master would be the flagship, if there were such a thing.

    • Looks nicer but performance I don't know. Besides it's got replaceable battery. Anywhere 2s has inbuilt battery that needs recharging only every once in a while..

    • +2


      Lots of pros/cons for both - for me the main thing would be if you want portability, then probably get the 2s. If you are using it in the office and/or want to switch between multiple pcs then the triathalon is likely more suited.

      • +1

        Just a follow up - the Triathlon arrived earlier today. Been using it for a little while now, and it seems to be the perfect size for my hands. Obviously it is designed for right handers, so bad luck if you're a lefty, but for me it's great.

    • Thanks for the head's up - I like the larger more ergonomic (for me) shape, the ability to store the usb dongle in the mouse itself, plus the long battery life all made the extra few bucks for the Triathlon worth it (again, for me - if I was throwing it in the laptop bag all the time and having to use it on all sorts of different surfaces it would have been different ie the MX Anywhere deal was/is still excellent).

    • I literally bought the 720 in response to not liking the 2s.

      Only reason I didn't like the 2s is my hand size, they're fairly large/huge.. That meant the 2s felt wrong and narrow. Was getting cramps using it. 720 is fantastic.. Feels slightly less premium but only marginally.. Is coated in a kind of grippy plastic that feels nice..I don't like thumb rests but this one is minimal and I move my thumb just off it.. I've heard some people don't like this because their thumbs want to fall off the side so if you're a thumb rest user, maybe it's an issue.. But the 2s doesn't have one at all.

      Overall, brilliant mouse.

    • +1

      Have a read through previous deals, plenty of positive comments there (including from me). The Triathlon is my mouse of choice. This photo shows the relative sizes of the MX Master, Triathlon and Anywhere. The Triathlon is the perfect size for me.

  • +1

    Great mouse, have been using it with MBP for a year. It connects with Bluetooth and wireless receiver. I haven’t used the receiver and it has been great as Bluetooth mouse.

  • It's a fantastic mouse, got one last year. Considering getting another one for work..

  • Ordered with same day delivered when it was posted.

    Just received this email

    "We are emailing you to let you know that we are unable to supply the below item/s as they were unavailable at the time of processing your order."

    • From which shop?

    • Currently showing on Amazon:
      Only 5 left in stock (more on the way).

  • Great mouse - I bought one when we were working from home, now use it in the office… using it right now. Might buy another for home.

  • Good mouse… for Windows. Does glitch a little on Mac.

  • Amazon ozbargained

  • Cracking price but I really want a white one lol

  • Ordered one from BigW and they said they cannot supply it and cancelled the order, ordered from Amazon.

  • Ended up buying from Amazon with backorder as Officework declined my price beat request, saying theirs got a different series number to Big W and Amazon.

  • +1

    Amazon is gone

  • Got one from Big W. Cheers

  • This or paying $50 more for MX Anywhere 3?

    • +3

      Easy choice, >> This :) Who cares about usb c for 50 more!

  • +1

    Amazon and Big W showing sold out online for delivery. Officeworks refused to price match.

    A few in stock suposedly at stores in South East Vic.

  • Rubber grip sides started peeling off after 2 years of use :(

  • They're out of stock in NSW, local officeworks rep knows they're out of stock. No matchy.

  • Is this a full sized mouse?
    The mouse that came with my wireless kB and mouse kit gives me cramps due to small size

  • +1

    Excellent mouse. I actually prefer this to the newer anywhere 3 as the side scroll is so great to have.
    However, the scroll wheel is heaps better on the 3 and so is having a middle click…

  • Still 5 in stock at both Kingston and Rosny Hobart stores. On shelf for $95. Could post if anyone is still interested but wouldn't know how much postage it would add…. 🤔

  • Tried to price match with Officeworks, but lady on phone told me they can't do online only prices to price match

  • Been using this mouse for 2 years, very good except giving me wrist pain time to time. Spend extra to get MX Master if you get the pain.

  • +2

    This is a good mouse, but it has such a fatal flaw that I can't get over - the fact that the scroll wheel is not clickable.

    I use this button a lot to open links in a new tab and given that practically all other mice (including the MX Master) use "click the scrollwheel" as the middle click button, this is a dealbreaker for me.

    FWIW, it's a nice portable mouse though.

    • FYI there's a button just under the scroll wheel that does exactly that. Been using it daily for a decade (since the VX Nano predecessor).

  • Is this OOS? Not able to make order online, OW won't price match as it's online deal etc..

    • Can still order here, but stock shows at all Southern Tasmania stores amazingly!

      • Yeah I'm in NSW and shows no stock hence can't add to cart atm.

        • What happens if you put your local postcode as 7000 and then add to cart, can you put delivery address to 2000 then when you checkout (assuming you want delivery) ?

          • +1

            @Limbot: I tried to imagine myself in Tasmania and have selected the store but it will not deliver (all red X crosses). I managed to find one in Penrith/NSW (40km away from where I am) but still will not deliver will only allow pick up from the store. Now wondering if it's worth driving 40km to get this….

  • Bought this yesterday and has already been delivered. Works great on a Mac, the gesture control is awesome. I'm already used to using the gesture button for middle click too. Only problems so far are that it feels a little slow over bluetooth coming from a wired mouse, and that I keep accidentally right clicking because the main buttons are so light! Will be interesting to see whether or not I get used to that.

  • Thanks OP! Bought one!

  • Seems to have ended - or am I missing something… :(

    • Ahh yep ended now, have updated.

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