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Please Help Me Find a Budget UHD Monitor.

I bought a 2k 32" and everything now looks like I'm in LEGOLAND. Happy to move down to a 27" but no smaller. I understand that a 2K 27" would be slightly less pixelated but I …

Please Suggest Which Sellers You might use to purchase a 6TB NAS HDD

Please Suggest Which Sellers You Use for a 6TB NAS HDD. I'm after 2 for my NAS and the best I've found is $233 each delivered using the ebay 20% off code. For $249 each I can get them …

Deals on RYOBI 18V ONE+ Power Tools.?

Has anyone seen any deals on RYOBI 18V ONE+ power tools. I'm after the larger batteries if they are better value (in a kit for example) on clearance somewhere.

Is this Best Value Cheapie Windows Laptop?

I've found a cheapie laptop that should suit my needs, simple web browsing/windows based OS. Please let me know of any alternatives from local bricks and mortar stores that offers what this …

Anyone Purchased The 2017 Kia Picanto and at What Price?

I am interested in a manual in white which is $13,999 drive away at the 3.6% finance offer. I can't imagine it getting any cheaper before the end of financial year offers but you never know.

Went to look at a demo Accent and was offered new for the same price.

Anyone know whats going on here? If you've bought one recently I would love to know what deal you managed to get. Manual or Auto. Regards