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Sounds interesting, but original is OzBargain..

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  • As if they don't know Ozbargain !!! We have Click frenzy everyday 24 hours a day :) :)

  • sort of like black friday but the ozzie version a week earlier?

  • +1

    It was meant to copy the Cyber Monday in US.…

    Also from the Sydney Morning Herald today:…

    He (Grant Arnott from Power Retail) expects up to 200 retailers to take part in the event at, which he hopes will attract up to 1 million shoppers and drive ''tens of millions'' of dollars worth of sales.

    1 million shoppers clicking on the website within 24 hours. If they do get the traffic they are expecting (I doubt it, but we'll see), they'll probably be the "Crash of the Day".

    • And today, scotty was right on the money.

      • +3

        Hey hey. Crash of the day predicted — one month ago.

        • Yeah, I meant you were proved right yesterday when clickfrenzy crashed and burned.

          Make sure you give us a post if you start feeling bad about the stock market!

  • I signed up after I saw it on smh. You can only participate in the sales if you sign up beforehand. Just in case there is anything good, you have to be in it to win it…

    • +13

      Wait.. To try and compete with Cyber Monday, their solution is to restrict the audience and make it more difficult to shop?? Are they just terminally stupid?

      We definitely shouldn't be rewarding this behavior.

  • +1

    They've released some deals for ACA viewers:

    Looks crap, just links to normal sales from retailers. If this is an indication of the deals we are going to get next month, then this is purely a marketing exercise.

    • +4

      Yawn. Looks like the ClickFrenzy is only going to be a site linking to sales, rather than being the market place and handle the transaction itself?

      • +2

        Another stupid group buying site -_____-

    • shouldn't have expected any more than that from them, honestly. "if it sounds too good to be true - it isn't"

    • That page is closed now, can you tell us what sorts of things they had?

  • 6 days 19 hours to go (according to clickfrenzy countdown clock)
    THATS Nov 19 not Nov 20.

    • At 10:46am, it shows 7d8h14m.

      • I get the same as you - time adjusted to this post.

        • Confirmed. Countdown clock now fixed.

  • +4

    Who wants to take a bet:

    This will be the new record holder of the most NEG votes in ozbargain history.

    Also from the T&C, which is a bit of a worry:
    "GMP has not investigated or verified third party sites which may be linked to or from this Site"

    Scammers paradise??

  • +7

    Expect lots of dumb things like
    "Regular price $19.95, discount 75%. Shipping $15"
    (Total price… $19.99)

    And all the savings will be off completely impossible RRPs or "Suggested Retail Price", for things that are rarely if ever sold at those prices

  • +5

    Stylethread 30% off is part of it
    only full price items

    This is going to be a massive fail

  • +16

    The retailers have to make their profit naturally,
    then Clickfrenzy want to get a cut on top of that.
    How is that going to produce a bargain ?
    I want to reduce the middlemen, not increase them.

    • It will probably be a one off to particpate, not a "cut".

  • +1

    Click Frenzy was mentioned in the front page story of today's MX (free Melbourne newspaper). The story was about retailers fighting back against online stores. I'm more than happy to support the initiative, provided there are real bargains.

    The story suggests some 'bricks n mortar' retailers will be permanently reducing prices. And goes on to say that retailers plan to offer up to 90% discounts for a day ~ alluding to the click frenzy event.

    Lastly, it says "about 150 retailers including, Myer, Target, StyleTread, Booktopia, Dick Smith and Dan Murphy's will cut prices next Tuesday from 7pm as part of Click Frenzy".

    We'll see :)

    • Wait?! I thought this is an online sale? This CLICK frenzy. What's this B&M stores fighting back?

  • I'll be interested to see what folks like Kogan have on offer. Probably not much different to their usual sale items, maybe more of them. Regardless I'm hoping either they or dick smith do some serious discounting on Nikon D5100, seeing as it's going to be old stock in about a month.

  • I think I'll wait for the REAL sales in the US - Black Friday/ Cyber Monday.

  • +2

    All I want for Christmas is a Google Nexus N4, but as that's not going to happen, I will change my tune. All I want for Christmas is a heavily discounted Samsung Galaxy S3. Not grey import like the Kogan ones…..

  • Submissions Now Closed for 2012
    Sorry, but due to overwhelming demand we're closed for 2012 and working hard to service all the amazing offers we've received in time for the big day on Tuesday.

    Thanks to all of the retailers who have joined the Frenzy in 2012, we hope you have a hugely successful experience and we look forward to sharing this amazing first event with all of you.

  • List of participating retailers released:

  • +9

    looked into advertising on click frenzy,

    but figured if we are going to pay these guys $3-$6K

    Might as well do a genuine deal and post it on OZB

    Well that's the plan, we already have a list of stuff to offer on the day.

    A new product every hour will help take the load off our server.

    But basically we will be clearing products we have a on hand and offer new products, mindful people don't want to see old crap being "on sale" so we will be doing current product ranges too.

    there's a few hundred… so yeah it should keep everyone happy :)

    if anyone interested in updates or just check ozb on the day.

    • … figured if we are going to pay these guys $3-$6K

      Is that the cost for merchants to participate in ClickFrenzy? Same cost for big retailers as well as small online-only shops?

    • +2

      Okay. Just found this on SmartCompany:…

      Businesses will pay $30,000 for premium “featured deal” advertisements that will appear on the home page of the site. Prices for advertisements placed in a carousel which is likely to be even more expensive aren’t even specified.

      Ads on state-wide leaderboards, excluding the home page, cost $30,000.

      There are cheaper ads available, with prices ranging from anywhere between $2,000 and $6,000 to market products on a specific category page, while 30 ads available in a “terminating category” placement are worth anywhere from $3,000 to $6,000 each.

  • More media coverage of the event:

    I guess we'll find out more tomorrow.

  • The 65% off hotels sounds dodgy. 65% off what price? Rack rate? Their normal discounted price? Dodgy and vague.

    • If this the site or whatever it is, they advertise this for fitness first members year round. You may notice it's "up to", so most hotels offer a 10% discount (which is less than for example).

  • Yaeh, it's starteing soon.

    lol. Note the poor spelling.

  • David Jones is doing their own Frenzy tomorrow: - I can't see their name on the list of retailers.

    And personally I think Jeanswest are a bit sneaky too. They say will be doing 40% off for click frenzy tomorrow night, but they started a 40% off last night for Reward Members - which is also now 40% off In Store for everyone (Started today, and is store-wide). So there offering for CF isn't exactly much of an offer over what you can already get in store (and Members online)…

    • +1

      anyone taking bets on genuine bargains not going to be found anywhere else?

      all in on 0 :)

  • +1

    Today tonight just put it's latest infomercial up on it's website. The usual suspects COTD and Appliances Online, the random never heard of retailers (wonder how they got mentioned) and lo and behold Starthere was featured at the end. Wish they had spent more time at explaining Starthere for more than 2 seconds instead of focusing on TV's and washing machines priced below RRP.

    • +2

      Maybe Adir and Steve at StartHere haven't paid Ch7 enough to have longer exposure on Today Tonight, unlike other guys :)

      And at the end? What do they do?

  • i there are real try to give Aus retail a buzz.

  • +1

    Didn't care about this at all until I heard Dan Murphys was involved. Cmon great, cheap single malt scotch'

  • If Oz retail fk this up, they can only blame themselves for people shopping overseas.

    I think there might be a couple of genuine deals, most will be old stock, out of season or just plain rubbish

    Expect EVERYTHING to have a jacked, up non realistic RRP when our dollar wasnt anywhere near parity to the USD.

  • +2

    Kogan has posted it's Click Frenzy deals. Not too sure if they are good deals.

    • Oh those deals are a bit disappointing. Half of them are already on sale anyway. And only 25 items altogether? I don't see much of a clicking freny happening.

    • Is that it? No specials on cameras?

    • +1

      I saw the Kogan page last night, there's a few news articles about it (and Teltra's offerings). Kogan's deals look exactly the same as what I've been receiving in emails from them for the last 2 weeks.

      Here is the list of Dick Smith ‘Click Frenzy" deals. Source:

      • 32" FULL HD LED TV $50 off
      • Topfield 320GB PVR $50 off
      • PIXMA MG5350 Multifunction Printer $100 off
      • SONY 7" LCD Digital Photo Frame $49.50 off
      • Navman MY350LMT In Car GPS $70 off
      • Etrex10 handheld GPS $35 off
      • Seagate Backup Plus 500GB Portable Hard Drive $31 off (normal RRP $99)
      • Dick Smith 2 Channel DVD Player $20 off
    • +1

      Kogan's deal is a freaking joke. I have been shopping for an Android phone (actually bought a Samsung Galaxy S3 from them last week for $449). Today's price is still the same as past few days at $479. Even the accessories prices are the same. Click Frenzy deal my ass.

  • The Good Guys Online CYBER CA$HBACK Sale is now on! Customers can receive a bonus Store Credit of up to $250 to spend on their next purchase. You can Click for info:

  • Is there an Ozbargain thread where we can post "true" CF bargains for our community?

  • +2

    There is no way the frenzy website won't crash. Catch of the day keeps crashing today beacause of their frenzy special.

    • but will the frenzy website host the deals, or just a be a click-through site?
      judging by what we are already seeing pop up - frenzy deals are on retailer websites…. so frenzy website my not cop quite the pounding COTD does, for example.
      we'll see though !

      • I think click through
        But it is already overloading, was just on it and got an overload message and we are 4 hours away from starting.
        This will be the biggest mess

      • We'll see. Looks like it is just going to be a portal listing out deals from all the participating merchants. It

        • Does not do account signup
        • Does not do shopping cart
        • Does not do transaction with merchant bank
        • Does not do HTTPS
        • Pages are pretty much static

        It might actually survive…

        • Click Frenzy organisers have advised participating retailers to prepare for huge amounts of online traffic tonight, but say it's their responsibility if their websites crash.

          The Click Frenzy website will act as a portal listing all the shopping deals, but customers will have to click through to individual retailers' websites in order to make transactions.

          "We're expecting up to 1 million site visits [to] and we're prepared for this," the spokesperson said.

          "We've advised all retailers to ensure their website infrastructure can account for the huge traffic volumes but ultimately it's on the retailers to ensure they can handle this."


  • +5

    this frenzy stuff is just going to be a crapathon

  • 30% off from everything from Cotton On online, starting 7pm.

  • +1
  • Massive fail. Do people still shop in these stores? With the sole exception of Kmart and occasional Coles/Woolworths I don't shop in any chain stores anymore. At all. Online is always cheaper even with express shipping. This is the last dying gasp of an industry that is already halfway in the grave.

    • Women. Online shopping is nowhere near as therapeutic and you can't spend a day doing it with your friends.

      • +7

        I do it with my friends here on OzB 24/7. It feels good.

        • Yeah. With a good Internet connection, Skype or Google Hangout, you can shop & chat with your friends without getting off your chair.

          That reminds me — anyone here still interested in something like OzBargain IRC channel?

        • +2

          Yes please, OB IRC FTW. One for deals and one for general boasting rights.

        • I'd probably idle there.

  • Some Anaconda specials up already:…

    They appear to be the same price as they have been the past few days online (I'm in the market for a pack). Perhaps they will adjust the prices come 7pm?

  • Westfield is Buy a $100 gc get a $10 gc, not a $100 gc.
    I nearly had a heart attack.

    • +1

      Fixed — somehow that extra ZERO just appears in my dream.

  • Full list of Dick smith click frenzy deals

    • crap list if that's the final list.

      why the hell would you list product at RRP on "sale"

      • +1

        i think these are just the standard prices, they should be reduced later

    • Will be interesting to see if Norton Security price drops any further, considering the $40 Cash Back!

  • +1

    I wonder how good Ultraserve is as a cloud hosting company. We'll see tonight. :D

    • Ultraserver is already serving some of the popular eCommerce sites in Australia.

      • Applicances Online
      • Catch of the Day
      • Deals Direct
      • ShoppingEXPRESS
      • +6

        same hosting company as COTD…. :(

      • +1

        Must have been running maintenance this morning, could not load for a couple of hours.
        Didnt bode well for this marketing exercise.

      • Catch of the days hosting fails when have good deals. At least that has been my experience.

  • The most important words of all - 'up to'

  • +1

    The Western Bulldogs are having a 20% off everything sale starting at 7pm, so AFL clubs are getting on board too now. Normally that 20% applies just to new jumpers.

    • c'mon Doggies…

  • Just got an email from Paul's Warehouse. They're doing a 24h spend xxx get a free xxx giftcard from Paul's Warehouse starting 7pm.…

  • Situation like this is a catch 22

    you spend shit load of money promoting the event,

    when the money could be spent reducing the prices instead….

  • +7

    Judging by the deals thus far, I think this will be the first and last clickfizzer.

  • Lameballs…

    For those who can be bothered, simply google search with SITE: for each site and most will display their deals

  • No real bargains found. DSE is a classic example: their sales items for this frenzy is what was already priced as days earlier.


    • Did you really expect any different? Retailers here are so out of touch it's not funny.

    • the prices haven't been reduced yet, they're just showing us whats going to be on sale

  • No deal! Shocking prices, most likely will crash.

  • +1

    Nothing spectacular that I can see so far - anyone else spot anything great?

    • Yeah I see nothing 'spectacular'; an easy staticice or ebay search and you will easily find cheaper items.

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