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Campaign Stickers: Free via Email Request or $1 Donation (Expired) @ Smart Energy Council


Here here an election is near and what better way to express your thoughts at the current Government or our industrious leader on a bin.

If you want better ones they will cost you


From the Council. If you want them free Contact Lindsay.

You can bulk order them to a single address for free (just let me know quantities) or people can pay as little as $1 $5 $10 $5 for a pack via the donation link. There's also the option to pay another amount.

Mod - Description edited. Donation minimum is now $5 $10 $5 (custom field) instead of $1. Free stickers are via email only (according to information above). We'll consider the donation part expired due to the minimum price increase, we assume they are still available for free unless told otherwise (please report if so).

Mod - This deal meets our posting guidelines & there have been previous similar deals posted. #1 Stop Adani Sticker Pack, #2 Start Adani Sticker Pack, #3 Australian Greens Bumper Sticker, #4 Free Tote Bag Delivered From Sam Hibbins MP.

As always, votes need to be made within the voting guidelines. Any negative vote without an explanation given (e.g. "agree" or "no deal") will be revoked by a moderator as per this list. Neg votes for any other reason won't be removed by a mod. These are verbatim phrases.

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        • +1

          Yes, stickers can change the world… thanks for the correction

  • +6

    Promoting your own political views on your neighbour's wheelie bins is not guerrilla marketing, it's you being a jerk. Putting any kind of sticker there is a dick move, for that matter.

  • I posted the Free "Start Adani" t-shirt deal ( https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/459037 ) and I'm a big fan of coal. I fully support this as a deal too. For fellow coal fans, with the use of scissors or guillotine, you can turn this into a free sticker of Scomo lovingly holding up coal.

  • +1

    Not here.

    • +1

      Cool — another player… more fun this way

  • +1

    I am not here for politics

  • Not a lot of young liberals in this thread

  • +4

    A two party preferred system leaves little voting options for the people. None the less, this type of campaigning for either party is low and myopic of the broad political issues.

    It'd be ironic if these stickers aren't produced "green" and degradable.

  • +5

    A bunch of temporarily embarrassed millionaires downvoting and reporting this post haha such snowflakes!

  • +1

    Political propaganda and landfill.

  • +1

    I came her to find a bargain… Since when did Ozbargain become a campaign platform for political opinions?

  • +14

    I'm heartened by the up votes to down votes ratio. Praying this corrupt and incompetent government are voted out in the up coming election.

    • +6

      Unfortunately polling was wrong last election.
      Also if you were to believe twitter, it'll be a landslide. It wasn't.


      I hope he goes, so so much, my god please get rid of this scumbag.

      • +5

        Agreed. I'm traumatised from the last election. Not 'expecting' the gov to lose this time round, certainly hoping for it and thinking there is a reasonable chance it could happen. I feel the main danger of the gov winning comes from preferential votes flowing from right wing populist parties like One Nation and United Australia.

        • +5

          I will never forget the last election. Shorten waltzed in challenging the rent-seeking greedy trying to shaft people on housing prices and he got stomped.

          I still can't believe the result of that election, it changed me, what a disgrace.

          • @hamwhisperer: @hamwhisperer You are obviously an economic genius, graduated from Labor University. Just take a moment to think about the economic implications of Labor's proposed changes to negative gearing on investors? Building houses isn't going to get cheaper and not everyone can afford to build a house. If you disincentivize investment, who is going to pay for the rental houses to get built? Is your solution a communist style government housing system?

            • @Zaddo: Rather live in cheap commie blocks than expensive shoeboxes

            • +3


              You are obviously an economic genius, graduated from Labor University.

              Right back at you, You are obviously an economic genius, graduated from Liberal "University".

              Many of the issues are policy related, from a Liberal government at all three levels of government. There are multiple issues around affordability related to money laundering, foreign investment and negative gearing. There are issues with the quality of housing stock.

              You have a lot of housing stock that sits empty in suburbs. Scarcity is artificial in many cases. There's nothing wrong with apartments if they're high quality and provide room for families rather than targeting property investors.

              Certain areas of Sydney are going to become high rise slums with crumbling apartments. Certain areas will be uninhabitable due to heat.

              • @ihfree: @ihfree Housing affordability is a complex issue. You make a couple good points about money laundering and foreign investment, these are problems that certainly need attention.

                I personally believe that the biggest problem we have right now, is the bubble that has been created from low interest rates. This has pushed housing prices further out of reach than any other driver.

    • +3

      It appears that your assuming the neg votes are users making a statement of their political views. From the comments i'm reading (of negs), it's abhorrence to the polictical statement made under the guise of a 'deal' on a bargain hunting site (further evidenced by the op encouraging defacement of private/council property). There is a time and place for these discussions, the neg voters (myself included) don't believe Ozbargain (deals) is the place for that - as is your right to think that it is the right place (if that is what you believe).

      • Fair enough. Either way, 300 up voted which I feel reflects the growing contempt for the PM.

        • lol true

    • I hope your username means you are a Liberal Democrats voter.

  • +1

    Await removal by mods of this one.

  • +8

    I don't get how people think this is "Political"!! The mismanagement is harming the majority of the population. Directly and Indirectly!

  • I dont get what all the hate is. I love collecting stickers.

  • +1

    it is best to leave politics out of OZB, or vice versa.

  • I'm happy to slap it on my bins because (profanity) Scomo, but don't care enough to pay for a political message, kinda goes against my apathetic values.

    Only have the option to pay $1, not free. Am I doing something wrong or?

    • I'm getting the same issue. OP, can you help?

      • You need to email to request them for free to buy in bulk

  • +9

    For those that are wondering about credentials of this "charity" mob - registered ABN is 32 006 824 148, known by many names, including Smart Energy Council.

    There is, of course, Simon Holmes a Court and a bunch of "independents", with millions in stakes to push governments to spend our money on their business interests.

    They're slamming it in nice Canberra suburb, with $4M of annual revenue last year (just for this "charity"), and spending large part of their tax free money on salaries - with average salary for the admin team of ~ $140,000.

    • +4

      Shouldn't you be concerned about the current governments personal business interests and rorting money towards them then?

  • +1

    Can we bin the Smart Energy Council?

  • +1

    No fan of either side of politics, don't think this belongs on ozbargain though.

  • -2

    The developing world still needs coal, it is one of the cheapest, energy dense resources they can use.

    • Boo.

      • +1

        "Let them run solar"

        Says the out of touch first-worlder.

        • -1

          I think the first world should share their wealth with the developing world and essentially fund the whole world’s transition to renewables. And it should be funded by the wealthiest along us via a wealth tax.

    • +1

      Correct. It's disingenuous for poor and developing countries to reduce coal when developed countries became developed thanks to coal

  • +1

    If you want them free you have to contact the marketing team & ask for them. The website only offers purchases. Not free. Not a bargain. Get this garbage out of here.

  • +1

    No Netflix show announcements, no politics.

  • +3

    LOL how sensitive the people of OzB are.

    • +1

      5 pages of comments and still post hasnt been removed haha, i think the mods are enjoying it :D

      • +1

        Almost 500 upvote, it's too late now

  • +1

    I'm not really a fan of government in general… no matter who they are, being a politician is not a qualification/skillset/etc. that is suited to managing huge projects & making important decisions affecting so many lives.

    However… Let's not make OzB political please…
    There is enough anti-government & anti-bureaucrat stuff on the Internet… let's keep OzBargain about the Bargains in Oz.

  • +3

    Save it for Twitter

  • +3

    Not the place for this.

  • +2

    passed, it will be only bargain if they pay me to take these stickers

  • +1

    Thanks OP, bought one. The sooner this scumbag gets out of office, the better :)

  • +8

    Rubbish. And all those previous deals were either Greens or affiliated groups.
    Edit: Another reason for a downvote, they are harvesting voter/public info for a crappy, politically driven sticker which will be thrown out by most.

    Seriously, they sure are producing heaps of emissions to send people stickers, hypocritical much?

    • +1

      427 upvote
      88 downvote

      Probably a representative poll of the next fed election.

      You first saw it on ozbargain!

      • +1

        so its good to use resources to deliver stickers?

        I dunno about the election, not my area of expertise at all.

        But Albo needs to be less of a bumbling fool to stand a chance, public perception.

      • +1

        also OzB is hardly a good representative of real life haha

        We upvote lots of free stuff.

        But generally politics is bad to bring into bargains.

      • +4

        You can't downvote without commenting. Not a fair assessment.

        • +2

          Fair enough.

        • Excellent point. Cheers!

  • +1

    Free sticker, but cost $1

  • +5

    Who is the other bloke leading the lefty party?

    Lets Go Brandon!

    • What's the meaning behind 'Lets Go Brandon!', I keep seeing it.

      • +2

        It’s what low iq people say when they’re scared of directly saying (profanity) Biden

      • +9

        It's the new incel war cry

      • +1

        It means "F (profanity) Joe Biden". People were chanting it during an interview with a race driver called Brandon and the reporter tried to pass it off as "let's go Brandon". This immediately turned it into a full blown meme.

  • +5

    So where is the F**k Albo sticker then. This so called bargain needs deleting. Where are you moderators.

    • +3

      Free sticker calling out the biggest cancer in Australia is a bargain in my book

    • +3

      Albo isn't in power, why would anyone need to be against him? What's he done?

  • +2

    "We'll ship your stickers at almost no cost ($1 covers the bank transaction fee)" what bank are they using!

    What a load of rubbish this is… how can Ozbargin allow this post there is no deal and it's not free!

    Question: How do you get this for free as the title says? I seem to only get the option for a $1 minimum donation, If I enter $0 it says "Please select or enter an amount"

    • Read the post you need to email for free ones

      • See it now but I aso see the following:

        "Donation minimum is now $5 instead of $1. Free stickers are via email only (according to information above)." How is getting sent a file via e-mail a bargin! hahahaha

        Come on mods, remove this rubbish there is no bargain …

      • The minimum is now $10 to get the sticker!!! hahahahah

        "A$10 - We'll ship your stickers at less than cost price ($10 covers some of our fees)"

        • 10 bags. Who said this wasn't a bargain?

  • +15

    Funny how people complain about this not being a deal while ozbargain is flooded with RAT "bargains" which should not even have to be posted if the Fed government had done what they are paid for.

    It will not let me pass the 'choose amount' donation page without nominating an amount to give!!!
    And as such, I cannot vote or report on this again!

    I'm sure if you wanted to go out of your way by contacting and leaving your details with your local or any member of a political party, or just anyone with a political agenda, that they would send you a sticker for free!

  • +6

    If you are game you can do some guerrilla marketing and do everyone's bin in your street.

    Putting any kind of stickers on other people's property ( let alone on a large scale - "everyone's bin") is a dick move, your parents have utterly failed you.

    • +7

      I don’t think God would be happy with scomo fooking up the Australian habitat and people, also Jesus was a commie who fought for the vulnerable and would denounce the dying capitalist system, something hypocritical religious fanatics like you seem to forget

      • Would you kindly explain how Jesus encouraged Marxist/Communist ideology? Biblical references would be helpful.

        • +2

          Ezekiel 23:19-20 NET

          • +1

            @Jordanian: Right….not sure what God's pronouncement of impending judgement on Israel has to do with communism, it would help if you read even the chapter in context:

            Ezekiel 23 - The word of the Lord came to me again, saying, 2 “Son of man, there were two women, the daughters of one mother; 3 and they played the harlot in Egypt. They played the harlot in their youth; there their breasts were pressed and there their virgin bosom was handled. 4 Their names were Oholah the elder and Oholibah her sister. And they became Mine, and they bore sons and daughters. And as for their names, Samaria is Oholah and Jerusalem is Oholibah.

            • +1

              @m0usju1c3: That's the wrong one bud, it's this one here

              23:19 Yet she increased her prostitution, remembering the days of her youth when she engaged in prostitution in the land of Egypt. 23:20 She lusted after their genitals—as large those of donkeys,21 and their seminal emission was as strong as that of stallions.

              • @Jordanian: Read my comment again, I was telling you to read the chapter in context. Anyone can cherry pick text from anything and twist it to their own intentions.

                I know you're probably just trolling. Why don't you exegete this scriptural text for me then since your citing it? What does it mean? Communism = good?

    • +6

      Separation of Church and State should exist

      • Absolutely agree with this and the state should have some sort of moral/ethical compass and worldview so as to model it's laws and governing structure. We, going back to the English monarchy, have built a foundation upon the Christian worldview, which defines good and evil.

        • +4

          There has been countless civilizations in the past that didn't need a 'christian worldview' to know what is right or wrong

          • @Jordanian: Yes, that's right, but it wasn't based off of a foundational worldview transcendent of people themselves, instead it was ruling of Emperors/Monarchs by tyranny, dictatorship or oppression. Result? Endless war, overthrowing of kings, succession of kings, etc. etc.

            The Christian worldview is one of decentralised power, it's the very result of the founding of USA, it's why the pilgrim's fleeing the tyrants in Europe had written the Constitution of the USA and setup the country the way they had. They had tasted first hand the oppression of tyrants and rulers, dictating what they could do, say or read, which would be subjective dependant on the ruler's opinion, preferences or even mood. So the founding fathers knew very well the depravity and evil potential of mankind, and so they setup the nation to decentralise power to any one person, in light of this fact.

        • +6

          That is an argument from ignorance… have you proven that sin and evil is inherited from birth? I believe in nurture playing a big role in people 'sin and evil', for instance greed is a byproduct of capitalism, a system people are forced to live in and so are made to play a game that rewards greed.

          • @Jordanian: Do I need to prove it? Just take a long hard look at the human race, our history, even yourself in the mirror, have you lived absolutely perfect life? Even down to your deepest heart and mind? I know I certainly haven't. Of course there are different degrees of human depravity, but it is undeniable that within population, evil/sin is abound, from ancient times and now.

            I believe in nurture playing a big role in people 'sin and evil'

            I do too, nurturing human beings is critical, which raises the question then by what standard are we to judge good and evil? If we are not "nurtured" correctly, why is it that the default of mankind is to lean into depravity and sinfulness? I would argue that there is no other conceivable worldview apart from that found within the biblical scriptures. To provide for us the standards of good and evil, right from wrong.

            for instance greed is a byproduct of capitalism, a system people are forced to live in and so are made to play a game that rewards greed.

            First I would ask, by what standard are you judging what greed even is? Do you have a transcendent, objective set of laws or rules of life, or is it just a group of people who agree with your opinion? A group of like minded thinkers?

            Second, let us assume that Capitalism forces people to live greedily because of the wealth that surrounds them. Does Capitalism force them to stay in this surrounding? Or perhaps is greed an inherent evil problem in humans? Does money change or do people change? If your end goal concluding from this ideology is to help those who fair worse off financially around the world, do you think another system would be better at allowing lower class people to work their way out of poverty/lower class?

        • +6

          Do you have any scientific papers to prove that people are inherently evil?

          • @belongsinforums: As I've said above, just take a long hard look at mankind and history, even our present time. Evil is abound, in differing degrees in different people of course, but still abound. If we weren't inherently evil, we wouldn't be arguing over the internet right now, but put us both 700 years in the past and we'd probably be sword fighting for our own respective states/empires. We've advanced astronomically in technology and wealth in recent centuries, has that solved the problem of evil?

            • +1

              @m0usju1c3: case dismissed!

              • @belongsinforums: I've provided you with an answer, the evidence is overwhelming, you've chosen to ignore it. Can you provide "scientific papers" that humans are not inherently sinful and sin bound? Are humans at all times perfectly good and NEVER commit, utter or think any evil?

                You make a case for evil, yet without a universal moral standard to refer back to provide definition of what evil is.

                You ask for "scientific papers", by scientific are you referring to medical studies? Tests in a lab with bunsen burners? Scientific could also refer to documentable evidence, in which case evil has most certainly been documented right back through human history and well and truly in modern times.

                • +2

                  @m0usju1c3: science is not 'documentable evidence'. science goes through the processes of hypothesis, observation and recording. there are people who dedicate their lives to hypothesis you have proposed. you seem like you'd really enjoy philosophy

                  • @belongsinforums: I do study a bit of philosophy. You are correct, science is the investigative method, including those categories you've mentioned. By reviewing history;historical and modern documentation to determine if evil has ever existed (still need an objective definition/standard from you regarding that), is that not a scientific act?

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