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Deliveroo Order Didn't Arrive - No Refund as They Say Order Delivered

Hi all, Last night I put placed a $40 Deliveroo order. The order was marked as delivered but nothing arrived. Maybe the driver took the food or delivered it at the wrong address. I contacted …

EB Games Australia

I Was Offered Cash Instead of Store Credit When Trading in at EB Games - I Thought That They Only Offered Store Credit?

Hello, I was under the impression that EB Games only offers store credit for trade-ins. It's been like that for a long time. I brought in a few items that I don't use anymore and the staff …

How Long Does It Take until The ATM Sucks in Unclaimed Withdrawals?

Hello, Accidentally forgot to take out my money from a CBA and CUA bank on the same day. I'm not here to entertain jokes about my clumsiness - everyone goes through their difficult and strange …

Hassle to claim warranty on RACV battery

My battery died during the 3 year RACV warranty period. 1st callout: the RACV guy said the battery needs to be charged, so he advised to take it out and go charge it overnight. Had a neighbor charge …

Australian Taxation Office

HECS Deducted from Pay, Income < $52000 for This Financial Year

My income this year was well below $50,000. Some weeks I earned over $1,000 so I had some of my payment withheld to pay off my HECS debt. Since over the course of the year my income was less than …

ME Bank

Depositing Money at Westpac ATM with ME Bank Card

Does anyone know if this works and is there a fee involved?

Ideas for Cool/Unique Christmas Gifts for under $50

Christmas is soon approaching and my grandparents traditionally give $50 every year. When you already have a source of income, I feel as if money for Christmas and your birthday isn't really …

Free Sample of Two Depend Underwear Products

expired Free Sample of Two Depend Underwear Products