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[Refurb] Dell Optiplex 9020 SFF, Intel Core i5 4570 3.20GHz, 8GB RAM, 128GB SSD $179.99 + Delivery @ FuseTechAu


Here we go again, standard procedure , we have more Optiplexs , go buy some they are great office PCs.

The Optiplex 9020 is an affordable desktop, Great for your work and studies

• CPU - Intel Core i5 4570

• Ram - 8gb DDR3

• Hard Drive - 128gb SSD - High quality brand from Samsung, gigabyte, western digital, Kingston (optional upgrades available)

• Graphics - Intel HD Graphics 4600

• Connectivity - Headphone Jack + Mic Jack, 4 x USB 3.0, 2 x USB 2.0,2 x display port 1x vga

• Optical Drive - Yes

• Network - Ethernet

• Operating System - Windows 10 Pro


-Power cable-Vga Cable

We also have a selection of Cheap peripherals including Keyboards and mice


RGB mouse pad for +10 efficiency


We Also have some ultra budget Gaming PCs!!!!!!!!!!


Something with a tad more oomph


Warranty - 3 months warranty


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    "Here we go again" Not really when the price went up $10

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      a small price to pay for salvation.

      • -12

        Salvation for junk items? Lol

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          They do run quite well though

          • Sent from my Optiplex 9020
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            @FuseTechAu: U mean this crappy 9020? I have decomissioned this a lot and replace with 5080 or 5090 lol

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              @HolyCr4p: Yes.

              • Sent from my Optiplex 9020
            • @HolyCr4p: Yeah, but a 5080 or 5090 is a lot more dollars today. In about 3 or so years when Windows 11 is "wanted" by more people / business, then theses 9020 will be almost, if not completely, un-sellable.

              • @affinity: And in 3 years you can by a 5070 for cheap when enterprises refresh their fleets, Dell discount the 7000 series a lot if you ask them 😏

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                @affinity: There's always Linux.

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          If they can find a home rather than end in landfill, whats the problem?

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            @Oxxy: The problem is that too many people want something for nothing here.

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      Ewaste would be if you threw them out instead of selling them to people who just need an email/office machine

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    Hey, this might sound like a stupid question but does it have wifi connection?

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        Website lists wifi as an option with no additional charge at checkout, care to clarify?

        • Prob cheap wifi usb stick. Those are quiet useless

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      These don't come with WiFi from factory and it's not specified that a WiFi adaptor is included, so nope

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        Thanks for your reply. I’m just looking for a cheap PC or all in one for my parents so they can browse the internet and print something when needed. So I think that wifi and Bluetooth should be standard so I can set them up with with wireless mouse and keyboard as well…

        • +2

          You can get a BT5.0 dongle for under $10 and wired is usually a better option for a desktop that you are not moving around. A cable guy/girl could probably set it up pretty cheap. Many wireless mice/keyboards come with their own wireless capability, sometimes with BT as well.

        • +9

          Honestly, buy a logitech or microsoft 'desktop bundle' for your kb/mouse.

          You dont want to have to teach the olds about bluetooth and pairing.

          Just use a normal wireless combo.

        • Just get a Comfast for Wifi.

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      Buy a USB WIFI dongle. Easy.

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    With TPM 2?

    • +4

      Lol no chance

    • The Intel CPU has a firmware TPM that is seperate to the TPM on the board and the Intel CPU supports TPM 2.0. You can run both at the same time.

  • I am wondering why so many second hands i5 4570 PC such as dell or hp? Always saw similar ads.

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      Because offices around the country are/were full of them, and they're being updated

      • But they always are 4570 from 3 years before. I seldom saw other CPU in these PC.

        • +2

          Big busineses have thousands of these on leases, standard lease cycles range from 3-5 years, hence you see the most of a model after about 4 or so years after release, when the business returns these to the elasing companies, to get new stuff

          Also why you rarely see 'newer' models

        • No problem - just wait another couple of years!

        • You see them with i5 4590 & i5 4670's as well.

    • Offices selling bulk lots of machines when they upgrade, which then get picked up and "refurbished" by shops like these.

    • Ex-Lease computers.

      Most businesses lease PC hardware.

    • Along with offices, also some educational facilities buy them heavily in bulk as well.

      The educational facility I worked at had probably over 200 of these models. And at one stage, while storage was at times a problem (RAID bundling some small HDDs fixed it), I had 50 Optiplex 960’s in 2017 still running reasonably strong.

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      If anyone is wanting budget PC, I will tell you the "golden standard" is:
      Dell Optiplex 9010 SFF
      …why? It's because the PCie x16 slot is on the bottom, which allows you to use a Low-Profile dGPU. The 9020 has the slot on the top, so you can't use it*.

      Good looking box, very compact at like 8L (about the size of a PS4 Pro)
      DVD drive is useful, can be upgraded to BluRay, or that SATA port can be used for another HDD
      Main HDD is slow, but easily upgraded to a budget SSD
      8GB is decent, 16GB is cheap, 32GB is great (but remember this is DDR3 "slow ram")
      PSU is good rating, but no extra power, only 75W open via PCIe
      Mobo doesn't support many features like dual-booting, etc etc
      Core i7-3770 ("k" processors not worth/mobo doesn't support clocking)
      That CPU is now midrange in terms of single-core, but low-end in terms of multi-threaded performance
      Choice of graphics is: Intel HD iGPU (poor), GT 1030 (poor), GTX 750Ti (XB1 level), GTX 1650 (Xbox One X level)
      HOWEVER, there are no Low-Profile dGPUs on the market. Nothing at an acceptable quantity or price. The above 9010 project started before the PS4 release, and its since been able to stay relevant and out-perform the "Pro" console versions, so it has been a great-value path, but not anymore. It will be 2022 at the earliest for the market to recover. Maybe by that stage we will instead look at the Optiplex 7040 with the 14nm, i7-6700, SSDs, and 32GB DDR4 RAM instead, and see some on sale at a discount (under $300), and maybe we will get an RDNA-2 or GTX-3000 dGPU cards that are Low-Profile too (under $200) for a total price between $400-$600 it might not be too shabby. Currently a XSS, PS5, XSX are far cheaper pathways to get good graphics/gaming in a budget. These older Optiplex's are still good if you want regular PC use without the graphics or bells and whistles, but their days are numbered.

      *can't physically access it. You can use a riser, but then the card has to sit outside the box, which is ugly and unacceptable. Otherwise, there is a secondary Pcie slot available on the bottom for the 9020, but this is a x4 lanes, so you won't be getting the full performance. Anything above a GTX 750Ti and you will notice a drop of 5%-30% in performance. In short, it's wasteful to use this with a GTX 1650 and only getting GTX 1050 performance.

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    If you want Windows 11, I don't, then these won't be good down the track; but right now, they would make a reasonable Windows 10 box … or better still, a Linux box for desktop and/or server.

    Edit: I would prefer at least 16GB RAM though, at least.

    • I recently bought one from amazon with an i7 and am using Citrix Hypervisor to run a few virtual machines (mostly test vm's), handles this very well.

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    I'd bite but it stings seeing the price go from $179 delivered, to $169 + $23 delivery, to $179+$30 postage.

    Why is it going up so much? This deal is getting worse all the time.

    • -4


      Its mostly due to ram prices at the moment, nightmare to find anything, hence the slight increase

      • +9

        While that makes sense (if new); why are you buying ram for such old machines, that already shipped with 8gb?

        • +1

          8GB RAM is good, 16GB is better; heck there are lots of mobile phones with 6GB+ these days. I wouldn't buy any laptops that don't have the capability of having at least 16GB RAM installed, bugger those Zenbook type devices with no SO-DIMMS and limited onboard RAM.

        • already shipped with 8gb

          You really think theyare buying ram?

      • Didn't they come with ram originally?

      • +2

        Looking at your other business I assume you get these 9020's for free, so "ram prices" as an excuse for the price rise doesn't fly:

        • +3

          belive what you will, they didnt actually come with ram, we had limited supply so yeah had to source externally!

          • +8

            @FuseTechAu: Can confirm this happens more often than you imagine, seen a chunk of old deskop being sold and the IT guy took all the ram out before selling.

            • +1

              @Fapbunny: Security requirements, especially if ex govt. Anything that can store anything (even if volatile) gets pulled prior to disposal, to be sure to be sure.

          • +1

            @FuseTechAu: Great. Then what's the price for 0GB Ram? I have a 4670K with about 6 sticks of DDR3 (mostly 8GB I think) lying around after the MOBO died. Everything else went to a new build…

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    Despite everyone being negative on these guys the market is tight as hell and you can thank scalpers pc parts and the economy suffering scomo.

    Got one of these for my old man during the last sale on these and managed to get some cheap ram, a cheap bluray drive and a mid range graphics card and it's made a great netrunner / light gaming / netflix and bluray machine.

    • +4

      (I didnt neg ya). You're right about the specs being very usable.

      But I really disagree with scalpers buying 9020s. They're still in surplus at every refurb PC joint in QLD I know of.

      Perhaps its per state?

      • +3

        the scalpers were just a general effect, not really on these online, I have seen them on adelaide of guys buying them from MGS and trying to make $50-100 a unit to people who don't know better.

        The scalpers hitting GPU's has put everything else out of whack, combine that with all the import issues we're having, I have not seen anything like this since the 90s.

        When I got this for the old man we had such a pain getting ANY gpu at a store at a reasonable price let alone one that could fit in here with the power specs.

        Mate did it recently and found it even worse this time around, but hey we're in an age where ps5's are still being scalped a year after release, so we're in that version of mad max now.

        Where instead of v8's and leather we've got Karen's, scalpers and retail sucking.

        • +5

          I feel you, all i want is some reasonable priced GPU's, its a nightmare

          • @FuseTechAu: our game group is still rejecting 100s of ps5's, xbox x's, scalped ssd's and gpu's daily.

            Entire buying syndicates have setup running like businesses, not paying tax, honoring warranties via marketplace fb, gumtree etc moving all this stuff.

            honestly wouldn't surprise me if it was linked to organized crime with the level it's been established now.

    • Do you know if this will fit a normal graphics card or do you need a low profile one?

      • +3

        Low profile only. A GTX 1650 LP is technically the best you can jam into one of these but that GPU runs hot and probably isn't ideal for this SFF case (it's only 8L in volume!). A GTX 1050 or 1050ti is more suitable if you can source one for a reasonable price second-hand.

        • Thanks for the info. I guess that rules me out.

          • +1

            @cpho: I have this build with a gtx1050ti 4gb LP and have been gaming on even warzone it’s pretty laggy on boot but afterwards it’s a treat

      • Fwiw, I built a Lenovo M83 (same specs as this) with a GTX 1650 and it's quite a capable machine.

        You're not gonna be seeing 100fps in the new cod/BF but it will get you 60 fps.

        I did a fan swap for the GPU and zip tied an 80mm fan I had laying around to the GPU heatsink. Thermals were mid 70s before and high 60s. Whole rig is virtually silent as well. CPU doesn't go above 70 pretty much ever. Stock GPU fan is a nightmare, noisy AF.

        I set the "cooling mode" in bios to performance for the case fan and CPU fan.

  • +2

    OP, can you confirm if it has a TPM 2.0?

    • +1

      It does not unfortunetly

    • There will be a way to install windows 11 without TPM 2.0

      • Just wait a couple of weeks or within the year, someone always finds a way. But then you'll have to latch on it quickly, since MS will update and close those loopholes sooner or later.

        Even still, Windows10 is pretty good OS I think. I don't see any compelling reasons to jump to Windows11. At least not in 2020/21/22, but maybe later on ?

  • +10

    This deal $210 incl delivery

    Cheaper here $200 Delivered
    $10 off with SEPSPENDNSAVE

    Cheaper shipping via FUTech Ebay

    • Absolutely correct.

      Cheaper from their ebay store, if you need it shipped.

    • +4

      Don't they have to pay eBay something around 10% in fees? But they come here to post a deal at higher price?

      • Yep, ebay fees and paypal processing also.

      • Plus with ebay you have the option of discounted gift cards, cashback and afterpay/pulse rewards.

  • My first plex server, the memories

  • +2

    TF2 runs ok with this lol

    • haha i wanna see this gameplay

    • +5

      If you manage to find one for $121, could you pls post it here 😉

      • +3

        Gumtree is your friend if you're after a better deal. I previously snagged 3 of these for $80 each during the middle of last year. Same specs except that they had a 1TB HDD instead of an SSD.

        Slapped an inexpensive SSD for booting and a cheap, low profile GPU (RX550) for a measly sum of $250 all up. It made an awesome esports PC for a few of my friends' kids who wanted an entry-level machine that didn't cost the earth.

        • +1

          consider you won a jackpot, gumtree / FB market place people want to sell these for like $200+


          • @boomramada: If you're patient and quick enough, they do come about eventually. People usually advertise their old stuff for way more than it's worth but you never know how much they end up selling for as list prices are generally inflated on those marketplaces.

            • @OSienna: This is true, I found a HPz210 full tower, comes with a free crappy gpu that can run gta 5 at 720p30, for 100 bucks.

              But, those are usually comes as individual and not as Ozbargain deals, that needs more than 10 units sold to qualify.

            • @OSienna: I agree this probably worth around $120-$150 but this is still a deal as shops like FuseTech and others, they well priced it, that's why these things usually get sold out. Not saying you can't get them cheap, it just like winning a lottery. That is like other day I got myself a tp-link unopened switch for free.

  • -3

    8 year old processor… not bad if you want to lift nan out of the 2000s and replace her old pentium 4. Otherwise hard pass.

    • +13

      lol not everyone games from their parents' basement

      • +2


  • +3

    Optiplex has been the goto PC's in ozbargain for the last 3-4 years. Surely there's a new batch of refurbished office PCs coming soon.

    Corporates usually upgrade every 3-4 years. So the 7th Gen or 8th Gen even shouldn't be too far away I reckon

    • +1

      You can pick up a somewhat newer Optiplex 7040 SFF for only an extra $109, delivered ($179.99 + $30 - $319) from here. A slightly better proposition but still over-priced IMHO (should be sub-$300 really):

      • Intel Core i5 6500 Processor 3.2Ghz (newer 6th gen CPU - Intel technically skipped the 5th generation desktop CPUs and focused on laptops during that period)
      • 256Gb Solid State Drive (double the capacity)
      • USB WiFi included