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Hisense 70S5 70" 4K TV $760.75, Hisense 65Q8 65" Q8 4K ULED TV $1100.75 + $55 Delivery (Metro) @ The Good Guys eBay


Hisense 70S5 70" 4K TV $760.75 + Delivery

Same price as the previous popular deal, but no Afterpay required this sale. However there doesn't appear to be any stock available for C&C, so made the title delivery only which should be $55 for metro areas ($130 otherwise).

All previous deals - Discussion/Comparison

Good value entry level 70" tv.

Thanks to mortgagetightass, this is the 6570G in the USA, see this rtings review link.

Hisense 65Q8 65" Q8 4K ULED TV $1100.75 + Delivery

Good value/popular ULED model, also available at a good pricl. It's $22 more than the recent cheapest Powerland deal but no afterpay required this time. These were near 2k a year ago just after release.

Model 65Q8
Dolby Vision HDR
Hisense QLED Quantum Dot Colour
Full Array Local Dimming Pro

Once again should be $55 metro delivery or $130 otherwise.

Original Coupon Deal

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  • +2

    omg so now 70' TV cost less than $1000? I think I am still living in the past. I always thought 70" TV would cost about 10k, so is this brand really really bad that no one would ever buy or its just a really good bargain? I don't know much about TV. is it normal to cost less than $1000 now?

    • +9

      From what I know, hisense is generally reliable and provide a decent picture. This deal is good on all senses to me.

      • -9

        They have 3 years manufacturers warranty which is good because you'll need it.

        • +3

          My personal experience with hisense has been great! I've had the hisense 55m7000 for nearly 4 years and never had any problems.

        • +5

          Or, they are so confident of their products that they are willing to offer 3 years as opposed to other that will only offer one year.

          • @PuppieWayne: I've owned 3 various models over various prices, all refunded. Their 3 year warranty is good as I don't have to put up a massive fight.

        • +1

          Lol and the likes of Samsung, Sony and LG only offering 12months

          • @DannyBoy: Yeah, that's why I chose Hisense.

            It's not like any of those other brands are great either, it's disgusting they slap a 12 month manufacturers warranty on multi thousand dollar TV's.

      • -13

        This particular product rarely lives past 3 months. If you do then you have a unicorn product.

      • +1

        My Hisense 65 inch lasted less than a year, rarely used. My Sony is still going strong after 7 years, everyday use.
        This is real user experience, not some unreliable list of reviews. If I trust those reviews, I would have bought Kogan's.

        • +1

          Good guys customers are unreliable? how dare you!

        • +2

          You can ask for warranty. Don't they say 3 years warranty?

        • +5

          I have the opposite experience with my 2 Sony TV's (65" and 55") both died from software issues shortly after the warranty period.
          My Hisense 75" is still going strong after 1.5 yrs and covered by 3 year manufacturer warranty.

        • Ive bought a few Kogan tvs. Actually over the years dozens of TVs really. No problems with the Kogan TVs i owned. My kids don't complain or know they're lower end TVs. They love playing their Xbox on them.

          But in all honesty the only brand I have ever had issues with was Samsung. My 64inch plasma died a few times over a 6 month period. Before refunding it and going for an LG 4k TV at twice the price when 4k was new.

          But that was one TV. Owned a Samsung DLP and LCD before it that worked fine. So i don't have an issue with Samsung based on one bad experience. Only TV I ever had die on me actually. From top of my head i have owned all sorts of cheap crappy brands (Seiki, Kogan, Viana, TCL) and good brand TVs (Samsung, Hisense, LG) with no issues at all except for the Samsung Plasma. Also have a Sanyo Z700 projector running on the original bulb that I bought back in 2009.

          Not to say they were all great TVs. But they survived the period i had them. Although bi often only have tvs a couple years and upgrade before family / my ex (for kids at her house) get the old one. Its an addiction.

          • @mxlegend99: Same. Won't touch Samsung TV, pos died 15 months after purchased.

            My hisense that I got during that deal with jb (phone plan and you get either get a $400GC or the TV), that's still going strong.

            Both my LG, (10 years and one 16 months) still going strong.

            Just make sure this one support BT.. I know my hisense was a aud stock and no BT.

        • My Hisense 55" TV is running strong for 7 years now, no issues at all.
          Back then Hisense wasn't as popular as now but what stood out was the 3 year warranty which no other brand offered; thankfully i didn't have to use it.
          Hisense did ship the firmware update usb stick when youtube stopped working a few years back. Saying that, the smart features aren't great but i have been using a tv box for years and now the google tv which works v well.

    • I’ve been using a 4-year-old model 4K Samsung smart TV for the past 2 years. I picked it up for less than $1k. It’s 55 inches. The smart tv functionality is flawless, and it has never had a single hiccup. Netflix, Amazon Prime, Apple TV, Google Play Movies, iView, SBS, etc. all work perfectly. Based on this experience, I would never buy any other brand except Samsung. But that’s just me. You can probably get any TV nowadays and if the smart functionality doesn’t work well just plug in Google Chrome.

      • My Samsung LCD lasted 13 years before it died

      • +1

        Mine turned purple after 2 years

        • Weird, mine turned yellow.

    • +4

      I've been using a Hisense 75" TV since last year. It's on hours a day (because kids) and we have had no major issues with it. Occasionally you need to hard power it off (because smart functions) but otherwise it's been flawless. It's not perfect, but it's better in almost every way than the 55" TCL that I bought for a different room.

      • +1 your comment (because these).

      • We have a high mounted on in our daughters bedroom.
        The step ladder just stays there underneath it due to the amount of times that it needs a hard reset.
        You get what you pay for.

    • +3

      I am using Hisense TV for past 5 years and waiting for it to die so I can buy a bigger one. That thing is still rock solid and may last another 5. It’s a decent brand. Interface is slow but it’s a great bang for buck. Bought 50” for almost that price 5 years ago.

    • Ignore some of the posters here, their TV's are fine, most components are shared across lots of brands anyway though I would recommend getting a soundbar for any cheap tv..plus you dont get shitty stuff like samsung's ads.

  • +13

    This or 77" C1 OLED?

    • Lol

    • hahahaha

    • +1

      No difference between the two. Go for the more expensive one

    • This.

  • Could anyone find reviews for the Series 5? I was googling and it's hard to find anything Australia-specific that is any good (like a Rtings style review)

    • +1

      The price really tells you all you need to know. If you know enough about TVs to know about RTINGS this product probably isn't for you.

  • Any opinions on the Hisense 65A7G vs the Hisense 65Q8?
    The A7G comes out cheaper and allows for click and collect near me, but not too sure what the exact differences are

    • +4

      Q8 has local dimming, a true 100hz panel (200 smooth motion) and a very nice inbuilt soundbar it has 1000nits brightness which does HDR and Dolby vision justice.
      Q7 has local dimming, no soundbar, 60hz panel (100 smooth motion), Dolby vision but only 700nits brightness so not that great in HDR and dolby vision.
      A7G looks like the updated Q7, similar specs, less HDMI iputs (3) instead of 4. Dosent look like it has full HDMI 2.1 support.

      Note I have a Q7. The Q8 is an absolute bargin at this price its such a great TV, only let down is no HDMI 2.1, and the VIDIAA interface.

      • Is hdmi 2.1 really that great?

        • +2

          Only for gaming. Otherwise not really.

  • +3

    Hardly any deals on good 75inchn models, I guess 75 is the new 65

    • I’ve been in the same boat for a 75, rarely see many deals

  • -3

    doesn't support 120hz so its a wastes its just another 4k 60hz cheap TV.

    • +1

      Pretty sure OP nor Hisense are pretending its anything other than a big basic TV (with a 3yr warranty)….

    • +4

      which low priced 120hz do you reccomend?

  • +1

    Is Hisense Q8 better or samsung Q60A?

    • +1

      Specs wise, the Hisense. Not sure about software support though, might wanna look into getting a shield or Google TV dongle.

      • Alright… and when you say "specs wise" what does that mean in layman terms? whats specs to look at? as these QLED ULED things really dont make much sense to me

        • Picture quality in most situations will be better on the Hisense Q8 due to the Q8 having local dimming and better brightness. The Q8 does however have some HDR bugs with red skin tones/red blur for some scenes in some content. How big an issue it really is im not sure, but its well documented. It also has a 3yr warranty.

          Low quality content/free to air, some sports due to motion handling etc may appear better on the Samsung depending on how like to set it up.

          Gaming wise, both are pretty average not something you'd pick if an enthusiast.

  • +3

    We have a 75Q8 and immediately realised the VIDAA was rubbish. The 2 big improvements to turn a good TV into a very good one:

    • +1

      Thanks. You saved me $1100

    • Good points, but really rarely should one be basing their TV decision making on the TV O/S. A stand alone media player is almost always a much better choice.

      How do you find the HDR on the 75Q8 and the infamous red skin tone/blur? Curious how prevalent it really is. I've been eyeing the 75 for the past year…. still not pulled the trigger.

      • +1

        For us - "what red blur"? :). This was an upgrade from a 2013 LG 55" TV

        • :)

    • I find it to be fine for basic functions like watching netflix and youtube. Text entry via remote is clunky - but that's always the case. The browser etc are probably rubbish, but I wouldn't expect anything different.

  • +2

    Waiting on 75q8 deal…..

    • There does not seem to be many around (i've been looking). Cheapest in store i was offered was $2300. There was one seller with 5 on ebay for 2000 a few weeks ago, and another ebay deal where they were about $2250 i think. Mostly same prices been around all year.

  • can you stack this code with further gift cards?

  • Wow! Considering I bought my 75" 2 years ago for $2000 (which I thought was crazy cheap at the time).. And now seeing a 70" for almost 1/3 of the price.. I am hoping I can get a similar size in 2 years time for ~$250 lol

    • +3

      thats not how pricing works

      • +2

        Well, I am sure he can buy a second hand 75 inch from ebay for $250 considering it won't have a warranty and might have issues. Don't kill his dream!

  • +2

    The price for the Q8 keeps getting better and better. Absolutely love this tv!

  • I still waiting for the 58" (Previously 58" 58S5 for $506.00). 70" is just too big for the entertainment Unit.

    • +1

      Sounds like new entertainment unit time…

  • -1

    Plz dont go and buy Hisense. I have bought Q7 3 months back and apps are not working and loading. The solution what customer care given is to factory reset and they dont cover the app not working under warranty. Better spend few extra bucks and buy a good branded TV.

  • Link for the 65q8

    • Oops thank you, fixed now.

  • +5

    I have a 55q8 and Sony 55x90h and I think they are both the best budget TV's around for those of us who can't really afford OLED, not sure why there is so much Hisense hate, hopefully warranted. I would recommend both to anyone based on Q8 experience (only 1 year old though). Overall Q8 i think is better if you watch decent quality material and don't care about disney without getting another device. I found the q8 didn't upscale normal TV very well like the Sony does but didn't play with settings too much. (I also don't watch normal TV, only stream/ watch downloaded movies/PS5 but partner does) In any case at this price it's a steal.

    • +1

      I concur. I bought the 55Q8 after researching for yonks and I'm personally blown away by it.

      I was fairly settled on this unit before going into the physical store, but even comparing it to more expensive units from Samsung and LG I honestly felt it had the most pleasing overall image.

      Admittedly I was previoulsy watching an old Panasonic Viera Plasma Full HD, so the jump to 4K itself was amazing, but there's some features like HDR and Dolby Vision that make the image so real as to look fake! Seriously I think I was conditioned to see graininess and now it's almost hard to get used to.

      HDR makes lights and lamps in a scene literally glow on the screen.

      Obviously watching high quality imagery is key, so 4K content on Netflix or YouTube is where I'm most impressed so far (even though the stream is compressed). I haven't watched Bluray which would presumably be even better!

      The built-in soundbar is adequate for general viewing, but I found it lacking for concerts and really cranking up the footy or whatever.

      I connected my Sennheiser Momentum 2 headphones via bluetooth but found I had to nearly max all of the the volumes to be happy.

      I find the VIDAA system pretty good, but then again I mainly just use NetFlix.

      I don't love the remote layout, but that seems to be a common issue in my experience as I'm rarely happy with the layouts. Part of the problem is the lack of lighting on the buttons, so in a dimly lit room you have to remember where buttons are (or turn the damn light on)! That's a general whinge.

      Overall I would highly recommend the Hisense (upper range) TV's.

  • +3

    The 70" is fine if you have realistic expectations. It's 70" and under $1k. It's definitely not total shit. The image is fine for what it costs. If you are a picture buff and the darkness of black colours in TVs keeps you awake at night then it isn't for you. It has a great 4k upscale feature which is good. The only time I've noticed jaggies is when watching cartoons/animated shows. However, the sports mode fixes this problem. It's a good value TV.

  • +2

    I can't find anything on the 70" but the 65" has Bluetooth. If guys are going to get the 70", make sure it has Bluetooth.

    Made the mistake 2 years ago, got another Hisense and that doesn't has Bluetooth. The international model has Bluetooth but the Australian stock doesn't. Real pain the the arse.

  • -1

    How bad is the OS? I don't want to invest on Google tv or anything else.

  • Code seems not to be working when checking out Q8 to the cart. "This code can't be applied to your order" Anyone having the same issue?

    • +1

      No issue here:

      Subtotal (1 item) AU $1,295.00
      Postage AU $55.00
      Vouchers/coupons -AU $194.25
      Order total AU $1,155.75

    • +2

      Plug from the Wiki:

      What should I do if I receive a "This code can't be applied to your order." error when attempting to use a coupon code?

      This error can stem from a range of issues, if the coupon genuinely does not apply to the item then you will receive the error (an excluded item in the promotion as set out by the terms and conditions). If you know that the coupon can apply to the item but you are not able to apply the coupon on your account then it will be due to an issue with the creation of the eBay account. To apply the coupon, you can do 2 steps:

      1. Complete the purchase as a guest without creating an account.
      2. Contact eBay Live Chat and request a review of your account and ask the representative to transfer the properties to be an eBay.com.au eBay account as the account may have been made in a different region originally and can't be used for some purchases.

      Give this a go and it should fix your problem :)

      • thanks, checked out as guest & it worked,

  • Warranty any different from buying in-store?

    • No difference, you will have a TGG invoice regardless of where you purchase.

  • +1

    Wouldn't recommend Hisense much. Bought a 65" and it died literally at 3.5 years, just after the warranty expired.

    • Australian consumer protection laws should cover this.

  • Great TVs I buy them now instead of Samsung. Mines been going for nearly 3 years so far.

  • I bought the 65 inch Q8 for my parents about a week ago for $1250 at JB Hi-fi.
    I was very hesitant as I wasn't really sure about Hisense as a TV brand (And we've had a Samsung LCD TV for about 15 years and it was still going strong).
    The TV brightness and quality is quite good, the OS VIDAA was ugly but didn't bother me that much (We also have a Google Chromecast for our Apple TV movies).

    It seemed okay - but it has only been a week so far.
    Will be interested to see how this goes. Not expecting it to last 15 years as long as our Samsung.

  • Postage to Mt Gambier (5291) of $575 seems a bit hot….

  • +3

    So tempted to get another q8…….

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