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Telstra Day: Samsung - Galaxy S21 128GB $624, 256GB $672 | S20 FE 5G $699.30 | A32 $336 (Account Req.)


Telstra Day – our monthly one-day sale event where we offer unreal deals on a great range of products – is back once again. Here’s what’s on offer this time around.

Edit: Full list of deals now in title/on Telstra Exchange, iPhone and iPad deals also live, wouldn't fit in the title!

Mod: Removed S21 Ultra 128GB $1293.60, 256GB $1360.80 Duplicate from title.

Mod: All Telstra Day Deal Posts

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        this is why we don't get good deals anymore

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      Entrepreneurship is what separates people that are successful apart from the plebs.

      See an opportunity, take it.

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      How much was th 256Gb going for? I'm considering selling mine now and waiting for Pixel 6 even though I really need a phone at the moment as my old one died.

    • Very Wong IMO

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    The battery drain very fast even though phone not used. Anyone notice it?

    • Noticed this as well. Can't see anything obvious that could have caused it so far.

      • If you google the net, this issue has been reported by many since March 2021. Even their Ultra model has same issue.
        Ah well, maybe that's way Samsung giving such a huge discount to help them clear up their stock. Apart from battery issue, everything seems ok so far

        • hopefully it's not another Samsung grenade… :P

    • Have you guys seen any improvement on the battery? Any tips?

  • I ordered at about 4am and got the phone yesterday.

    I have been successful in getting Telstra to refund the plan fee and cancel the sim, so got the phone without a plan.

  • Ordered before 7am on Thursday and it just arrived. Based on the comments here, I'm feeling very lucky!

  • Anyone had a delivery today Sat in Melb Metro?

    • Yep, had phone delivered at 9am this morning. 3166

  • Anyone in Sydney whos order is still on backorder? Ordered around midday

    • Me. I ordered on 2 Sep around midday.

  • Has anyone else's stuck on transit? Mine has been on transit since 4am on the 3rd.

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    I ordered about 10.30pm and my status is 'Order status: In progress'. 256GB Silver, I wonder if what I ordered is the issue? Has anyone else been stuck on "In progress"?

    • Which phone did you order? S21 only had phantom grey for 256gb

    • Mines been stuck on in progress for 2 days now

    • "In progress" here as well, Phantom Grey and Violet.

      • I'm in the same boat. Still in progress. Ordered around 6pm.

    • Same back order - I ordered 1:00 AM as soon as the deal went live. 256 Grey as well. People that ordered a few hours later have already received it, the ones that ordered the first went into back order due to some glitch.

    • Ordered 7pm. S21 grey 256gb. Still back order.
      Hope to get it before Christmas

    • Better than me. My order is stuck in "pending". Also back-ordered, also 256GB silver/grey. Similar order time, but in Perth.

      • Mine is pending as well

    • +1

      Ordered just before 4pm, S21 phantom grey, 256gb - metro Melbourne. Mine says 'In Progress'
      Hardware delivery
      Waiting for stock
      Galaxy S21 5G
      This order should take between 3-5 business days to be delivered in metro areas after we've received stock. Regional and rural deliveries may take longer.

      • Mine doesn't even say that - https://ibb.co/K9bz6LB

        • What time did you order yours?

          At this stage payment has been taken out, order is 'in progress' - surely it will arrive soon! :)

          • @mowgli: I ordered at 12:55 AM right after the deal went live but they were still fixing some stuff on the website I think. Second order was 1:05 AM and that has arrived but the first is still stuck "in progress" with no further details. Payment for both were taken as soon as the order was placed at midnight.

            • @binary1001: That seems very strange to get the second one before the first… I would contact them to check in that case.

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    stuck in progress - backorder. ordered 256gb phantom grey at around 10.30pm as well

  • Mine just arrived in metro melb. Ordered s21 256gb around 8:30am on Thursday. Thanks Op, Cracking deal.

  • Does tracking update for others pre-delivery? Mine was sorted at Sydney and has a single update that it was heading for Perth Airport (I'm in Perth) but no updates since and that's about 24hrs ago now.

    Just wondering if it'll all of a sudden go "out for delivery" or if I should expect to see interim steps.

    • Mine still said it was in Sydney when it turned up at my door. I wouldn't bother with the tracking

  • I have heard that Star Track only update the shipping progress late in the day. I don't know if that is true but we have all had stuff turn up while the tracking hasn't been updated.

    I just want to see my status move from "in progress" to some else. If I wasn't working I would contact Telstra. Maybe someone who's also stuck with "in progress" could do that?

  • @lukehopewell: would be interesting to know how many devices were sold on Telstra day :)

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    has anyone successfuly gotten Telstra to reship once its sent back?

    • Mine was delivered and I wasn't home. Driver didn't leave it to my sister despite showing my ID copy. Spoke to Telstra and its been returned. Agent ask for redelivery and status now is backorder.

      • That's absolutely crap!!!

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    Just wondering for those of us who are Telstra Plus members, do we get points for the purchase?

  • Received mine this morning at aroubd 9., 256gb Phantom for me and 1 pink for my partner.. i ordered around 1025am on the day. I received a txt saying it woukd be delivered before cob today

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    Was supposed to receive 3rd according to startrack. Still not here.

  • my shipping status has been in transit since 3rd and not yet reached Brissy from NSW, wondering where the delay is!

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    Lots of new listing's on the Facebook Perth marketplace but none of them selling 🤣

  • Does "in progress" mean that it is on backorder then? I wonder how long they will be on backorder? I was on the phone with Telstra for over 1.5 hours trying to figure out what is going on. Nothing was resolved and they said that they will get back to me within 40 hours.

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    Has to be the craziest delivery experience ever, was on call with customer care asking whats going on and was told sydney has a lot of backlog hence expect a delivery later this week as it still hasnt been loaded onto a plane. Meanwhile the delivery guy is on the door and I couldnt hear him while talking to customer care and he decides to head back to his car, just caught him in the nick of time and he had a big frown on his face haha

  • Has anyone on here progressed from "in progress" to anything else or even had theirs delivered? It might be worth a few more phone calls so that we can actually find out what is going on. I spoke to an Indian lady and could hardly understand a word.

    • I having "Your order is pending".

      • Same, still pending.

    • What's the sequence? Does an order move from "pending" to "in progress" or vice versa or is it all BS?
      I"m in the in progress club;(

    • I've received my phone on the $55 plan 2 days later though my order has been stuck ever since. I think I've spent a couple of hours now with their online chat to no avail, they just essentially say to keep waiting.

      "You have an order in progress. Once it's complete your upcoming payments will be updated here."

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    How's everyone who has had their address screwed up going with this?
    I have probably spoken to Star Track and Telstra about six times each. Each time one gives a resolution, and then it turns out I was given the wrong info. I advised about five mins after my order on Thurs the wrong address. Telstra sat on it and said it was too early to rectify, then told me it was too late to be fixed. Then Star Track said they can just email to fix it, but then Star Track went back on that and said that it has to be returned to Telstra and resent. Then Star Track said they'd make an exemption and change the address for me, but then the next person said that was wrong and they won't do that. Today Telstra updated me saying a change of a address amendment has been implemented. I called Star Track to confirm this was received and they said it doesn't matter, it's gonna be sent back because that's just the way things work. I've watched the phone be sent out for delivery, back to the warehouse, now being sent back to Telstra. I know I could just sit and wait but I really don't have the confidence Telstra will update the address before resending it out again so I can watch another 4 days or so go by as my phone does a marathon journey.

    The Star Track person said this happens 'every day' and she understands its frustrating. If this happens every day, how have they not address this process and thought of a better resolution than returning to back to the sender so they can print a new label…

    • +1

      Oh goody. I've just received a text saying I'm not waiting for backorder stock, because my original delivery couldn't be delivered, despite my phone being at the Star track depot….ffs

      • Same boat here

    • Have you checked your startrack tracking info? Did you get a new reconsignment number start with ashz.

    • Exact same position. Hours talking to Telstra live chat, on hold to Startrack, Telstra etc. Hours.

      Same as you advised them straight away about the address issue, they "fixed it" but seems they didn't. Called again friday to confirm it was done, they said it was.

      Finally arrived in Perth depot only to now be marked as returning to sender. Telstra live chat said I could go to a store and pickup one there, when I turned up the store was pretty much "WTF they can't do that". The note on the account from the live chat person just said "customer collecting from store"!!

      Store was great, said only way to resolve is a formal complaint but that will take days to process. That process will let them get authority to do a refund/cancel and then do a new order in store and honor the Telstra day price. I'm not confident so really want to avoid that because once the order is cancelled/refunded there goes any other recourse.
      Left store empty handed. Tonight tracking updated to returning to sender.. from Perth.. so if you think your phone has a long journey mine has a looong one!

      • Wake to a new tracking ID in the Telstra portal. Package waiting pickup from sender, so guess they went the path of just post another. Crazy.

        Fingers crossed it makes a flight today.

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    Is anyone's order still in Pending yet received their device?

    Edit: So just got off a chat with a Telstra agent who followed up on my order which is still In Progress - on back order. Im also in Sydney.
    Miraculously, he was pretty helpful and provided an ETA - stock of the Samsung S21 5G 256GB in Grey (which is what I ordered) has an arrival date of 20th Sept 2021 and should be dispatched immediately via StarTrack once received by Telstra.

    • Hi. Just wondering if you got your phone already?

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        Hey mate, yea finally received after days of to-and-from with Telstra. It also had a incorrect address but managed to get it delivered to the local post shop. Picked it up last week Friday

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    Ok please don't shoot the messenger but I just had an online chat with a Telstra representative and this is what he said…

    "I’ve taken a look and can see there’s a high demand for this device and it’s currently on back order. The approximate wait time is 3-6 weeks. You’ll receive a confirmation email or sms once your device is on it’s way."

    To make things worse I was also told that the order cannot be cancelled. Surely this is not legal? I would imagine that it goes against the rules of the ACCC?

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    I contacted the online chat also and was advised that stock is not expected until the 20th of September, I purchased two 256 gab device, I was charged for one but the other is sitting as pending on my CC.

    No option to cancel the orders as advised by the Telstra Rep.

  • Anyone that has managed to return postpaid sim cards for a refund?

    • May I ask what Postpaid simcard your talking about? I doubt there's one packed inside box of S21 phone

  • For those who have opened the phone, is there any Telstra branding at all? Thanks

    • Telstra app ‘essential’ on setup.. but can delete after

      • So if you reboot the phone there is no Telstra splash screen when starting up or shutting down?

        • Nah, no splash.. haven’t put in a sim yet but that shouldn’t change the firmware

  • I have received my mobile but app says order still in progress.

    Startrack tracking says delivered in full.

    Telstra, please send me another one :—)

    Love my new Samsung :-)

  • I would like google to save my passwords not samsung. How can I change it?

    • +1

      Search for "autofill service" in the settings app. Should have an option to switch to google.

      • Thank you. You saved my day…

  • +3

    I’m one of those who Telstra messed up the delivery address (full story here: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/649000).

    Telstra called me this afternoon saying they can resend again my phone as they acknowledged that it’s their fault.

    But I told them just cancel the order, as I don’t want to deal with them anymore. Aside from I already bought directly from Samsung (via the other deal).

    Long story short, canceled mine so one of you in backorder will get it. Thanks to me. Kidding. Enjoy mates!

    • Which other deal?

  • Anyone else getting 404 not found on order tracker? https://www.myservices.telstra.com.au/orders or https://www.myservices.telstra.com.au/orders/yourtrackingnum...

    Who are these jokers

    • +1

      try this URL:
      https://www.ordertracker.telstra.com.au/orderdetails/{{your order number here}}

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    20th of September for backorder? Were they really selling a device they didn't plan to have in stock for 3 weeks?!?

    • +1

      when i placed my order, the S21 256GB was already showing as "back order"; so i bought it knowing they didn't have stock. only that i didn't know when the stock will arrive.
      but if it was showing as in-stock for you at the time of purchase then maybe follow up with them

  • I ordered the 256gb model about 5am on Telstra day and it was meant to be delivered on 04/09/2021. Today I followed up with StarTrack as the ETA had not been updated and given all the troubles others have noted, I wanted to check to make sure everything was alright and I thought it was strange that the ETA date was still showing 04/09/2021 as most tracking companies shift the date with delays.

    Anyway, StarTrack told me they had not received the dispatch order (even though I was notified it had been dispatched) and told me I had to speak to Telstra to get it rectified. When I spoke to Telstra they blamed it on StarTrack claiming there was no remediation order which is apparently an oversight by StarTrack. Telstra had also generated a random phone number for me that I'd never had before but luckily (unlike others) the address is still ok.

  • +1

    Me: Where's my order xxxxx?
    Telstra:New update for this order might provide on the order after 24 to 48 hours from today.
    Me: Thanks, its all clear now;(

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    Formal Complaint has been Lodged for failing to successfully deliver Phone due to incompetence in providing correct address to StarTrack and then failing to effectively resolve said problem within a reasonable timeline.

    • +1

      So over this. Both parties lack the most common sense. It's 2021 and all these chat sessions, failed attempts of manual intervention, and the fact that the most logical resolution is waiting for the package to be return to physically change the label is laughable. I've gotten to the point that I can no longer let this process cause more frustration from being misled, so I'll just wait for the cogs to resolve the issue at their slow pace.

  • +7

    For those on back-order and waiting for stock, I tried asking Telstra via online chat about when stock may be available. They said:

    There is no current update yet from the manufacturer as to when the Samsung Galaxy S21 5G (256Mb) phantom black will be available. Since the Device is back order, it usually has a minimum of 6 weeks before it's availability but still, that depends on the Manufacturer."

    They then said they will "get in touch with the back office team" after which I was told it "will be available in the next 3-4 weeks"

    Let's see how long it actually takes

    • +1

      I thought I was getting a bargain.
      Up to 6 weeks wait ?
      Gotta love Telstra. No-one has any clue, the communication is a shambles, the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing.

    • Backorder to the next telstra day

    • Got an SMS today saying hardware is dispatched. Expected delivery date: Friday, 17 September 2021 (ordered 2 September). That was quick.

    • Received the package today. Turnaround time was not bad at all. Loving the phone so far!

  • Are people happy with the S21 camera? Before I open it, I have read some negative reports and was just a little worried.

  • Confirmed with startrack that Airlock consignments cannot be modified after sending, no alteration or fixing address is possible even by sender request. Only way to resolve is to allow the package to bounce back to sender and for sender to re-send.

    This is despite multiple telstra live chat agents telling me they have requested address update from startrack. My suggestion is let is bounce as fast as possible and chase Telstra. Telstra live chat has said they are going to dispatch a new unit to me and it's now back "In Progress" with a tracking link that links to my old package that is now showing as on its way back to Telstra. Assume I'll be getting a new tracking ID, but unsure if the Telstra portal will show it or if I'll need to battle live chat agents again.

    • +5

      Yeah Star Track told me the same. The airlock also prevents common sense it seems also.