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Free Foxtel Now Box for Select Foxtel Now Customers


Full credit to walaj on Whirlpool.

Only available to selected Foxtel Now customers. Offer must be redeemed by 30 June 2021 or while stocks last. 12,000 boxes available. Foxtel Now box will be delivered within 15 business days to the nominated delivery address. Limited to one per customer. Not available in conjunction with any other offer.

Should work with the 10 day trial, or the free month for Telstra postpaid customers:



Other random info:

  • Once the box is activated with a Foxtel Now account, you can log in with your satellite/cable Foxtel details if you have multiroom (or you can use WBMC mentioned below if you don't have multiroom)
  • Has inbuilt FTA tuner (which can now be used with the Live Channels app), Chromecast built-in, and Bluetooth remote
  • Has native Google Play apps for Netflix, YouTube, Disney+, Stan, Optus Sport, and all five FTA channels, as well as Plex
  • Amazon Prime, Kayo, and Binge work, but have to be sideloaded or cast
  • WBMC can be sideloaded (it's a fork of Kodi; Kodi itself can't be loaded), and used with Matt Huismans add ons, including Foxtel Go:



  • Has Ethernet (100Mb), USB, microSD, and S/PDIF ports
  • You can't reorder the apps row
  • You can't reorder the FTA channels within the Live TV section
  • I couldn't get the Apple TV app working
  • You can get Amazon / Kayo / Binge / WBMC apks from the repository below:


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  • Online chat - no issues resolving within 5min however can only provide refund via cheque (up to 15 days) as account is deactivated…

    • Lol I entered in BS details for name…

      • I guess the saving grace for me is that it was my legitimate foxtel account so at least the refund will come to me…albeit slowly

    • +1

      Strange, when i tried online chat, i was directed to call them. THen they said they will refund back via the method that was paid.

      • Same. They said no refunds can be provided via online chat

    • LOL what? My account is also deactivated - They are refunding my CC within 5 days. Are they just making this stuff up? 😆

  • Their support and Accounts staff will be spewing. All the extra work they have to do due to this stuff.

    • The social media team is useless as you would imagine and just saying I purchased 1 box and everything is went as planned 😂

  • Called 15 min, agreed to refund me the $297 back tomy credit card

    • Soooo 3 boxes 🤣 That's one true ozbargainer right there.

      • Nah he didn't get any and didn't get charged either. Just negotiated a free refund 🤣

        • They should refund the time value of money as well. Imagine the things he would have done for the $297 if it was there in his bank a.c. yesterday 🤣

        • refunds are not free now? who charges for refunds?

          so much free time….

    • The rep on the call is
      1. Reactivating the account
      2. Adding a credit adjustment
      3. Then applying the adjustment to the account as a refund - which will take 5 business days
      4. Deactivating the account

      Is this what they did for everyone on the call?

      • Unexpected extra days for free watching? :)

        • Sorry if that was not clear.. activating and deactivating happened on the same call.. no extra days

    • Did the charges appear on your view my bill?

  • +1

    Looks like I made the right decision using a disposable virtual card to sign up for the trial. Checking the "View my bills" section, looks like they did raise a charge of $99 for my supposed free box. Let's see whether they will pursue that.

    • Is your account still active or deactivated?

      • +2

        Still active. I also used a fake name to sign up.

    • From where did you get "a disposable virtual card " mate? Feel free to share the link so that I could get one too =)

      • +1

        From this deal. But apparently the disposable virtual card is locked behind a paid subscription now according to an earlier post in this thread.

  • -1

    I can't use Netflix on the Foxtel box form today,I think they locked

    • Noooooooo :( I guess I have to go home today and see for myself as well..

    • This box is so locked down now. It’s pretty average. Also, if you want to use it for free-to-air TV, the channels are embedded with their Foxtel channels which is a pain to flick through channels. Overall, I find the device a bit sluggish for an Android TV box (and definitely slow compared to Apple TV) with restrictions too.

      However, can’t really complain for something that was free. Thanks again OP!

    • +1

      They locked out Netflix? FFs
      I wish there was a way to reflash this as a basic Android TV box and forget Foxtel altogether

      • +2

        I don't think they have locked out Netflix, I just checked mine and it's still working fine.

        • That is good to hear!

        • Are u still subscription ?

          • +1

            @EPPING PARK: No, cancelled my trial on Saturday which was the last day of my trial. Everything still seems to work, Kayo, Netflix & Prime Video.

            • @PAFC1870: How do you download Prime video with the box ? I tried to install it, but the app not exist via Foxtel box

              • +3


                1. I downloaded the Apk from this repository https://mega.nz/#F!PaJQELqY!dg3wVzOFIybj6an5Yeq7PA

                2. Then uploaded it to my google drive

                3. Then downloaded and installed an app from the play store on the Foxtel box called TV File Commander

                4. Linked my google drive account to TV File Commander and installed the Prime Video app from there

                Step 1 & 2 I actually do on my phone as I find it easier than using the Mac or PC.

                This is how I sideload and install all my apps on my Android boxes that aren't available on any given Android box.

                Note that sometimes there are multiple versions of the apps available. Some will work, some may not. It's just trial & error. I usually start with the newest apk version and work back from there.

                • @PAFC1870: my box is also fine obviously no foxtel channels once the subscription is cancelled everything else works, netflix, kayo etc but I can't get apple tv+ to work has anyone managed that?

                  • @Irishness: Sorry mate, I haven't tried unfortunately. My experience with trying to get Appletv+ working on the Vodafone TV ended in failure, so I just gave up on that and haven't bothered with the Foxtel box.

                    • @PAFC1870: thanks, I don't think it's possible would love to hear otherwise though

                • @PAFC1870: Thanks

  • +2

    Is anyone hacking this and replacing the Foxtel software with something more pleasant?
    I read the box is actually a Technicolor Skipper but I cant find much on successful rooting of this yet

    • +1

      I just received mine today. I see what you mean…. I mean I love that it's quite smooth/locked down compared to a lot of Kodi boxes I've seen, but all the Foxtel guff is just… ugh.

      I need to crack this baby open… Looks like its Torx 10 screws to open it up…

      • What's likely to be of much interest inside?

        • I just like voiding warranties. Ha. Was just curious.

          • +1

            @NDjokovic: I do the same with many things. Didn’t bother with is as doubt there would be a lot to see of interest.

        • There are two screws under the box holding it together.
          Once open, there is a baseboard with a large aluminium heatsink/spreader screwed into the top, and a cast chassis/heatsink underneath.
          The mainboard has HDMI, DC power, microSD card and USB sockets.
          There are 3 vertical boards connected to the upper side of the mainboard - Ethernet board connected by a jumper, TV Tuner and another card that has unused micro coax connectors (I suspect Wifi/bluetooth) connected by PCI Express.

          • @repeat: In other words not a lot to see. I'll assume everything is soldered in place and nothing worthwhile stripping out (WiFi or Bluetooth for use in a PC) . Oh, why not take a pic and upload and link here.

            • @Borg: No nothing of interest here. Unlike the Telstra T-Boxes, that had wifi USB adaptors and 340gb hdd.

              • @NDjokovic: Oh, must keep that in mine when people chuck the T-Boxes out (household collections). The WiFi adaptors are worth grabbing. The HDD if only 340GB are only good for the magnets………have one right next to me to take appart from Foxtel dumped boxes. The Fetch TV are better as they have 1GB drives in them.

            • +2
              • +1

                @repeat: presented in technicolour!

  • I cancelled the subscription as soon as the box was dispatched because I worry about Foxtel with this sort of stuff. They still managed to stuff it up… On the online chat now.

  • I can't see a charge yet. Am I in the clear…

    • Have you cancelled your trial yet?

      (I'm on a Telstra free month, but ordered two boxes. I haven't cancelled and won't until 1 or 2 July…)

      • +3

        I ordered two. Both arrived. One with 10 trial and another with 1 month telstra. Cancelled the 10 day and can't recall which bloody card I used. Still yet to cancel the 1 month but no charges anywhere. Great to see they are still refunding…

  • +2

    My $99 refund came through this morning.

  • Ordered on the 11-Jun with Telstra trial - no updates yet, no box.

    • Received my box in the meantime.
      Don't know how to get rid of Foxtel during booting of the box or how to remove Foxtel app itself.
      After modding, Foxtel app somehow saw an update and I could only click to update.

  • +2

    I ordered one of these, also recieved a duplicate order and $99 charge without any email etc. I noticed under "My Bills" in the account there was an invoice showing a second Foxtel Box for $99.

    A chat session resulted in them offering at first credit on my account, and when pressed a promise for a refund in 5 business days.
    Whilst the refund turned up in my account eventually, it was not the way I had intended on spending my afternoon, nor my 99 dollars.
    My experience of their business practice of confirming something for free and subsequently taking funds after burying an invoice under "my bills" raises red flags.

    One foxtel box arrived about 3-4 days afterward. It has been set up with our current subscription, and have added Kayo, Netflix, Disney and Wonderbox, seems to be running ok but Foxtel's "walled garden" take on Android TV makes it fairly clear where their priorities lie.

    Another family member had ordered one of these under a Foxtel trial, with delivery to our same address.
    After hearing of my billing experience, they promptly cancelled the trial, saw no outstanding invoices under "my bills", and then chatted with Foxtel to cancel any "free" Box order that they may have in their systems.
    Foxtel confirmed that they would not send anything now that the account had been cancelled.
    The second box arrived 4 days later, however there was no way to check "My bills" under an inactive account - it shows it needs to be reactivated.

    I don't think they will be reactivating the account though.

    I think fair trading provide a useful page for those that may encounter issues:

    "It doesn’t matter if the business intended to mislead or deceive, what matters is how their statements and actions affect the thoughts and beliefs of a consumer. The law applies even if no one has suffered any loss or damage as a result of the business conduct."

    From https://www.fairtrading.nsw.gov.au/buying-products-and-servi...

  • +1

    Well yesterday received an email stating a refund of $98 Will be refunded in the next 5 buisness days. Awesome. Except I was charged $99. $1 couldn't be bothered ringing them back to sought it. Cost me more in time and phone calls. Still they can't even refund the correct amount. HOPELESS! Still waiting for the refund.

    • +4

      But next you'll receive an email saying they accidentally refunded you $999 and that you need to pay them back $900 in iTunes or Amazon gift cards

  • +2

    Finally got a text saying the box has been dispatched.
    I ordered it on the 11th.

    • +2

      Me too, no extra charge even though I have cancelled the trial.

    • +1

      When did you cancel your subscription?
      Were you on the 10 day trial?

      I contacted Foxtel and they said they wouldn't send
      Me the box as my subscription was now cancelled.
      I ordered during my free trial on the 11th but cancelled before I was charged for the renewal.

      They were unable to show me the terms and conditions saying you needed to keep your subscription active, so I have raised a complaint with them

      • I cancelled at the last day of the trial and did not expect Foxtel to send anything though.

      • +1

        Lol. I would’ve argued I cancelled it because I didn’t have a box to use the subscription on. That I’m waiting for it to arrive before being charged money for something I can’t use.

        • +1

          That's exactly what I did.

          Let's see if I get my box..I got a shipping message this afternoon.

      • +1

        I ordered mine on the 11th … and cancelled my subscription on the 21st … but got delivery info late yesterday saying that it is on the way. No $99 charge - although I did use a stored value Mastercard with a balance of about $5 on it - so they will never get $99 out of that.

  • Received the following text:

    Hi, Foxtel here. We have identified an error where more than one Foxtel Now box was redeemed on your account. This offer was limited to 1 per customer. We have cancelled any additional boxes and refunded any charge that may have been incurred incorrectly. We apologise for this inconvenience and we have refunded the money back to your account. Refunds can take up to 5 business days. If you have any queries please head to MyAccount or SMS us on 61436290562.

  • Signed up for the ten day trial and ordered the box on the 11th. Cancelled trial on the 21st. Got an email yesterday 25th saying that the box is on the way. No charges to my bank account yet

    • Box arrived today. Still no charges in my bank account

      • If you only ordered one, then there shouldn't be any.

  • Just received notice of delivery from Australia Post. Ordered on 13th. Expected delivery is this Mon/Tue. Can't complain much since it's free, but that's some very slow turn around for Foxtel.

  • Got the box, setup and deactivated account. Trialled and now expired. Going to live TV shows sky news on and every other channels locked. Does anyone know if sky news stays on forever or if that's an error and it will also be locked? That's the only channel my folks watch so looking to cancel their main foxtel that they are paying for.

    • +1

      Sky is free

      • +2

        Free propaganda

  • So it seems the box gives you one Foxtel log in chance and then that stays associated with that particular box.
    Is that log-in association already set to the account when they send the box or created with the set up log in?

    • Created at time of setup. One could use any account and not locked to you

  • -1

    ahhh the gladys is great steaming channel box, with refunds expected anytime soon…on an entertaining thread in lockdown.

  • +1

    Sorry if this is a dumb question. I canceled my membership at the end of the 10 days. My box is on the way. When it arrives, can I used my (now expired) log in credentials to set up the box?

    • +1

      Yes. All the Foxtel shows will have a lock icon and not be selectable though. Not really missing much anyway…

      • +1

        Thanks a lot for that. I was hoping that was the case - but most of the early adopters on this thread got their boxes and activated them before cancelling … so I have been wondering for a while if I was going to get a box that was unusable. Great to know that is not the case.
        And having a box WITHOUT the Foxtel channels sounds better than a box WITH them :-)

        • Pretty dodgy how they blocked the binge app completely, even if you sideload it…

  • +2

    Could someone who have modified the FREE VERSION of ATV Launcher please share the apk.

    • That would be nice, though I don’t know if it’s that simple as they’ve pushed it through using the command line tool adb

      • +2

        I didn't use ADB at all, just copied on a USB stick and installed on the box via a file browser.

    • +4

      I downloaded this version, and then updated the apk.
      I take no responsibility, but here you are.
      Don't forget to give credit to liuzhen here.

      Not sure if it's this version that others are using …

      • seems liezhen used a pro version. Is yours also the pro version?

        • This is the regular version but does it's job too.
          I think you need to pay for the pro version. (If it was free at some point and somebody points me to the apk I can post it here too.)

      • +1

        @johnmelb Thank you. I got around to testing it last night and it worked.

  • Just got mine, thanks OP, hopefully all sweet when the 30 day trial ends, has anyone had issues with the wifi signal in it? Doesn’t seem to be too strong; my exetel modems range is pretty shithouse but it’s not liking the extender either

    • It’s working pretty well, miles ahead of my old Telstra tv haha. Handy hint, when setting us passwords etc it accepts USB keyboards, and my ps3 gamepad worked plugged in straight away

  • +1

    I have one of these devices I bought from Kogan and use in another room by logging into my Foxtel residential account. I took it to Coffs and used there. I know have this free one from Foxtel but it won’t allow me to long in due to my residential subscription. Is this second one locked? BTW, only using the Kogan box, a phone and tablet and therefore have 2 device options spare.

    • Create a new freebie Foxtel now account and use it. I suspect this cannot be linked to existing Foxtel subscription by default, you may need to check with them?

      • But I now have 2 and one bought through Kogan works with my account and anywhere I use it. The Foxtel one says No as I have a residential subscription. Also, neighbours have Foxtel subscription and would not work for them either. Remotes are also different - Kogan one has additional buttons for Netflix, Apps and mute.

        • Sideload the app or try kodi

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