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$20 off/Month nbn for 6 Months: Unlimited 100/20 $79, 100/40 $89, 250/25 $109, 1000/50 $129 for New Customers @ Aussie Broadband


Received an email from AussieBroadband about a $20 discount deal ($20 discount a month for 6 months), and is applicable to speed plans that are 100mbps or higher.

The code works on 100GB, 500GB and unlimited data options.

If you're after lower tier plans, you might be interested in the "MOVING" coupon code to get your first month free. Or read this comment to see which code gives you the most savings

Halloween has come early this year at Aussie Broadband with a deal sweeter than Halloween candy!

Upgrade your plan today to stream, download, work and play faster than ever before! Sign up now with our Halloween special! What is it you ask? Well….

Get [$20 off for the first 6 months]

This means you can get approximately 99Mbps typical evening speeds for just $79 per month on a nbn™ Home Fast plan or get any personal plan with faster speeds using the same discount. That's scary good!.

Offer ends 31 October at 11:59pm, so get in fast for our most spooktacular event of the year!

  • A ‘new customer’ is defined as an individual who has not had an active broadband service with Aussie Broadband in the last six months or hasn’t been an authorised contact, residing at the same address as the primary contact,on an active broadband service with Aussie Broadband in the last six months.

nbnTM 250/25 and Home Ultrafast speeds only available at FTTP and limited HFC technology locations.

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$50 each for referrer & referee apply afterwards.

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    Plans Per Month 6 Months FASTMONTH (6 Months) MOVING (6 Months) SPOOKTOBER (6 Months)
    12/1 $59 $354 $295 $354 $354
    25/10 $69 $414 $345 $345 $414
    50/20 $79 $474 $395 $395 $474
    75/20 $89 $534 $534 $534 $534
    100/20 $99 $594 $495 $495 $474
    100/40 $109 $654 $545 $545 $534
    250/25 $129 $774 $645 $645 $654
    1000/50 $149 $894 $745 $894 $774

    If my math is wrong.. downvote to hell :)

    Choose whichever code is working out best for you depending on plan you want.

  • +4

    On MyRepublic for 79/month 100/40.
    This ain't that good of a bargain.

    • +18

      Unless things have changed, MyRepublic never had much bandwidth and was prone to speeds dropping in peak times.

      • +23

        Mine is FTTP, never any problems.
        I just can't believe how much us Aussies get ripped for NBN.

        • +13

          When I used them about 4 years ago on FTTP the peak speeds were terrible. Maybe that has changed finally.

          We're definitely getting ripped off. My colleagues in New Zealand say they're rocking 950/500Mbps plans for about $90 a month. Then in some places you can get up to 4000/4000Mbps.

          • +4

            @Clear: Now compare that to e.g. 10Gbps/2Gbps for $80/month in major cities in Italy

            • @RiseAndRuin: Where almost everyone lives in apartments and densities are much greater so fixed cost per person are much less compared to Australia, where most live in spread out houses so fixed costs of cabling are much greater.

          • +1

            @Clear: The benefit of being a tiny country. Vastly easier to deploy and manage infrastructure.

        • +7

          FTTP can still have speed problems with ISPs who cheap out on routing.

        • +1

          Yes Just look at NZ kiwis, how much faster and cheaper internet /GB speeds they are having only so little far away.

          Australian government need to make that kinda interest at least in all Capital cities of Australia

      • Is this for HFC? I want a reliable network so thinking of opting into ABB or myrepublic from superloop.

        • Best to double-check the availability tool on their website or give their support team a call (they actually do answer); but both my former and current house were HFC-NBN properties and were able to do just about max out a 1000/50 connection.

      • Have been with MyRepublic since they launched and bandwidth has been fine on my FTTN 100/40 plan.

        Link to speed test https://ibb.co/XVj4xqT

    • +3

      The recommendations for MyRepublic makes me wanna try them. But the last NBN report from ACCC shows they have the highest average latency of 20ms : https://www.accc.gov.au/system/files/Measuring%20Broadband%2…

      • +4

        Thanks for bringing that up, I used to look at their results but found all rsp have little differences.

        But certainly you make a good point myrrpublic has stunningly poor latency.

        It’s also good to note another important metric is average daily outages on page 26, probably the most important for people who wfh using their nbn all day. ABB is by far and away the worst ISP, the their bar is on average twice as tall as the average, sucks given you pay a premium too.

        • +1

          Keeping that result in perspective I very much doubt you could call any of them 'bad'.
          If you looked a little further down from that table you would see..

          "All RSPs’ rates of outages were relatively low; no higher than the equivalent of one
          outage every three days. This, combined with the information that the majority of
          outages last for no more than 3 minutes, means that outages are likely to have little
          material impact on end user experience."

          So I see no reason for singling ABB out as "by far and away the worst ISP".

          I will quite happily criticise any company for real failings but this seems to be criticism for criticisms sake.

          • @Grunntt: You don’t think abb gets praised overwhelmingly as though it is the only Usable isp on offer? That’s the sense I get when I read Ozb comments so I am happy to critic with equal gusto.

            Look at the amount of comments over this and past deals where tightrased ozbargainers who would jump all over deals to save a buck or two for a ShopBack $2 bonus for example, happy to sing the praise of abb and pay $10 per month, each and every month, for what you describe not too bad.

            I also should note I meant by far the worst when it comes to having outages, if having constant internet is important of course. If having constant connect is not important you can of course ignore that fact.

            • @cloudy: Last paragraph should go first

              The rest comes dangerously close to a different argument entirely

              Abb gets excessive praise

              But any talk of them being far and away the worst of anything is pretty laughable

              Everyone agrees more on these ideas than they disagree

              Nothing to see here.

            • @cloudy:

              am happy to critic with equal gusto

              No problem with well-founded criticism but you seem to be just highlighting non-existent issues.

              The report you seem to have been triggered by makes the point that outages recorded by all RSPs are "likely to have little
              material impact on end user experience."
              A single outage of less than 3 minutes in any three day period seems a pretty good result rather than something worth criticising.

              By the way I can't see anywhere in my post where you could have read "for what you describe not too bad". If you read that into what I posted then I think I can see how you misread that report too.

              Have you wondered why so many individuals are so complimentary about their RSP of choice? Could it be that people using the service are actually really pleased with the quality of service for the price they pay? Especially considering the well understood fact that so many people are much more likely to post negative rather than positive experiences online.

      • I’ve been happy with Superloop but that report is pretty damning…. Feel sort of stuck on one of their $90 100/40 grandfathered plans.

    • ABB is vastly superior to MyRepublic. Like comparing Telstra Mobile to Kogan Mobile. You get what you pay for.

      • You should see the ACCC link provided by GTG, ABB has more outages than anyone, by a fair margin

        • +1

          I have one of those samknows whiteboxes that measure performance for ACCC - so I can log in and see my stats.

          I also recently changed from Telstra to Aussie after Telstra said they would force me from 100/40 to 100/20.

          Since changing to Aussie, my speeds (up and down), and packet loss are much the same, my ping is also much the same in their tests, but gaming ping is much better (from 25 ping to 10 to some Sydney servers).

          I used to have like one dropout every day with Telstra which would last about 40 seconds - I never noticed it using my internet, but that measuring box captures it. Since changing to Aussie, they have all but gone.

          My website load times are about 0.5 second lower as well, from 3 seconds to 2.5.

          • +1

            @kev88au: Yea so that’s great that individually you get better results than the reported average but just means someone else on abb gets a much worse result to create the overall stats.

    • @Damonator84, you are comparing chalk and cheese here mate. One is excellent, and one is very very ordinary.

      • I've had no problems with MyRepublic 100/40 and got stats to prove it. It's been great, why are you trying to differentiate when I have FTTP. Most people that complain about speed etc of NBN are FTTN where copper is involved.

        • As @matt1234 alludes to below, customer service is important for a lot of people. Good luck when you need assistance, or if you want to have more control over your internet. Further, most do not have FTTP.

          I do. But the reality is internet is bloody important for our daily lives. This is only getting more important. Its one area I wont cheap out on. Good luck to you and the fact you are saving a few bucks a month. But the peace of mind, improved speeds and more efficient service is worth the few bucks extra a month for me.

          Here is a report that summarises Ookla's recent speed and service rankings: https://www.crn.com.au/news/aussie-broadband-optus-top-aussi….

          Aussie wins both customer service and speed awards….shock. You pay for what you get.

    • +1

      Yeah but unlike MyRepublic aussie broadband has actual customer service - someone you can actually call in Australia.

      They also consistantly have much higher speeds than MyRepublic, especially on the faster tiers - for instance MyRepublic's typical evening speed on a 1000 plan is 350, Aussie's is 600 - and yes this is FTTP - you can't get 1000 on copper. Just because you are on FTTP doesn't mean you get full speed - it's all about traffic and load.

  • +26

    It's $10 cheaper per month with Superloop.

    • +13

      I churned away from ABB for SL's 3 month speed boost (i.e. same location) and peak hour CVC congestion has been pretty bad with SL. I'd say the extra $10 is worth it.
      (yes CVC issues can be different in different places - this is just my experience on St Marys)

      • +1

        and peak hour CVC congestion has been pretty bad with SL

        I had congestion for a few days in a row, emailed them, and they fixed it within a day.

        • +2

          I did try that. Over 7 days I noted when it was affecting me, correlated to their CVC graph - after I sent it to them I never heard a reply from their support team

          • @The 10th Doctor: how do you find out the cvc graph?

          • +1

            @The 10th Doctor:

            after I sent it to them I never heard a reply from their support team

            I've only had to contact them a couple of times and always got a response, but it did take about a business day.
            Did you try calling them?

            • @jv: They are beyond useless. Here's a response I received three weeks ago from their email support:

              I have reached out to our NBN team who has advised that the Weribee POI has been updated in September and does not have any problems with the exception of high traffic on certain days.

              • @doot: Maybe they don't want any new customers in Werribee?

                My connection has been flawless the last few weeks, ever during peak.

                • @jv: Only too happy to release my share of CVC back!

          • @The 10th Doctor: I raised the same issue on 26th July, followed up 5 times after via email and calls. To date no update received too.

      • +2

        Yeah I was very disappointed with Superloop. Big latency spikes on my Sydney HFC.

        • Im in Sydney HFC for past 2 years. 99% of the time its been great even peak times and stable. But my POI being good doesnt mean anything for another POI. What i will say however is there has been several instances where they have issues with international routing/partner transit network and seemingly didnt have well performing alternate international route. One time it last almost a month which was a problem for me trying to stream from some servers in UK and EU. Besides this though it has been good. I'll probably give ABB once my free speedboost runs out though.

      • Superloop seems very based on location because I've seen a lot of people say this but I'm on 250 down and get exactly 250 down at all times of the day.

        • Yep same with me. I’ve alternated between ABB and Superloop and have had the same experiences with them both so I just stick with who ever is cheapest at the time.

    • +13

      If you're already with superloop and cannot get the promotional prices, this is a better deal (I'm with Superloop and would have to pay $89.95 monthly to upgrade to the equivalent speed tier)

      Switching back and forth between different Telco companies is the best way to ensure you're always paying the lowest possible prices, since they rarely ever reward you for being a loyal customer anyway.

      • -2

        but ABB is more expensive than SL once the discount ends

        • Which is why @scrimshaw advocated for switching between different Telco's in order to get the best possible prices.

          Since there are no lock-in contracts, you can freely switch to ABB to take advantage of this offer and then churn to Superloop/FutureBB or any other (reliable) ISP with a better offer going at the time.

      • Hey everyone I am on an HFC connection can you please tell me how long does it take to switch over from one provider to another?

        I hope there is no downtime.

      • Is there any best practice on 'when' you churn so don't double up on paying for a month? ie do you churn on the final day of the month or billing cycle of your current provider so they don't slog you with the remaining month fee?

    • I m with superloop 1000mbps no complaints at all.

      ABB $10 extra for umlimited data is worth it if your data usage is huge.

    • +2

      I recently upgrade my plan with Superloop from 50/20 to 100/20 (FTTP) (different account same address). For some reason tech support couldn't figure out what's wrong with the internet. Kept getting 0.43 mbps download and they were saying it's NBN fault. must escalate this issue to NBN.
      I decided to sign up with ABB and see if it's really the problem here. Works instantly as expected. and SL couldn't figure out why I was getting slow connection and they don't even try. Had some issues later on with ABB and support was really good.
      I'd pay extra $10 any day for ABB customer service. Never Superloop again.

    • +1

      jv is being up voted ? 😳

    • +1

      After optus customer service crushed my will to live, I’m now deciding between Aussie and superloop.

      I feel I’ve heard Aussie is better overall and tried a test call on superloop support which I’ve heard is understaffed and gave up after 20 minutes.

      Anyone got any advice on which to go for?

      • +1

        ABB, for sure, and I only say that because I have been with SL for 5 months now and I can't wait to go to ABB in the next few days.

  • +18

    It's a shame they don't offer this for existing customers.

    • +1


    • +2

      They offered something similar a few months back for existing customers.


      Currently on 250/25 for $99 a month :)

      Can’t blame them for trying to get new customers though, it’s just typical business practices unfortunately. Same with credit cards and lots of things.

    • +1

      They did a few months ago. Currently on their gigabit plan for $120 a month vs $150 for 6 months. Shame it's not this price normally!

  • Doesn't MyRepublic have this cheaper as their normal price (100/20 - $70) - https://myrepublic.net/au/nbn-plans-and-pricing/

    • +3

      What I see is 70 for first 6 months and then 95 ongoing

  • Mates offering almost the same but without a time limit. 83Mbps for 79$. Anyone can vouch for their service?

    • +2

      From my experience, their peak hour speeds were terrible and customer service was useless. YMMV.

      • +3

        Cheers 'Mate'!

        • +4

          I have been with Mates for over a year now and they have been fantastic Excellent speed ALL the time.

    • Mate were not the greatest experience. I'd constantly not be able to load any webpages during peak times and the speeds were inconsistent at the best of times. I only switch between superloop and ABB now.

    • -1

      Stay away from MATE, here's my internet speed 2 weeks ago before I switched back to SL:



      • +1

        If you press the print screen button and then open paint and paste you can save an image of the screen instead of taking a photo.

    • I’ve had similar experiences and issues with MATE as per above.

  • +2

    What's with the recommendations for MyRepublic in this thread? They have a terrible reputation checking past deals https://www.ozbargain.com.au/deals/myrepublic.net

    Have they actually improved?

    • I joined when they first started - worst 6 months of my life.

      Who knows what they’ve become since, but to me they’re dead

      • Agree. I joined MyRepublic when they first came out. Absolutely horrible experience. Poor customer service. Super long call wait times to get through (think it was minimum 30 min wait times, usually 1hr wait before someone picked up). Never again. Plenty of other ISP's to choose from before I'd ever consider them again.

  • Spintel is $69 - 100/20 for 6 months

    • Showing as $84.95 for me, got a link to the discount?

      • +2
        • Are you on FTTP ? And how would you rate Spintel ?

          • +1

            @HardQuiz: I have got FTTP connection and speed is always around 108 Mbps, upload around 17 and ping around 25ms [ I don't game, so ping doesn't matter much to me] No drop out yet.. Overall very good experience with them.

        • What's the minimum term?

        • Ty

    • I was with Spintel for about 2 month before opt for superloop, spintel need to 'PPPoE dial up' from my router with username/password even though I was on FTTP suggesting they are a 2nd tier wholesaler and not with NBN directly themselves, ping within Australian game servers are ok, horrible in SEA/ASIA servers, download is also a touch slower than SL though not a meaningful amount.

    • I moved from Superloop to Spintel after getting many occurrences of micro drop-offs (cut off for 1-2 mins each time for no reason…). It's been great with Spintel so far, no interruptions (fingers crossed) and at much cheaper price too (I'm on 100/20 as well). Spintel also have a $50 referral bonus for the referrer, which can be shared with the referee if so arranged privately.

      • Hi delfredo,

        I intend to move to Spintel by mid-December.

        Can you help provide a referral link/code?

  • +4

    Why does Internet keep getting more expensive? :(

    • +21

      Because some genius decided the NBN needed to be a money making exercise instead of just a government owned (not for profit and/or subsidised) service.

      • +14

        Genius is a funny way of saying corrupt pollie giving money to his mates.

    • +4

      here you go…where does their bonus come from you reckon? To award a monopoly business bonus equals to robbery imho.. something I thought won't happen in a democracy..too naive me…

      • +1

        Spot on.

        "Shadow Communications Minister Michelle Rowland said it was offensive that such large amounts of money had been handed out during the coronavirus pandemic.

        "It is absolutely obscene that NBN Co is dishing out some $77 million in personal bonuses in the middle of a recession despite the fact that we have had NBN cost blowouts," she told the ABC."

  • Couldn't get the coupon code working (says invalid?) - on a related note - can we specify start date?

    • +1

      The email was sent 15 minutes ago, it should work. It will not work on plans that are slower than 100mbit

      • Ok cool, tried it a second time and it worked (no idea what happened first try, maybe because it prefilled FASTMONTH)

  • 1000/50 should be $149-20 $129

  • +15

    Pretty sick of AussieBroadband "New Customer" deals while existing customers get the ass end of the stick.

    • We are the forgoten guys 🤭

    • +3

      Then churn to another RSP?

      One of the things that NBN have done right is the ease of changing providers, so much easier than the mess it use to be with PSTN + ADSL.

      • +3

        Well yeh. But I'd prefer not to have to micromanage my NBN wholesaler every other month…

        More accurately then, just absolutely sick of this (profanity) countries overpriced bandwidth price racketeering and the way they are basically just at war for market share. The ISP business here has essentially not evolved at all in 25+ years…. Its beyond shit business because it flies absolutely against providing good services and building customer loyalty… Every company is literally giving their customers the middle finger as soon as these sign up bonus periods lapse…… and looking at the next customer to milk.

        • Being a bit dramatic there aren't you? Sign up for another provider for a 6 month promo and be done with it till then.

          Or just keep complaining when you're getting exactly what you paid for and being supplied with. I'm sure when you signed up with ABB you had a new customer promotion, did you complain about it then? I bet you didn't.

          It's business 101, if you're happy to stay with them and pay the price that they charge for the service, then all good. But why would they bother giving you a promotion when you're already willing to pay the price of the service? It's a bit different when/if they change the price for new customers but keep existing customers on a higher priced plan, although you never hear whinging about it when existing customers are kept on cheaper grandfathered plans…

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