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15% off The Kids, Teen, Home, Baby, Active, Pamper, Cinema, Shop, Love & Good Food Gift Cards @ Coles


Decent gift card deal in the upcoming Coles catalogue starting 24/11.

Limit 5 Gift Cards per customer

Travelling at the moment so don’t have time to post what retailers are available for each card. TCN website has all this info.

Mod Edit: Refer to pinned comment for full list of retailers - Credits to WookieMonster

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  • Good luck everyone, just checked my local 24 hr Coles. 10+ people hounding staff for HOME cards, nothing in the $100 denomination

  • LOL this is a deal is actually a prank … asked a friend who works at a 24 hour Coles about this, and was told people lined up to buy them at midnight…

    Not worth the drive, line up or wait to save $75 max if lucky enough to fight someone over the $100 cards (says he who stays home in undies) …

    Sure, would be nice to save $900 from a $6k TV … but the likelihood of that happening is 0.00% 😂😂😂🤣

    • Does it work at midnight?

  • Did someone said here its only home cards for jb hifi, the pic attached im sure shows more cards with jb hifi on them?

    • No..there are a few cards on offer and some with JB hifi…the HOME ones have JB and TGG and hence are popular

      • I believe that "Home", "Teen" and "Kids" cards all work (the non-ultimate versions). The TCN website lists which cards work with which stores. I bought mostly "Home" and a few "Kids" cards and they were all discounted and all worked fine at JB

  • At a Coles now, and $100 options have already disappeared while people are queuing up for the rest, and here is someone holding up everyone by paying using smaller Coles gift card loaded on the phone. :D

    • I thought that you cannot pay for giftcards using a Coles giftcard (digital or physical) 🤔. or is this only Woolworths?
      If this is possible, I missed out on further 5% off!

      • +2

        You cannot use any Woolworths Group gift cards to pay for any gift cards at Woolworths (or BIG W or EG / Caltex Woolworths). You also cannot use some prepaid Visa or EFTPOS gift cards to pay for some gift cards at Woolworths. (It’s very locked down.)

        You may be able to get away with using Coles gift cards to pay for gift cards at Coles, but it is quite hit-or-miss.

  • Which section are the gift cards at?

    • Should be in Aisle 4

  • +1

    My local Coles opened at 7am. Got there 7:03am. All Gone lol

    • as in there weren't any to begin with, or did you see a mound of ppl at the checkouts with them?

      • One guy managed to get 4 but that was it. I reckon the staff bought them first

        • Or people hid them in magazines the day before and waltzed in at 9am to collect their stash.

          • +2

            @bertzza: Imagine if someone who had no idea for this promotion (or doesn’t care about it) went to grab a copy of National Geographic, got home and found a 5x HOME gift cards tucked inside…

  • Got 5

  • Based on the feedback this morning, it's pretty much ozbargained…

    Been wondering why they do this promo over and over again, knowing very well they don't have sufficient stock to even last through 1day.

    • Plenty at Coles Croydon (VIC) , KIlsyth (VIC) and Ringwood Square (VIC)

  • +2

    Limit is 5 per customer and you can't get past checkout if you scan more than 3 or so without someone attending. Now at least everyone should have a fair chance of getting them maybe. Whoever is thinking they'll spend 7k-10k today, you'll be disappointed.

    Also, $100 don't seem to be on sale?

  • Clearly a case of cards hidden away, or staff bought, because all other denominations and types are available on the shelves.

  • Must've been really lucky, nabbed 5 X $100 home. I asked if I could buy another 5 but was told absolutely not. So hopefully there will be a few others who'll get them today.

  • +1

    There might be a lot of card stuck in the customer service desk, cuz many ppl just grab more a than 5 gc. Try ur luck by asking the desk

    You may also find some gc hidden in the corner, some ppl may come back and check them out.

  • +5

    My local Coles had roughly 60 $100 Home gift cards, and 20-30 of Kids, Teens, etc. I arrived as they were restocking. I ended up buying 24 $100 Home cards which I'll put towards a new MacBook. Thanks OP.

    • How did they let you through with 24?

      • +1

        5 separate transactions.

        • Well I mean, I don't blame you for doing it, did you have to walk in through the store again ?

          • +1

            @hamwhisperer: Nope, the guy who served me had no issue with it at all. He even said he might do the same after I told him of my plans. I guess it might have been a different story if there were heaps of people after gift cards and only a handful left on the shelf? I consider myself lucky!

            • @Band3t: There would have been though as offer runs for a week - so good news for you, but unfair any others who frequent that store. Which is exactly why they set limits in the first place

            • @Band3t: Can you buy them through self service checkouts, or you have to go through a manned checkout where they load the card or something?

    • Lol can you pls tell us which Coles - everyone should avoid that one now.

      • To be fair, I was the only person there at the time who was looking at gift cards. I live in a small country town so I don't think OzB deals like this are as popular compared to the city.

        • I was just wondering, I reckon if you're a nerd in a country region, this would go perfect for you. Regional spots just far less likely to cop people coming in waves.

          • +1

            @hamwhisperer: Exactly right mate. The downside is I'll have to travel 4+ hours to even get a chance to use these gift cards at the nearest JB or TGG.

            • @Band3t: OMG lol, yeah nah.

            • @Band3t: Geez, that is some degree of remote…

              Anyway, good on you for scoring some decent savings there.

    • Are kids and teens part of deal I thought home was only jb ones

      • Yes, they are. They are pictured in the deal post, and they are also shown on page 4 of the NSW Metro catalogue. I assume it is also on page 4 of the VIC/TAS/QLD etc catalogues, but feel free to correct me if I’m wrong.

    • -1

      Well only the $50 cards are discounted so either you're lying or paid full price.

  • Got 5..no issues here.. thank you

    • Also there were a couple of other White people who bought them too…thought I'll add that in incase people are wondering

      • Saw a white couple holding ~20+ "HIM" cards which were not on sale. I didn't say anything (serves them right I guess) while i got the last 5*Teen $100 cards (maybe 1 left)

  • All 100 denominations are over at Stanhope Coles.

    • Does Stanhope have a Coles???? it's such a dinky little place. What state?

      • +1

        Nsw 2768

        • Ahhhhhhhhh! lol ok. I went to Stanhope Vic for a month to build a fuel station and it's …. like a town of 800 people.

  • +1

    Still at least 100 $30 teen and kids left in Coles Broadway

    • I thought it was only home cards in the deal so are these also

      • teen can be used in JB and it’s also on sale

    • Any $100 ones left? Plan to go there in the afternoon.

  • +1

    managed to get 20 $100 home cards but not without accused of being a scammer a few times.

    • Yep I was asked if I could was a scammer also lol, hopefully that makes you feel a bit better

      • +1

        she asked, "are you a scammer or using this to scam anyone" and i was no, and then she was like "are you sure?". Maybe she was hoping by asking the second time shed get me off guard and id spill my scamming secrets.

        • Yeah lol we may have got the same woman or cloned person.

          A bit dumb for them to think a scammer would confess their sins.

          I should have replied "no, I'm an ozbargainer"

  • +3

    $100 cards are behind service desk.
    Staff have been instructed at most stores to store them and ask if people are being scammed.
    Got my $500 worth of HOME cards by asking. Lady explained why I had to ask.

  • +11

    Managed to get ~$2050 worth, walked in to JB and bought my 55” C1.

  • +9

    Some dude in front of me looking happy and proud because he managed to get a wad of the last of the $100 cards…. till I asked him why he was getting HER cards when they arent on sale

    • LOL

    • +2

      legit saw the same thing at my local.
      I had 5X $50 in my hand but i asked if they had $100 ones and she was like yeah they are behind this counter lol

      Guy after me was like, why ask for them.. i got these on the shelf
      I was like… thats nice :)

      i stepped away and watched as he was told that his total was $500

    • +1

      Lol, they are not ozbargainers for sure

  • A friend brought one that I said wasn't on 15% off any chance of returning back to store ?

  • +1

    Just purchased 5 $100 home cards from Coles Dapto.
    They are fully stocked with all card values

    • Mate, did you get 15% discounts on Home cards?

      • Yes i did

  • Got 14x$100

  • Got 14 x $100 vouchers. 3 different Coles and all fully stocked. Just depends on location by the sounds of it. I was at Fairy Meadow, Corrimal and Figtree.

    • +1

      Yes fully stocked at my local coles as well. Nothing on my shopping list yet, just grabbed $500 to join the party.

  • Walked in at Ingle Farm (2 x Coles) and was able to get 5 x $100 home no problem. Still at least 80-90 cards left as of 9am.

  • Seeing all these messages about people scoring more than 5 each of the $100 vouchers, my experience of getting into Coles at 615 am and walking out with only $50 denomination does not sound good at all. :-|
    Should have enquired if they had $100 in stock, well, a good lesson for next time.

    • +1

      You must live in a metro area where a lot of ozbargainers around.

      • True that, Coles Lane Cove and Crows Nest had people queuing up to grab these cards from the shelf. I certainly could have asked Coles employee about $100 being in stock.

        • +2

          My local coles never fails me, normally I went there after dropping off my kids. After 9am, still looks fully stocked. Last master card deal, they even have to put a box of cards around the checkout, put a big sign.

  • cant say i had any luck at both baulkham hills and kellyville. will have to check back after work just in case.

    • As someone else advised earlier, did you check with cashier/coles store employees if they had any in stock?

      • yea i did. old mate even said he wanted a couple of the homes himself but couldn't get any.

  • Can The Home Card be used with TGG eBay purchases or is this why everyone is lamenting the missing online card?

    • +1

      In store only.

    • +1

      You cannot use the HOME gift card in this deal for purchases on TGG eBay, as eBay has no way of directly accepting EFTPOS gift cards (which are the gift cards in this deal), plus eBay is not a participating retailer for the HOME gift card.

      However, if the digital TCN HOME gift cards were in this deal, you would have been able to add the digital TCN HOME gift card to Apple Pay or Google Pay and use either as a payment method at eBay checkout (but only for transaction less than or equal to the value of the digital gift card).

  • I had a person in front of me take a handful of the home $100

  • +5

    Grabbed 5 X 100. 5 separate transactions and used HSBC card for 2% cashback on each transaction.

    • +1

      This (wo)man ozbargains

    • Smart :)

      I was going to buy with my Crypto.com card for 3% cash back but haven't made it to a Coles yet as don't really need any moe vouchers!

    • why do you have to do it in 5 separate transactions if you're getting only 5?

    • -1

      What? Damnit what's this HSBC thing? I have an HSBC card too? Is it a specific HSBC?

      • +2

        Search HSBC deal here.

  • -2

    I just want some for Christmas gifts and people are buying 20-40 cards for TVs. It's actually ridiculous, I know this is Anti-OzB but I hope JB put restrictions.

    It's unfair to everyone else.

    JB is even part of the KIDS card, so it's freakin tough to find any. Just have an entertainment card and let people slug it out for that single card.

    • Agree, like toilet paper hoarding, purchasing sohuld be at least linked to a flybuys account or something that stops people going store-to-store etc

      • +2

        Even if Coles required a Flybuys card for this deal, that still may not help.

        When Woolworths ran the first retailer deal on Apple gift cards, the incentive was bonus Everyday Rewards points (not an upfront discount), but someone still (allegedly) bought $36,000 in Apple gift cards during that deal.

        • +1

          True, people would still find a way but it would make it a lot harder than just walking back into the same store or driving to another

  • Hi guys, does anyone know if i have to register TCN giftcards before using them in store at JB hifi?

    • +3

      You don’t have to register them, but you can if you want.

      A reason for registering them is if you lose or misplace your card and there are still available funds on the card at the time you notify TCN, TCN will cancel your lost/misplaced card and send you a replacement card for that amount.

      • +4

        Went straight to JB HIFI ~10 minutes and bought my stuff :) Got rid of my holding risk straight away

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