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$5 Amazon Credit with Purchase of $75 Amazon Gift Card @ Amazon Australia


Stay safe, and enjoy :)

Website screenshot here.

The first 5,000 customers who enter the promotional code “GIFTCARD755” in the “redeem a Gift Card or Promotional Code” box at checkout when you purchase $75 or more in Amazon.com.au Gift Cards in a single transaction will receive a $5 promotional credit that can be used on a future eligible order. Your promotional credit will be automatically applied to your account within two (2) business days after your order is shipped (for physical gift cards) or the order being completed (for electronic gift cards). A confirmation email will be sent confirming that the promotional code has been applied to your account. Your promotional credit can only be used for purchases of eligible items shipped and sold by Amazon AU and will be applied during checkout. One promotional credit per account and promotional credit will expire at 11:59 PM (AEDT) on October 30th 2021. Offer available until 11:59 PM (AEDT) on July 30th 2021 and is valid while stocks last.

Mod Note: Deal is live as T&Cs has start time set as 12:00am (AEDT) .

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  • +2

    Where can I find if the $5 credit is received? I cannot see it when I proceed to checkout for goods sold by Amazon.

    • +1

      Gotta wait a few days

      • Got email this morning that $5 credit was processed.

  • -2

    The first 5,000 customers …

    Annnnndddd it's gone:

    amazon.com.au (5905 clicks)

    • Nope, I just got it fine.

      • So you bought a $75 gift card after I typed that comment and received $5 credit and not just a confirmation saying "you will receive your $5 credit in two days" that you can use up right now?

        • Nope, when I went through the cart it said I was eligible and got the confirmation of receiving the credit in a couple of days.

        • +2

          More than 5000 clicks doesn't mean that promotion is over.
          I bought after your post and code still applied that's sufficient to get the $5 credit in 2 days, as per T&Cs.

          Who got a credit immediately that they could use right away? - That's not how these promotions work.
          If you don't like these T&Cs, you don't have to take part in the promotion.
          when the promotion is over you'll not be able to apply the code anymore, similar to the error you get once you've already used the promo once, like this.

          • @johnmelb: This.

          • @johnmelb:

            If you don't like these T&Cs, you don't have to take part in the promotion.
            when the promotion is over you'll not be able to apply the code anymore, similar to the error you get once you've already used the promo once, like this.

            Well I guess i wont then since apparently the credit only works on things sold by amazon au and not a third party of which I have plenty of but nothing from amazon au seller….

    • +1

      Clicks on OzB mean nothing unless it's a true freebie or 10/10 deal. I'd be surprised if even half those clicks actually bought a gift card.

  • +2

    Used to be 10% we are not getting that anymore. I guess Amazon already killed all the competition.

    eBay cannot compete

  • Hasn't this expired?

    • hmmm didn't work on phone, but worked at 11:15am on computer

  • How to add the code when buying the giftcard ? I cannot find any space can add the code ?

    • +1

      Proceed to checkout —> Gift Cards and Promotional Codes

    • I couldnt' see it until after I had selected my payment type

  • +1

    code went through for me, still live

  • +1

    Still works - 6.66% discount not too bad. Thanks TA !

  • no idea if i'll get it, but i have so much shit pre-ordered i can justify the $75 credit… lol

  • +1

    Ordered at 8.51am 26 July.
    No email. Probably over now.

    • I ordered when there was only 4.5k clicks this morning. Still haven't received the promo confirmation email but received the gift cards and applied them.

    • same here.

      status: scheduled

  • The tend to say 5K or a small figure but from Prime Day experience keep going way over that quota .
    Eg that 5K propably gone in the 1st hr .

  • +11

    Hardly worth the trouble.

    Basically you are paying $75 for $80 value, or a 6.25% discount.

    Unless there is something you are planning to buy very soon and it is over $80, you will keep thinking about it and end up buying something you don't need. All that stress for $5.

    • +4

      Very soon? I can see that for most people $5 is not much, but you have until end of Oct to use the $5. That's 97 days. Surely a lot of people will buy something they actually need over the next 97 days and it doesn't take that much effort to buy a $75 GC and apply a code.

      But each to their own..

      • +2

        "Very soon" in the sense that use it soon and be done with it.

        Otherwise, you have to endure 97 days thinking about it, looking and searching daily assessing what to buy, and stressing out on expiry date.

        • -1

          $5 generally works out to be better than SB and CR (considering half of their categories are 0%). Have a look at grocery and cleaning items for something <$5.

          Or feel free to send me your $5 if you're complaining about free money…

          • @KangaDrew: $5 is linked to your account. So he can't send it to you.
            @browser is not just talking about the $5 but the $80 in total (that's how I read it). I can understand that some people don't want to be locked in. I also used to be bothered with the limitation "shipped from and sold by Aamzon" - I got a similar credit as compensation once but didn't have prime. I struggled to find something worth it.

            These days with prime - I often buy stuff, so it works out ok (but mostly when there are promos).

            • @johnmelb: I should've added /s

            • @johnmelb: Exactly! But that's their intention, either forgetting about it or buying something you wouldn't otherwise buy.

              Probably less of an issue if you are a Prime member, can always buy groceries/household items without worrying about shipping costs.

    • +1

      you will keep thinking about it and end up buying something you don't need.

      Mate, this is Ozbargain - we think about and hunt for bargains all the time, and buy stuff we don't need all the time…

  • Thank you, your order has been placed.
    works for me

  • Still works. Thanks.

  • Still working, thanks

  • can I use it to pay for prime annual membership?

    • No, it has to be a physical item sold and fulfilled by Amazon AU.

  • Hmmm, ordered a couple of hours ago and the status still shows as scheduled? Selected immediate delivery of the voucher and not delayed.

    • It can take a few hours. Amazon gift card orders have always been really slow for me (3rd party sites are instant though).
      Mine took a bit more that 2hours and 30mintues.

  • +1


  • +15

    I respect that this $5 is free money. What I struggle to understand is that it is $5 only, represent something like 7% of $75. How can this be up vote for 900+, I mean it is only $5. Am I missing something here?

    • +10

      This community loves free money. And we love when someone informs us of free money being offered. That's about all there is.

      • its not free..you have to spend $75 with a specific retailer to get that extra whopping $5 bonus

    • Yeah, you're missing the true OZB spirit.

    • Community must work for $2/hr to value $2 for 1 hrs effort ( as compared to always offered 3% off gift cards )

    • Really you've been here since 2009 and you're struggling to use a bit of imagination on why $5 is fairly big on Amazon.

      It's really not hard to see the value when someone is on Prime.

    • Did you notice interest rates lately and 14 mil people in lockdown need something to do .

    • +2

      I know right, it's not even free, and it has conditions. Everyones just being sheeply here

    • In all honesty and true ozbargain style, I genuinely worried that I missed something big here. I am just checking if I am missing anything more than $5. If it is that, I will try to get the $5 too. All good. Thank you guys.

    • nah …youve nailed it. pretty crappy deal compared to other stuff going on here

  • +8

    963 upvotes for $5/$75 spend…. Not even the $5 cashback deals get this much traction.

    • +3

      Don't give it a negative vote, or you'll be downvoted to hell like I was

  • +2

    I’m excited

  • How do we know if we are receiving this $5 bonus?

    Never got a confirmation, just says Successfully redeemed your promo code. Didn’t say what was redeemed.

    • That message is all we get… now sit tight.

  • +1

    I was here when this ticked over to 1000 + votes. What a time to be alive.

  • Sweet, just got one. Applying the code at checkout popped up an "your order qualifies" box, so definitely still working.

  • +1

    350k on an amazon account is not too bad, for a 25k giveaway.

    • Yea bozos has to fund his next space mission

  • Still working as of this minute :)

  • wow how did I miss this, still working!

  • Thanks OP.

  • -1

    I think even though these deals say first 5000 I believe they just keep giving it…I bought this 5 mins back and it worked…and I can see already 8000+ clicks from OZB….it's not like only OZB members buy this…surely this is applicable for everybody in Australia?

    • -1

      Its like buying giftcards at woolies for free points, alot seem to have gotten sucked in

      • Are you kidding there is no higher rate than this going currently !

        • -1

          If so many buy it amazon will give even less discount than before, again

          this is not special

          amazon thanks the sheep for more money in their banks

  • +4

    Not going to neg but is $5 really worth the time?

    • -6

      Maybe have some balls as well as your name to do it lol .
      Like normal another username that is opposite your true self . :)

    • …hell no

  • +5

    Such a mediocre offer and yet has 1000+ upvotes!

    • What's the highest upvote ever recorded on ozbargain?

      • +1

        That Tesla deal I recall had over 2000 upvotes

        Edit: found it

        • Even though the discount was huge, I was surprised a over 150 k car got so many upvotes.

    • agreed.

  • +1

    $5 is $5 ;)

    • -1

      and $75 spent on amazon is $75 you wont get back
      so you spent $75 to save $5….winning /s

  • so you can use it as many times as possible?

    • yeah sure… knock yourself out!

    • Once per account.

      • as many as possible, one is possible.

  • +2

    I wonder what Amazon plans on doing with this 375k loan

    • +1

      Sending Bezos to space of course

      • +1

        Well, maybe it's to pay for almost astronaut badges …

  • Got it! Not expired (yet)

  • Still working @22.32 PM Melbourne.

  • I bought yesterday and applied the code but can't see my $5 voucher?

  • Got one. Awesome, thanks

  • Where do you see the voucher?

  • -1

    Just did another and probably up to 50K + of redemptions and still going strong :)

    • Diff accounts or multiple to same account?

  • This still going?

  • +1

    I’m getting ‘the promotional code you entered cannot be applied to your purchase’

    • It's over red rover

      • +1

        Nope went to my next account and mins ago after purchase : You successfully redeemed your promotional code.

      • yep got mine fine.

  • Good deal but shocked at how many likes this gets for 3-4% off when there are other deals giving out money for free.

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