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YouTube Premium via Argentina: ARS $119/Month (Single ~AUD $1.38/Month, Family ~AUD $2.07/Month, VPN Required only to Register)


Resharing after 6 months for those unaware of the workaround to get YouTube Premium at a fraction of the normal price (with credit to HiDave for the original find). It's also around $0.27 cheaper per month now. Personally been using this for over 2 years and works flawlessly with 28 Degrees MasterCard (no fees). Stay safe, and enjoy :)

Very straightforward process:

  1. Use a VPN to connect to an Argentinian server (required only for registration).
  2. Open an incognito browser window.
  3. Sign up via the main link in this post (or here).
  4. If an Argentinian address is requested, use this link and Google the postcode.
  5. Pay with a card that has no foreign exchange fees.
  6. Enjoy the full benefits of YouTube Premium.

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  • Hello fellows
    Anything similar for Netflix?

    • Netflix via Turkey was the cheapest at the time I subscribed

      • Thanks, any links on how to do it and how much it costs

  • Mm time to move from India to Argentina!

  • +1

    Don’t you need to pay tax / VAT for Argentina subscription ?

    • I was charged tax last time, so price ended up being a bit more that the expected one, same with Netflix. I guess ymmv between different cards

  • +12

    If you're on the Indian plan (like I am) you're paying approx AUD$1 more per month (AUD $1.40 V $2.40). The Argentian Paso has devalued in recent months making the price difference more obvious than it once was.

    With all that said, even at $2.40 per month, I'm pretty happy staying put. Why rock the boat to save just $1 when the official Australian price is $14.99 per month!

    For everyone else, Viva Argentina!

  • I don't have cc with no foreign exchange fee but I guess that would not add too much. Right?

    • Probably about 3%.

    • +1

      I renewed a family plan a few days ago. Plan itself came to $2.09 AUD with a 5 cent international fee. ME bank debit card.

      • Thanks guy, 5 cent extra is no brainer.lol regarding to family plan, can I simply add Oz accounts, or they have to sign up a new account as well?

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    Been with Argentina youtube premium plan for more a few months now, no complaints.

  • +1

    Thanks worked! How do I do family do they need same address? I forgot where I live in Santa Fe…..

  • Google is asking me for a phone number to verify. Default country code is Argentina, but will an au number box the deal?

    Maybe should use desktop instead of phone?

    • Used Au number fine, but I was on desktop

  • +3

    "It looks like you're not in the same country as the person who invited you."

    Does anyone know how to workaround this for a family plan? Have the VPN on but still comes up. Tried multiple VPNs

    • Had this for my partner, yet to try a work around yet but was hoping could log in via VPN and accept invite though if that doesn't work not sure what else to try.

      Maybe 2FA is a issue if you try to use phone number as well

    • +3

      I had this problem, I followed this and it fixed it. https://remkim.com/blog/how-to-fix-google--looks-like-youre-...

      Navigate to google.com or in Google Chrome click account and navigate to "Manage your Google Account"
      On the left hand navigation open "Payments and subscriptions"
      In "Payment methods" section find and click on link to "Manage payment methods"
      Navigate to "Settings" tab
      Find payment profiles and at this point you have 2 options.
      Close all profiles that you have and do the same for your family member and then recreate payment profile with the same address
      only delete payment profile for your family member, but entering your legal address.

  • +2

    Finally got it done!
    For those who have a CBA account and wondering where to get a card without international transaction fee, try StepPay from CBA and you will get any expense split into four fortnightly payments with no international fees occurred on any purchases. Enjoy!

    • What did you put for postcode and town for the addresses? I'm confused by it all.

      Plus for some reason it keeps saying payment method failed for me. I'm doing the VPN and other instructions right

      • +2

        I got a random address generated and I looked up the "Town" name on Google and got 5000 as postcode. Yours might be a bit different though.

        • +3

          thanks mate appreciate your help, basically my steps are:

          1. VPN set to Argentina (Private Internet Access)
          2. incognito window
          3. sign in to my main Aussie Google account, it asks for 2FA and I say that it's me on the phone itself
          4. enter my Visa card details (Revolut card)
          5. Address is in format:

          Address Line 1
          Address Line 2
          Town/City Suburb
          Province (drop-down list)

          So I use that website to generate a random Argentinian address, and it spits out for example:

          Street: Moreno 632
          City: Zárate
          State/province/area: Buenos Aires

          So I enter that as:

          Address Line 1: Moreno 632
          Address Line 2: (blank)
          Postcode (after Googling): C1091AAN
          Town/City Suburb: Zarate
          Province: CABA (drop-down shows as Ciudad Autonoma de Buenos Aires

          EDIT: got it working after that :D

          • +1

            @adrianhughes1998: I just did a quick postcode search for Bueno Aires and it shows 1865 as the postcode. I'm glad you got it working afterall mate, enjoy!

            • @a1b2c3e4f52002: thanks mate I will, it's charged me 12 cents on my Visa Hiver card but that's ok will change the card later on!

          • +1

            @adrianhughes1998: This is the most helpful post on this thread ! Thank you @adrianhughes1998
            As mentioned in other posts, TunnelBear VPN is free and works !

            VPN set to Argentina (Private Internet Access)
            incognito window
            sign in to one of my old alt gmail accounts
            enter my Visa card details (ING debit card - probably will be 2.5% international transaction fee)
            Checked my account
            "GOOGLE *YouTubePremium g. −$2.09"
            Used the above address guide

            Created a family group. (Can't invite anyone yet - have to wait till my current account expires in a couple of days.)
            Exited the VPN.
            Not sure if this will work, until I've successfully invited everyone.

      • I always do embassies.

  • I've been a fool and have been paying for the AU family plan. I have cancelled the plan which will last up until the 11th of July. Think I have to wait for this plan to cancel before signing up again to this deal?

    • +1

      You technically don't have to wait. A lot of people create a new account for YouTube premium family and add their normal account as a family member.

      • Same method. Already join my wife's account to the new account's family but for mine when I try to join, a pop up reminder says that I need to join after my current subscription is expired.

  • +2

    Thanks TA, will give it a shot as YT has implemented un-skippable/multiple ads and its more frequent

    Question: Is this only monthly subscription (i.e. you save your Card and they charge every month) or there is an option to pay annually upfront?

    • +1

      Annual is option for non-fam acc only

    • +2

      Yes there are so MANY F..IN ads now it is unwatchable….
      Most annoyingly then the person making a video will also have their sponsors content in their video…
      and if you skip to the next one it shows you MORE F..IN ads - it should limit to a maximum number in 10 minutes rather than based on if you skip ahead to next vid

  • Cannot make payment, anyone has the same issue?

  • you don't need vpn for this. a proxy will suffice

  • Why does YouTube allow this, but Spotify can stop it???

    • Spotify has only two sources of income: subs and ads.

      YT is Google, which is Alphabet. So many streams of income for them, they probably did the numbers and decided not to pursue a proper fix 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Guys,

    If I'm already on the single argentina plan, is it possible to upgrade to a family plan without VPN?

  • Can you upgrade from single to family? Is it hard to do?

  • -1

    Whats the benefit of YouTube Premium ?

    For family, I can invite my partner to join account ?

    • +1

      No ads, offline saves, plays audio when screen is locked.

    • lolx, people neg like they know everything.

    • +1

      YouTube Music sub included.

  • One of my favourite deals of all time

  • Does this need the country associated with my Google account to be changed as well?

    • +1

      Nope, my existing account worked perfectly fine. No changes in account settings required.

  • +2

    thanks, OP. Signed up with my existing account

  • Are there any risks in using your normal account (e.g. if they find out, would they suspend or cancel your gmail?). If so i'd be inclined to just create a dummy account but i've got so many subscriptions. I know you can export subscriptions from one account to another but again i'd be concerned about any impact on my original account if they backtracked the subscriptions.

    • +1

      For me, a couple times when I tried to add cards to Google pay on the Australian payment profile, the Argentinian payment profile got suspended. Doesn't affect the Australian payment profile, so I just had to delete the Argentinian payment profile and go through the Youtube sign-up process again.

  • Step 3 is only 'Sign up' or it works for 'Sign in' too? Because I want to use my own account and not a new one. Been using the 3-months courtesy.

  • +1

    Just cancelled my Indian subscription and immediately re-signed up for the Argentinian subscription using the same card (28 degrees) without any issues. Quick and painless process.

  • Warning for others:

    I can't seem to link my main account (AU) to the new account (AR) via the family sharing, as I get the error: "It looks like you're not in the same country as the person who invited you." Even with both accounts sharing the same AR address.

    • From my understanding, you have to invite your family into your Argentina account via vpn before you subscribed to youtube. What you need to do is to unsub to youtube, setup the invitation, and resub. I have not done it but this is what my understanding is.

      • I tried this and it did not work.

        • +1

          jeffo from above point to this as well https://remkim.com/blog/how-to-fix-google--looks-like-youre-....

          You may have to delete the payment profile for your family account.

          • @Black Hole: I didn't have to delete payment profile for the family account, just the account I wanted to join with. I made a new google account using argentina vpn, and that was the family account. I invited my main google account, had that error, followed those steps in that link, and I could join.

          • @Black Hole: Thanks mate, this worked! I removed the payment profile from the AR account, made it an AU account, invited family, then enabled the VPN and paid therefore converting it to an AR profile.

            • +1

              @Cachew: Just curious, how did you go about making it an AU account? Did you just add a new payment profile with an AU address? I got the same error message about not being in the same country.

              EDIT: Once I removed the payment profile it looks like I was able to accept the invite from my main OZ account, but its saying I'm already a member of a family group (can only be in 1x at a time). I don't really want to leave that group as we use it for Google home and I'm not sure what the consequences would be so will just login using the AR google account to watch YouTube etc.

        • Has anyone had any luck adding family members when already paying with AR?

          Seems even removing payment method, removing family group, then changing it back to AU account and recreating the family group, still can't join the family group saying it is in another country.

          • @shiprekt: I just skipped the add family members part during subscribing then went to https://families.google.com/families (no VPN) to invite family members.

            If you already have a family group and subscribe using the account that's part of the family group then you shouldn't have to do anything special when subscribing to YouTube premium…?

            Because I've had to resubscribe a couple times (after my payment profile got suspended) and subscription automatically applied to existing family group.

  • +4

    I pay $3.50 for the family plan last 2 years through YT India. I just know if I switch something will break. It works flawlessly through my Westpac Debit Card. Guess I can’t really complain at 3.50/month but $2 does have a nice ring to it.

    • +2

      Like you too, I'mve got $3.38 family subs in India. I'm happy with that. IMHO it's not worth the potential loss for ~$15/yr whose knows what the exchange will be in a few months too. We've got too many good gadgets 7 speakers, 3 Chromecast & 2 TV's… which work well..

      • +2

        Yeah that’s it. Not worth the risk. Still an amazing deal. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it I guess.

      • +2

        I'm also exactly the same… not willing to risk it. I'm happy to be an adopted Indian :)

        • I was actually born in Argentina lol. But I’m happy staying Indian for now.

      • Same boat here, the risk isn't worth the small reward imo.

    • +1

      I got curious so just went through the process of flipping from IND to ARG. Worked fine, the only hiccup was signing up with ExpressVPN first, their Argentina server is being recognised as Brazil in YT. Had to sign up to NordVPN and it came up properly in YT. Now signed up to the family plan on Argentina.

      • Stop it! You’re temping me to make a fool of myself lol. I just know something will break, I just know it! Hope it stays solid for you.

        • +1

          haha yea, not really worth the hassle if it breaks. I didn't even think about the card not being accepted, which reading a few comments happened to some.

          Though, I mentioned what I did to a friend and he also flipped within minutes….. just saying :D

    • Same.

  • I am new to this concept- do I need to connect to vpn everytime I watch YouTube or is it only one-time for subscription purchase? I am looking to buy subscription through my phone (connected to VPN ARGENTINA first) and then play YouTube on my TV logging to the same account. Please guide. Thanks.

    • VPN is required only first time when you subscribe . While watching not required

    • TLDR: we're Indian subscribers. In Oz we have 7 speakers, 3 Chromecast s 2 TV's,, 3 phones, 3 iPads.

      No VPN required to use it.

      • Just out of interest, what account do you use as your google home main account? is it the Indian Family Admin account?

        trying to work out how to setup my google home

        • Yep, that's my main, the rest aren't

  • Can anybody recommend free vpn to do that for iphone?

    • +1

      Not free, but there’s been a bunch of 97% cash back for SurfShark and Nord VPNs posted up on OzBargain this year.

  • Yep…ALL GOOD !
    Had Indian subscription and cancelled it…
    Resubscribed to Argentina …
    New You Tube Premium account starts off again when the other one finishes.
    It literally took minutes.
    VERY HAPPY now :)

    THANKS Also TA.
    You are ONE of a kind !

  • Thanks TA! Worked with an existing account and 28 degrees using the linked Buenos Aires address

  • +1

    So when i go to the link i get "YouTube Premium is not available in your country" but i am running SurfShark VPN with location set to Argentina.

    Any tips or thoughts?

    Thanks all!

    • +1

      Check the ip address you get on SurfShark to see if it's actually an Argentinian one.

      • getting the same issue, multiple browsers. damn pita.

        • +2


          So SurfShark don't have a server in Argentina… So you get an IP from somewhere close. Mine was from the Birtish Islands.

          I binned Surfshark and signed up to 1 month of NordVPN… All done perfectly. No issues at all!

          Then jumped on the chat and cancelled NordVPN for a refund. Bit of a dog act.

          But hey, ozbarginer.

      • Thanks for this. Surfshark was an Argentinan IP but the server wasn't actually in Argentina. A little over my head but all solved with NordVPN.

        Appreciate the guidance!

    • +1

      The VPN is one part… but you need to make sure you are using a 'clean' browser. I use Firefox for daily browsing, but when I need to be "in another country" I use Chrome in incognito mode. It's the only time I use Chrome (desktop pc), and it never fails when I need to change countries to sign up for anything.

      For reference I use NORDvpn… never fails.

      • +2

        Thx mate. Solved by jumping over to NordVPN… Appreciate the tip.

  • +2

    I have a Google One membership for all my drive files etc, and don't want to switch over from Australia on that or have this account banned.

    Do I have to use a separate email for YouTube?

    EDIT: Can I make a fake account, sign it up for family, and then share it with my Australian accounts?

    • Also curious about this but I assume just sharing the account with the Aussie one should work, did you give it a try?

      • Started signing up the Argentinian account then realised it needed a phone number, so gonna try when I can sus a workaround for that.

        • From what I've read in the comments you can just change it to AU and use your own mobile, I did that and it worked fine. Issue I had was when inviting my AU account I got the error about not being in the same country but there's a workaround for that in the comments as well

      • Wouldn't work for me. They picked up that my two accounts were in different countries.

    • Funny, Google don't seem to care. I have YT in India, Google One in Oz (different accounts, but in the same group Shared accounts).

      It's like if you pay up & are smart enough to circumvent, good luck to you. It doesn't cost them, so it doesn't cost you.

  • Damn. NAB charges a ridiculous international transfer fee for each transaction.

    Gutted since YouTube Vanced got shut down

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