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Asus TUF Gaming Radeon RX 6900 XT Top Edition 16GB Graphics Card $1399 + Delivery ($0 C&C) @ Umart


Based on other 6900XT deals, this seems pretty good, esp for an XT Top Edition? Other 6900XT deals seemed to be more "baseline" card.

Wish I had $1400 to get it! 😂

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    nice deal for a very good card

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      I probably would've bought the toxic for $50 more. A $1400 Tuf is very uninspiring. <$1320 would be nicer to see at this point in time.

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        based on the rmh chart just below this, my 3080 Tuf is only $13ish per frame. and this 6900xt also $13ish per frame, so why my tuf is a shit deal? where's the logic?

        the fact that my 3080 tuf can make more money whilst you not gaming than 6900xt, makes it a much better deal for the same price. 6900xt has 5% more fps, but that's nothing than 60% more hash rate.

        • Valid call I personally believe both are shit deals. Especially considering the $1250 12GB Galax puts out more frames for $150 less than both those models.

          There's other bullshit factors ie ram/efficiency but the 12GB Galax and other 3080 models have recently come on special between $1250-1300. Unlike 6900xt. Not a great argument but that's why a $1400 3080 10Gb is shit compared to a $1400 6900XT. There's no 12GB Galax alternative available with AMD. All their 6900xt's have been min $1400. The 12GB 3080 has been $1250 a couple times. $150 cheaper than either and the 12GB version also has better core performance than 10GB. And like I said the difference between a low & high end aib is not $400. As most other 12GB models hang around the $1650 mark.

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    Version 3
    These numbers are from the latest Hardware Unboxed 12 game average benchmarks for 2022 (https://youtu.be/KugxMJFhx7k?t=616). It doesn't take into consideration Ray Tracing, DLSS, etc I am aware 3k res isn't a thing, but I averaged the 1440p and 4k resolution performance stats. I personally run a 1440p ultrawide, so 3k is about right for me.

    Note that the benchmarks used for these version 3 tables are different to previous tables/graphs so the $ per frame figures aren't comparable.

    Avg FPS (1440p) % of 3090 Ti —— Avg FPS (4k) % of 3090 Ti —— Avg FPS (3k) —Recent Bargain— $ per frame (3k) Date/URL
    Nvidia RTX 3090 Ti 149 100% 91 100% 120 LOL
    Radeon RX 6950 XT 149 100% 85 93% 117 $1,690 $14.44
    Nvidia RTX 3090 138 93% 82 90% 110 $2,499 $22.72 4/5/22
    Nvidia RTX 3080 Ti 134 90% 80 88% 107 $1,799 $16.81 8/5/22
    Radeon RX 6900 XT 137 92% 76 84% 107 $1,349 $12.67 27/4/22
    ** This Radeon RX 6900 XT** 137 92% 76 84% 107 $1,399 $13.14 This one
    Nvidia RTX 3080 12GB 131 88% 76 84% 104 $1,399 $13.52 11/5/22
    Radeon RX 6800 XT 129 87% 70 77% 100 $1,199 $12.05 9/5/22
    Nvidia RTX 3080 10GB 123 83% 72 79% 98 $1,259 $12.91 20/4/22
    Radeon RX 6800 114 77% 62 68% 88 $899 $10.22 20/5/22
    Nvidia RTX 3070 Ti 104 70% 58 64% 81 $995 $12.28 2/5/22
    Nvidia RTX 3070 97 65% 54 59% 76 $859 $11.38 17/5/22
    Radeon RX 6750 XT 97 65% 51 56% 74 $899 $12.15
    Radeon RX 6700 XT 92 62% 48 53% 70 $692 $9.89 18/5/22
    Nvidia RTX 3060 Ti 88 59% 49 54% 69 $759 $11.08 24/4/22
    Radeon RX 6650 XT 74 50% 36 40% 55 $649 $11.80
    Nvidia RTX 3060 67 45% 36 40% 52 $559 $10.85 2/5/22
    Radeon RX 6600 XT 69 46% 34 37% 52 $499** $9.69 14/5/22
    Radeon RX 6600 60 40% 29 32% 45 $419 $9.42 14/5/22
    Nvidia RTX 3050 49 33% 26 29% 38 $379 $10.11 10/5/22

    Or here for a visual graph - https://files.ozbargain.com.au/upload/47948/95939/20220523.j...

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      id rather see all time low than "Recent Bargain" imo, given most products are well over a year old.

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        Recent bargain is useful to help people make purchasing decisions now. All time bargain is a bemusing stat, but doesn't really mean anything to anyone in the moment.

        • -1

          Not true since prices should be trending downwards. If this was another category of products I might agree with you there. Tech depreciates fast. And nothing is faster than a GPU months away from a new launch. All time low should be the standard.

          • @goig986: I completely agree that tech depreciates fast and GPUs will depreciate after a new launch, I just don't understand the connection between that point and suggesting this chart should show all time low instead of recent bargain.

            • -3

              @NoshTwin: Maybe an example is the best way to explain it? The 3080 12GB was 1249 - 1299 for over a month. How is ONLY showing $1399 as a recent bargain useful information at all? I'd argue $1399 doesn't even qualify as a bargain since the price moved drastically upwards.

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                @goig986: I feel like you started to make an example and then just pivoted to asking how is recent bargain useful again.

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                @goig986: Just a reminder that this is a free resource provided by rmh and while I'm sure the format isn't 'perfect' it's more than good enough for most people following GPU prices (in fact it's really well done.) Also I think you've got to factor in how big the table can be and therefore what info can be put in.

                Most recent bargain works well because it's simple and concise (and vetted by OzB voters to some extent). Historical lows would be more complicated (how far back do we go?) and also depends on the current trend that GPU prices are falling. If, for whatever reason, GPU prices go up again (while prices seem to be stablising now, they have been very volatile the last two years…), then the historical lows would be invalidated again. But I get what you mean that you could be misled by the 'most recent bargain' if you don't do your research/a quick OzB search. So no perfect solution but this seems to be a good compromise imo.

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                  @jaffar: Hi all, I read and appreciate all feedback on the table format and what’s included to ensure it gives the most value. It’s actually a really good interesting discussion about whether to use recent or all time and good arguments for both sides. It certainly would be easier to maintain for all time cheapest price :-)

                  What I’m worried about most with changing it is that you could have a one day sale of 5 units that some dodgy shop does of a model they want to shift at dirt cheap and all of a sudden no one thinks future deals of that gpu are any good because it’s not the historic lowest price.

                  Thanks for keeping the recommendations and arguments respectful and I’m happy to change things if there is enough interest.

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        You won't get reference to past 2 years on here lol. Most members here aren't looking to buy a gpu, they're despicable snakes trying to defend values of gpu's they already overpaid for.

        They want you to forget the past, embrace inflation and buy any shit model they pump as a great deal.

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          Mate it ain't a house!

          • -3

            @drprox: come again?

            I also noticed you upvoted this deal and have already displayed your clear bias. What is it you particularly like about this deal? The fact it hasn't come down in price lol? More transparent than glass. Snakes be snaking

        • Ser, I've got a $1700 3080 lhr 10gb and I was very much part of the "I recommend you consider hodling til prices drop" despite mining on it to recoup costs.

          I don't think you need to strawman the whole ozb community as there's enough decency to go around to offset scalpers, dodgy retailers and weirdos who built a mining rig 3 months ago.

          If it's the folks who are salty about overpaying during peak mining season, trust me they're not that salty if they mined to reduce costs. They're probably close to ROI and are happy with their purchase.

      • The point you make is valid, but only in regards to a note bargains title or description and not this awesome table of comparisons. That said, would be a great edition to see a value (based on creators opinions) showing a "target bargain value" based off a best deal or some such.

        Edit; I see it's already there, page had that part hidden on my mobile. Well done on the table.

  • Overview of all the PCBs and VRMs etc. of the various 6900 XTs if you are interested in overclocking https://youtu.be/Azvn6H1vX28?t=2205
    The TUF appears to have the same setup as the Strix he talks about

  • OP no worries - wait a few months and you can have Rx6900 performance at the Rx7700 level and $800 instead of $1400…

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      Yeah sure 😂

    • +1

      This is identical to what everyone said before RTX3000.

      "Don't buy a 2080 Ti for $999, you'll be able to get a 3070 for $809"

      • True, but it's hard to believe that the conditions that led to the ridiculous GPU prices of the last couple of years could repeat themselves.

        • +1

          Why wouldn't they? Both Nvidia and AMD now know what prices they can get away with, so why would they price it lower?

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            @cille745: A side from all the other oddities which effected the RTX3xxx prices, it opens the door for competition.

            Imagine they tried this again, without the ability to blame it on covid or some such, and some Chinese branded card offering similar frame rates suddenly appeared at half the price, It would cripple their business.

            It's also unsustainable given varibles.

            • @Ebany: While I agree with much of what you are saying, an unknown Chinese company is not going to appear out of nowhere with competitive GPUs, it's pretty a glacial R&D process. Nvidia, AMD (and Intel) are competing with each other and really no one else at this point. At least in the DIY PC graphics card market. The only reason they would lower prices is for fear of being outperformed by each other or if they think customers will just stop buying if things are too expensive. It's not for fear of a new competitor appearing.

    • It won't happen but I'd love to be wrong!

  • 6900 xt tuf same price at 2 other sellers, had been for weeks.

    • Only BPC from what I can tell.
      PLE were selling the Gaming PC edition for this price but not the TOP.

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    Downsides vs the RTX 3080 which sells for same price

    • No DLSS
    • No Optix render for Blender
    • Can't run CUDA scripts/apps (a lot of machine learning frameworks built on CUDA)

    Here is a massive 6900 XT vs RTX 3080 review testing 50 games, the 6900XT is 3%-5% faster on average than the RTX 3080 at 1080P. At 1440P there is 2%-5% difference. They are basically the same at gaming without DLSS.


    • Thanks for providing this information, not sure why people feel the need to neg you, it could be useful to anyone shopping for a video card in this price range. This is a good deal, but if you're willing to spend $1400 you should also be looking at a 3080 12GB, which certainly has it's own strengths.

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    Looking at UMart listing…

    Was: $2,799.0, Save $1,400.0

    What a deal!

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    Lol, fun to watch the retailers are desperated to get rid of the stocks as new generation cards are knocking around the corner.

  • Nice find

  • +1

    whats BS about this is that everything is cheaper in the USA after currency conversion, how come everything costs WAY MORE in AUS?? I can find EVGA 3080 TI in America for $1300 USD ( $1829 AUD ), but its $2399 AUD here? Thats almost $600 extra for the identical product? I feel like we are all getting ripped off here.

    • +8

      Welcome to Australia?

    • +1

      You're forgetting to add gst, plus shipping products to aus is generally more expensive, domestic shipping is also more expensive, then add the usual aus retailer mark up.

      • +3

        Everyone forgets the tax, sales tax isnt added until after checkout in the US, whereas its included in prices here.

        • +1


          tax is only $43 USD within united states

          • +3

            @ItchyBallsack: Tax is state dependent. Its $100 USD in CA. The other thing you 'pay' for is consumer guarantees.

            With CA tax, then its 1400 USD which is $1967 AUD. + GST = $2163.

            And then you look around and see BPC is selling it $2199. Not that much different after all, granted I did put tax twice (Assume buy from US, then import here).


            • +1

              @ATangk: In some areas it’s county by county, which is completely mad. 7% at one store, drive to the same store in the next county (5 mins away) in the same state and tax is 6%. Go figure.

              • +2

                @Cyan9: I just hate the fact that a $ 1 cheeseburger can't be paid for by a $ 1 note

                • +1

                  @ATangk: Oof yeah. Been caught out by that one before!

    • Wanna know where is even cheaper? China! TUF 3080Ti is selling for 6799 CNY few days back, converting back to AUD is 1435. The only thing that is cheaper here is SSD and other than that everything else is way more expensive.

    • +1

      It’s a continental island in the pacific that’s off the main shipping routes and only has a population of 25 million, larger prices should be expected except from apple, apple are just extortionate, cheaper to ship airpod pro max from us than to buy them from a local store

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