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Samsung USB-C to USB-C 100W Cable (1m) $2 ($0 C&C/ in-Store) @ JB Hi-Fi


Thought it was a price error online but store actually did a price override.

RRP $14.95, now $2.


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    You're obviously an impostor, so I don't believe you.

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      That's what an imposter would say to not expose themselves!

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      Blocked for mentioning amogus sussy reference

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      Its certainly more than sus, this appears to be a miss listing, others have noticed this as well, the model number on the JB site referenced to the Samsung site states this cable is USB 2.0 rated at only 60W. wuhwuh


      JB specifically says its rated for 5Amps 20 Volts, yet the model number referenced to the Samsung site says its only 3Amps as to its 60W rating in the title

      and I nearly brought 5, thanks gamerkonks

      • the product notes are all over the place wherever this is stocked, Officeworks has 3A but specifically says 100W, and 10Gbps sync rate - the only place that seems to list the data rate, even Samsung didn't have it on the pages I saw.

        • Samsung state that is it USB 2.0 on their site, I would trust that first over third party information. That means its only 480Mbps or 0.48Gbps

          $2 for a cable that can charge a bit faster and will plug into modern equipment isn't a bad deal if you're in a pinch, you just don't want to get caught out thinking its something that it's not.

          Some might want to buy these for PD between monitors and computers or other devices and expect 3.0 throughput, or at least the 100W stated like I did. Otherwise they'd have only ended up in the obsolete pile.

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    Already available for pickup and ordered 5 mins ago, thanks for posting.

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    Thanks OP ordered online. Bought to free up the front USB A port on my PS5 when I need to charge the dual sense.

  • Excuse my ignorance but how do you use these? Familiar with usb a to usb c but not usb c's on both ends?

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      my phone, laptop, headphones, and ssd all have usb c. Basically I can use this cable for charging and transferring data.

      • So if I just use a phone and no laptop or anything I cant use it to charge my phone yeah?

        • You can if your charging brick is usb c (which most are nowadays)

          • @bkhm: Mine's a usb a

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              @Rain Cloud: Then unless you get an adapter then no, it won't be useful to you. Still, you will probably need this cable in the future and for $2, can't go wrong if you can get your hands on it.

              • @bkhm: Thanks maybe i'll grab one..just because :)

    • It'll take a while but most things will use USB-C in time to come

    • MacBooks and later laptops / desktops have USB C ports on them.
      Also, Samsung's new chargers are USB C to C.

    • USB-A to USB-C would rely on USB-A's charging method given that USB-A has less pins (so it doesn't support USB-PD (power delivery)). QuickCharge 3 or below is technically not following USB-A specs. USB-C/PD introduces new pins and power delivery negotiation.

      However, there is a lot more to USB-C to USB-C cable. This Samsung cable is the cheapest type, with no e-marking. That's allowed because USB 2.0/USB-C PD cable does not have to be e-marked. There are devices which enforces USB-C/3.1 with PD requiring e-marking (i.e. some laptops). Mobile phones tend to accept these cheap cables since we are talking about 45W max normally.

  • You're a mind reader OP. I was going to buy one tomorrow at full price, now I'll buy a couple. Thanks.

    • Why not 7?

      • Cos it's not a Two-mah

  • so id need to source a 65w charger to charge my e495?

  • Thanks OP got some :)

  • legend

  • I got 26.. nah I just got 5

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      … hilarious. Haven't heard that one today.

  • great deal thanks

  • Anyone know if these are USB 2.0 or 3.0 speeds?

    • They'll be usb 2.0 for sure.

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        Interestingly, the Samsung website for the model number listed on JB (EP-DA705BWEGWW) says it's only rated for 60W and USB 2.0.

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      I have this particular cable. It's USB 2.0 and without e-marking (tested with a USB-C tester).

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    Thanks bought 5

  • Thanks, bought one

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    One interesting thing to note is the model listed matches that of a 60W cable on Samsung's own website. Wonder who's right about the cable power rating… Still, a $2 USB C cable is hard to pass up.

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      It's 60W, USB 2.0, no e-marking chip inside. Therefore, there is a good chance it won't work for Lenovo and perhaps Dell laptops.
      Apple laptops don't seem to enforce the cable must be e-marked though I don't personally own a M1 MBP so I don't know whether Apple changed that. Interestingly, Apple's expensive USB-C cable (while also USB 2.0 only) is e-marked.

      Still, for Samsung phones, it should be fine.

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      I bought this before, at the original price, and can confirm that it DOES NOT work as 100W cable when used to charge Lenovo laptop - I thought perhaps it was my charger, but when I changed to another 100W cable, the charger worked well with the Lenovo laptop - so I would not recommend people assuming this will work as 100W cable, perhaps it might work with some devices…?

      But at $2 - still good!

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        That's because Lenovo laptops insist on running in a later version of USB-PD (sorry, cannot be bothered looking up the details) so it basically requires a e-marked cable. It's a bit of a pain actually as putting a standard USB-C meter in the middle to probe it would stop Lenovo laptop from running USB-PD.

        It's kinda fair enough as you want a cable that's correctly coded before feeding 100W through it.

  • Sus

  • Grabbed 2 for free as I had a JB gift card from when I used Bing for a month.

    • Can you tell us more?

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        Bing the search engine has a reward program per search. You can redeem $5 gift cards as rewards. Someone posted a while back some free points so I piggy backed off that.

        • Thanks. It almost sounds like a couple of good macros running in a virtual machine could making searching on Bing more profitable than mining!

        • +1
          • @toasty: Yeah. That I stopped middle 2021 though cause its they started to remove offer some stores so I just redeemed all my points.

  • Think it is no good but anyone know if this is able to work as a Oppo Find X2 charger cable?

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    Costs $1.53 on JB HI-FI Solutions, for anyone that has access to it.

    • Rip. Checked out to fast. All westpac users will get this.

    • Order 5 on JB Solutions last night, received email this morning, they can't say when they will get stock, if I can wait, they will still proceed with the order. As an ozbargainer, of course I can wait. 🀣

      • I also ordered last night on Solutions - only have order confirmation, no other correspondence.
        No news = good news?

  • Not many places available now lol

  • Samsung


  • Victoria availability nearest to my location. Could be more depending on your location.

    -Instore at Melbourne Domestic Airport
    -Instore at South Wharf Dfo Home
    -Instore at Geelong
    -Instore at Frankston Bayside

  • Cheers OP

  • Do these provide fast charging for Samsung galaxy s20 fe?

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      A standard USB-C to USB-C cable will provide fast and super fast charging. For super-fast charging, you require a charger that is capable of PPS.

  • Good found. But nothing available near me haha

  • Thx OP! Bought 5!

  • Why not. Thanks op

  • Ok so bought a couple, now to find a cheap/good brick. Anyone?

  • Thanks OP, bought 3!

  • Almost ozbargained, my local 5 JB's were all in-stock 5 mins ago. Now all gone.

  • Omg there 6 bags ready to be collected at my local. Spotted a fellow Ozbargainer lol

    Manufacture date 03/21. Made in Vietnam.

  • I got a ready to collect email and then a txt 5mins later saying delayed and the status on the JB Website is back to processing.

    Robina store

    • Ended up getting a "now ready for collection" sms the next day

      Successfully picked up 5

  • That's OP. As an IT guy I can never have enough cables. Brought some with pickup locally.

  • Nothing available for at least 100kms from me :(

  • +6

    Thanks. Have to drive 100km but it'll be worth it.

  • My brain thinks I don't have enough USB C to USB C cables. Must by more…

    • My brain only tells me I should join this ozbargainers party. Actual item is not important.

  • Will it fit my Teslar?

  • +4

    I can officially say 'bought 5'

    Thanks OP!

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    Nuts, no delivery, and C&C is nowhere near Sydney CBD :'(

  • Thanks OP :)

  • Sad.. not available in stores in Brisbane :(

    • Item(s) ready for pick up tomorrow during store opening hours at Morayfield Home (40.91km away).

  • I ordered 5 and it was ready for pick up minutes later.

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    Don't bother ordering from castle towers store. Went there to pick them and waited 15 minutes.
    Some douche comes back to tell me they can't find any of the cables and they have all been stolen. All orders will refunded.
    I hate liars.

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      Pick up confirmation as well? I think JB commercial has priority on the system some one might have bulked ordered.

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    Not sure I need it but this deal has 290 votes and it's only $2…

    • Happiness of join this party is more than the item itself.

  • Now need deals on usb c to lightning adapters πŸ˜‚

  • Got a call from the store 5 minutes after completing order for 5x cables: price error, refund to be processed 😞

  • Doesn't look like any stock in Sydney (click and collect)

  • Yep. Got Called. Refund.


    • I got an order ready to collect for mine. Also in QLD

  • +2


  • Ah missed it, was going to place an order in the regional areas but alas OOS upon return

  • Just picked mine up. Got 5 cables, no problems.

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    If I haven't receive cancel SMS meaning safe to collect tomorrow right? I don't mind if they actually cancelled it now. I care about my petrol if they told me they are out of stock when I arrive.

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