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$421.45-$522.26 iPad 2, 3, 4, 5 Trade-in Value When Purchasing Selected Microsoft Surface Devices @ Microsoft via CEXchange


Eligible old iPads to trade-in;
iPad 2
iPad 3
iPad 4
iPad 5

Eligible surface devices;

Surface Go 2 from $629
Surface Laptop Go - from $879
Surface Pro 7 - from $1149
Surface Pro X - from $1699
Surface Book 3 - from $2399
Surface Laptop 3 - from $1599
Credit to @gtrain

Trade-In Process:

  1. Purchase a surface device from above at the Microsoft Store
  2. Get an online valuation of your old device to trade in
  3. Upload surface purchase details
  4. Send your old device in
  5. Receive the valuation amount back into your bank account
  6. Receive your new surface device

iPads 2, 3, 4, and 5 give a high valuation compared to most other devices for some reason, I think it has to do with purchasing these specific surface devices because purchasing anything else drops the value significantly.

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            • @superforever: Nope. I assume they may have obtain it from the original Microsoft Order Confirmation, which does state my PayPal account.

            • @superforever: I got the payment pending email as well though pretty sure I did not use paypal…

              • +1

                @Goonos: Yeah I got the second email said will pay to my paypal account, I didn't realize it is the second email.

                well though pretty sure I did not use paypal…

                As I read somewhere CExchange only do paypal

                Their FAQ

                "Once your device has been received and evaluated, CExchange will issue a payment via PayPal."

                • @superforever: True, well I have now ensured that the email account registered with Microsoft is also linked to PayPal so it should come through ok

    • +2

      Same got the email today also.

      My timeline:
      - sent 25/09 (appraisal inside)
      - delivered 30/09
      - "order received" email from Cexchange 21/10
      - "pending payment" email an hour later

  • +3

    Got mine approved aswell today!

    My ex-display iPad 2 that I bought from a physical Dick Smith store in 2012 for $150 has netted me $421!

    • Dick Smith damn.

    • Ex display too now that's nuts

    • When did you post yours?

      • When did you post yours?

        You didn't receive any confirmation? We all received it by now.

        • Can I update my Paypal info ?

        • I got an email telling me they’ve received it.

  • If I do not have a PayPal account is there anyway I can receive funds another way?

    • These questions are best asked with the company.

      Don't think anyone here is associated.

  • Question with price promise…. the price on microsoft store has came back to normal.

    Does that mean we cannot price match on past cheaper price?

  • Found receipt notification in Spam folder from 12 days ago!

    But still no update on next steps or receiving payment, and looks like everyone had their receipt confirmation and payment processing email in very quick succession.

    Somewhat worried now…

    • Somewhat worried now…

      Login and see what did it say? "Pending Payment" ?

      • Yea though no way to change payment method. Weird…..

      • No, it is just at Received…

        • Mine was marked received on 12th, and silent since then.
          Now wait for another two days for the 15-day full process period.

          No adaptor or cable in the parcel, not sure if this could delay their processing..

    • Mine was received in their system September 30 and marked as pending payment today, so don’t need to panic just yet.

      • Thanks for sharing

  • Got confirmation today that it'll be paid to my paypal account.

  • +1

    got confirmation today as well. but don't seems to see the website allows you to give a PayPal account in anyway… anyone has any clue? or they are just gonna pull them out of your microsoft account

    • Same. I replied to the email as I do not have PayPal. Hopefully they will respond with another method of payment. Relieved that there is finally light at the end of the tunnel. 😀

      • Did the same yesterday. They replied today that they will be changing my PayPal details to my updated e-mail.

        • they will be changing my PayPal details to my updated e-mail.

          Seem like they only allow PayPal.

  • Just reporting back that my trade in has been marked as approved as well, to be paid to my PayPal.
    Yet to see the funds though, they mentioned by next week

  • +1

    Same here. Got ~$430 for my iPad 3 which was sitting in the cupboard for past few years. If you login to the US CExchange store, you can see an option to change the payment details, which I did but then realised that it was not tracking my return, so logged back into the Aus CExchange store.

    I am guessing the they are going to pay into the paypal which I used to purchase the Surface.

    • They were planning to send the Paypal refund to the same Outlook email used to order the device. I created a new paypal using the same email last week to avoid further back and forth with CExchange support, and as soon as I verified the email today, the amount was in there.
      * Bought Sufarce on 25 Sep
      * Intiated iPad3 return on same day and shipped on 27-Sep
      * Validated receipt on 29-Sep
      * $438.61 Payment received on 1 Nov.

  • I sent mine very early on and it arrived on the 30/9. Have just received 3 emails today.
    819am received your package email
    823am unfortunately we are only going to offer you $35 as you took too long to send it email
    849am approved for $454.34

  • Hmm….people got appraisal approval but as yet no payout?

    My email said paypal payout "within the next week", that should be before this Friday, fingers crossed.

  • +1

    Received PayPal payment

    • What did you get net after? Go laptop for like $200AUD?

      • $438 for my iPad3 and bought $777 laptop go

        • Not bad.

          • @Sheng: MS didn't expect to match HN and we price promise it

    • Wow that was fast haven't got mine yet, my Cexchange account email is the same as my paypal account which i got the surface go laptop anything else i need to amend?

      • +1

        Your cexchange login email is the PayPal email that they will send the money to. If this is not correct you will need to email them to let them know. Seems you will be fine

  • +2

    Received full PayPal payment of $511.97 - saga over

  • +1

    haven't got the payment yet its Fri, had the pending payment notification email last week said its this week

  • Received Paypal payment - got the approved e-mail on 25/10. Glad I went ahead with the deal :D

    • Got approved 21st Oct nothing yet on Paypal, not sure if i should send an email

      • Same here. Got approved on 21/10. Got nothing on Paypal yet. My paypal Account is different with CEXchange email. Email them but no response 😬

        • =( I just sent email hope they reply, where's my money! :S

        • May be they are using your email address as paypal account, not the one from MS order.

        • Approved on 22/10 - no sign of money in PayPal yet.

  • Hey all I finally got my money into the PayPal account today! Saga over. Thanks all and what a great deal this is!

    • +1

      👍 enjoy your surface.

      • Nice - Enjoy !

      • Mate so glad we all got. The deal was indeed real. Unbelievable!

        I had to email them to follow up and had a case with MS definately worked out

        This will be the best bargain here for me for many years to come.

        $454 for my iPad 4 and bought $777 laptop go.

  • Also received money in PayPal. Thanks again OP.

  • Just got my money as well. This is definitely one of Top 5 deals of 2021!

    Now I wonder if they will give me $450 for my Nintendo Wii or playstation 3 !

    • probably top 5 deal I had ever since i joined Ozbargain paid 1/3 of the price of a RRP laptop

    • Nintendo Wii or playstation 3 !

      No more listed, they have 360 during this deal.

      They offered over $400 for Surface Pro 4 during this deal, now $143

  • Finally, I got money transfer to my paypal account today.
    421.45 for my Ipad 2.
    Surface go 2 now down to 522$ So can go for price match to save further 107$. Thanks all best deal ever

    • When did you get the email to notify you of the successful exchange?

      • When I got the mail from paypal “you have got money from Cexchange …..”

  • Got paid as well. Returned the surface. $438 for 9 year old device that was gathering dust. To think I was going to trade in for a new iPad and get $30 off…

    • Returned the surface. $438 for 9 year old device

      Hope Microsoft don't know you returned it.

    • Did you do the return online? Did they just accept it without questions?

  • +3

    Anyone still yet to receive their payment? I got approved on 25th of October and still waiting.

    • Yeah still waiting here

    • Yes. Same. Approved 26/10. I just sent follow up email as it was supposed to be paid within a week. Hopefully they will action before weekend :)

    • Ditto. Approved on the 25th October and still awaiting payment.

      • Finally received payment of $438.61 today (7th Nov) for an iPad3. An email from customer service explained that once a device's condition is confirmed / approved, expect to receive payment within 14 days (not 7).

    • I'm in the same situation. I have emailed them and hope they sort it out soon.

    • +3

      Just an update - I've emailed them a few times throughout this whole process, but I sent another one on Thursday 4th November, and they replied this morning Friday 5th November saying I should receive payment tomorrow. They also clarified payment may take 14 days, and they've experienced some delays with payment. Maybe this will give some of us waiting a bit of peace of mind.

      • +1

        Update: They didn't end up paying today (Saturday 6th November).

        • Mine approved on 26th of October and also waiting payment.

          • @Al123: Same here, haven’t received payment yet. Still pending. It was suppose to be within a week of receiving that approval email

      • Update #2: I got paid today around 2pm. I hope everyone who is waiting gets paid soon!

  • Anyone getting any responses to emails? I have emailed them regularly and no responses to any of them!

    • Try chat with Microsoft Store online and let them open a case for you.

      • Yes they seem to have a different communication channel to CEX

  • Finally got my payment today also.

    • what's your timeline, can you share?

  • I emailed 5 days ago to ask about my payment and just received the following response……
    We apologize for any confusion caused by the automated status update of pending payment status. Payment is typically issued about 2 weeks from the update to pending payment. We have experienced some delays and errors with PayPal.

    I apologize we have not been provided with an exact date for resolution for all payments. We appreciate your patience while our team strives to conclude and issue updates as quickly as possible.

    ……we have experienced errors with PayPal ??? What a load of

    • Mine got pending payment on 26th, still nothing. They never responded to my email.

      • Have u got yours yet? Mine also pending payment on 26th, nothing yet too

        • Same here, nothing yet. I've emailed them last week but no response. What a frustrating wait.

    • I didn’t even get a response. I’ve sent them 3 emails already, they’ve ignored every one of them

      • Neither me.
        Got pending payment since 26th Oct, and
        "will be sent to you via PayPal within the next week."
        Now it's 15th Nov.
        No email or follow up to it yet.

        • Finally got paid today. Only after contacting them through Microsoft store. They never responded to any of my emails and only mentioned payment has been submitted yesterday but would receive today due to time zone difference. etc blah blah.

          • @glashalful: Thats good. How long did it take to get the funds have speaking with Microsoft store?

            • @Ebaygiftcards: Contacted them using chat on Saturday, got the funds today.

              • @glashalful: Thanks! I'll try contacting today, hopefully I'll get the funds by end of the week

                • @Ebaygiftcards: I contacted MS online chat last night, and sent the MS case# to [email protected], got a plain email back overnight
                  "We have experienced some delays and general errors with PayPal and not all orders have been updated."

                  Disappointed for it to blame PayPal.

                  Remember someone shared an American website to raise a claim and for CEXChange to reply the thread on the page - didn't realise it's the best method to get it work.

                  • @Al123: I contacted Microsoft on Monday, still haven’t heard back from Cexchange.

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