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55% off Netflix Basic TL₺26.99 (~A$3.76), TL₺40.99 (~A$5.73), TL₺54.99 (~A$7.68) @ Netflix Turkey (VPN to Turkey Required)


OzReminder for those who may not be familiar with this hack. Thank you for the original post Ulysses31. Here are some steps to setup a Turkish or Argentinian Netflix account to save $$$. Results may vary so it's best to read up, there are plenty of comments below and members happy to help. Unfortunately, it may not work for everyone so please keep that in mind.

Netflix plans

Turkey Basic $4.66 Standard $7.07 Ultra $9.49/month (Mod 15/11/21: Prices in title updated to latest exchange rate, this will vary daily.)
Argentina Basic $4.02 Standard $6.61 Ultra $9.64/month (Note: Taxes will apply)

Step 1: Please understand that following all these steps may not work for you

There is no need for aggression in instances where you are unable to subscribe to an international Netflix account. Share your experience so everyone can chip in and help out. There are plenty of examples where hacks shared on this platform do not work for some people, but may work for others:
* Modem reset for faster internet,
* Cash back program purchase tracking,
* Price matching an unobtainable deal or price error,
* Targeted bargains, and
* Limited quantity items quickly or instant (bot) sellout.
Similarly we know there are cash back users who follow every single step for cash back (turn off ad blocker, have no items in cart, do not click other links, etc.) on their purchases and it does not work, its probably best to move on.There are many users who successfully use this hack and enjoy paying half the price of the Australian membership. Unfortunately there are also many users who have been unable to sign up to Netflix Turkey or Argentina. After all it is intended for people who reside in Turkey or Argentina. If it does not work, I am not affiliated with any of the entities listed below or linked to and cannot guarantee any outcome. I can only read comments on this platform and others to share them with you. Your patience is appreciated. Please do not take it personally.

Step 2: Obtain a Turkish or Argentinian VPN

Express VPN

Step 3: Confirm Turkish/Argentinian IP

IP Check

Step 4: Sign Up to Netflix

In a private-browsing tab open Netflix

Step 5: Enter Card Details

Possibly working: 28 Degrees, ANZ Rewards, Citibank Debit, Macquarie
Mixed reports: CBA, ING


Q My bank blocked my payment, what do I do?
A Some banks block 1st attempt and then text to confirm it's you. Once you reply, 2nd attempt may work.

Q Where can I purchase a Turkish Netflix gift card?
A Others have had success purchasing Turkish Netflix gift cards (for a premium) or using Transfer Wise.

Q I have an existing Netflix subscription, can I use the same email?
A You can try! Visit Netflix website and cancel your subscription ASAP. It will expire at the end of the billing period. Then follow Step 1-5.

Q I thought it would cost $4.66 but I was billed for $5.00.
A Please note that changes in the foreign exchange rate will impact the subscription fee. Happy to update.

Q How do I enter an international mobile number?
A Ignore any requests for a mobile, open Netflix in a new tab and confirm account is working. If you must, there are a couple of resources for codes being sent to an international mobile number. Please note that these services may not work since others may have used the numbers for verification codes from Netflix SMS Codes PVA Codes SMS-Activate SMS Approval.

Q Do I need to use a VPN every time I access Netflix?
A No, VPN is only required for sign up. After sign up, use Netflix without a VPN and you will have access to the Australian Netflix library.

Plans and pricing

Thanks Putin
Turkish Plans and pricing
Argentinian Plans and pricing
GST/VAT and Tax related questions
Full list of Netflix pricing around the world thanks CC123 and Giu

See previous post for additional discussion.

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      • +1

        Interested to know this too. I can't get around it no matter what I do…

      • I am also very keen to know this. Last time I tried, I simply could not get past phone number verification and I ended up going for Argentinian option. Recently they have added more tax in Argentina and it is no longer a cheap option for UHD plan.

      • +2

        I let my account expired and reactivated through a Turkey VPN.

        As I already had provided my card and mobile details it didn't ask me to enter them again.

        It was a very simple process, there was one minor set back that I had to change the country code in the URL to TR-EN as I was still getting the AUS packages even though I was connected from a VPN, then only I was prompted with Turkey currency.


        • This doesn't work all the time, I had an existing account and it asked for phone verification and it wouldn't accept the 28d card on file.

          • @MeesusEff: Tempted to let mine lapse, also using 28d so perhaps not wise. Any idea if Citi debit plus works?
            Perhaps it is also NordVPN it doesn't like

            • @G-rig: Nord VPN doesn't work. Getflix Turkey was the one that worked for me after trying out many different trials. My citi debit plus did not work. I think once you try and fail it just rejects all the cards after that as literally all my cards are blocked in their system lol, regardless of account. If you already have an account I suggest you make a new one to try this VPN one and leave out the card that you have on your old acct

              • @MeesusEff: Alright thanks I may as well give it a go and cancel Brazil before the direct debit.

        • +1

          Thanks Koby-k worked a treat for me.
          cancelled argentinian account, did chat and got the cancellation changed to immediate with a refund
          then installed windscribe extension in chrome, connected to turkey and pasted the restart link in
          I had to change from …au-en in teh address to tr-en, but worked each time I did.
          My same citi card, and aus mobile came across, and no turkish mobile needed.

      • +4

        I used https://5sim.net/ to verify.
        Top up using Unit Pay then select Turkey and Netflix. It costs less than 20 Rub (less than 50 cents AUD), I use a disposal Revolut digital card it worked like a charm.

        • Thanks Mate. Worked like a charm.

          For anyone wondering, I did it all using my commbank travel money card on both netflix and 5sim (using PayU option - which verified through commbank that sent me an sms to authorise payment). I used Windscribe VPN and went through Turkey.

          w/ conversion: $9.04 for netflix ultra, $0.22 (lol) for the phone number verification.

        • Thanks for your post - that got me over the stumbling block! 5sim is a cool service.

        • I tried to use this method, ended up trying https://sms-activate.ru/.
          As i could not get the 5sim to work. Eventually when i got it work, since i have tried the working credit card more than once. It stopped working
          Have tried the below
          I tried Bankwest Platinum, already registered to Argentina
          86400, Citibank Debit and HSBC Debit.
          Also note the 5sim has only 20min window.
          All did not work, might give it ago in few days again.
          If not will use the Giftcard method then sms through http://5sim.net
          Used Surfshark VPN in a Windows pc

    • Which VPN are you using? I can’t get revolut to work at all. Tried with Surfshark and Windscribe.

      • I used Surfshark

  • Can you do the same with Spotify? Does anyone have it or tried?

    • I've got Spotify from Sri Lanka. From what I've found, one needs a card issued in the same country for Spotify

  • Just use revolute credit card sorted

    • Did you use a virtual card number or physical? just tried virtual, no good.

  • This is a headache to get working.

    • Same.. tried transferwise card too, fail.

      • Did you try to change your wise address first?

  • Everyone needs to read my comment above.

    • Thanks for the writing but someone replied the Wise card didn’t work

      • They didn’t follow my steps. The important part is changing the address to the same city as your VPN.

        • Thanks, I will have a try with your steps.

  • Does it work with nordvpn? Anyone can confirm,

    • I have Nord but tried many times, didn't work for me. Used Hola VPN and it did work. Uninstalled it after.

  • Quick question; has anyone done this and had to update their CC because the expiry date comes up on the old one? Does it allow you to update your card details?

    • +1

      I did mine recently. I had to add my 28 degrees card via the form in the live chat when I set up.my account, but it let me update my card details on the site with no issues.

  • Was able to get this working last year after a long battle of trying ING, UP, MQ and Crypto.com card. Finally got it working on my crypto card after turning on the international transaction option in the app.

    One of the other battles was trying to get a Turkish mobile number to get the verification code. I somehow managed to get it working by creating an Australian account but didn't add any payment info, only mobile number. Then used VPN to go Turkey and finish up the payment set up there. Mobile code came through to my AU mobile.

    Also, turns out you can add an Australian/multiple bank details on the mobile web browser in Netflix's My Account. Got a error when I tried on the PC but mobile works fine. I then used my UP bank for a few months before switching back to Crypto card for cashback.

    • Cool that what I thought .
      Easier just to pay 20-30% off with gift card deals on the Oz 1 and not do all that `^ ing around .

  • After subscribing to a Turkey Netflix via G2A gift cards for over a year, my Netflix account detail was hacked twice despite changing passwords, the person doesn’t change the password, but kept using it. Both times, I had to get into Netflix chat support and get it reinstated. Point to note here is that both attempts happened immediately after new gift card was redeemed. I can’t activate phone number 2FA for easy recovery as I don’t have a Turkey mobile number.

    Now, when I redeemed a month ago using my third G2A gift card, the balance has run out in a month as somehow they are considering it as an Australian account. Anyone facing this issue?

  • +5

    Hey OP, use this link for a more comprehensive list of worldwide Netflix prices. The one you included misses a number of countries, and most crucially, fails to factor in the extra 64% tax for Argentina prices, which AFAIK is unavoidable.

    As a result, Argentina is not, and has not been the second cheapest to Turkey for I think well over a year (whenever that tax was implemented).

    These countries are all cheaper than Argentina (derived from the link I shared above):

    • Pakistan
    • Colombia
    • Philippines
    • Brazil
    • India
    • Peru
    • Nigeria

    Note: I'm only talking about the highest UHD plan and in USD terms

  • happy to share the cost for a screen if any one has got the Standard working, PM me

  • If I buy 75TL gift card this will give me less than 3 months on the basic plan, can I use a combination of gift card & australian credit card payment on the 3rd renewal or accept the fact that 75TL for only 2 months?

  • Sorry for the noob question but what Netflix library do you get?

    Does this also work for Prime, Disney etc?

    • After signing up. Turn your VPN off and you will get access to all Australian content just as you would signing up normally.

      • Thank you!

  • I've had this working for years (Turkey). It seems somewhat luck of the draw if your credit card will work or not though

  • Is there any way of getting a free Netflix trial?

    • I don't think there are any countries that offer free trials anymore

  • What's the best VPN to use just to set up the account? Are there any with a trial period?

    • Windscribe chrome extension. Their free tier plan allows the Turkey VPN

  • FYI if you still have a Getflix subscription they also have a Turkish VPN.

    • +1

      Not sure why you were down voted, I tried a few different ones and Getflix was the one that worked for me

  • I had no problem getting this all to work, now on the Ultra plan, but my Android TV and Google TV boxes both aren't 'Netflix certified', so I can't install the latest Netflix app, in order to get the 4K Ultra HD streams. Kind of disappointing, when I can watch Youtube/Disney+/CinemaHD in 4K, but Netflix will only show HD/720p video.

    Has anyone got a hack for that ?

    • If its Android, download the apk file and manually install it. Yeah nah?

  • +1

    not working with cba and 28 degrees cards…..ivacy vpn to turkey here

  • Will be happy to share the cost for a screen if any one has got the Standard working, Please PM me

  • how do i get a free pakistan vpn?

    • Hola (browser extension) works, but you might not be able to get it to work because I think the extension itself has been blocked for containing malware. For a VPN, I know it definitely doesn't have the best of reps, but it's the only way that I was aware of.

  • I added my AU mobile number when I got prompted and now the number is tied to the account. Am I doomed?

    • erdogan will call you shortly to discuss your account

  • Let my premium 4K Australian account expire yesterday. Australian ING debit card and phone number already set up. Jumped on netflix(dot)com from Windows 10 Edge with PIA Turkey VPN this morning, and it was as easy as 4 clicks and now I'm being charged in TL. $8.69 AUD has been debited from ING.

    Must be easier to get this to work if you already had an account, as opposed to creating a new one.

    Lets see how long this lasts.

  • Signed up to a new subscription with a Netflix Turkey gift card, added my AU mobile to verify my account (the drop down box allows you to select a country for your mobile, I thought why not? More layer of security in case someone tries to hack into your account.)

    Everything went smoothly until trying to add a credit card for future payment, tried a few cards (bank debit, Amex, Visa, you name it). Got frustrated and applied for a Wise debit card online. Ran out of patience and wanted to sort it out asap so jumped on Netflix help chat at 1:00am (this morning). Complained about not being able to add a credit card to account, then the rep gave me a form to fill in. At first I used my Amex and got declined and the rep didn’t know what the problem was. Then I tried my bank issued Visa and voila! It accepted. I would have liked to use a card that has zero exchange fee but 3% of the monthly ~$9 for the Ultra plan is minuscule, still much cheaper than AU pricing. I am quite happy with it. Maybe I’ll try another card later. See how it pans out.

    In time to watch the Squid Game :D

  • Still using brazil, turkish never worked in the past (need a turkish mobile number and./or card, too much hassle)
    cheap enough, meaning to fill some spots or swap for disney/HBO

    • +1

      Wow, Brazil was easy, didn't need a Turkish number and credit card was added.
      Not as cheap, but I'm lazy.
      Lets see how we go

      • yeah less stuffing around and Argentina has the high taxes now.

  • I switched from iTunes billing to Turkey last month.

    Some observations:
    1. I had a fully up to date Australian account (with updated phone number). However, my payment method (my old Citibank Visa debit) was outdated (having been on iTunes billing).
    2. I tried to switch in August. I updated my card to my new Citibank debit Mastercard. However, it threw up payment errors. I then went and signed up to Australian Netflix before cancelling.
    3. Once I cancelled, I used Hola VPN (now frowned on by Google Chrome because the unlimited 'free' version leeches your bandwidth; use the limited free version) to sign up through Turkey. With a validated payment method on which a charge had been made previously and validated phone number, it went through smoothly and I got charged $9.07…

  • -1

    for people who cant get their australian payment method to work this is the step to get it working

    when you are at the payment page and the details are already filled in what you do is disconnect from vpn and click continue if it doesnt work try it multiple times if its still not working refresh the page and and check if the payment is still in TL if it is then try again it should work this is how i paid it and once it does the money will be paid from your saved payment option for the next bill date without any issues

    • I tried this and it charged me $16 in AUD :(

      • that means you havent read my comment properly :)

        ( if its still not working refresh the page and and check if the payment is still in TL)

  • Got one with Turkey giftcard. Thanks OP

  • Just out here looking for help.

    1. Purchased Netflix Turkey gift card from MCT Game.
    2. Activated account OK
    3. Attempted to add STG CC and ANZ CC without any luck. - Error message “There appears to be a problem with the payment method you are trying to use.”

    I went into Netflix live chat - they said I have to try again in 23 hours because I made too many attempts.
    They also said, disable any VPN if I am using one (which I found interesting)

    I called my bank and asked if they are blocking the charge, they said they could not see any attempts on the card.

    At this stage, I will attempt again in 23 hours and try changing the VPN IP address each attempt.
    If anyone has any suggestions please post them below would much appreciate the help.

    • Stage 2:

      Just documenting my process here, if I do end up succeeding, this may help others in the future.

      FYI - If you try to add a credit card too many times, it locks you out and you have to wait 24 hours.

      There was a comment in this section somewhere regarding getting onto Netflix online chat/support and asking to fill out a form.
      Two days in a row, I have been on the chat and they are useless, they wont help, they just say come back in 24 hours. Not much luck there.

      A few points I feel I should mention.

      1. I have been using NordVPN - Some people have mentioned that NordVPN doesn't work, so today I will try Hola VPN which may work as its not a commercial based VPN and the issue may have something to do around known VPN IP rages.

      2. I have tried using ANZ Visa CC, St.George Visa CC and Macquarie MC CC so far, no luck.

      Will continue the process and report back.

      • -1

        Stage 3:


        Whilst I was waiting for the 24 block out period to end, I decided to jump onto Netflix chat/support again.
        I was explaining to the support lady that I wanted to know when I could resubmit my CC details again, she stated 4 hours remaining.

        I then by chance said, I keep having issues adding my CC, could you please help me in any way.

        Within the chat, she sent a credit card submission form, which I entered my ANZ CC and it was instantly accepted.
        I then quickly checked my Netflix account details and the credit card (that wouldn't previously work) was now added/listed.


        If you check the image, the CC auth box popped up in the chat, I didn't know what it was at first, so I closed it, when I realised what I had done, I asked her to send the CC request again.
        The entire process remains within the chat window, you just add your CC in there and it was instantly accepted. ANZ Aussie CC.

        The one other thing id like to mention is that I was using HolaVPN (Free version) at the time.
        As I was going to try to add my CC manually once my 24-hour block was completed with a different VPN, I unintentionally had it running. I am not sure if that had an effect however I think it's worth mentioning.

        Thank you community and I hope this helps others.

        • The entire time I was using Google Chrome Incognito mode.

        SUGGESTION: Add a credit card with the longest expiration date you have.

        • Jesus that's a massive effort to save $4 over B
          Brazil, but glad you sorted it. All adds up and annoying once you are determined enough.
          Thinking i shouldn't mess with mine since it's been working fine for a fair whlie.

          • -1

            @G-rig: I like the challenge.
            I also save money on YouTube premium via Argentina.
            Xbox via Brazil and so on.

            I like to spend money but I also like to spend it intelligently.
            I never pay full price on anything.

            I do like to help people too, I have MY YubTub channel that I'm about to reboot all tech stuff, TVs, gaming, saving money.

            Cant link it because last time I did I got banned :/ Not sure why

            • @InLaymansTerms: Yes, it's fair enough and all helps saveing money (the YT Premium is a good one and have the same).
              Just silly for me when it's a buck or two here and there then can waste much bigger amounts on rubbish, haha

          • @G-rig: Most of us will have netflix for 10 years- so about $480 saved

            • @mokr: yeah, 13c a day - all helps.
              just a headache to get it working with Turkey
              more saving in selling a few spots but they may put an end to that one day

  • Thanks to everyone for your help. These were the steps that worked for me:

    1. Sign up for Netflix AU but do not use it at all. Add your phone number and verify it. I had 2 cards linked to my account.
      I waited a few hours before contacting their help and asking for a refund. It takes about 1.5 days for the refund to be processed fully.

    2. Use Windscribe VPN to connect to the Turkish server. I enabled the extension in Incognito and then logged into Netflix.

    3. After logging in, it should offer you the plan but in Turkish lira. I wasn't asked to verify my phone and I used my UP bank card to complete the transaction.

    Hope this helps.

  • Just my experience, managed to sign up successfully to Argentina, but didnt read all the comments on here about the tax….at the moment on a citibank debit card the pending charge is a bit over $15 AUD for Ultra. Still cheaper but I wished I had tried Turkey or Brazil!

    • Edit……cancelled the Argentinean account and swapped it to Turkey, and had no probs getting credit card charged again etc, account was active, but now i am getting error message saying "account cannot be used in your location"

      Oh well. Worth a try.

      • Would you say the Turkey gift card is necessary or hope that the 28d one on file works?

    • I'm using Brazil, they increased their prices not long ago so Ultra HD is now BRL55.90 = ~A$13.99, so wouldn't sweat the difference.

      Could never get Turkey going in the past (NordVPN) but could be worth another go for $10 (before the next direct debit in a week)

  • If anyone wants to swap/share a their 1 year nexflix acc with me, I can offer a crunchy roll spot :)

    pm me

    • Same, got a Netflix Ultra HD spot I wouldn't mind swapping for Disney+, HBO etc. Cheers

  • Doesn't work with VPN to Turkey and Wise account loaded with Turkish Lira.

  • +1

    Argentine taxes are a killer

  • +3

    Just got an email saying that my Ultra plan with Netflix Argentina is being updated. It is now at ARS939 (pre-tax). Given I pay 64% tax previously (on my ING card), this will blow out the cost beyond just getting Netflix in Australia. Please update so others don't fall into this trap.

    • lol the ironic thing is, even Australian Netflix is cheaper than Argentina with this latest price hike. Hahaha.

      • +1

        Yes, easiest I found was Brazil.
        Argentina for YouTube Premium and Tidal :)

  • I got everything set up with the Turkish Giftcard but wondering how i now change the cc i already had on file? Do i have to go through customer service?

    • Yes. During the live chat, a separate payment form will pop-up within that window.

  • +3

    Haven't used my Netflix acc in years (been using my sibling's), so signed up in AU to add my mobile and CC.
    Hit up live chat who cancelled it straight away.
    Went over to MTC Game and got a 75 TL Netflix GC and the GC code was sent within 30 minutes.
    Installed Windscribe chrome extension, connected to Turkey, went to Netflix (signed in with VPN on), and signed up Premium using GC link at the bottom of Netflix website.

    First try - successful. Very happy. Thanks OP and everyone else in the comments

  • +2

    The following steps worked for me:
    - Signed up with Australia Account, add Citibank debit card and ING card as back up in payment method. Paid Aus rate for one month. Then cancelled.
    - When the account was deactivated in the following month, I went to download PIA VPN in Android for 7 day trial.
    - Used PIA VPN to connect to Turkey, restarted my membership. Selected my Citibank card as my payment method
    - Netflix then prompted for mobile number. Here is the difference: if I use my laptop, the country code is fixed to Turkey. If I use the Android Netflix app, the country code can be changed. So I changed it to my Aus mobile number. ——> Success
    - Disconnected VPN, checked citibank account. Payment pending for 6.32 AUD.
    - Enjoyed my Netflix

    • Note: I tried the free Windscribe VPN several times and always ran into different issues. (card not accepted, mobile number prompted, etc)
    • Thanks this method worked fine with exisitng card on file (citi)
      Ultra HD 55 TRY = A$7.99 :)

    • Let my account elapsed and try to signup for Netflix Turkey, pre-saved 28degrees card (changed to this card before subscription expired thinking not having to pay international transaction fee when paying in TL) and payment didn’t work so I changed to others cards like Citi premier, Amex didn’t work as it keep asking for verification code sent to mobile, it didn’t ask for a turkey number, it has my Aud number but I couldn’t receive any code sent, any work around for this?

  • Wow this was so easy. Cancelled existing account. Let it elapse. Put on Windscribe VPN and logged in to Netflix. Prompted me to subscribe in TL currency. Selected Ultra. Used existing card on account.

    Walllaahhhh success.

    Does this work with other streaming services? Like Spotify or Stan?


    • Stan is Aussie so, no. Spotify apparently not either as it requires a card issued in billing country.

    • +1

      works for youtube premium
      though i think you need a bogus address for the country you're "living in"

      • +3

        Thanks to @tobia, I just did it for YT premium (family) and it worked. $2.44/month happy days

        • what location did you choose for YouTube Premium? also, where did you go to sign up for family membership?

          • @hate: I believe you have to change to family plan on your YT premium Aus account before changing to another country (I know because I forgot).
            Recommend Argentina.

            • @G-rig: thank you. i already have an ongoing australian family plan, will this just transfer seamlessly if i'm on an argentina vpn?

              • @hate: yes, just make sure the price comes up in ARS, I can't remember but sometimes helps going into incognito mode.
                Shame i forgot to do it, as you can't invite people later in a different country (folks may have benefited from premium)

          • @hate: Argentina for $2.44/month (I used Suncorp debit for no fees)

            When signing up I just typed up Youtube premium into google and clicked on the link that has the words family plan.

            VPN: PIA

            As G-rig said, just make sure price is in ARS

            • @I Smell Pennies: hopefully PIA VPN doesn't charge you after the free 7 day trial - don't think it should but bit dodgy (got a google play order cancellation, never cancelled it yet)?

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