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Is an in-Line Noise Cancelling HP Adaptor a Thing?

I have/had some old Philips corded earbuds that has the noise cancelling module part way along the cable. Anyone know of a 3.5mm in-line equivalent for use with existing headphones?

Worthy Corded Headphones in-Store < $300

I'm buying my son some headphones and looking for suggestions on worthy pairs to look at/test in-store (at the common franchises) around the $200 mark, possibly a bit more if I can get him to …

SFF Desktop PC with HDMI

My mate's HTPC has carked it and needs a replacement. I suggested a used SFF rather than build him a new one. Would be connected to his AV Receiver/TV and only used from surfing the net and …

USB Powered Lighting for Small Outdoor Area

The GF has a small patio out the back but no convenient access to 240 so we put up a solar LED net light and a couple of strings of solar festoon lights. Whilst they look good neither give any …

Streamer Mic Suggestions

My son is currently writing a script to update an old LBP speed running guide. He said he was just going to use a PlayStation mic but thought I'd get something a bit better. Any good value for …

Low Voltage Conversion for 240V Smart Switch

I had a tinker with one of my old Topersun smart switches and was able to get the wifi side working in Brilliant using a 5v plug pack. The relay needs 12v to operate but perhaps useful to some even …

Afterpay Posts All Legit Deals?

Are the current Afterpay posts actual deals outside of the Afterpay discount? Seems like everything on ebay is getting listed just because of the Afterpay discount and could come under one post.

Harvey Norman

Discounted Harvey Norman Gift Cards ?

Taking my son to buy a new laptop today. Anyone doing discounted HN gift cards other than 3% Cash Rewards? Thanks

Is There An Ozb'er Go-To For Portable Aircons ?

The GF has a family friend staying in an un-airconed room and wants to get her a portable unit to use. Any suggested units up to about $600 Thanks

NetGear RBK12 Orbi Mesh 2 Pack $80.15 @ Officeworks. Limited Stock I'm Guessing

AC1200 mesh wifi. Old model so limited stock no doubt.

D-Link Omna Cameras often stuck at 'loading'

I bought a Dlink 4 camera kit from a recent deal for a friend and fired it up today for them. Despite only being a few metres from the hub and good internet speed the cameras more often than not the …

Boost Mobile

Telstra Prepaid to Boost - Painless

There are continual posts in the Boost deals about the pain, difficulties and the need for a blank SIM when porting from Telstra. I just did the switch, no blank SIM was needed, no porting out to …

Breville or DeLonghi Citiz Solo Nespresso ?

Currently looking at Nespresso pod machines for the gf. Already have a good milk frother so a combo isn't needed. Both items are about $100 off and going for around $190. The best choices for …

For The Yamaha Soundbar Owners

Or any soundbar really. The Yamaha has upward firing speakers when it's sat on a TV unit which isn't ideal. I used some L brackets from Bunnings and the TV's wall mounts to fit the …

Inflatable Pool & Slide for a (Supervised) Toddler

The gf wants to get my 2yo granddaughter an inflatable slidey pool thing of some sort. Anyone seen any worthwhile crackers of a deal of late ? Thank you.

Available in-Store but Not Click and Collect

I've seen this a few times across different Click and Collect retailers where an item is available for 'in-store' purchase but isn't available for C&C. How is this even a …

3D Printer for Tech Teacher Son ?

Trying to think of ideas for one of the kids. Finishes his secondary tech teacher degree early next year and has had some experience with printers during his placements. What's the go-to …

GTX 650 Ti Upgrade Suggestion

I'm rendering a Lego Studio build atm and computer has slowed to a crawl. My 1GB GTX 650 Ti just isn't cutting the mustard it seems. Even typing this is lagging. Any suggestions on a new …

Amazon UK

Purchasing Amazon Prime Video Content from The UK

Anyone successfully purchased Prime content from the UK ? My attempts keep getting rejected despite a UK VPN. I'm using my AU acct and CC though.

Brilliant RGB GU10 Officeworks Price Beat @ $20.90 each

Probably cheaper somewhere else in the world so probably not a deal but for convenience I picked up four of these lights for $83.60 at OW. Normally $112. They price beat this mob …

Clear Inserts for Cube Storage?

You can get all sorts of inserts for 'clever cube' storage/display units but has anyone seen clear boxes or inserts for them? I'm trying to keep dust out of it. Thanks

Amazon US

Any Springsteen Fans? Broadway Show on 4x Vinyl Approx $42 on Amazon + Shipping Going for $170 at JB Insufficient qty to post a deal.

Recommendations - $1200 - $1500 laptop

Friend has asked me for suggestions on a laptop so I'm asking my friends, here :) Her usage is "a program called NVIVO. It's a qualitative data analysis programme. Also Goecortex a lot …

Table-top Korean Style Grill Hardware Suggestions

We love doing korean style bbq meals but the grill we have takes gas cans. One of these - Looking for suggestions on alternative hardware esp something that plumbs to a …

Different Listings between Front Page and Deals?

Have always been curious about why the 'Deals' page has extra listings compared to the main landing page. Does a post require a certain amount of upvotes to make the main page ? Thanks

Wanting to Get a PS4 Pro and VR Headset

Seems there's VR stock available finally so looking to buy if there's any good deals going. I can't seem to find anything but that doesn't mean much. Almost bought today at EB but …

Temporary Android Phone < $100

My Samsung Galaxy Zoom needs to go in to get the zoom lens replaced so looking for a half decent cheapy to tied me over. Any suggestions ? Thank you

Discounted MovieWorld tickets

Taking the family to Qld for my grandmother's funeral next week so thought I might do a day at Movieworld as a pick-me-up for the fam. Any ticket offers doing the rounds ? All previous ones …

Taking Kids to Darling Harbour

I'm taking my teenage kids to Sydney for the weekend of 21/22 Nov. I'm interested in attraction and overnight parking discounts around Darling Harbour. Thanks very much

Any Suggestions for Backpacks with Suitcase Attachment for Carry-on?

I'm using an old Hot Chili backpack I think I bought from Big W many years ago. Turns out if had straps across the front, which I'd always ignored until this year, that allows it to slide …


Vista Print TshirtAU Code Still Active

I just tried the TshirtAU code seen here and it worked so seems it hasn't expired.

28 Degrees Card

28Degrees Price Protection Excessive Refund

Just had my first claim finalised and got back more than the price difference. Item is a UE Boom portable speaker and the current price is $146 and my refund was $67. I did add replacement insurance …

Best tablet under $150

GF is looking to buy my kids a tablet each. Currently looking at the 7" Galaxy Lite for $148 inc $20 Google voucher. Anything else out there that might pip that ? Thank you.

Scored Subsidised Japan Trip

My local council is offering a subsidised trip to Japan as part of an annual 'sister city' promotion. They kick in $500 towards the trip and accommodation is billet style staying with a …