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$50 Weber Store Gift Voucher via Redemption with Purchase of BIC Mega Lighter (From $5.60) @ Coles


Seems like a pretty incredible deal, purchase a lighter for $5.60 and get a $50 Weber Store Gift Card.

I took the liberty to call the Weber Head Office number in the terms and they confirmed that it's redeemable on BBQ's, Accessories and pretty much everything that the Weber Store sells (either in-store or online).


To enter customers must purchase, in one transaction one (1) participating promotional product highlighted in Coles (including Coles Express). The customer needs to retain the receipt as proof of purchase to register online. Participating products in the Promotion mean BIC Multipurpose Lighters including:

Product Description EAN Current Price
BIC U140 Fluo Megalighter 1pk; 3086123341852 $5.60
BIC U140 Fluo Megalighter 2pk; 3086123566385 $9.45
BIC U110 Flex Multi-purpose Lighter 1pk; 0070330633445 $8.05
BIC U110 Standard Multi-Purpose Lighter 1pk 0070330616998 $7
  • The customer must register at www.bicbuyandwin.com.au, where they will need to upload their Proof of Purchase (Receipt) and their contact details. Prizes are an instant win and will be allocated when the registration is verified as valid on the promotional website. A confirmation email with details how to redeem the reward voucher will be sent to them within three (3) business days.

  • The Instant Win Prizes are Weber Store Gift Card vouchers, valued at $50 per product. Total of up to 199,995 vouchers can be claimed during the promotional period against equal no. of products. The prizes remain subject to availability.

  • A person may enter the Promotion as many times as they like, with multiple receipt numbers and can be eligible to win multiple times during the Promotional Period, provided they meet the requirements for entry in respect of each entry made.

  • Entrants who make a Qualified Claim for each Instant Win Prize will also automatically receive one (1) entry to the Weber BBQ Prize Draw (“Weber BBQ Prize Draw Valid Entrants”), as outlined in Weber BBQ Prize Draw below.

  • The instant win prize will be allocated once a valid claim is verified, the reward is revealed and customers simply follow the prompts to redeem the reward, a confirmation email details how to use the voucher will then be sent to the customers via email: [email protected]

Key Dates:

  • The Promotion is open for Qualifying Purchases made by customer during Purchase Period.
  • The Claim Period opens between 12.01am AEDT on 5th January 2022 and 11.59pm AEDT on 8th March 2022 (“Claim Period”).
  • Customers must upload their receipt within 30 days of purchase or before 8th March 2022, whichever is earlier.
  • The Weber BBQ Prize Draw will take place on 16th March 2022 at 3pm.
  • All reward access codes will be valid for 2 (two) months upon issuance or up to 8th May 2022, whichever is earlier.

$50 Weber Store Gift Card Terms

  • Each Weber Store Gift Card is provided to you as a code and PIN, which must be applied in the payment section prior to placing an order.
  • Each Weber Store Gift Card is redeemable instore at all Weber Store locations and online at Weber.com
  • Each Weber Store Gift Card must be used in full in one transaction and is only valid for a maximum of one code per transaction. Any remaining value will be forfeited.

As always, enjoy :)

Mod 17/1: No issues using gift cards on accessories according to comments.

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        • Wtf do you mean money product?

          • @Poor Ass: Gas bottle refill, manager deal , something to get 33.34 - 40% return on my voucher .

            • @popsiee: Do you actually think they sell gas bottles? Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

              • @Poor Ass: All I can find it stuff value wise comparable to like monopoly 90% off deals . No $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ .
                No Play : (

                • +6

                  @popsiee: I cannot be the only one truly struggling to understand WTF you are on about, surely?

                  • @MBix: Nah, don't worry, I am the same.

                    @popsiee: - This deal is no good. Nothing to see here. Nothing of value. It's all good.

                  • @MBix: No you are not. Check all his posts. It never makes any sense. Must be high on something.

                  • @MBix: He's a bit coo coo…

    • This guy doesn't weber.

    • Spend$5 to get something worth up to 50 from Weber that you would use at home. I doubt people are reselling anything unless they are selling the gift card unused

  • Oh man I swear if I go out and buy a enough lighters one by one to claim a Family Q and then find out that they’ve stopped the stacking, I’m gonna lose it. Is there a possibility they could do that going by the current t&cs?

    • +1

      I think given there are two companies at play (BIC and Weber) then Weber really have the power to do whatever the heck they please here, I wouldn’t think complaining about it would do much either haha. Trying to nab a $780+ BBQ for what is essentially $90 is the gamble…

  • I'll keep checking for a Hero to show the light with a product .
    I got it as a Mum and Pop play for a few accessories .

  • +2

    I keep getting Data of promo code not found

    • +1

      ^ this. been getting it all arvo.

      • Same. It's lame. Just picked out what I wanted to get too.

        • +1

          I wonder if they are "fixing" the vouchers so that you can only use them on a BBQ.

          I was lucky and got one out of three to go through. Used it on wood chunks.

          • @kickling: I can't even use the promo code to get the gift card. I'll try again tomorrow.

            • @Caped Baldy: i believe it's a system issue. i was able to redeem the code into a gift card, then had a break, came back and receiving same error as you guys with data of promo. i believe just a data issue that should be fixed

            • @Caped Baldy: Oh I must add, I tried calling the hotline and surprise surprise no one answering…

              • @kickling: I did that last week and noone answered either

                • @leeroys_dad: Redeemed code into giftcard this morning and it worked. Applied the $50 to some accessories - a bbq cover (which I needed). Will have another stab with stacking after seeing if can pick up a few more lighters

                  • @Luigimarinara: Hmm. Still no work for me

                  • @Luigimarinara: If you can't you could re buy your same ones

                    • @leeroys_dad: Not working for me either this morning

                      • @leeroys_dad: The input form and backend is half working at least … when I try to enter my redeemed code it does return the correct error "You have made a claim with the Reward Access Code". So the form is sending data to be checked.

                        • @kickling: thanks - yep came to same conclusion. an incorrect code gives teh correct answer, so someone somewhere has a screwy DB!

  • +3

    Received redemption codes yesterday around 5pm, tried to redeem immediately but they all gave the 'data of promo code not found' error.

    Tried again this morning and managed to redeem three but the rest are still erroring. Was able to place an order on the Weber site - it lets you stack up to 3 per transaction. (gift card field disappears once 3 are added)

    • ah so can use maximum 3 cards per order..

    • Maybe try instore

      • good one, don't see why they wouldn't take it in store if it's the same gift voucher they sell online.

        • +1

          Online gift cards are accepted instore
          You may even be able to get a discount

  • i love that their phone number is still "out of office" and says to call back mon-fri…

  • +2

    just received weber confirmation that order has been sent to warehouse for picking

    • Yep, just received the same update. Looking good!

  • +1

    Update : BIC have acknowledged the system error and is being investigated

    • +1

      Let's hope that does not involve removing the ability to stack on Weber's end.

      Anyone got their vouchers today?

      • No still waiting for my and I'm pretty sure I submitted quite early on.

      • Nope. Submitted soon after 7pm AEST 13/01/21.

        • Same. Nothing came through yet

        • Same here! Thought maybe i entered something wrong so submitted again just in case

      • nope, submitted a couple about an hour after this posted with a quick rush to Coles.

        • Submitted last night and still waiting

  • -2

    Did any of the burner boys figure out how to get some juice ?

    • +1

      A few did juice up.

  • I bought 4 but have only received one code

    • did you managed to get the other 3?

  • For those wanting extra cheap lighters, I just went down to my local Coles.
    I noticed that on the yellow special ticket, it had 08/02 on it. This usually signifies that the promo will end on that date (Tuesday 8th Feb)

    This is good, as it signifies that it will be on special for another 3 weeks. (Hopefully)

    Gives time for stores to stock up and for all OzBargain members to buy out their local stores :)

    • I have the feeling they'll run out of gift cards way before then 🤣

  • I dunno…200,000 gift cards.

    There’s just over 800 Coles stores.

    That’s 250 lighters per store. That will take a while to sell through.

    • -3

      Ive already claimed 30 , still waiting on codes
      Will get more tomorrow .
      The coles i went to have them in a hard to find place, took me 20 min to find them lol, dont think anyone knows where they are except me

      • Whar are you planning to buy?

      • You going for a Genesis?

  • Even if you get your vouchers - looks like a lot of stock is sold out.

    • +1

      can be used in store (though wonder what the reaction would be to trying to stack 30+ $50 gc's)

      • Get real chummy with a sales rep, I’m sure the commission is all the same to them :D

  • Out of interest for those who have only received one or no code, did you submit multiple claims under the same email address, etc.?

    Wondering if they're flagging email addresses with multiple claims (despite what it says in the T&Cs)?

    I submitted two individual claims on Friday using two email addresses and received my codes on Monday.

    I submitted 4 additional claims on Monday using the same email address and nothing. Still early days I guess…

    • +1

      A family member submitted 5 in a row using exact same details on Thursday, all came together in a batch one after the other on Monday.

      Seems like they're being processed in batches and take a few days to process.

      • Good to hear. Has anyone received their codes yesterday or today?

        Just wondering if the issue kickling highlighted has lead to delays in approval?

        • They did not give an ETA on a solution.

          Only said they will get in touch when fixed.

    • From what I gather based on errors returned, you need to submit the form using all the personal details as per your original entry.

    • I did five. Got 5 codes back but have so far only been able to get one to process.

  • Hmmm…no email received and I submitted on the day of the deal. I've just resubmitted after reading you guys have been getting your codes.

    • Have you tried contacting them? It says to get in touch if you don't hear back within 3 business days.

      • I had read that too (also submitted just after the deal with nothing received yet) and emailed them on Tuesday, but it does also say down the bottom on the website they will take up to 3 days to reply to the email. Will try to call them tomorrow (although saw others had no luck getting through).

        • +1

          They are answering the phone now on the 1800 number (previously it would just ring out) but you will get told the same thing … they are investigating, and you will be notified when it is fixed.

  • Has anyone received their codes yesterday or today?

    • not yet, been 24hrs

    • Submitted mine on the weekend, and have not heard back as yet.

  • +1

    Submitted a couple two days ago and haven't heard back. Also received an error message on submission that the receipt was already used, but that is definitely not the case.

  • +1

    Still can't redeem my $50 voucher. I just want one! What a damn f up this whole thing is.

    • +2

      the scammers (us) have been scammed!

  • just giving my thoughts on a bbq cover - for weber's i don't think they are necessary if stored under cover. i have had weber q2000 for 5 years without cover and looks just as good as it was when new (when i clean it)

    weber's are not made of steel so don't rust - they aren't like the cheap steel bbq's that rust/wheels lock up and get thrown out every couple of years

    covers are also a massive hassle to put on and off so you may use your BBQ less! so use your hard earned vouchers on some better accessories!

  • +1

    get errors just trying to register/upload receipt

    • +2

      They've realised that their whole promo may not work out how they wanted.

      • +1

        no idea who on BIC or Webers side was planning this promo and thought it out

  • No luck here, website says receipt already used. I've tried entering from my phone and a pc.

    • Do you need to enter your receipt number? How do they know it’s already been used?

      • No, I don't believe there was an option to enter a receipt number, just a photo upload. That's a good point. I think it's a bug with their website. I've emailed the support email with all my details, explaining I can't seem to enter.

        • Yea it must be. When I registered I just took a photo and hit submit. Can’t imagine it is checking the receipt in real-time

  • T&C's updated???

    Schedule 1 – Rewards Terms and Conditions
    $50 Weber Store Gift Card for use via the weber website for Weber BBQ purchases only. The promotional partner for the $50 Weber Store Gift Card is Weber-Stephen Products Company (Aust) Pty Ltd (Weber-Stephen Products ABN 18 006 305 23719) (Weber).


  • +2

    Called up today and got through pretty quickly. Mentioned they had technical issues but should expect the gift card later today if not tomorrow. I submitted my request last thursday

    • Thanks for the update.

    • Nothing yet. Called again for an update and they said next week :(

  • Weber website/store is down for maintenance.

    Edit - back up now

  • No more error submitting reward access code!

    • But weber voucher hasn't been instantly delivered via email. they were instantly delivered a few days ago

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