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$20 off/Month nbn for 6 Months: Unlimited 100/20 $79, 100/40 $89, 250/25 $109, 1000/50 $129 for New Customers @ Aussie Broadband


Received an email from AussieBroadband about a $20 discount deal ($20 discount a month for 6 months), and is applicable to speed plans that are 100mbps or higher.

The code works on 100GB, 500GB and unlimited data options.

If you're after lower tier plans, you might be interested in the "MOVING" coupon code to get your first month free. Or read this comment to see which code gives you the most savings

Halloween has come early this year at Aussie Broadband with a deal sweeter than Halloween candy!

Upgrade your plan today to stream, download, work and play faster than ever before! Sign up now with our Halloween special! What is it you ask? Well….

Get [$20 off for the first 6 months]

This means you can get approximately 99Mbps typical evening speeds for just $79 per month on a nbn™ Home Fast plan or get any personal plan with faster speeds using the same discount. That's scary good!.

Offer ends 31 October at 11:59pm, so get in fast for our most spooktacular event of the year!

  • A ‘new customer’ is defined as an individual who has not had an active broadband service with Aussie Broadband in the last six months or hasn’t been an authorised contact, residing at the same address as the primary contact,on an active broadband service with Aussie Broadband in the last six months.

nbnTM 250/25 and Home Ultrafast speeds only available at FTTP and limited HFC technology locations.

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      • Pls explain to the uninformed (me) about the ease of changing over.

        We’re with Vodafone NBN at the moment which is terrible with regular dropouts.

        If I was to sign up to this ABB deal, does it purely just switch over automatically and it’s good to go? Or do I have to mess around setting up a new modem etc from ABB?

        • Cheaper grandfathered plans? When they increased prices, everyone was emailed notifying them they will be changed to the more expensive price of the plan…

  • +1

    Yeah may not be the cheapest but by far the best customer service (online retailer and similar) I have ever experienced.

    • I havent needed customer service in a few years with them, was a 'loyal' customer but ive had enough now and churned to another rsp for the discount.

  • Can i just pay for the first 6 months then switch to another provider and pay for the first 6 months only as well?

    • +2

      yes, that's what people mean by churn

  • +1

    Switched to SL 12 months ago for the promo deal and this is just enough of a discount for me to switch back.
    The code works with 100/40. $20 off, so $89pm

  • +6

    Only if 50/20 speed tier is included…

  • Any good, cheaper alternative to ABB in Sydney? Thanks in advance

  • +2

    No 50/20….. Also Aussiebb jacked up their original prices after going public. They are no different to Telstra now. More competitive options available i.e. Superloop and tangerine.

    • +1

      No different to Telstra on price maybe. Do you value customer service?

      • +3

        Have had FTTP nbn for about 7 years now and never called customer service once… So no.

        • +2

          Had issues with my HFC NBN last year. Telstra were near impossible to contact and kept passing the blame. Switched to Aussie and the internet was immediately more stable and faster. Haven't looked back since

          • +1

            @JMosk: Hope you never have any issues with Telstra

      • Thankfully I've never had to contact customer service ever and I've switched between Telstra, ABB, Superloop and Tangerine over the past 24 months. Also never had any downtime besides the once in a fullmoon scheduled maintenance so now I just go with whoevers the cheapest.

        • may I ask which provider is the best in you experience?

    • Weren't the price increases pretty much across the board because of NBN Co upping their fees?

      • yeah, cheapest I've seen is $65/month but most are $70.

  • I'm with exetel not sure if locked in for 12 months. Would aussie cancel for me?

    • FTTP and fixed wireless = nope. Everything else should auto cancel.

  • Just curious guys when you switch between NBN providers is it generally just a setting change on your modem ? Is there a downtime during the switch ?

    • +1

      I used to be with Exetel, changed to ABB using the same modem, nothing needed to be done and ported over easily. Then changed over to a cheaper provider and for the love of god they cannot got me connected. Then I changed to Superloop and then no changes required it just connected the day after the request

    • +1

      If you go from an ISP that uses IPoE to IPoE = no change.

      If you go from an ISP that uses IPoE to PPPoE or vice versa = change WAN settings.

  • That's some scarily good deals. I know these are for new customers but they do offer deals for existing customers sometimes too. For example I moved 2 months ago and got a free month by using a promo code.

  • ffs i literally got connected today :L

    • This happened to me ages ago and it should me but i waited far too long to do anything about it. Definitely gave them more money than they were taking from every other new customer. Honestly, if you're not contracted or whatever, wait the min period possible and churn out. Service is good, but entire business model is an endless new-customer grift at your expense.

      Sad to say, but thats the game.

    • +1

      The customer service is really good whenever I've had to talk to them, can't hurt if you ask if you can get the deal too. 🤔

    • A friend had the same experience with the last new customer promo.
      He called them and asked it if could be applied to his account and was confirmed at the reduced rate within a couple of minutes.
      Others on Whirlpool had whimmed the rep on there and had the same happen for them.

      Definitely worth a few minutes of your time to call them and ask.

  • +3

    I switched to superloop after years with ABB. They never offered me any incentive to stay with them.

    • +1

      no providers do anymore. that's why you churn.

    • +1

      There's no loyalty with ISP nowadays, its so easy to churn you should be doing it every 6 months.

  • Aussie Broadband are rated number the number 1 ISP for speed, latency and consistency in Australia. link

  • SuperLoop or MyRepublic? for Sydney? Peer2peer console gaming somewhat important.

    Both have 100/20 for around $70/m for 6months… SL lower post bonus ongoing rate at $85/m

    • Aussie Broadband and ask them to opt you out of CGNAT then you'll be sweet.

      On other hand, if you are already with ABB, then go to Superloop they are better than MyRepublic for international connectivity as Superloop owns many fiber in other countries. MyRepublic uses Vocus for international which are pretty bad lol and your ping are gonna spike alot if with Vocus.

      Always go with ABB & Superloop for international servers. If you only play domestic (locally in Australia) then any ISP wont matter.

  • +1

    I am with Optus, have 2 set top boxes too, my issue is I have my email tied to some really important cloud stuff so if I lose that, I lose my purchased softwares.

    Questions, does any other provider offer Foxtel with these plans for the same or less? I have 50 d 20 u
    Can I somehow keep my email till I get things sorted from my providers end?


    May your seed be fruitful in the belly of your woman.

    • Can't move those softwares to a Gmail account?

      • I did think of that but I need to speak to the company and see what they say.

    • +2

      I too am with optus and have so much tied to my emails. Slowly going through everything and making it gmail.

      I wanted this deal but didn’t give me enough time so rang Aussie and they have delayed my connection for a month.

  • +1

    Looking at doing the Superloop to ABB switch (after doing the opposite about 8 months ago). Can anyone confirm SL doesn't pro-rata refund on churn? Have heard this is the case.

    • +5

      Superloop = no pro-rata refund.
      Aussie BB = yes to pro-rata refund if you ask for it.

      • +4

        Can confirm

  • +8

    ABB customer here: can't speak highly enough of their customer service, and of the quality of the connection.

    I have been with them 3 or 4 years now and legit never had one single problem. I'm on an unlimited 50/20 and never had any congestion. My ping from Perth to SG is so good/clean too.

    Compared with when i was with internode (post iiNet buyout…) there was congestion every night, faults all the time, weird maintainence windows etc. The difference is night and day.

    I also bought some shares at at the initial customer offer price and they've been really decent. Very happy with them overall.

  • +1

    Anyone know how best to time a churn? When I changed before I didn't get pro-rated leaving one provider and paid for part of a month with both. If for example it renews on 1 of the month say, when best to start AussieBB and have the other one cancel?

    • +1

      Depends who you are with. Most companies I've been with will pro rata your bill when you leave, however superloop charge you for the whole month regardless so you need to time it to churn just before the end date of the billing period.

      • +1

        Right, I'm with Superloop. Exetel are the same.

      • So to confirm, my Superloop Anniversary date is currently showing at 17th November, I should churn to say Aussie with a starting date on say the 15th or 16th November correct?

  • waiting for 100/100 plans to arrive

    • Unless you are on FTTP, otherwise impossible

  • We’re moving in to a new build with handover being some time between the 15th-19th November. ABB said they can’t tell me when an NBN technician would be available until submitting an order while Launtel said they can see the available dates (currently 2wks wait time), does anyone know why one provider can give me that info but another can’t?

    We’re just trying to book in advance to minimise downtime once moved.

  • +6

    Lots of people on here are saying that this is not the best deal because it is not the cheapest. Cheapest is not Aussie's value offering. To get good prices, most companies will offshore support and oversubscribe their cvc allotment. Aussie's policy is not to do that and the result is generally far more reliable internet, closer to advertised speeds, and with excellent support. You pay a premium for this, and for many its a good deal.

    I received all of these benefits when I switched to ABB from TPG who's overseas support did not aim to fix my problem, they just aimed to make it not their problem.

    So ABB will never be the cheapest, but it is a "premium" service that also keeps money and jobs in Australia.

  • My first NBN isp was Aussie (before people had any idea who they were), had a small stint with telecube, then Aussie and now I'm with superloop. Looking at leaptel next. Their routing seems ok but I'm a bit hesitant as they seem to be using vocus and the last time I had someone who used them (telecube) it was a nightmare for IPTV from an overseas provider.

    Anyone with them and can comment on international traffic? Trace routes only tell me so much.

  • Can't get the code to work. I get the "Promo code not valid" message. Any idea what might be causing it?

    • Are you choosing at least 100Mbps? Have you been with Aussie BB in the last 6 months?

      Previous comment was a prefilled coupon link. Not a referral or affiliate link.

      • Yes, choosing the 100/40 plan and no, have not been with them in the last 6 months.
        Looks like it's not meant to be..

        • Some OzBargainers had the same problems and got it sorted over the phone.

  • +1

    All you have to do is give ABB a call and be nice. The guy had absolutely no issues applying the $20 discount for 6 months on my account.
    I've been with them for a year on the 1000/50 plan and apart from a handful of slow speed during maintenance I have had no other problems with them.
    Sh!t$ all over my old Telstra connection.

    • So you're an existing customer, you asked for the discount, and they gave it to you?

      • +1

        Yes. I told them my anniversary with them had just passed and I read about the offer so I thought I’d ask if you can apply it on my account.
        The rep was pretty nice, he said “yes, I don’t see why not”. He asked for the code, I have to him and he added it to the account. Expires in April

        • Sweet, I'll give it a crack. Cheers!

        • No go. Oh boy, here I go churning again.

    • This didn't work for me, I tried three times with different rep's. I think because you're on the 1000/50 plan they offered you this again. I've been with ABB over a year and even asked if I upgrade to the next higher tier with the discount and they said no.

  • Anyone have any recommendations on the best way to acquire a good router?
    That is without having to pay for one monthly or outright.

    • Yes i would like to know too. Haven't been on a nbn service before and looking at moving to nbn. Any good routers people recommend that aren't too exxy

  • Was thinking of churning to myrepublic as my 6 month discount with ABB is up and it's $40 cheaper… I get such good speeds and zero issues with ABB though so unsure if I should switch… 840/50 at 6pm

    • Yeah, plus I have a static IP and the trouble of having to change the config on all my servers to whitelist the new IP is def not worth the trouble for me.

  • Thanks Scrimshaw!

    Switching from Superloop. Unfortunately my renewal date is 9th of the month, so guess I'll lose 9 days since they don't pro-rata :(

    • You can assign a connection date with abb

      • Oh that's awesome! Thanks Sharp, I didn't know that.

        Do you know how much notice you need to give with SL or do you even need to on NBN? Wondering if I can switch on the 2nd last day safely.

  • -1

    They're at least $20 dearer than their competition, so this is just normal price.

  • Anyone has experience with TPG? Are they good?

  • Would check your POI's CVC graph before signing up. I left ABB late last year after suffering months of packetloss/latency issues, they didn't even bother upgrading my POI's CVC despite the graph peaking every night and their bot being too late to upgrade.

    Almost a year later and the CVC graphs still look the same every night lol. As much as I want to save $20 being a gamer ABB is a big no for me until they bother upgrading my POI.

  • with Superloop 250/25 $99.95. not sure how $30 more from ABB going to bring.

  • Damn, promo code not working for me. 1000/50 plan as well. Anyone else have a fix for it?

    • I had the same problem. Try copy the code from the deal on the OzB page and paste.

      • Yep turned out it was cos I had an account from a while back. I called up and they sorted it in an 8 min conversation including queue time. Brilliant service.

  • ABB just jumped my plan price up $20 in August, only just noticed while reading this offer and doing some checking.

  • I’m fortunate to pay $50 for 250/250, not sure what I’m going to do once my 12 month contract ends

    • How'd you get that?

      Could be grandfathered in to the plan unless said the provider said it was a limited time deal.

  • Just signed up this morning. 3 hours later I am fully online and switched over. So seamless. Called the support line to check in and they were super helpful.

    Very happy so far.

  • Just moved over to 100/40 on ABB from Telstra. Had a frantic swap out of Telstra modem to older model. Fingers crossed - so far so good. BTW I was very happy with Telstra except their business modem is limited in firmware to 15 devices, which killed my home automation. Telstra didn't understand.

  • Dunno if this has already been said but I'm moving house and was able to move my current contract and use the code to get $20 off even though I'm a current customer.

  • Does anyone know how long it takes to switch between providers?

    • +1

      From prior experience with Aussie, as long as you have all your details correct, it only takes about an hour. I'm sure it varies though.

      • +1

        Thanks, just switched from Superloop to ABB and it only took 45 mins!

        • There you go!

    • +1

      If you have a landline that you want to keep it takes about a week. And if you're with Telstra they kick you off your broadband and the NBN network if you port your VOIP first, and if you don't port your VOIP first you might lose your number. So it CAN be quick and easy, but it's not always, depending on luck and circumstances.

  • Damn. I moved over from Telstra about a month ago. Lots of drama with Telstra, who now won't do 100/40 for residential customers, have terrible via SMS support, and like to kick you off NBN's network altogether if you dare to port your bundled landline. I got one month free on the 100/40, so $109 off. 6x$20 off is $120 so I guess I only lost out on $11. It's nice being with Aussie after years of Telstra's support degrading. Aussie actually call you back promptly if you're in a queue and don't want to wait and their tech staff know their tech and can actually help you troubleshoot.

  • Just wondering if we sign up to these special deals if we can still get the referral bonus?

    • Nah you have to pick one.

  • Just a heads up, this promotion won't apply if you've been with ABB within the last 6 months (as their call centre just 'educated' me on).

    And yes, it's buried in their t&c's per their definitions of a new customer; https://www.aussiebroadband.com.au/forms/legal/promotions-te...

    • It says it right there in the OP and it has been their policy for a long time now….

      A ‘new customer’ is defined as an individual who has not had an active broadband service with Aussie Broadband in the last six months or hasn’t been an authorised contact, residing at the same address as the primary contact,on an active broadband service with Aussie Broadband in the last six months.

  • I just tried signing up for a plan using the fastmonth promo code which is apparently first month free. It seems to deducted the first month so you end up paying nothing for the first month. Does that mean we can switch to another provider after the month and there will be no charge at all?

  • How easy is it to cancel a service with ABB if we churn through service providers

    • In my experience once you have churned and you don't get a sms etc give ABB a call and advise to cancel and email sent for confirmation of cancellation (took max 10mins)

  • perfect timing - the truck is LITERALLY outside our house doing our Technology Choice upgrade to FTTP right now :)

  • has anyone had experience with cancelling with ABB. I am thinking of just signing up for 1 month (for free) on the top speed and then cancelling because i only want to try nbn out for a month. I am using 4g mobile broadband. Do we need to cancel by a certain day to avoid paying for the second month. TIA

    • Terms and conditions say you need to give 30 days notice though ABB customer service is good, call them about the months trial and they will most likely waive it if you are not satisfied with nbn compared to 4G.

    • You can cancel anytime and they'll do pro-rata refund, just need give them a call.

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