nbn/OptiComm 100/20 $85/M, 100/40 $95/M, 250/25 $99/M, 1000/50 $109/M for 12 Months (New/Existing Customers) @ Aussie Broadband


Looks like Aussie Broadband has updated their pricing to align with NBN's new SAU and have also released their Black Friday deals. Need to use the appropriate code below for the discount. No contract.

Eligible properties can change from nbn FTTN to FTTP or FTTC to FTTP (select areas). After typing in your address it might say $0 Fibre Upgrade Available. The FTTN to FTTP minimum upgrade speed is 100/20 or higher. The FTTC to FTTP minimum upgrade speed is 250/25 or higher.

250/25 and 1000/50 is only available on FTTP and HFC.

Speed Promo Price for 12 Months Price After 12 Months
100/20 $85 per month for 12 months $95 per month
100/40 $95 per month for 12 months $105 per month
250/25 $99 per month for 12 months $119 per month
1000/50 $109 per month for 12 months $129 per month

New Residential NBN and OptiComm customers:

FASTBF - $10 off per month over 12 months on nbn 100/20 and 100/40 plans.

SUPERBF - $20 off per month over 12 months on 250/25 and 1000/50 plans.

Existing Residential NBN and OptiComm customers:

FASTUPBF - $10 off per month over 12 months when upgrading to nbn 100/20 and 100/40 plans.

SUPERUPBF - $20 off per month over 12 months when upgrading to nbn 250/25 and nbn 1000/50 plans.

Offer 3: Existing residential nbn® & OptiComm customers who have not downgraded from the 100/20, 100/40, 250/25, or 1000/50 plans and who aren’t already on either the 100/20 or 100/40 plans, you must be upgrading to either the 100/20 or 100/40 plan to be eligible.

Offer 4: Existing residential nbn® & OptiComm customers who have not downgraded from the 250/25 or 1000/50 plan in the last 4-months, and who aren’t already on the 250/25 or 1000/50 plan. You must upgrade to either the 250/25 or 1000/50 plan to be eligible.

If connecting through OptiComm, there is a new connection fee of $109 for this service.

**A ‘new customer’ is defined as an individual who has not had an active broadband service with Aussie Broadband in the last six months or hasn’t been an authorised contact, residing at the same address as the primary contact, on an active broadband service with Aussie Broadband in the last six months.

New Customers T&C:

Exisiting Customers T&C:

Aussie BB Full fibre upgrade terms and conditions.

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$50 each for referrer & referee apply afterwards.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2023

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  • +1

    Good timing, been dying to get off Leaptel.

    • +5

      Any reason why leaptel is not good?

      • +2

        tbh, I think it's luck of the draw based on location. Every ISP at some point has been shit, either because I've moved house or because it's become shit. Or who knows, maybe that's just the NBN network.

        I've noticed with Leaptel that speeds will slow and become unusable at certain times a day, and we've had times where the internet has cut-off completely.

        The good thing about Leaptel however is their support. It's online, it's quick, it's aussie-based and they're responsive. However that doesn't justify an average product.

        In this case, the Aussie BB updated pricing is just significantly better than what Leaptel is offering atm. They haven't yet updated.

        • +7

          Are you sure? I’m looking at leaptels pricing and it’s definitely cheaper on all tiers than what is in this post.

          • +2

            @Nuggets: Oh, you're right. The way Aussie BB displayed the pricing is non-obvious. Might stick with Leaptel after all lol.

        • Speeds can change at different locations due to the many different kinds of nbn.

          Leaptel updated nbn pricing last month and is $10 less or $20 less a month if changing to FTTP.

        • Sounds EXACTLY like my Optus NBN connection..

      • also want to know the answer

      • I'm also considering a move back to ABB from Leaptel. Firstly i will.say both company's support is fantastic. Sadly i have needed to use Leaptels quite a lot. When I first moved to Leaptel some time ago I was getting very frequent connection dropouts. They went away for a while but not completely. Now they seem to be coming back more frequently again.

    • +3

      Keen to know why. I've been with Leaptel for awhile and had no issues.

    • Why? I'm tossing up between Launtel for $99 or ABB for $109.

      • +1

        Launtel $99? You mean leaptel?

        • That's the one lol

      • +2

        I have Leaptel gigabit and it’s just fine. Support is excellent.

        • Catleap Yamakasi also good never fail

      • One thing to note, you can't get $99 1000/50 on Opticomm with Leaptel, it's only NBN. Also I just spoke to them, they won't do anything for me as an existing customer and won't match price if ABB. Said I would need to pay $129 for 1000/50. Looks like I'm switching. I didn't expect such poor customer service to be honest. Food for thought.

    • Weird. Im on Leaptel a few months now, hfc on top plan, its been fantastic. One international routing issue (not their fault) was bypassed after raising with info to their whirlpool rep.

      • My only complaint is that the download speed on the gigabit plan doesn’t seem to exceed 700 at the best of times. At some point I’ll have to switch RSPs to see if I can get any better.

    • Surprised to hear this, have now had two FTTP upgrades with Leaptel, and despite existing connection issues, their customer support has been fantastic, and the connections hard to fault. Plus cheaper than ABB who we use for one of our business addresses, and honestly the service between the two is pretty similar

    • +1

      why? ive been with leaptel for 1 week and its sweet as, i came from telstra 100mbps to 1000mbps on leaptel 99 a month for 12 months, my pings playing USA severs used to be 240 now its 160 way more playable less lag

    • Leaptel has been flawless on my FTTP 100/40.
      Aussie was also flawless
      Superloop was mostly okay some slowdown
      Australia Post Broadband was a hot mess, the price was too good to be true, never again

  • Is 1000 Mbps overkill for two people?

    • +14

      Depends what those two people are doing

    • +3

      Don't really need more than 100Mbps for two people but if you download games/updates often then faster is always better. Beyond 100Mbps is more about just having things faster than and less waiting.

    • Yes, unless you need to watch more than a dozen 4K videos each at the same time. I have 250/25 for one and it is massive overkill, I could never max it out.

      • Depends on the bitrate of your 4K videos. If it's Netflix or Youtube compression then sure a dozen.

      • It depends on what you are doing, what your download source is. There are plenty of things I do on my 250/25 plan where servers are maxed out, I would struggle on 100/20. It's also just as important to have a good upload speed for gaming or someone who uploads videos. 50mbps upload is a huge difference over 25.

      • +1

        I went with 100/40 instead. 100mbps is heaps for download, but I'm a data engineer who works from home mostly - so upload is important.

    • +3

      Probably. I have 1000. It’s nice to have, not necessary

    • +5

      We have 1gbps for 2 people, probably overkill but damn is it satisfying to get a game update at 70MByte/s, while the wife is simultaneously streaming a 4k show with no buffering.
      I think 100mbps is sufficient, 250mbps is good and 1gbps is amazing, if you want the extra bandwidth. Up to the individuals if they value it enough to spend the extra $$$.

    • As others have mentioned, it certainly isn't necessary but great to have, mainly for the time it takes to download large files such as digital games and software updates.

  • from my understanding, as I have the 250/25 plan, I can't make use of the offer 4, right? sucks.

  • +4

    As an existing customer, I received the message "$10 off for 2 months" only for 100/20 plan when I used the promo code FASTUPBF

    • Same here. I'll have to call ABB some time today.

    • FWIW, ABB support guy said it definitely should apply for 12 months despite what the message says, and that I should submit the plan change and retain the transcript of our chat in case there's a problem in the future.

    • Tried to go from the 75mbps plan to 100/20 plan and the code seemed to have worked for 12 months but after changing plan it doesn’t seem to have actually applied any discount and wants to invoice me 6 bucks when I should be getting a 4 dollar discount…

      • +2

        Hi @Dannerz, apologies for the mix up here, we have had some issues with revised billing details today, I suspect this will be a part of it. You should receive a credit and communication for the difference shortly, please contact our team if you don't see it by the end of this week. Adam

        • Thanks Adam, managed to get it all sorted via live chat earlier today with your awesome support as always

  • Ughh.. If I'm currently on the 50/20 plan (which is getting increased to $85) and syncing at 60/16.5 is it worth bothering going on the 100/20 for 12 months if the max obtainable rate is barely any higher at 68.5/19…?

    • +2

      I'm in a similar boat, on a 50/20 plan because my max is about 80, so doesn't feel like there's any point paying extra for speed I'll never get - but, the 50/20 plans are going up in price, while the 100/20's are coming down. It's frustraing that NBN are putting up the lower tier when their own infrastructure can't even support anything faster.

      • +2

        It's not worth is for me. Basically in the same boat paying for 50/20 connecting at 60/20 with obtainable being 73/21. Would happily go for a 100 or 250 plan if the line could do it!

  • +11

    Aren't the plans going cheaper, is this it? because I'm paying $99 with Superloop already and this is still more expensive?

    • +2

      But this is ABB, they see themselves as a premium provider and don't care about their competition.

      • +1

        They are the premium provider.

  • +2

    Any recommendations which ISP to switch from ABB for 50/20 speed? As $85 is a bit high for me, thanks in advance.

    • +1

      Go to whistleout and key in your address, choose speed and best deals by location come up

    • +4

      I’ve moved to Superloop from ABB for this reason.
      Signed up online for $59 a month (6 month discount). Was switched within 45 minutes, no issues.

      • +2

        I just changed from ABB to Superloop (because fibre was finally available and ABB didn't have a button to click to order the upgrade - which made me look around rather than calling them). I'm currently paying less for 100/40 than I was for 50 on fttn.

        Superloop has been no problem so far. Their customer service stuff doesn't seem as complete - but I haven't had to use it. Hopefully with fttp I won't have to reset my own ports etc.

    • Leaptel?

    • Darazenm, Check exetel. 6 months @ 50/20 for $54/m. https://www.exetel.com.au/broadband/nbn
      The speedboost is great too, if you save up a few days worth can just enable it when needed for 100/40 for no extra cost.
      Pm me if you want my referal code :)

  • +6

    How this a deal? Superloop is unmatch at 1000/50. 109 a month and the higher tier upload speed will become cheaper in 2025.

    • +12

      Try to call Superloop support line and it’ll become immediately apparent why there is a price difference between the two. Absolute price difference isn’t the only consideration in products.

      • +18

        Never called ABB support in the 3 years I was with them and haven't called or had issues with Superloop either, this is the exact same line they used on me when I left for Superloop. I shouldn't need support often enough to make the extra cost worth it. The part where people say you'll miss it when you don't have it doesn't really play here seeing as I didn't use support for 3 whole years and so far it's the same for Superloop. If Superloop was so bad when I need support I can just change providers anyway, why pay extra now for something I might need at some point in the future.

        • +1

          Boom! mate I am in the same boat! I am on the $109pm 1000/50 plan. Been with superloop for last 4years; had to call support once, got through and all got sorted very quickly.

          If i do the maths for the same 4yrs if I was paying $129 a month, thats $960 extra I have paid for "Australian support". Doesnt justify it for me but YMMV.

        • Go with ABB when you're getting a new service - then switch once it's setup correctly ;)

      • +4

        Been with Superloop for three months and needed their support twice. Once with an enquiry about setup and once to ask about switching CGNat and Dynamic IP. Both times I got through immediately and both times they we friendly and had the answers I needed. Zero complaints here.

        • +1

          Its a lottery. I was with Superloop for a few years too. Support was hard to reach usually, and when they would have issues with their comindico routing every few months, which could last weeks, they were impossible to deal with to get fixed. When it worked it was great, which was most of the time, but just got sick of the routing issues that started happening that impacted accessing foreign servers. Most would not notice it but it became very annoying for me.

        • +2

          There’s a checkbox online to go off CGNAT so you don’t even need to contact them for that with Superloop. Haven’t had to contact Superloop support but Aussie Broadband was a good experience the two times I had to

          • +1

            @mthomas87: Hey mate,

            Could you guide me to where this button is on Superloops portal?


            • @BargainHuntahh: Yes - I too would like to know where this button is!
              Cannot find it on the Superloop dashboard/portal when I sign in.

        • Superloop charge me $69 a month for 100/20. This is permanent, not temporary. You have to ask to be put on the good price. It's dumb, but works.

      • Only an issue when you need to call support…

        How often have you needed to call support? if your answer is a lot, then maybe there is more of an issue then price.

      • +1

        My place developed a bad line which lowered speeds. Superloop won't pass on the problem to NBN, saying my speeds were still in the acceptable range. Went to Leaptel and they got NBN to fix it.

      • Both companies have their support team and call centers in Australia, using only Australian staff.

    • +1

      Leaptel is $99/mo for that speed tier.


    • +1

      Leaptel is currently $99/month for 1000/50 for 12 months

  • Are there any other ISPs that offer upload speed boosts? (Leaptel does 400Mbps for their 1G plans for example)

    • Superloop give 5 x 24hour speed boosts per month which can be rolled over to a max of 30 days worth.

      You can also schedule your speed boosts in advance if you want.

      • How do you actually do this? I'm with Superloop but can't see anywhere in the customer portal to do this.

        • +1

          If you have the app its on the home page in a big purple banner.

      • Sadly upload not included, max still at 50Mbps

        • Upload is included. It is essentially scaling you up one plan tier. Eg If you’re on the 50/20 plan you get bumped to the 100/40 plan. If you’re on 100/40 then it bumps to 250/25.
          website details

          • @Slo20: Kind of funny that you get bumped up to a tier with higher download but much slower upload.

            • @macrocephalic: Starting at 100/40 is the only one that a speed boost technically drops your upload speed. All other plans increase it.

  • +2

    Do you have to change plans to get this or can you stay on the same plan and enter a code?

    • +1

      Yeah I want to know about this as well. How would I apply the discount to my current plan?

      • Hi @Devastator0, the customer promotional offer works on upgraded plans, if you visit the website it will show you the details. Adam

        • +2

          @AdamABB, but what if I am already on a 1000/50 plan?

        • and if we are already on 1000/50 No deal ?

          • +1

            @mikezillakind: I guess so.
            I'm already on the 1000/50 Plan and I called them yesterday. They said it's only available if you upgrade. Not if you are already on the top plan.

    • Hi @arcticmonkey, as a current customer, you will need to upgrade to the eligible plan and enter the customer codes to redeem the offer. Adam

  • +1

    code only seems to be working for 2x months when trying to upgrade online or via their app.

    " Promo code has been applied "$10 off for 2 months"

    • Where do you put the code for existing user?
      I’m on 100/20 unlimited but don’t see anywhere to put a code.

      Worked it out. Nothing for me.

    • Hi @Nick7, apologies for this error, it was a system error we found and fixed this morning, the promo will be applied for 12 months. Adam

      • Hi Adam, how do we know if the promo has been applied? I only got a confirmation email that my next billing will be $95 for the 100/20. Thanks!

  • +1

    $109/m after discount. Nop, Leaptel rocks

  • Anyone know who to use for NBN wireless other than ABB as their price is expensive for a shitty 50/5 connection?

  • I know I will get some interesting comments, but I have been with Telstra nbn on cable for past 6 yeara and never had any issues. Price also seems to be ok as compared to others. The modem was free and includes 4G backup. Moving to another ISP means I will have to fork out additional cost of a modem.

    • "Moving to another ISP means I will have to fork out additional cost of a modem."

      Not always.. I think Superloop gives you one.

      • The modem is a weak Amazon product and I prefer something like modems supplied by Aussie Broadband.

        • That's fine.. you get what you pay for.

    • you don't need to return the modem and it should be usable on other providers.

      • Yes. But Telstra locks their modems and changes to settings causes performance issues as discovered by a friend

        • +2

          if thats the case id leave just on principle alone. no company should be locking devices in 2023.

  • +2

    I’ve been with Aussie since 2017. Haven’t had issue until the last couple of months where the speed has slowed. They are taking on too many customers now and it’s affecting performance

    • +2

      Yup. I'm very suddenly getting spotty connection issues on fibre in the last week or so. I knew ABB was gonna go downhill when they went public, I was just hoping it would take a little longer.

    • +2

      It's not necessarily new customers. Existing customers can hit the artificial CVC limit if it doesn't get increased in time. nbn is removing CVC on 100/20 and faster speeds on December 1st.

      • So does this mean it doesnt matter which retail you goi with if you're on 100/20 and above plans? Technically all the same?

        • I’m interested in understanding this also.

        • +1

          Not all the same.

          nbn infrastructure to your property is only a part of it. The ISP manages backhaul links, peering, POPs and there are ISPs that don't offer all the speed tiers. Some ISPs perform better than others even on the same speed tier. It is not just about customer service and support.

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