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Essential Workers: 5% Cash Back on Groceries, Public Transport, Bill Payments - up to $250 Per Year @ Hiver Bank



Hiver Bank is a division of Teachers Mutual Bank
essential workers in education, health & emergency services plus students & graduates of an Australian university who want to support the essential worker community.
Fee-free banking


Hiver members will earn 5% cash back for every dollar spent (less refunds and excluding cash advances, cash withdrawals, other cash-related transactions, interest charges, fees, credit or debit adjustments) on the following categories: Grocery purchases (classified by Visa's 'Merchant Category Code' as 'grocery stores and supermarkets' MCC 5411; 'Freezer and Locker Meat Provisioners' - MCC 5422; 'Candy, Nut and Confectionery Stores' - MCC 5441; 'Dairy Products Stores' - MCC 5451; 'Bakeries' - MCC 5462; 'Miscellaneous Food Stores - Convenience Stores and Specialty Markets' - MCC 5499), Public transport (classified by Visa's 'Merchant Category Code' as 'commuter transport and ferries' - MCC 4111; 'passenger railways' - MCC 4112; 'bus lines' - MCC 4131), Bills (classified by Visa's 'Merchant Category Code' as 'Telecommunication Services' - MCC 4814; 'Utilities' - MCC 4900), Uniforms (classified by Visa's 'Merchant Category Code' as 'Uniforms, Commercial Clothing' - MCC 5137; 'Commercial Footwear' - MCC 5139) up to a maximum of $250 per calendar year. Cash back will be deposited into the member’s Everyday account in the first five days of a new month. This offer may be withdrawn or changed without notice.

Forum Post: Hiver - Where Can You Get Cashback?

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    • Councils come up as Government Services normally. It's really only things like water/electricity/gas or telcos and only some of them. If you click on the transaction you can see the MCC in words.

      If you want cashback on your booze you would need to buy gift cards from the supermarket or the Woolworths gift card site (especially good if you get discounted gift cards).

  • Can anyone confirm that topping up Myki successfully earned cashback?

    • I'll have to check my breakdown as I did top up Myki.

      It was the correct merchant code though

    • Yes, both tapping at myki machine and online recharge

      see here: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/698763

    • Mine is a digital Myki in the app and top up was successful for cashback too.

  • Got my cashback :) about $14

  • +1

    Yet to get my cashback 😔
    Hoping it comes in soon.

    • +1


    • +1


    • Same here.

      I hope it comes through tomorrow, as they said within the first 5 days of the month.

  • Is childcare considered as education?

    • Yes as your title would be like early learning educator

  • Applied and approved. Now wait for the physical card? Is there any virtual card option?

    • Nah, have to wait for card and activate it.

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    It seems easy to drop by Coles or Woolies, buy 10 x $500 gift cards and be done for the year. Does anyone know if this works (i.e. buying physical gift cards from Coles or Woolies), or do you have to buy the gift cards online to get the cashback?

    • I think it should work but why u even want to do that? 5% is not a lot. It's better to stack (for example, if u have woolworths mobile or insurance, u can get 4% discount on gc that stack with this one as it goes to woolworths website directly)

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    Anyone else havn't got their cashback yet?

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      I'm still waiting for my cashback.

      • Update: Just got my cashback

    • Not yet. I had to go back to the start of the thread and make sure there weren't some "hurdles" that I'd missed last month!

      • there weren't some "hurdles" that I'd missed last month

        There are no hurdles, as long as the transactions are eligible (and settled within the previous month).

      • +1

        Got mine this morning.

  • Have not received mine

  • anyone in Perth? can you confirm if Synergy, WaterCorp and Gas bill is eligible for 5% rebate?

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    Does anyone know whether I can purchase gift cards from ShopBack and it is eligible for cashback. Thank you

  • I applied last weekend but haven't received it. How long it will take for the card to be posted? I am in WA

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    Just out of curiosity, does anyone know how Hiver is able to fund these cashbacks without going broke (and as more and more users sign up for this perk)?

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    Sadly, I will be reaching my annual cashback limit during the upcoming Coles Mastercard gift card promo https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/705416

    See you again, Hiver, next calendar year.

  • wow, thanks for this. Had no idea about this. My husband is in FRNSW, but still has a Teachers Mutual account that he doesn't use (really should close that), so I opened one with Hiver in my name

    • If he closes it and opens this you can double your benefit.

  • How do you pay your bills (utilites like electricity) and telecommunications for cashback? I have Optus for NBN and Foxtel for Foxtel…..do they count as Telecommunications and how do I pay it to get the cashback if they do? ATM all three are direct debited from other accounts (at ING and Westpac cc)

    • +1

      You set them to be direct debited from the card using the Visa card number in your payment settings for each service. Just check in this thread https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/698763 if your specific providers have been listed to ensure you'll get the cashback. If they're not listed, do a $1 test transaction and then report back to the thread so someone else can benefit from the shared community knowledge.

  • Can we charge / pay this account using a Credit Card?

    • I believe so but you will hit with cash advance fee.

  • +1

    Hiver customer support is saying that there is no transaction limit on Visa Debit as long as your S1 account balance is not exceeded.

    In reality, I have found today there is a hard limit of $1K per day. If you attempt to exceed this amount, your transaction fails with a Do Not Honour code.
    The rep I was on chat with told me to contact the fraud team to remove any blocks for dishonored transactions with sufficient S1 account balance.
    And, so I did. They found no blocks nor any suspicious activity of any kind.

    If anyone has any ideas on how to temporarily increase the Visa daily limit, please share here.

    • if you use visa rather than saving there is no daily limit but there is a 1k limit per transaction

      • Can you pls explain a bit more what do you mean by visa ?

        • They mean the credit or debit function after inserting your physical card. Don't use Apple Pay as it is limited to $1K as well.

          • @DoctorCalculon: Insert than choose credit when you make a payment. I remember it is on top of the menu in COLES.

            • @jimwh: I did exactly that. However, subsequent transaction (<$250) was still denied with DO NO HONOUR code.
              Yes, there were more than enough funds within the S1 account.

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                @DoctorCalculon: I only got denied if paid more than 1k. I spend more than 2k on that day.

    • Called up and changed to 2K,
      Not sure if is one off or on going.

      • +2

        The 1K limit is per transaction. I've exceeded 2k yesterday on multiple transactions without changing anything. Insert the card though, don't tap

        • Can I ask what you select after insert the card, there are 3 options on Coles POS, 1. Saving 2. Visa Debit 3. Visa Credit

          Thank you

      • Called up and changed to 2K,

        Which number did you call? They only have a fraud helpline (which is shared call centre with other banks).

        • +1

          The fraud helpline :D

        • 1800 044 837

          • @Yola:

            1800 044 837

            This is the number listed on their Contact Us page. I was told to call this number: 1300 705 750 by the Hiver rep.
            Then I noticed they both go to the same call center.

  • Wondering if topping up myki via the PTV app using Apple Pay (which is now an option) qualifies for cash back. I know you get it on the myki machine but may not get it via the app? I’ve tried HSBC, you get it via the myki machine but not via the PTV app.

    • HSBC

      For HSBC, it must be tap and pay, and below $100.

      Hiver doesn't have this restriction, however the MCC must be eligible.

  • good deal

  • New update: instant digital card available. But no fix for First name requirement.

    • Can you pls advise how to get the instant digital card ?

      • Update app

        • Did, but there’s no option to add to the wallet.

          Don’t have the card yet but activated by guessing the expiry date to be 06/25

          • @spk: You can click on the "pacmam" icon at the top of the Card picture to reveal card details

            • @Bargain Fighter: that's so weird. I can only see BSB, account number and balance when I click on that icon.

              • @spk: I'm using Android v1.1.2. Click "Card" tab (bottom navigation), click "pac man" circular icon at the top to reveal everything, card number, expiry date, CVV.

                • @Bargain Fighter: I deleted the app, installed again. On Apple Pay, there’s a link”Add to apple wallet”

                  When you click Pacman on IOS, all I see is BSB, account number and balance

                  • @spk: There is no link "Add to Google Pay". I needed to add manually with the revealed card info, card number, expiry date, CVV.

                    It also reveals Card holder name, BSB/Account No, and Balance like you said.

                    So it's a specific feature for Android at this stage I guess.

                • @Bargain Fighter: I'm using Android 12 and app version 1.1.2 and I can't view credit card details on app.

                  I'm uninstalling and reinstalling app to check.

                  Just checked and it's not listed still (but I lost my card and no card is listed despite release notes saying instant provisioning feature has been added).

    • Their new app doesn’t even work for me, just stays on the front page

    • Thank you very much for updating here that this feature is now available on the app. 6 Business days since I have applied and I haven't received my card yet.

      I know it has been mentioned that we cannot spend more than $500 using apple pay. The same was mentioned to me on the chat when I contacted them to increase the transaction limits. I was able to make $4626 worth of (multiple) transactions and my wife was able to spend $3469.5 on a single day using our Hiver card's on apple wallet. I started to get "Do not honor" error after that.

  • Oh no, just realized it is only for Citizens and PRs 😔

    • Can a non-citizen/non-PR open any bank account in Australia?

      • Yeah, normally they do. For people with working visas, student visas etc

        • Yes, good point, that makes sense for people here on an extended visa.

    • +1

      I used Australian driving licence and opened without issue. I'm non-PR.

      • That's good to know. Unfortunately I don't have an Aussie drivers license either. Lol

        • Around 2 decades ago, I just used my passport and proof of address to open any bank account at the branch. Not sure nowadays with all online banks. But they should be able to accommodate it right ?

        • So you just carry your passport everywhere you go?
          I usually just left my passport at home since Australian photo ID is more convenient when going out.

          • @RTY: No, it is only when you don't have Aussie ID and you want to open a bank account. There are thousand of overseas students and workers that just been in Aussie for a short period and obviously they need bank to store their money.

            • @yht: This account is intended for Australian citizen (though they don't really check), hence, they at least asked for Australian ID, rather than foreign passport

  • I don't get the biometrics option on Android (10) as a login method on the app. Is it just my phone?

    • Settings and Security -> My settings -> Security options -> Biometrics.

      • That option doesn't appear for me. Under Security options, I see:

        • App login - PIN, Pattern or Member Number
        • Access Code
    • OK, the app is a bit weird. Set up the quick balance view and was prompted to enable a biometric login. My menu options didn't change from before though. Choosing an app login method disables it. Re-enabling was difficult. It wasn't enough to toggle quick balance view and set it up again, login and out multiple times, deregister app, and repeat but somehow I got prompted again at a different point. It looks like the app and/or backend decides when you are worthy. Such a pain. I hope this helps somebody. I know when I'm licked and I'll leave it on.

      • +1

        The app is full of bugs.

        Here is another example: I had poor cellular reception, and so it hung trying to login. Killed the app, and tried again later. This time it tells me they have disabled biometrics because of multiple incorrect PIN entries. WTF!

        • +1

          This time it tells me they have disabled biometrics because of multiple incorrect PIN entries. WTF!

          Interesting. So it seems there is some trust heuristic that makes biometrics available or withdraws them.

          I don't mind the app but I see that some things can only be done in the web interface. Odd then that they've decided you can only sign up via the app. I would have signed up much earlier via the web. Anyway, at least by the time I signed up the card details could be immediately loaded into Google Pay. Most impressive. Well, it was the first time I've had that happen. Not sure how I feel about the GooglePlex having my card details. The extra transaction details on Google Pay are nice but if that's all there is I'll start using the physical card when I receive it. I was kind of hoping to see an itemised receipt for my transactions…

          • +1

            @Stingo: At least once you sign up on the app you can operate it via the web, not like many others eg. Virgin, Bank of Queensland Smart Saver, 86400.

            • @Yola:

              At least once you sign up on the app you can operate it via the web

              I'm happy about that but it seems they either haven't decided which interface they prefer or don't have the resources to invest in what I assume is more costly app development. Teachers Mutual has web sign up so I don't know why Hiver doesn't. While I don't care for app-only access its very annoying when a company decides to shift focus as (legacy) UBank did with their web interface going backward and their phone app gaining new features. And now the UBank product offering is going backward as existing customers are migrated to :ubank.

              • @Stingo: Yes I am not at all happy about migrating to :ubank which has stated it will not have some features I use the most and wonder if all my saved payees (over 50) will also migrate.

                • +1

                  @Yola: Good question. All I can say is the :86400 customers are the ones getting first class treatment.

                  • @Stingo: I am also a 86400 customer and nothing has changed there.

                    • +1

                      @Yola: Exactly. Nothing changes for you except the name, you'll be getting web access sooner than before and you've had better communications about the change. Its the legacy UBank customers that you'd think should be getting better treatment. After all, who is taking over who? I'd like to know what is so wonderful about 86400's platform. It's even too hard to replicate sweep or UBank just can't be bothered.

                      • +1

                        @Stingo: Yes, it's the sweep I love and being able to link accounts and transfer 100k per day. Ubank is been my main bask so I just hope they have many transition problems and delays.

                        • @Yola: That reminds me that I should ask again to be put at the end of the list for migration. I asked before but as I complained about sweep being discontinued post-migration in the same message they just thanked me for my feedback and didn't respond to my request. I must learn to keep messages simple.

                          • @Stingo: Thanks I did not know you could request this.

                            • +1

                              @Yola: You can always ask but I don't know what that the response will be and of course whatever happens in the end may bear no relationship to the response.

                              • +1

                                @Stingo: @Yola/@Stingo : a few days ago, I rang Ubank (original) about what features will stay and what goes. The cust rep said they are still working on this, and nothing has been decided.

                                He lodged feedback on my behalf –to retain features like sweep and the higher transfer limit, providing me a feedback reference. But I doubt I will hear back. He said I should also be lodging the feedback to the new ubank team as well. He agreed the lower limit will mean more inconvenience for customers, and more work for customer support.

                                Has there been any announcement from Ubank re what features will stay or go? I haven't been following closely.

                                • +1

                                  @bluesky: Nothing via email since the original communication. It would be easiest for :ubank to just match the interest rate of save on the spend account rather than implement (on-demand) sweep. If it weren't for the lack of EFTPOS on Macquarie's transaction account that would be the most straight forward replacement for my UBank card now that Macquarie are paying interest on transaction accounts.

                                  • +1


                                    It would be easiest for :ubank to just match the interest rate of save on the spend account rather than implement (on-demand) sweep

                                    Perhaps you can put this in as feedback. If enough people provide feedback, they may make changes to accommodate Ubank original customers - if they do away with the ubank original app.

            • +1


              At least once you sign up on the app you can operate it via the web

              Sorry to revisit this but it seems some things can only be done via the web: e.g. notifications and some things only via the app: enabling/disabling locations/method when/how cards can be used. In hindsight, I see that I actually enabled my physical card before I'd received it probably even before it was even created. Not the best idea.

  • -1

    Anybody knows when the credit will be applied in the account once eligible transactions approved ? I has Synergy bill approved on 23/6 but hasn't seen the credit. Thanks

    • +2

      They only do it in batch, once a month. I think between 2-5. Mine was on the 3/6 (for May's transactions)

    • +2

      from the description in this post.

      "Cash back will be deposited into the member’s Everyday account in the first five days of a new month"

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