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55% off Netflix Basic TL₺26.99 (~A$3.76), TL₺40.99 (~A$5.73), TL₺54.99 (~A$7.68) @ Netflix Turkey (VPN to Turkey Required)


OzReminder for those who may not be familiar with this hack. Thank you for the original post Ulysses31. Here are some steps to setup a Turkish or Argentinian Netflix account to save $$$. Results may vary so it's best to read up, there are plenty of comments below and members happy to help. Unfortunately, it may not work for everyone so please keep that in mind.

Netflix plans

Turkey Basic $4.66 Standard $7.07 Ultra $9.49/month (Mod 15/11/21: Prices in title updated to latest exchange rate, this will vary daily.)
Argentina Basic $4.02 Standard $6.61 Ultra $9.64/month (Note: Taxes will apply)

Step 1: Please understand that following all these steps may not work for you

There is no need for aggression in instances where you are unable to subscribe to an international Netflix account. Share your experience so everyone can chip in and help out. There are plenty of examples where hacks shared on this platform do not work for some people, but may work for others:
* Modem reset for faster internet,
* Cash back program purchase tracking,
* Price matching an unobtainable deal or price error,
* Targeted bargains, and
* Limited quantity items quickly or instant (bot) sellout.
Similarly we know there are cash back users who follow every single step for cash back (turn off ad blocker, have no items in cart, do not click other links, etc.) on their purchases and it does not work, its probably best to move on.There are many users who successfully use this hack and enjoy paying half the price of the Australian membership. Unfortunately there are also many users who have been unable to sign up to Netflix Turkey or Argentina. After all it is intended for people who reside in Turkey or Argentina. If it does not work, I am not affiliated with any of the entities listed below or linked to and cannot guarantee any outcome. I can only read comments on this platform and others to share them with you. Your patience is appreciated. Please do not take it personally.

Step 2: Obtain a Turkish or Argentinian VPN

Express VPN

Step 3: Confirm Turkish/Argentinian IP

IP Check

Step 4: Sign Up to Netflix

In a private-browsing tab open Netflix

Step 5: Enter Card Details

Possibly working: 28 Degrees, ANZ Rewards, Citibank Debit, Macquarie
Mixed reports: CBA, ING


Q My bank blocked my payment, what do I do?
A Some banks block 1st attempt and then text to confirm it's you. Once you reply, 2nd attempt may work.

Q Where can I purchase a Turkish Netflix gift card?
A Others have had success purchasing Turkish Netflix gift cards (for a premium) or using Transfer Wise.

Q I have an existing Netflix subscription, can I use the same email?
A You can try! Visit Netflix website and cancel your subscription ASAP. It will expire at the end of the billing period. Then follow Step 1-5.

Q I thought it would cost $4.66 but I was billed for $5.00.
A Please note that changes in the foreign exchange rate will impact the subscription fee. Happy to update.

Q How do I enter an international mobile number?
A Ignore any requests for a mobile, open Netflix in a new tab and confirm account is working. If you must, there are a couple of resources for codes being sent to an international mobile number. Please note that these services may not work since others may have used the numbers for verification codes from Netflix SMS Codes PVA Codes SMS-Activate SMS Approval.

Q Do I need to use a VPN every time I access Netflix?
A No, VPN is only required for sign up. After sign up, use Netflix without a VPN and you will have access to the Australian Netflix library.

Plans and pricing

Thanks Putin
Turkish Plans and pricing
Argentinian Plans and pricing
GST/VAT and Tax related questions
Full list of Netflix pricing around the world thanks CC123 and Giu

See previous post for additional discussion.

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  • +4

    Man it was a pain in the arse to set this up. All the VPN in the world didn't get me past the payment method page. I tried them all, all the hacks - including paying for aus account, letting it expire, and attempting to resume my plan with turkey.

    The only method that work for me is I paid some dodgy site for turkish netflix gift card and once that gift card ran out of money, ONLY then it would take money from my 28 degrees =/

    • +1

      before you cancelled your aus netflix acc, did you have your phone number verified & a credit card stored in payment? done two acc in the past month no issues

      • yes sure did. that was the whole point of having the aus account. still wouldnt work. had to do the gift card method.

        • Guess it’s hit & miss, using Citi bank for payment if that helps

          • +1

            @RogueWolf: Thanks! got it working now, and doesnt seem to be any issues for now, so, happy.

            • @lawyerz: What got it working for you? Using a Citi Bank card?

              • +1

                @pmx7: 28 degrees, but i had to sign up using turkish netflix gift cards first and once that balance of that gift card ran out - it started charging my 28 degrees alright.

                I tried it all. ING. Citi. 28 degrees. none of them worked without the gift card approach.

                • @lawyerz: Same for me. Only method that worked. Make sure Aus account properly verified with mobile number first - that caught me out as I had an old subscription that didn't originally require mobile to be verified. Also made sure 28 degrees card was my payment method. Then as @lawyerz says - let your aus account expire, buy a turkish gift card, VPN to turkey, add the giftcard and away you go. 28 degrees gets billed after the balance runs out.

    • Thank you. Which dodgy Turkish site did you use to buy the Netflix gift card?

  • +6

    Wouldn't it be better to mark this a "possible" deal, because theres no guarantee any of the Australian credit cards mentioned would work

  • +2

    Up Debit card works for me. Zero international transaction fees.

    • Recommend Up for this. Worked for me when I used to have Netflix.

    • I can never seem to get my UP card working, works with my Macquarie so not sure what I am doing wrong.

    • I can't get it to work on my UP card.

    • Turkey or Argentina?

      • If you are replying to me Turkey.

  • +6

    Been using this method for quite some time. I buy the Turkish gift cards from g2a.com. https://www.g2a.com/netflix-gift-card-100-tl-turkey-i1000000...

    • Hey so once set up do we still need the vpn to logon everytime or we can just logon anywhere thanks

      • +1

        Anywhere. Its just to setup the payment method for that region to get the lower price.

        • Aahhh k thanks heaps will give it a go then

  • +2

    I tried this about a month ago, finally got a vpn that showed turkey currency and didn't ask for mobile, but when I put in my 28d card it didn't accept it. I tried all my other cards and they all didn't work. Even on a new account. When I gave up and just accepted my Australian pricing fate, ALL the credit cards I've tried are rejected by the system and live chat cant fix it. I have to buy gift cards now to keep using my Netflix account.

    So be careful lol, YMMV of course.

    Cards I tried were 28d, coles mastercard, citibanks, anz rewards

    • +1

      Is this for creating a new account? Try letting it lapse then use VPN to resubscribe with the CC already on the account.

      • I tried with my original account, which I deactivated first, same card. Then after my cards didn't work on that account, tried on a new account, also didn't work. But it's bc Netflix already "flagged my cards for rejection" even though I said, it's the same card I've been using for years.

        So don't try ALL your cards to get it to work, maybe leave one out just in case the same thing happens to you

        • Can you use the 6 months Google Chromecast to pay for this once activated?

          • @jamba: No.

          • @jamba: I'm on normal Aust Netflix now, yes I used the google Chromecast credit, that deal was gold for me bought 3 so I'm set til next year

    • +1

      Yeah I'm in the same boat. I think just don't get too invested in this working as the post says.

      I've tried Up, ING, 28degrees, citibank, amex, suncorp cards. Tried letting lapse then signing back up. Tried a new account. Tried gift card first then change to credit card. Tried netflix chat form.

  • I already got Argentina set up with ING, but I am scared of converting it to Turkey as it might stop working lol. Paying around $15.5 / month on ultra right now. What are the chances accounts will get flagged?

    • You're barely saving much with Argentina. I would say let it lapse then resubscribe with VPN.

      • Yeah true. I'll give it another whirl.

    • You can go to Brazil Netflix with 1.5$ cheaper

  • +3

    Seriously if you value your time don't do this

  • Worth noting if you get the ultra plan you can have 4 screens. Therefore it comes down to $2.50 odd a month if you share it with friends/classifieds.

    • Lots of people reselling in classifieds as normal price though.

  • My netflix suddenly blocks my VPN.
    I am using Nord. It was usually ok.

    So beware guys.

    • +3

      Netflix and the like have been cat n mouse blocking VPNs for quite some time now. YMMV.

    • I can access US/UK libraries with Nrod without any issues (Windows). Android TV app is a hit and miss tho.

    • +1

      I've had issues thinking it was blocked by Netflix.

      But clearing the cache/uninstall on all my devices fixed it.
      As some visited AUS site, and 1 was visiting elsewhere, at diff times.
      I've got it on 2 tvs, 2 phones, and a 2 PCs.

      It didn't like that.

  • This appears to have worked for me - signed up for new accounts via Turkey VPN using Pure VPN.

    Spoke to customer service and advised the payment change didn't work in the account - they sent the form and it has been updated to a BWA card.

  • -1

    Regarding to Spotify, after a long while of using it, I got a message saying I can only use it for 2 weeks abroad. Is there anything I could have done about that?
    Is Netflix going to do the same?

    • Couldn’t you just turn off your vpn, then back on again?

    • There's no limit on how long you can use Spotify Premium abroad. If you're on a premium plan you shouldn't be getting such messages.

  • +10

    Posted this on the previous version of this post, but hopefully itbcan help.someone else also achieve this (since been working for many months for me with zero more interaction):

    Successfully managed to just do this, and if anyone is in a similar position to myself, thought this might help.

    First, I already had an Aussie Netflix membership, obviously with card attached (28D).
    I then let this lapse.

    *Before doing the next step, might be worth going to mtcgame.com and signing up. Will give you quicker access to your gift card code, as I never received it via email, but it was there under purchases a short time after purchasing

    Then I went to https://www.mtcgame.com/en-US/netflix/netflix-hediye-karti and bought the 89.99TRY (“75TL” option) cheapest gift card (came out to be something like 98TRY after card fees for MasterCard).

    While I waited for that to be confirmed, I downloaded Urban VPN on the AppStore on my iPad. Installed and tried to select Turkey location, and need to subscribe to use.
    Clicked “1 month” option, then trial for free (was something like $16 after first month).

    Once I was “in Turkey”, checked my mtcgame “my account -> purchased products” (top right corner) and my code had arrive.
    It was literally a dude’s screenshot of a gift card he had bought lol.
    “Show code”, then copied down the “KOD”.

    Went to Netflix in safari (still VPN on) and made sure I was logged in. Didn’t click restart membership, instead went down to the bottom of the page and clicked “gift cards”
    ( https://www.netflix.com/redeem )
    Entered my KOD into this box and clicked Ok.

    It accepted it, and from memory it then proceeded to the “restart membership” page.
    Importantly, the gift card showed, along with my already on file CC.
    (I had been held up on this page when trying to restart without the gift card, even with my CC already on file).

    Picked plan tier, clicked through to the end, and voila! It worked.
    VPN off, AppStore, subscriptions, cancel free 7 day trial subscription.

    Hope this helps someone stuck at the “something wrong with your CC screen”

    • How long did it take to receive the code? I’ve been waiting for a few hours now & it’s still showing ‘pending confirmation’

      • More than that. But when I went into my account, it was already there (as a scanned receipt) - didn’t get any notification that it was there.

      • I had a few issues; wouldn't let me into purchased products until I verified phone but wouldn't acknowledge the number… raised ticket… finally in and still saying "pending confirmation" … been a few hours… it's probably that dodgy some bloke is actually running to the local 7/11 to buy a card and upload it for us (hence the reports of dodgy camera shot of code). geez, a lot of effort to save ten bucks :D #ozb4lyf

        • +1

          ha ha ha, it literally is some guy who runs the local Carrefour supermarket to buy a credit, classic…. love it

    • +1

      Thank you Tuttle! Helpful indeed…

      I can also confirm that this method works. I had issues with every card that I tried including my Bankwest Mastercard which worked flawlessly until it expired.

      In summary,
      1) Existing Aus. subscription with phone number and payment details already in place. I've cancelled this subscription just before month end.
      2) Registered on mtcgame and purchased the 75TL option. Comes to 90TL odd after charges (12AUD.)
      3) Received the picture of the TL Netflix code in my account 6 hours after purchasing at 8am AWST.
      4) Using an existing WindScribe VPN (free vpn to Turkey BTW,) I logged into Netflix and was prompted to restart membership.
      5) In a new webpage, I went to this address: https://www.netflix.com/redeem and entered the "KOD" received.
      6) 75TL credit was applied to the account. The web page redirected to the restart membership page and I could then restart with existing Bankwest details on the account PLUS the gift card balance of 75TL.

      BOOM! Premium NetFlix at 10 bucks a month again.

    • How did you change your credit card details after doing all this?

  • Can confirm that it is working with Gift card.

    • so once you pay with gift card to set up acct you can then change it to 28degree credit card or similar?

      • +1

        Haven't thought about it yet.. Will probably go ahead with my CBA card later

        • Which gift card did you use? I just tried one purchased at woollies but it didn't work…

  • how many active streams can you have now with nextflix? did they crack down on it?

    i.e how many people can you share with?

    • 1, 2 and 4 respectively depending on the plan.

  • I had my account set to Turkey with CBA debit card, converting was easy but would I be able to add a new Aus card?

  • Not sure if anyone mentioned but I tried it with this trick I saw on reddit which only works if you're an existing user.

    Basically cancel your Australian netflix a few days before the cycle's up so you can let the account stop charging you AUD.

    Then after it's cancelled, try to sign up from Turkey netflix. They won't actually prompt you for a number because your account is already registered with a number.

    I'm able to pay the Turkish price with my NAB debit card (slightly higher exchange rate I think but I can live with it).

    • So I could sign up and pay for 1 month normally, then cancel and try to sign up via Turkey. And it will charge my card like normal?

      • That's what I did and it's charging 9 dollars something on my card so yeah but apparently it doesn't work for everyone so ymmv

        Worth a try that is.

        • Do you know if we can change plans (Standard/Premium) after switching to Turkey Netflix without messing it up?

          • @play1845: Yes you can change plans after switching without messing things up.

    • I have got the initial plan from the Turkey Gift card, but cant add backup card ( NAB debit., citibank debit or alex). nothing is working. Not sure how to add the card.

      • I'm not an expert but the method I mentioned only work if you already have an existing account with a card registered to it I think. Or at least that's what I did previously if I'm not mistaken. If you go by giftcard I think you'll just have to buy the Turkey netflix giftcard on g2a or somewhere to keep it going

        • Those card are hell expensive. 100tl for 20 dollars and it can give you less than 2 months.

    • +1

      Didn't work for me, ended up with all my cards getting blocked regardless of account lol

    • gonna test this out and get back in about 2-3 weeks

    • +1

      thanks, worked with aus account, recharged using Up card.

  • +2

    I can’t get passed mobile phone confirmation process. Tried open new tab but didn’t work. Any suggestions?

  • Dosnt work with cba world debit "There appears to be a problem with the payment method you are trying to use."

  • +2

    Yo guys. Use gift card for first month and use the suncorp visa debit card , it will work flawlessly. Zero international transaction fee too. Give it a try

    • Is your accpunt new or u already had card linked and let au sub expire?

    • i tried this but get an error gift card not valid. chat says its due to different currency. did you use an aust purchased gift card?

    • Hi, so here is what I did. I used VPN to fake to turkey. Apply Turkey Gift Card => Login to your account, add your card as primary method. Done.

  • So i want to try this but going to ask questions before i do so i create a new account or use existing acc and connect to my VPN and restart my membership on the overseas plan? And once i pay i test it to work then disconnect the vpn to get the Australian library etc…

  • I know how to make this work 100%. Do I just post the steps as a comment or submit a new post ?

    • comment. If you make a new post it'll get unpublished as a duplicate

      • +4

        Ok so here’s the steps to get it working.

        1. Create a Wise (formerly Transferwise) account. Input real details here including postal address. Verify account, get a card sent out. Activate card and deposit some money.

        2. You can either open a new Netflix or use an existing account at this point. Add your card and phone number to an AU Netflix account, verify your phone number if you need to. Pay for a month with this card, then immediately cancel the subscription. Netflix will email you and confirm you have cancelled and have the remaining month to use. If you want, you can contact them via chat and tell them to refund you the fee pro rata because you don’t want to use it for the month.

        3. Once it’s completely cancelled you will receive and email with a button to reactivate your account.

        4. Change Wise address details to the same city in which you are about to use a VPN, Istanbul for example.

        5. Connect to your VPN and make sure the city is the same as step above and click on the link given in the email on step 3.

        6. Now just follow through and pay for account.

        7. After you’ve got it all set up, wait a month or two and change your details in Wise back to your real address.

        • How easy is it to get the pro rate refund from Netflix?
          I'm going to open a new account, sign up and cancel right away.

          • @play1845: I cancelled 3 weeks later and got full refund as I never used the service.

          • @play1845: Pretty straight forward.

            • @Diplomats: How long did it take for your refund to get processed?

              • @play1845: I think I received the funds back the next day or 2. Can’t remember if I waited for the refund to hit my account before continuing or not, don’t think I waited though.

  • +1

    Works with my Revolut card from the app. The phone number verification was a bit tricky but verified successfully at the end. Just got charged $6.39 for the Standard plan. Thansk OP.

    • +2

      How to get past phone number verification?

      • +1

        Interested to know this too. I can't get around it no matter what I do…

      • I am also very keen to know this. Last time I tried, I simply could not get past phone number verification and I ended up going for Argentinian option. Recently they have added more tax in Argentina and it is no longer a cheap option for UHD plan.

      • +2

        I let my account expired and reactivated through a Turkey VPN.

        As I already had provided my card and mobile details it didn't ask me to enter them again.

        It was a very simple process, there was one minor set back that I had to change the country code in the URL to TR-EN as I was still getting the AUS packages even though I was connected from a VPN, then only I was prompted with Turkey currency.


        • This doesn't work all the time, I had an existing account and it asked for phone verification and it wouldn't accept the 28d card on file.

          • @MeesusEff: Tempted to let mine lapse, also using 28d so perhaps not wise. Any idea if Citi debit plus works?
            Perhaps it is also NordVPN it doesn't like

            • @G-rig: Nord VPN doesn't work. Getflix Turkey was the one that worked for me after trying out many different trials. My citi debit plus did not work. I think once you try and fail it just rejects all the cards after that as literally all my cards are blocked in their system lol, regardless of account. If you already have an account I suggest you make a new one to try this VPN one and leave out the card that you have on your old acct

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